Top 10 9/11 Conspiracy Facts – Undeniable Video Evidence

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Tue, Sep 11, 2012
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9/11 Whistleblowers Upstage Assange

First published by Press TV
The US government is worried about its ability to keep secrets in the age of the internet. It is targeting three men in particular – Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, and Gary McKinnon – for long-term imprisonment, in order to discourage others from publicizing classified information.

A fourth whistleblower, former CIA asset Susan Lindauer, exposed US and Israeli complicity in the 9/11 attacks – and was indefinitely detained at a US military base in reprisal. Another vitally important whistleblower, US military advisor Gwenyth Todd, barely escaped Bahrain with her secrets and her life; while 9/11 eyewitness Barry Jennings was smeared by the BBC, then killed by the 9/11 cover-up team. All of these brave patriots deserve our attention.

Assange, the whistleblower who gets the most publicity in the mainstream media, is also the most controversial. Many of the best alternative media analysts, including Gordon Duff of Veterans Today, believe that Assange and Wikileaks have friendly relations with the Israeli Mossad. This explains, they say, why the material publicized by Wikileaks has never seriously damaged Israel, never exposed the Zionist-run false-flag operations of 9/11, 7/7, Madrid, Bali and Mumbai, and never targeted the Zionist-dominated organized crime syndicate that controls much of the US financial, political, and judicial apparatus.

Even worse, these analysts say, Assange has “revealed” false information designed to serve the Israeli agenda. Wiki-leaked “diplomatic communications” accused Gen. Hamid Gul, a principled 9/11-truth-exposing Pakistani officer, of “quarterbacking the Taliban.” Blaming Pakistan for all the Zionist-instigated mischief in South Asia is a key strategy in the Zionist information war. (Zionists also are major shareholders in the heroin and energy pipeline projects that motivate the US war on Afghanistan.)



9/11 Key Witness Murdered?

Uploaded by trancesynaptic on Nov 2, 2008

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Key Witness to WTC 7 Explosions Dead at 53

Emergency coordinator for the New York Housing Authority, and key 9/11 eyewitness, Barry Jennings has passed away with controversy about WTC7 still hot as the BBC hit piece and NIST report have been released to counter Jennings exclusive testimony of explosions inside Building 7. Jennings passed away at age 53 from circumstances not yet disclosed.

A spokesperson for the Housing Authority has now confirmed his death, after weeks of rumors circulating online, but refused to give any further details. Several other individuals at the Housing Authority also confirmed that they knew Barry Jennings, and that indeed he had passed away about a month ago. No other details were available.

No one has yet been able to contact anyone in the Jennings family and the official cause of death is not yet known, but online comments have reported the date of death as August 19, 2008.

It is very unusual that a prominent — and controversial 9/11 witness would die only days before the release of NISTs report on WTC7 and shortly after a firestorm erupted over his testimony that he heard explosions inside the building prior to collapse of either tower and that there were dead bodies in the buildings blown-out lobby.

The BBC aired The Third Tower in July in attempt to debunk Barry Jennings account which is both contradictory and damaging to the official 9/11 story by making issue over whether or not he said he saw dead bodies in the lobby.

Yet Jennings own statement in an exclusive interview with Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas which has not been denied was: The fire fighter who took us down kept saying, Dont look down. And I said, Why. And we were stepping over people you know, you can feel when youre stepping over people.

Now the release of Jason Bermas Fabled Enemies is giving further exposure to Jennings controversial account. The film features a full interview with Barry Jennings, as well as the statements he and Michael Hess, who was also trapped with him inside WTC7, made to news media on the day of the attacks.
Barry Jennings reiterated in the exclusive interview his confusion over the explanation for WTC7s collapse given that he clearly heard explosions inside the building.

That interview was not released until June 2008 at the request of Mr. Jennings, who had received numerous threats to his job and asked that it be left out of Loose Change: Final Cut because of those threats.

