Dinar RV Support – Dr Alex Decay Moving RV Along

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Tue, Jul 24, 2012

Subject: Dinar RV Support from Joe Biden


CBI Rumor Inuendo Hearsay  
PM Maliki Buddies Create Finance Committee Noise    
Several meetings are going on in Iraq, every day.  About a month ago Vice President Joe Biden flew to Iraq to kick Dr Alexander Decay in the rear.  In 2010 Alexander Decay was sent to Iraq to offer technical support to the Iraq Government.  Only last week Dr Alex Decay issued a new Memorandum of Understanding for Iraq.  Have you noticed a new attitude from the leaders in Iraq?  On tonight's www.theIQDTeam.com  conference call more details were spoken of major progress that is taking place for our RV in Iraq.  
These comments are taken from my notes on this call tonight.  On Tue, Thur and Sun nights I tune in and listen to sound intel about our RV.  You could listen in too by calling in to 760-569-7676  access code #769478  5pm PST. 
On the call Arthur suggested that an ' MOU, ' is a bi-lateral agreement or a contract between 2 or more nations.  It looks like America has officials who are working to give a gentle nudge for economic stability in Iraq.  
Recently a World Business magazine touted that Iraq is about to become the world's #1 economy.  Hilton officials have just announced that they will build a new hotel in Erbil and it will open in 2016 with 300 rooms.  The management agreement for Hilton was just signed.  
It's the job of Dr Alexander Decay to Facilitate Trade, to Expand Investment, to create New Projects for Iraq's infrastructure and for the private sector, to Organize Working Groups for progress in Iraq and to help grow Iraq's economy. You may have heard of the US Agency for International Government. Decay has been working hard to bring all factions in Iraq together.  
On July 25th PM Maliki will be involved in careful discussions that may allow him to hold on to some power and he has promised to implement several of the reform objectives for the good of Iraq.  In the meantime Maliki has friends who are on the Finance Committee and they continue to opose Dr Shibi's CBI plans for Iraq.  Maliki may have to be forced to keep his promises.  
Our RV may finally arrive once there is financial and economical stability in Iraq.  Iraq's parliament has given Dr Shibi a green light for his CBI plans.  
Over the weekend in Iraq more attacks by Al Qaeda took place.  A few extreme muslims are slow to accept democracy in their country.  Iraq leaders are committed to select a defense minister, soon.  Parliament may be approving the Draft Law of Oil and Gas this week.  
We will keep watching.  At any moment, our RV could be announced.
Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J  

Poofness – 7-22-12 SINCE 1984

Greetings and Salutations,


Since 1984, good guys and bad guys alike have known a change in the banking system was going to happen. Different from you, the bad guys battled to keep it from happening, tho supply of money was always in question. As long as, it was sometime in the future, they could keep on hustling. Building banking on debt was the first flaw in their plan. Substance is 'something'. You could never build a house on imaginary bricks and mortar. As the emperor with no clothes, sooner or later, some one would say it, 'you're naked, mate!'..'I see your hiney, it's kinda shiney' nanny nanny poo poo.

So just like the neanderthals they are. The future hit them this last monday and they thought they had a choice about posting the rvs on their screens. Well they did, don't post and go to jail. I wouldn't have wanted to try that in HK, but the us participants didn't fare any better. One minute they are doing high fives with each other, next thing you know, they are riding in the back of a paddy wagon. No high fiving then, when your handcuffed behind the back. They know a new banking system is working right now, I guess they wanted to test how fast that thing worked across a planet….now they know, a little late but at least they can testify if asked. If you can't move at the speed of light, you're caught!

Everyone is blabbing all kinds of things out here, like noisy kids. They hear a piece of a conversation, next thing you know, that's the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I can say this without batting an eyelash about it, there is order and efficiency working behind the curtain. Like your sitting watching a play and you see the curtain move behind the actors, that's the next group readying the props and themselves for when the next curtain opens. I would also say, staging is going on right now, things that couldn't be done in anticipation of the event. Even the military is divided like the country, some not understanding the military industrial complex is broke and foreclosed upon. The new paradigm they all have to get used to is a paradigm of peace. Hard to imagine by folks with throw back mentalities. The 'just gotta blow stuff up folks'. The world is turning it's back on them. A child is not born with prejudice or craving war on their minds, it's taught by ignorant parents and anybody else who teaches that child. When everybody has what they need, the survivor issues will dissipate…'cause there's plenty for every one on the planet.

So, to sum my writings up, the end is here, you will see, from now, more stuff in the news indicating that. I know some of you want to see some perp walks by folks in expensive suits don't be shocked when you do. No one is getting away with anything, they'll all be 'tagged and bagged'. Then you'll be able to talk about 'when the world moved on' with your grand children. Now be ready to fly like an eagle.

Love and Kisses,



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  1. Thank goodness all the hush hush bull crap isn’t on this site.I think the intel providers think a little too much of them selves.the term classifided and n d a agreement has gone to there heads.how in the world could a few good ol boys have any thing to do with a country as rich as Iraq. I can’t believe they care one speck what we think one way or the other, when it comes to our r v . And for the people we look to for answers come up with such flimsy excuses as they do to cover up the fact that they just don’t know the answer. Just be honest for once please stop the bull crap weve heard enough less try being honest it might just work for a change……thanks for listening….Johnny

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