Dinar RV Madam – Public RV After Reno


Thu, Sep 20, 2012

Subject: RV Madam in Reno – Who Gets an RV?

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Hey Friends,
We now hear that Madame WU is in Reno.  She is there to make sure people in Reno get into banks and cash their Dinars.  I understand when the people in Reno are finished there will be an announcement, then we can go in. 









Subject: Latest Dinar Intel …

8:56 PM msevepee: I just got a call….Iraq out of Chapter 7 .. 2 days ago. Tomorrow AM Iraq will be welcomed into the WTO (World Trade Organization) and they have to have a tradeable currency. My friend had emailed earlier: It RV'd this AM at 3am at public rate of $15.00 and said Shabibi and Madam Wu held it until they could meet at the UN today to finalize some things, was told they got it done, and we should get the RV any time from now until midnight tonight.  Another friend had told me: I was told Madam Wu and Shabibi are meeting in NY today.

 Is the Dinar Investment a scam?







here is a video that answers that question… up a video


 Frank Bell reported from London Iraq Banking Conference…  9/18

Frank Bell, COO of Sterling Currency Group is attending the Iraq Finance Conference 2012. Look for video news briefings from the conference each day. Visit https://www.sterlingcurrencygroup.com for more.




London Day One Video

by SterlingCurrency


 Dr Todd shares Global Settlement Insites in this 2 hour audio link

Must listen to this History–Amazing.
You may not usually listen to these calls but this one will be worth all that time and more.  Not only does Tony have good intel to share but Dr. Todd spends about an hour sharing the history of the World Global Settlements and their relationship to the Iraqi Dinar now.  Appears that some of the WGS have already hit the banks and many more will hit in the next 10 plus or minus days.  This is critical and the history is interesting, especially to me how Queen Elizabeth is intricately involved.  WOW!   Because of Dr. Todd's original involvement in the Marshall Plan, the foundation for the World Global Settlements, it is interesting to note that HE WAS ALSO INVOLVED in writing the IQD revaluation plan.   There were rates put in that original plan and IT WILL BE A THREE TIERED PAYOUT.  Of course he explains all that in the call.  We, as the tier III peons, will probably get $5 and the banks will get over $10, but guess what?  WE CAN NEGOTIATE so listen to this one carefully.   Oh yea, he has a timing projection that will tickle you gooooooooood.  Dr. Todd does not think that this administration (Obama) is handling this right at all.  Hmmmmm…….
This call should very quickly extinguish any doubts in your mind. 
PTR Replay number = 760-569-7699  Pin 732394

If you listen to this call closely, you will hear that he says the WGS world global settlement are going out in the mail within the next 9 days, and some have already gone out in the mail.  These include prosperity programs.  He says he has no doubt, that the RV has not already taken place.  He Dr. Todd, was involved in writing the IQD revaluation plan.  This man knows what he is talking about.  The gurus dont know what he knows.  This was a great great call.  Time frame is now, 9 days from now, thru Sept 30th.  Or unlikely but Oct 15th latest.  








9-22-2012  Newshound Guru Mike   We took a big look at Article 140…Maliki let go of the funds to pay the oil companies which were disputed for the Kurdistan region – this was huge lift to the Kurds…they still have the disputed regions and a few other things that need to get done but we talked about the Parliamentary Committee taking up and hearings on the 140 so they can get this passed next week – that is the closest we have ever been and they are actually talking about it and really going forward.


9-22-2012  Newshound Guru Adam Montana   [Do you think that Iraq needs a current census taken before the HCL can go into effect?]  We know that we can count on the value of the dinar being exactly what they say it is – 1166, right? We know we can count on them to maintain the value of the Dinar, control inflation, and keep their money in check. The SAME THING goes for the census issue.  If they were to RV to a very high rate, like $3 – they would need EXACT numbers and a very sophisticated system to maintain that value. But RVing to anything lower, like in the .10 to $1 range, gives them more flexibility and room for error.  My point is that they may not have an exact census, but they are in control of their economy and I would ascertain that they have SUFFICIENT information to make this, and the HCL, work.


