2012 NWO Peace – AntiChrist Force Will Destroy Many

Bill Cooper & Steven C Best
Mon, Aug 6, 2012
Subject: Iron Mountain Blueprint to Tyranny documentary


Iron Mountain– Blueprint to Tyranny (Full Documentary) – YouTube

Jul 22, 2012 … Documentary made in the early 90's but the information is more relevant and credible today because we see so many things that have actually …


The rituals before and after brought many demons out and there were a select number possessed by the fallen or high level demons to give them the power.  


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H.R. 4133: United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012

also keep in mind, that the US is divided into 10 regions……(Hint: 7 heads 10 horns, the beast, kill the beast and the anti-christ_ brings Jesus (sonanda immanuel).      Executive Order 11647 Federal 12, 1972 and now in "FEMA Transition 2009"

Destruction of the Roman Catholic Church…….7 heads of the 7 Hills in Rome, another lie.     Destruction of 7 heads (Rome) and 10 Horns (10 regions in USA) = fake anti-christ and beast beaten and THE CHRIST is here.    a great big LIE

Is this all planned to deceive us into believing that Jesus [the fake] will be returning?  And, there will be a 'fake' antichrist, too?



The Symbolism behind the Olympic "Ritual" Ceremony – London 2012 New Jerusalem Zion
A lot of people have been asking if i could give an overview of the ritual which took place at the Olympic Opening Ceremony. This is just my interpretation of what went on using biblical references but nothing should be taken as "fact" so feel free to research for yourself and add anything I may have missed. Not everyone shares the same views so please respect others beliefs and feel free to join in the discussion 🙂

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