Dinar RV for TPTB – What Did TPTB Do in Reno?

Thu, Jul 26, 2012
Subject: Casper Dinar RV Opinion

   If our RV occurs before Iraq is ready then they'll have more turmoil and it will impact the value of our Dinar.  PM Maliki is doing his best to stop the NCSP from coming together.  Have you heard of the National Council of Strategic Policy?  This NCSP is made up of 21 Ministers who would have executive power in Iraq. 



The Obama administration is now running newspaper ads calling for people, including those in the country illegally, to apply for food stamps and other welfare benefits. One hundred million Americans are now receiving some form of welfare excluding S.S. and Medicare. This intentional outcome enforces the permanent re-election of the Liberals/Democrats as their voters will not bite the hand that feeds them. Never mind that they are destroying the country and the people they profess to be helping, all they care about is control of the country by maintaining themselves in power. While continuing to attack businesses not funded by government (‘you didn’t build that’) he (Obama) speeds up, via public solicitation and advertising, the implementation of the plan to bankrupt America ‘by spending it into oblivion’ and to establish upon its ashes a Socialist/Communist State. This mindset is foreign to the principles upon which our country was founded. Now the second most listened to radio broadcaster in the country has publically called Obama ‘the most evil president in history’. Since last WE wrote he has signed still more Executive Orders most in direct contradiction of our true/original/legitimate Constitution. He is attacking the Constitution with a machete in one hand and a box of matches in the other. In addition to the many unholy things he has done/is doing as reported here, the White Hats have recently reported his presence in Reno aboard a Private Jet where he was supposedly attempting to cash his IQD’s in front of everyone else. In recent weeks names being reported from one source or another regarding the Dinar going’s on in Reno have included the Bushes, James Baker, Alberto Gonzales (former A.G. under Bush), Condi Rice, Pelosi, Obama, Biden and many others associated with THEIR GANG, THE CABAL. I think it was also the White Hats which reported that these CORRUPT POLITICIANS (spit) were caught attempting to screw everyone else, were given vouchers only not actual money, and are now unable to access funds until after the November elections.


