Top 2 Obama Evil Plans – Nov Election Interuptions

Todd Beamon
Thu, Aug 2, 2012
Subject: Dictator Obama NWO Strategy    Three Related Articles are Posted Here…  

Obama, How's That Hope & Change Workin' Out for You?  




From Erasmus of America,

     I have a very sharp military intelligence mole  who reports to me, not one else. I also have other very sharp sources. Obama is an utter political fanatic in the White House. We have mass graves dug all over America for the planned killing of millions of the Middle Class of America. We have had a large number of guillotines that have been shipped to America. Chopping off of heads is the Islamic way of killing off your enemies. We have secret federal concentration camps set up all across America. C.I.A. and other intelligence sources are supposed to help engineer terrible economic conditions in America for October to help stir up the people to mass discontent, rioting in the streets, etc. and this gives Obama the legal excuse to place America under martial law. Foreign soldiers are already arranged for to help mass disarm the American people of all their guns. 
Homeland Security for example has already been notified to prepare for massive uprisings in America in October. Why would this warning be given to Homeland Security if something big was not already planned to cause this mass uprising in America? Obama has been secretly sabotaging a worldwide currency realignment that would help improve the American economy, economy of Europe, etc. Part of the secret Obama strategy is keep the people tricked by Washington propaganda while the real economy gets weaker and weaker. Obama already had access to enough money to potentially pay off the national debt and this money instead disappeared to keep the American economy weak. By the way, the money went to the secret wealthy backers of Obama who helped put him in the White House. Also, the Federal Reserve is supposed to carry out secret trick tactics to help crash the American economy. What they want is for the American people to explode in the streets due to lack of food, money, etc. and they claim this as their excuse for the mass seizure of America through declared martial law. Police elements across America are being organized like the Gestapo for the intended crushing of the American people when the engineered riots on the streets, etc. are created by those working for Obama. 
The Illuminati took over Czarist Russia by arranging that food shipments over the Siberian rail service got stopped and then blamed the Czar for this food shortage in St. Petersburg, Russia, etc. The Communists heavily financed then seized control of Russia having tricked the Russian people against the Czar of Russia who knew nothing of this international conspiracy against him by elements from Wash., D.C., New York City, and part of Europe. They plan to seize control of America like they earlier did in Czarist Russia. They think the same tactics should work again in history. The Communists are in secret control of Wash., D.C. now and planning to shortly seize national power by tricking the American people.Obama wants to start one or more new wars to distract the American people while his forces prepare to seize control of America.
     I invite the U.S. Congress to investigate these charges. I will present witnesses, legal evidence, etc. and then ask for arrest warrants for high treason for Obama and all those in the federal government working with him for the planned Communist takeover of America through Wash., D.C. I will ask for the death sentence for those in this conspiracy who knew what they were really doing. Some in the military have been tricked and don't yet know why they are being organized to totally crush the American people once ordered to by Obama.
     I spent eleven calendar years in military academies and have a heavy background in military intelligence. I know shrewd ways to stop this would-be military takeover of America aimed for in October, 2012. Pass this report all over the internet so all Americans see it. Demand Congress investigate my charges as to be true or false. Of course, Congress corrupt and disloyal as all hell is not going to investigate these charges. Between the corrupt and cowardly in Congress, few are left who are really on the side of the American people. Put Obama on the spot and have him asked to appoint Ron Paul as the military regent over internal military affairs of America until the national election is over and a new President put in the White House. Ron Paul is to have total powers of authority and investigation over all branches of government involved with the internal security of America civilian and military. I will be glad to coach Ron Paul on where to investigate and watch like a hawk their actions with him having the authority to fire them instantly from government if required. And turn them over to criminal prosecution for planned high treason. If found guilty, then executed by firing squad or hanging. When involved traitors in Wash., D.C. see this report, they are going to get scared fast. And many are going to want to get away from Obama suddenly like he just acquired Bubonic Plague. Obama is also to be investigated over this conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and put America under an intended lifetime dictatorship under Obama. Also, whether he could legally run for President or else he conned the daylights out of the American people not even being a U.S. citizen. Out of his own recorded words, I can show that he said he was not born an American, but a citizen of Kenya.
     If Ron Paul does not want this temporary post, with reluctance I will agree to accept this post just long enough so this intended military takeover of America by Obama is blocked. Then I quit. I consider Wash., D.C. about as enjoyable to be involved with politically as swimming in a cesspool and claiming how wonderful it is to swim in the political cesspool of Wash., D.C. If Obama does not agree to legally set up this position which I really anticipate he would put on airs of righteousness that he would never do such a thing as I charge, then Congress should promptly vote for and authorize this proposed position immediately and stripping Obama immediately of any legal authority over the internal security of America whether civil or military. I am a deadly boy in military intelligence. I suggest the elements in Wash., D.C. in conspiracy quick quit Obama's conspiracy and then pretend you are innocent and hope to God I don't catch you and hang you once I get the legal proof on you. For military reasons, political reasons, and legal reasons, this is the correct way you break the Obama conspiracy to soon kill off or otherwise eliminate basically the entire Middle Class of America.
     All you American people copy and paste this report in emails so all American soon see this. Massive sunlight is a good antidote to a very deadly conspiracy of high treason now going on in Ameica. Also, if you don't drag your heels and fast push my Omni Law to create 10 civil tribunes to act as a legal oversight committee over Wash., D.C., once passed, the Omni Law will stop this conspiracy of high treason of Obama the moment it is passed. I will be one of the ten appointed civil tribunes of America by its terms and once I am one of the ten and I am confident the others will totally back this, we will go after Obama and his co-conspirators and they will break out in cold sweat whether we get the legal evidence and witnesses to order their arrest for high treason and put them on trial for their lives. The 10 civil tribunes under Roman law were the legal sword of the people ruled by the Roman Republic and made sure that things like Obama never happened to their Roman Republic. The civil tribunes had to be undermined and then disappear before the citizens of Rome could lose their freedom and prosperity which lasted for centuries under the protectionship of the civil tribunes of Rome. James Madison, father of the U.S. Constitution, praised the Roman people for their brilliant idea in creating these 10 civil tribunes of Rome. It is smart to use what worked so brilliantly before in history. The Omni Law is a modernized American version of the 10 civil tribune law of Rome which kept Rome free and prosperous for several centuries until finally overthrow by the corrupt of Rome who did not want such an honest government for Rome. 
You can look in the google search engine under Erasmus of America – Omni Law for many listings for the proposed Omni Law I wrote up. I knew the lawyer tricks and made sure the law was written for the American people, not the corrupt of America who hire lawyers to use their legal tricks to make Washington law corrupt in America and working for them rather than the American people. You can look up the Omni Law in the Nesara News in their archive listing for May, June, and July as well as other reports of mine they posted nationally. Or send an email requesting a copy of the Omni Law from  
Financial support for this Omni Law movement is welcome. Send checks made out to NIFI to NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 which is used just as a clearing house for finances and bookkeeping service for this movement. I treat these finances received as loans, not outright gifts. And in reports of mine, tell how if the Omni Law is passed, the loan principle should be repaid and two programs how I intend to financially reward those who were patriots of America and give them financial blessings they will be very happy with. By the way, any legal sources wanting to pick a fight with in any way with this movement to try and interfere with it, I am sharp at law. To try to interfere with this makes you a legal accessory to high treason in America. Also, President Ronald Reagan signed the Genocide Treaty into national law. 
The American statute law version of it is the Proxmire Act where you can go to prison for life if found guilty of conspiracy of genocide against the American people which Obama definitely is guilty of at this stage. If tried internationally, then you can be executed under international law. Want to push your luck in law with the high treason aggressively being engaged in by Obama now? I do not call Obama President. He is not an American citizen, but was born a British subject or citizen in Kenya as he admitted himself in a recorded session in 2006. As he said, he was not born in Hawaii but in Kenya. Also, corrupt as Congress and the U.S. Justice Dept. are right now, the U.S. Constitution which you despise still states that Obama has to be a natural born citizen meaning both of his parents were American citizens. This was written in by James Madison, etc. so no person of divided loyalties between two nations could become President of America. 
I suggest that Obama withdraw from the race and I will pass from being the prosecutor that delivers all the legal evidence proving his already practiced and intended future execution of high treason against the American people. Obama does not know how much I may actually know about him including the murders he ordered of American citizens. Obama, time to quit while you are still ahead and not prosecuted for high treason. Or we could call you a foreign agent engaged to kill off millions of Americans with which we can just as easily execute you with under law. Time to quit Obama and let the Vice President become President as happened when Richard Nixon resigned as President. I think it is getting too hot for you to push your luck any further!  Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name for a military intelligence super ace who is too honest and cannot be bought off or else intimidated by threats. I am an alley cat fighter by nature and love to turn the tables on would-be bullies who hate the American people and want to do great harm to them!)


