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Mon, Sep 10, 2012

Subject: London RV Conference



In one week the big Iraq Finance Conference will open
in London.

The who's who of Iraqi financial big wigs will be there.

Including Dr Shabibi himself.

BUT, you may not know this…

Someone else is going to be there too.

This person may be even BIGGER than the big wigs.
The Royal Mint is the largest EXPORTING mint in the world.

This "kid" is giving a speech at Iraq's Finance

You can see the full Iraq Finance 2012 speaker lineup here…

 Must listen to this History–Amazing.
You may not usually listen to these calls but this one will be worth all that time and more.  Not only does Tony have good intel to share but Dr. Todd spends about an hour sharing the history of the World Global Settlements and their relationship to the Iraqi Dinar now.  Appears that some of the WGS have already hit the banks and many more will hit in the next 10 plus or minus days.  This is critical and the history is interesting, especially to me how Queen Elizabeth is intricately involved.  WOW!   Because of Dr. Todd's original involvement in the Marshall Plan, the foundation for the World Global Settlements, it is interesting to note that HE WAS ALSO INVOLVED in writing the IQD revaluation plan.   There were rates put in that original plan and IT WILL BE A THREE TIERED PAYOUT.  Of course he explains all that in the call.  We, as the tier III peons, will probably get $5 and the banks will get over $10, but guess what?  WE CAN NEGOTIATE so listen to this one carefully.   Oh yea, he has a timing projection that will tickle you gooooooooood.  Dr. Todd does not think that this administration (Obama) is handling this right at all.  Hmmmmm…….
This call should very quickly extinguish any doubts in your mind. 
PTR Replay number = 760-569-7699  Pin 732394

If you listen to this call closely, you will hear that he says the WGS world global settlement are going out in the mail within the next 9 days, and some have already gone out in the mail.  These include prosperity programs.  He says he has no doubt, that the RV has not already taken place.  He Dr. Todd, was involved in writing the IQD revaluation plan.  This man knows what he is talking about.  The gurus dont know what he knows.  This was a great great call.  Time frame is now, 9 days from now, thru Sept 30th.  Or unlikely but Oct 15th latest.  

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