Jennings statements have lit fire to questions about what really caused the sudden collapse of WTC7 just as NIST had hoped the release of their report would quash widespread beliefs that the building was brought down by controlled demolition.

News of Jennings death comes on the heels of losing another 9/11 hero and eyewitness Kenny Johannemann, who reportedly committed suicide 12 days before the seventh anniversary of 9/11. Johannemann is credited with saving at least one mans life on 9/11 and was also a witness to explosions in the towers.

NISTs report, as well as that of the 9/11 Commission (which did not even mention WTC7), completely ignored statements from the building leaseholder Larry Silverstein as well as numerous police, fire fighters and other eyewitnesses who have testified that they were warned about the buildings collapse and told to get back. One rescue worker even heard a countdown for the buildings implosion.

The truth about WTC7 will come out, and Barry Jennings testimony will not be in vain.

Please contact if you have any information about the circumstances of Barrys death or any other reports. We extend our condolences to any family or friends reading this for their loss.

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Bizarre Live Interview with 911 Police Chief and Dir. of WTC

Uploaded by AbandonAffluence on Mar 16, 2007

NBC's Pat Dawson interviews New York Port Authority Police Chief William Hall and Alan Reiss, the Director of the World Trade Centre, shortly after the collapse of the Twin Towers. Mind the credibility gap, folks!

Keep an eye on the body language of both men. They appear uncomfortable throughout the interview, especially the police chief, and talk like they haven't figured out a credible cover story for their recent and shocking ordeal which ties in with either the known reality of the situation or plain common sense.

I have spliced into this interview my own commentary and some still images showing the destruction of WTC 5 and 6, as contrasting points of reference for what the chief of police and WTC director are saying. Otherwise, this is the entirety of the interview, as it was shown live on UK TV on September 11.

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Top 4 Unanswered Questions About 9-11

Uploaded by TPOCS on Sep 13, 2010

This is a perfect SHORT video you can show to people who won't sit through an entire documentary on the subject of 9-11. It hits all the most obvious questions and glaring inconsistencies in the official story. It will lead them into swallowing the red pill whether they want to or not. Of all the issues out there that have the power to wake people up to what kind of evil lunatics control our world, the truth about 9-11 is the most powerful. In an instant of seeing building 7 drop into its own footprint, the big GULP happens. Holy crap!


Architects & Engineers: Solving the Mystery of WTC 7
Tuesday, September 11, 2012 9:11


Architects & Engineers – Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 –

Uploaded by ae911truth on Aug 16, 2011

Architects & Engineers: Solving the Mystery of WTC 7

AE911Truth's new 9/11 documentary Solving the Mystery, the destruction of World Trade Center Building #7, WTC 7 on 9/11/01. Join actor, Ed Asner and Architect Richard Gage, AIA and Architects and Engineers as they narrate an unfolding story that decimates the official account ("collapse due to normal office fires") of this 47 story high-rise which was destroyed on the afternoon of 9/11 in record time: top to bottom in under 7 seconds – and at free-fall acceleration for a third of its fall. Solving the Mystery of the Free-Fall Collapse of WTC 7.

This is AE911Truth's best shot at a professionally produced 15 minute informative and engaging 9/11 documentary on WTC 7 – designed for newcomers. It is free. Please spread Far and Wide, including Architects and Engineers.

The documentary includes several of the dozens of technical and building experts that were interviewed and that appear in our forthcoming full length documentary – 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out. Altogether of course there are more than 1,500 Architects & Engineers that have signed the AE911Truth petition calling for a new investigation of the destruction of all 3 high-rises at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Special thanks to the AE911Truth volunteer video crew!

We are proud to partner with the 9/11 family members and first responders of in the 10th Anniversary Campaign to raise awareness about WTC 7 in cities across America.

Please visit and decide what you can do to help the campaign.

Please also support the work of AE911Truth, a non-partisan non-profit 501c3 organization with your financial support by visiting today and click the Donate button. We are a community organization with no corporate sponsorship. YOU are our lifeline. Join the family of sustaining supporters today!

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