9-22-2012  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Article: "Deputy for Iraq: the security ministries will be resolved over the weekend after the return of Talibani"   If the Ministers are, in fact, sorted out “over the weekend” – that would be Sat/Sun (today/tomorrow)…this thing is headed towards an imminent conclusion. The Ministers are a very big piece of the puzzle. If


9-22-2012  Newshound Guru Mike  Chamber of commerce [is] urging the Jordanian people to get involved, as well as Americans to get involved with Iraq because they feel there is going to be a boom in Iraq…





Noon update Streaming Call 







Sept 22nd – 12:01pm CST with BGG and guests 

Just click on the "Straight Talk Radio" banner at www.dinarupdates.com/blog and listen.







Saturday Morning Dinar Chatter







[captaincaveman] A season of change is in the air. Summer ends today in Iraq







[weimar] captaincaveman and you could tell / those 116 days and then 90 degrees, much better

[crossways] captaincaveman I like that!!! Change your value on the dinar!!! Lol

WILDDUCK] puppylove my partner is holding is breath, first time in 8.2 years,

puppylove] WILDDUCK tell him to breathe !!!!

[WILDDUCK] puppylove tried to, he never gets this exicted

[puppylove] WILDDUCK Then this is a good thing??    woohoo!!!

[moonchild] puppylove I really wonder. IF it is true that they need to RV before they can get out of Ch. 7 then there is a good chance. 

[moonchild] more or less the only impediments to getting out of Ch 7 last year were issues with Kuweit which were unresolved. It does look as though Kuweit is no only not objecting, but will be endorsing Iraq getting out of Ch 7, so VERY likely to occur.

whitelions] moonchild yes and a few other things but thay have been working extra fast the most people ever to show up to parlament have been there for 2 weeks now and the most work eve done is getting done

[whitelions] moonchild it's like there all on speed rofl












[vic1tgk] Good Evening ALL!







[~SpiritualWarrior] vic1tgk Good evening dear brotherman!

[vic1tgk] Doing Very GOOD… How are you all doing…

[vic1tgk] ~SpiritualWarrior What's COOKIN?

[~SpiritualWarrior] Beans & cornbread! Friday night in the Big Town!!

[vic1tgk] Quick statement to all before Night in done

[.gypsymama] vic1tgk GBN Brotherman (((((((((((( HUGS )))))))))))))))))))

[vic1tgk] .gypsymama Hello…

[vic1tgk] Real quick… Listen and Watch…Understand these words I'm about to tell you all!

[vic1tgk] Some People maybe (SAUDIA ARABIA) because they had collected 75 million Donations for SYRIA!

[vic1tgk] """""""REWARD"""""" Dead or ALIVE….. 25Million for BASHAR ASSAD!!! DEAD OR ALIVE!!!!












[hub] ok, enough jackassery, when is the rv hittin, too many people in the last day or so thinkin we are VERY close………. 







 [911GTS] well the lack of any intel might be a good sign but the ball has not started to drop

 [shasta7] 911GTS … the intel is very scarce… many believe they are clamming up so leaks don't get out… This in my opinion is great sign…

 [hub] shasta7 do you think the indictment has any controll on the holdup

 [shasta7] hub … you referring to that BH Group stuff?

 [hub] shasta7 yes sir

 [shasta7] NO not at all…

 [hub] shasta7 thanks

 [911GTS] BH group was taken down several months ago, took this long for the inditements to get sorted out

[shasta7] 911GTS … last yr I am thinking

[eleanor] where you hidin that RV?












9-21-2012 Adam Montana: Here's how I look at it. At the end of the day, I strongly believe that the currency, stocks, and savings I hold in Iraqi Dinar WILL go up. How much, when, etc? I don't know. I know things are set up very nicely right now and I have personally witnessed Iraq make LEAPS and BOUNDS towards a more stable country, controlled economy, and strong government. So, at this time – I'm prepared for anything. I do NOT think I am going to lose money on my investment, and I am willing to watch.

[cruiser] good evening all!







[sandytob] cruiser Hi. did you happen to see that item on Dinar Recaps where desertdog was saying that Saleh made the announcement on the 15th explaining that the replacement currency had to be printed first before they would announce another RV date?

cruiser] sandytob do you believe that, because I think it is nonsense.

[sandytob] cruiser don't know what to believe anymore…that's why I was asking what you think.

[cruiser] sandytob I believe everything in Iraq is done and has been done.

[sandytob] cruiser ok…so we wait

[spades] cruiser I think we are just waiting on signatures what do you think ?

[cruiser] spades could be. Do not know

[~healthy3] cruiser does anyone know what we are really waiting on?



















