Top 3 Events to Worry About 2012

John Moore
Mon, Aug 6, 2012
Subject: Military Volcano, Tidal Wave & Evacuation Plans

we are going to see a lot of global changes having nothing to do with financial things

A Russian news report on Nibiru.  Be sure to watch that one.  It is saying Sept – October, like now….
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Nibiru – Military Briefings on Evacuations – John Moore Show by Audio.
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Aug 05    By Kerry Cassidy
I have now spoken with Mike Harris’s foreign intelligence source and verified that he has a scientific background and that he is convinced that the moon-sized object is headed this way and will pass as close as 1/3 the distance from the Earth to the Sun (if I understood this correctly) sometime between August 17 and September 26th.
This recent article from NASA is only showing you the resulting affect and not the true cause which is, I am told this incoming object.  I am told there have been 3 earthquakes above 6 in the last day or two and this morning we had a quake above 6 on the Argentina coast.  Note:  USGS has downgraded their quake magnitudes a factor of 1 in order to mislead the public.  If you see a “5″ be aware this is actually equal to a “6″ on the Richter scale.
There will also likely be some corresponding volcanism resulting from this passing.
This source also verifies that we are not orbiting the sun as commonly thought but that our entire solar system is part of a helical orbit and that Einstein in fact was aware of this.
Dr. Bill Deagle has released information on the sudden evacuation of military bases along the coasts. They are saying this is in preparation for war but this is not true, according to this foreign intelligence source.  The real reason for the evacuation according to this source is the incoming moon-sized object.
Note: I have not been able to verify military evacuation of bases along the coast at this time… Developing….
I am told the plates are going to move, that the area around Australia and Asia will be heavily impacted and that the West Coast can expect a tsunami 3 meters high…
For the information from Deagle go here to listen.
Nutrimedical Report Archives
THEN GO TO  August 03, 2012 (hour 3)
Dr. Deagle Show on Friday, August 3, 2012.  John Moore said he was on the phone all afternoon Friday with two of his inside sources. John’s sources told him the following: Norfolk Navy Base is being evacuating and moving to higher ground. Camp Legume is being evacuated to Fort Knox. Fort Bragg is being evacuated to PA. Camp Pendleton in Southern Calif. is being evacuated. The due date to be moved is within the next two weeks. They are moving equipment and people out.
John Moore says the real reason is that the military is preparing for the oceans to come out of thier basins and they are on a very fast track.  He says this in the first 5 minutes of this audio.
These men I have heard good things about for a few years and are supposed to be credible sources.


Scientists Warn Of Massive Tidal Wave From Canary Island Volcano              

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