Dinar RV Called – Bloomberg TV Says 7-29 Maybe

Bloomberg TV
Fri, Jul 27, 2012
Subject: Dinar RV Called by Bloomberg TV 

Iraq has not finished organizing their Government.  The NCSP is Iraq's 3rd branch of government in their balance of power, ( National Council of Strategic Policy. )  PM Maliki continues to drag his feet and cause problems for Dr Shabibi and Iraq.

This news interview was on Bloomberg TV last week:
A clear statement about currency exchange rates was dropped.
It suggests that
(maybe) the Dinar RV announcement would be set for 6 am US time – Sunday morning July 29 – if not sooner.


I enjoyed this three-minute video on Bloomberg TV.
The important part is what is said in the first two minutes. Here is the quote as stated on the video:
“. . . I say its a global issue; G20; the dollar will rise. The Euro will fall–that will help, but there's a certain point at midnight on a Saturday night, European Central Time, they're gonna announce: Here's a menu of the new exchange rates, and have a nice Monday.  . . ."
The video is quite understandable, interesting – and short.
Click here to watch two high-finance guys talk about “what keeps them up at night.”:

Mervin D Hague



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  1. I wish you all knew how much of a scam this whole thing sounds like. I’m thinking of going to write a letter to the Attonury General to get this thing stopped. You are worse than TPTB because how many lives do you think you have disruped by not carding how it affected these people by what you say on these chats or cc.that is is mental abuse. Why can’t people just be honest and not say anything because to here you talk you want to get all this receginition when you don’know s**t about nothing. As far as that is concerned i’m not dripping or lowering myself to that BS. What that tells me is you are lower than TPTB. Like I say if this is real the bible says to test the spirits. It kinda remi.ds me of the antichrist. The computer. Some people think just because it has been stated it is the truth. About a year ago some one told me that this was a big conspericy drummed up by the CIA. Well i’m becoming to believe it is. Thing is either put up or I go to the AG.

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