Posted by John MacHaffie







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4 Responses to “Top 2 Obama Evil Plans – Nov Election Interuptions”

  1. Garret Mach says:

    VIDEO OF THE YEAR! I also predicted Obama would declare Martial law either before or just after the election which would nullify the election and give him indefinite and endless power VIA the military.

    Why else would he have given himself the ability to declare martial law even in times of peace just months ago. This again was done by executive order on a late Friday press dump to avoid national press coverage. Google it if you don’t believe me! Nullifying the election, rendering both houses of congress powerless and staying in power is absolutely the only reason conceivable for being the first President in History to give himself the ability to be a dictator via unaccountable Marshall law!

  2. I agree with comment from garret the house of cards is coming down planned for many years many so called Americans sold out god country and liberty and will face the judge one day but will be sentenced to perdition the clean up of these minions of lucifer should of happened a long time sgo there where men of honor and love of god and country who stopped the progress for awhile but the big A is on the way with the false prophet in rome poor it is the seat of the anti Christ and lost the faith the little ones who are the faith are back in the caves where it all started why no brave catholic only few and now none
    These men do nothing against evil they just close there eyes selli g out country and church

  3. Deborah says:

    I have been reading for a couple years now that Obama will use martial law to remain in power. I did not believe it at first, but when through executive order he changed the terms of martial law to basically give him the power to call it at his discretion, I now feel that this could really happen.
    I have never been so afraid for myself, my family and my country.
    Obama is pure evil. If you need to understand Obama, I suggest you read the book “People of the Lie” by Dr. Scott Peck. This book gives clear insight into Obama’s personality.

  4. Robert fisher says:

    Kind of ironic since America was build with Slaves, Americans have lost most of their civil rights under a black president. Like they say, what goes round, comes round.

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