[.rke] What can be more exciting that QE3 and inflation to kick off the weekend?

[.rke] This is going to be a sort of part 2, or other side to BWM's class the other night, or in a sense, a prequel. While I highly respect BWM and appreciate his recent class on asset based currencies, which was full of good information, personally, I have no plans to invest in any currency in the future. If you do, please review his information, and research further to form your own decision. With any investment, know why you enter it, understand the costs involved, and always have an exit strategy. 

[.rke] Here's the caveat. Foreign currency is usually purchased for short term international business, and is not usually used as a long term investment. While they can be used as a hedge against inflation, there is no guarantee that the foreign currency you hold will not suffer the same inflationary fate. Are you really going to know and understand the monetary policy and hence inflation of Mongolia, China or Russia?

[.rke] So the upshot is just because we are expecting to get a big payout on a speculative currency investment, does not mean that we are now currency investment geniuses.












Friday Night Dinar Chatter







[justaguy] There is a new drinking game on college campuses, they sign on to dinar sites and have to chug every time someone puts "close" or "soon" on the screen. They report 182 cases of alcohol poisoning so far.







okrocks] I think the last few items are being tied up for Iraq to have all thier ducks in a row so it can be released… the dreaded any time or day now… lol

blessedandhighlyfavored] 1biz4u I am on anytime basis!! :bliss: My personal time line was the 15th which has now came and gone. My new time line is the 27th if it does not happen today or during the weekend. IMHO, it is going to happen before the month is over. UN rates will update on the 27th and the end of the quarter.

[xyz] hmm …i only wish they could surprise me!!!! the Bank of Japan on Wednesday surprised even the Japanese finance minister by increasing the size of its own quantitative easing program.


9-21-2012 Adam Montana: Here's how I look at it. At the end of the day, I strongly believe that the currency, stocks, and savings I hold in Iraqi Dinar WILL go up. How much, when, etc? I don't know. I know things are set up very nicely right now and I have personally witnessed Iraq make LEAPS and BOUNDS towards a more stable country, controlled economy, and strong government. So, at this time – I'm prepared for anything. I do NOT think I am going to lose money on my investment, and I am willing to watch.












Currency Chatter Conference Call

Call:     1:00 pm Central Time    Saturday — Sept 22 , 2012 

Please USE THE WEB First To Listen.         You may also (Listen Only) by calling –

712-432-0075  pin # 541268

www.FreedomsRadio.com   at 2:00pm EST / 1:00pm Central / 12:00 Noon- Mountain / 11:00am Pacific as   this AUDIO streaming allows for up to 100,000 listeners to attend the call and write in their questions. 

Please use the  206-402-0100  number first, and then when that number is full and rejecting callers, THEN have the callers use the full list of alternative numbers as the backup: 

The GUEST~CALL IN:   PIN is 169470#    More numbers may also be found at:http://www.freedomsradio.com/localnumberaccess.php

9-21-2012 Doc: The economic summit came and went without much fanfare. Most have heard by now the currency was not discussed at least in the public realm. This should not be a shock in that there is no way this type of event would be paraded and negotiated in public view. If there were any "deals" to be made they were done behind closed doors. Our opinion was the best we could hope for was an announcement of the RV but cautioned all this was still premature due to lack of closure on Ebril, GOI seating, etc.. Most of the summit was a show case for Iraq to attempt to show investors the progress they have made and direction for the future. In fact much discussion centered around getting the banking system fully secure and trusted by the citizens. While much progress has been made Iraq stated it would be 2-5 years before it was fully matured and trusted by the people.

9-21-2012  Enorrste  I was hopeful to see some sort of announcement out of the conference, but I can see there are several important laws that banks & investors are looking to be passed prior to them sticking their feet in the water.  I wouldn't be surprised if Shabibi headed home & ran to Parliament & said we need to get these laws passed or they are not going to invest their funds.  Laws need to be passed, add to that working licences for private banks needs to be eliminated, probably this is another law & corruption is key.  It's unfortunate…but everything is not perfect in Iraq & there are some thing that need to be taken care of to get investors to come to Iraq. Now, this isn't saying these thing have to be done to go to a free float, they probably could go to a free float knowing these thing were going to be done rather quickly.

GPCarter: As a full-time, forex trader I felt I should make this posting. I keep seeing posts where people talk about the IQD "movement" and rate changes on sites like XE, Forex Pros etc., and I felt compelled to share this information. 







