Top 5 Warnings for London Olympics – Parravicini Fiction or Fact?

Disney Cartoon
Tue, Jul 24, 2012
Subject: Hell on Earth Begins at London Olympics      3 Significant London Olympic Warning Videos are below




The Olympics start on 7/27/2012. Numerically 7+ 2+7+ 2+0+1+2 = 21 BLACKJACK. This is the date that will start WW3 and open the very gates of Hell on Earth.

Below this first video is the video utube pulled .Luckily I found some one else who had uploaded it. Utube sucks as far as closing accounts on people and pulling videos.So I figured I would upload it elsewhere so they can't screw with mine.

Yep, YouTube deleted my video about the Olympic nuke flag on Disney's cartoon "TRON UPRISING"…

YouTube Preview Image

Here is a video of a spanish Nostradamus and he and warns us of the London Olympics. 


Next, the theme song is calling people to hell.  The death is there due to nuclear and London is calling.  The reptillians, yellow eyes, are calling. 

You got tot see this one, wow!

Its in your face stuff.  Wow



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