2012 Global Financial War at Fever Pitch


Sun, Aug 19, 2012

Subject: Global Financial War at Fever Pitch

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Subject: Detonation
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Greetings and Salutations;
 You know I don't write these missives because I can't let go of  some 'urban myth'. The st germain trust all along was preparing  for the 'shift of wealth' of the world when europe was still  digging out of the dark ages. The dragons started storing up for  the shift, before the crusades. So, it's not a case of their not  being enough. This has been the longest banking war, the world has  ever known. The methods of the 'art of war' have been applied and  when you have your enemy surrounded, you let them know and then  prove it to them, they have no way out, except surrender or utter  loss. The western mind believes you should kill 'em all and let  God sort it out'. The trick is, you win the battle but you don't  end the war…might take a generation but the war returns just  with new faces. This very time is about ending it for all the  foreseeable future..So the war is at heated pitch and those who  are holding on to the past are suffering masses losses to their  forces. These last number of messages I've given seem repetitive,  in a way they have been. The 'time' is here and all the good guys  can do, is clean up after their attacks and keep pushing for final  victory, one that's felt by the people intended…YOU. What ever  shall the bad guys do, if they have no economic power over you? or  psychological power to beat on you with?
 Even if you haven't read '1984', you are getting the full effects  of 'non speak'. Doing the opposite of your words. The 'clean air  act' is one. Medicare Reform is another. One has to get past the  words, because the devil is always in the details. Their  assumption has always been, you wouldn't understand because the  PTB have kept you too busy 'surviving' to pay attention to check  the subtle changes being done behind the curtain. Now when the go  ahead is given to start the announcements, the howling will begin  and everyone will be talking up their innocence….while they'd be  figuring out some way to steal from you again. In the early days  of this country, campaigns were a whole lot more nasty and  personal. We've seen nothing yet. The cabal has it's back against  the wall so don't be surprised at anything you hear from now on.  When people are given direct 'stimulus' money…my my my won't the  world shift then? The only difference is, it'll be hard to give  money to the very people that are responsible for the mess. Unless  you've deluded yourself, you wouldn't want to to do that anyhow.
 If you are watching, more and more banking institutions are  coming up on charges. Don't be shocked when this goes past a slap  on the wrist and also the politician that were conspirators in  their crimes against humanity. Once again, I still see the failure  to grasp how good this new banking system is with anything that  attempts to disrupt it. Perhaps the bad guys wanted to see if they  could create enough damage, so the folks in the rafters would give  up. Somebody paid a Hacker to make a mess in the new system and he  got prison for all his hard work and that's called throwing  somebody under the bus. Not a chance in hell of succeeding. No  water for you mister…not the potable kind any how.
 Beyond a shadow of doubt, victory is here. It's coming with  extreme pressure to the point of knocking a hole in some folk's  reality. I have no idea how they'll handle their results at the  country club. Some judges are taking night classes to bone up on  common law. Bar Attorneys will no longer be able to practice in  them…ruh oh. I'm done talking about what will be. The ptb can  tell you all about it, I'm going to the beach! There are 2 people  in position to start telling you all about it and another to blow  the roof off it all. From what I'm told a lot of politicians won't  be making their way back to dc from their vacations. They had no  idea, the adults were watching the whole time as they threw sand  and sticks in each other's eyes
 See ya out there, have fun for God's sake.
Love and Kisses,

We have been asked to make our point clear about the upcoming expected and possible war between Iran and US.

We release the new information below to pre-empt any new plans for a new war in the world and as a prelude to our conference in September.
We explain here how nations like Iran are made to look as if they become an axis of evil in the eyes of the international community through pre-planned actions of some nations to start new international crises.
Prepare yourselves as this will be a long read, but it is important that one understands why we call upon nations for our upcoming meeting. We are fully aware of what we are releasing and now we want not only the nations but the citizens of the earth to understand the real depth of the Foundation's knowledge of the hidden working of all nations and the reasons for our actions, even though sometimes they look as if they are against our ethos. (Please advise if you see any mistakes in the text for them to be corrected.)
The second part of this statement will be released soon by the Foundation.
For those who do not know, here we lay the groundwork for the effort of the Foundation for the peace conference due on the 6th of September of 2012 in Keshe foundation centre in Belgium.
Our firm belief is that:
There shall be no war between Iran, Israel and US, as the latter have more and may be all to lose if such an action takes place, and this is a clear message from this Foundation. If you are interested to know why we give such an indication please take note of the following paragraphs in this open letter.
How any nations become an axis of evil according to the pre-mandated action of the real evildoers of the earth is easy to understand and to be seen and read as follows:
As most of the readers of this forum know and some have listened to my previous interviews over the past years, they know my education background and my work.
It is important to make clear some points for all readers and the world audience to know how every nation can become an axis of evil according to the agreement signed by President Reagan and Mrs Thatcher in the late seventies and the establishment of the nuclear triad connection between the USA, UK and France.
Keep reading here:


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