Both ‘storylines’ continue week in and week out in direct and loud contradiction of each other. One spells the continuation of the Fiat Status Quo indefinitely, the other its pending defeat by all things good and decent including our funding. Perhaps you have noticed the backpedaling by those associated with the latter. A week ago a GFL update began with the sentence ‘there are delays’. More or less simultaneously Drake was reporting that his military contacts were not doing what they said they would do. At about that time Keenan withdraws his lawsuit in New York having been warned that at a minimum he has Jurisdiction Issues. Now WE hear he has not been able to obtain the various forms of evidence he was promised necessary to his refilling. Then we had someone post on RMN I think it was, that they had been aboard the GFL and Ashtar spaceships and talked to the ‘Scriptwriters’ who are supposedly writing and sending the messages to the ‘channelers’ such as Giles and Quinsey and they say they are not sure who it is that’s giving them their orders or what the ultimate purpose is, only that they are ‘in control of earth’ and always have been’. Following that two messages come from the GFL one saying Geithner arrested, the other saying violence in several places, ‘several dead on both sides’ during arrest scenarios. Both messages were subsequently withdrawn with apologies to their ‘channelers’ with claims that the bad guys had somehow successfully taken over their communications technology, on their own spaceships no less. As mentioned here before I have been reading GFL like messages from one place or another for twenty five years and to my dismay have yet to identify one visible tangible outcome. Now this ridiculous nonsense. There were other reports from various sources posted on the net during this same time cycle basically saying the same things such as one I recall saying ‘ let’s stop using the word ‘massive’ as in massive arrest’. Never mind that it was they who introduced the word in the first place, the point is that while things are often ‘soft shoed’ as much as possible ‘delay’ and ‘it takes time’ and ‘many things may take months or even years’ or ‘we have a different interpretation of time than you do’ are all reflections of a general but unmistakable backpedaling by a multitude of messengers. Yesterday’s update by Nidle is an exception to what I have written here. It is very positive and informative. While all this has been happening to our preferred storyline the ‘Status Quo Forever’ storyline is being shouted from the rooftops by the Cabal every day indicating that they have still not ‘thrown in the towel’ and that they still intend to fight to the finish with their very last breath. Yesterday Bernak hints at QE III next week while Draghi, on behalf of the ECB and speaking in Italy today says, ‘we will do whatever is necessary to save the Euro’. He says another 350B Euros is needed (in addition to the 100B already approved) for Italy Spain and France and that the money will be found. We hear Obama, Geithner, Bernak and the E.U. and the ECB are ‘threatening’ Merkel, attempting to force Germany to collateralize massive new Euro Debt no matter how Germany’s Constitutional Court rules on Sept. 12th. Here again we have the destitute (PIIGS, So. Europe) demanding that any country that remains viable must commit suicide upon the alter of the E.U/NWO/Fed/ECB/Cabal). The same policies are being enforced by Obama, producers are being brought down in the attempt to ‘level’ everything and everyone as called for in Marxist Doctrine.  Meanwhile and in furtherance of this ‘Status Quo Forever’ storyline all in D.C. are saying that the Whore House known as the U.S. Senate will not allow the Audit of the Fed bill passed by the House yesterday. The Cabal, having ‘turned’ the head of the Supreme Court in order to ‘Communize’ our entire health care system,  should have no trouble with the previously Bought and Blackmailed Senators. And, WE hear, Communist China is pushing -not opposing- Obama and his QE III in front of the election (to pump up the stock market) which is the opposite of the posted messages saying the BRICS, led by China, are refusing the use of still more ‘printing press funny money’.  WE hear they are equally broke and are pushing for a continuation of the fraudulent fiat thin air Ponzi Monetary System as they need 3T immediately. As a general statement we find, time and again, the ChiComs are ‘in bed with’ Obama and Bush before him.  


Years ago WE reported the death of Madam WU who many say is in Reno right now working on the Dinar deal. First let’s be clear that WE do not agree with the reports of an R.V. underway there.


You know what we have reported several times so no sense repeating it here. Second, our many updates from years ago had her recalled to China because she was ‘in bed with’ Bush Senior. Back then we were hearing and we reported that many ChiCom Politburo Members were ‘on the take’ and that it was WU who was the middle woman in those dealings. Now, ‘hail hail the gangs all here’, in Reno, many report. If they are there, sneaking around in private aircraft with all the previous suspects present, we suspect they are up to no good and these reports from multiple ‘messengers’ all revolve around the Dinar which we have been reporting for almost a year as being a Bush led scam (our sources say). What if, as we speculated in previous updates, the Bush led R.V. of the Dinar is ‘instead of’ that which we are awaiting? What if it represents a recapitalization of the Status Quo?  What if it is part of the suddenly loud noises being shouted from the rooftops regarding extension of the Status Quo by the Cabal?  What if we are all observing various aspects of ‘the sword fight’ between the old and the new? WE perceive something is ‘rotten in Denmark’. We are not sure what it is but it smells bad and if the Bushes, Obama and Biden and Pelosi, etc. are all ‘in on it together’ then it’s likely to be poison for the people.  


WE are aware of most of the Intel from ‘behind the scenes’ each day. Our sources continue to Poo-Poo almost all of it saying it comes from the Treasury Based Dis-info Team daily. Sometimes Intel from others is so strong and so detailed it gives us hope that they will finally be right for the first time. Then we look at the calendar and realize another month has passed. The story changes week to week, the outcome does not. Our sources remain positive but continue to say ‘the valve has not been opened’ and some things which they won’t discuss with us must be handled before the valve is opened.


We still believe it comes down to the question of who controls the funny money machines. If its Bernak, Geithner and Obama and the ECB, IMF, etc. then it appears to us they will have to be taken down by force. Whether the good guys have the strength and courage to do that is ‘up in the air’ we think.


             Casper    7-26-12   opinion


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