Top 3 NWO Visitors – Foreign Troops Running Home

Constitution Man

Fri, Sep 7, 2012

Subject: Foreign Military Takeover Is Not Happening     More intel is posted below 


the Illuminati have another clock ticking away.  Check this out…


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The Military Take Over Is Not Happening – Constitution Man
Continued from "Lawful Government or Civil War?"
A discussion about the current situation with the pending collapse of the economy.
From My Private Audio. Air Date September 6, 2012 More


Ambassadors were invited to two Keshe Foudation disclosure events of patented technologies soon to be given freely to the world, starting 21 September. Rumors of attempted government censorship are plausible since release of such advancements threaten the cabal. If the technologies are real and slip past cabal control, they would solve all food, health, energy, transport, and pollution problems. Are the gifts too good to be true or our dreams come true?






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