Due to the time I spend doing market research and analysis for my forex trading I don't have much time to do the question and answer thing on the forums. So, that is another reason I am making this post. 

FYI, I am not trying to beat anyone up, bash, be rude or stir up trouble. I am actually hoping that this will help people get a better understanding. First off I would like to mention: 
1. Yes, I am a holder of IQD. 
2. Yes, I believe it will RV. 
3. No, I don't believe it will be a LOP. 
4. No, I don't get into time, rates, dates etc. 
5. No, I don't have any "secret" or "inside" information and none of the other forex traders I know do either.



























[LiteFlyer]    I am a new team member and enjoyed the call with historian.

[doforself] TerryK Welcome what's Happenning Man?

[doforself] TerryK

[doforself]    to excited
















Never Sell Your Seed by GTabDinar :







Never Sell Your Seed

Hi Mateys! You know….a long time ago I was listening to my grandfather talk about when times were tough on the farms of America…around the time of the great depression (we are close to that these days). He said that his family would live from day-to-day just hoping to make ends meet until the next crop was harvested. 

They had planted the crops, watered them, weeded them out, nurtured them, fertilized them, watered them some more and then they harvested them. The harvest needed to last throughout the long winter that was to come, in addition, until the new harvest of that year's crops.

 Along with the harvest, they would always save some seed for next spring's planting. Hopefully more seed than they planted the year before; always looking to provide more for their families and perhaps to help others.

During the winter things got so tough that they had to make ends meet by working additional jobs, cutting back on all expenses and finding other ways to survive the long winter and spring months. 













The below posts were in our 6pm email

9-21-2012 Desertdog: Saleh made the announcement on the 15th explaining that the replacement currency had to be printed first before they would announce another RV date. Japan signed an agreement with Iraq to build a 400 million dollar power plant to start in September but has put it on hold until the RV happens so they can get paid in the new dinar. 







I don't think we are looking at the first of the year. I think before then. He said in maybe 2 to 3 weeks. The printing has started already. In my opinion and what I am hearing, the RV can be done right after the currency is reprinted. It was supposed to RV Sept 1 but was held up due to the Kurds. 

When it RV's, it will be tradeable right away. Just stay calm and hang in there everyone. We are headed in the right direction.

9-21-2012 Chattels: "The KRG and GOI have been at odds over the details of the HCL for years. But now there are new hopes that the conflicting factions might be close to an agreement that would result in a carbohydrate law.

 A recent non-finalized deal between the Kurdish and Iraqi governments, along with a meeting between Maliki and parliament speaker Osama Nujaifi over the oil law, have rekindled hopes that a resolution might be in sight. The deal between the KRG and GOI includes a provision that Baghdad will pay around $2 billion to foreign oil firms operating in Kurdistan as the cost of their operations.

 Maliki and Nujaifi have reached an agreement to accept the 2007 draft law on oil and gas which will be satisfying to the Iraqiya List and the Kurdistan Region as well." 

Read more   http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurds/5218.html






The IQD Team
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Thursday, September 20, 2012
Highlights/Summary & Replay of Conference Call







Conference Call Replay –  Sept. 20,  2012 
760-569-7699   Pin 769478#

Recap of the News tonight  
(Listen to the recording for all of the detailed analysis of the articles discussed after each news article from the list at the bottom – the following is just a brief Recap)


Brief recap from the articles we read and discussed tonight…..

We discussed the Parliamentary Committee of the Legal Committee CONFIRMED that the deletion of the zeroes is constitutional – that there is nothing more required for the CBI to do
They have done what they need to do and they can move forward constitutionally with their project
Now remember they had alot of different things going on with what was happening with this project of deleting the zeroes and dealing with the currency…and you had the Parliamentary Committee trying to bring Shabibi in talk to him about it – so he went to the legal committee and said this is legal and they confirmed that it is

We talked about the inflation rate being under control  – 14% for August – which brings their annual inflation rate to somewhere about 5-6% -they are happy with that – they have their inflation rate under control – housing is going up – salaries are coming down they are right where they need to be with the inflation – I don't think you are going to see it go too far from there












cruiser] gm all!







spades] cruiser you were correct on the stocks flat lining this week . great pick on the apple deal on monday … what record .

[cruiser] spades Apple is the new safe haven for investors

[spankey] Hey cruiser we have great news ?

[cruiser] spankey As far as news, kind of quiet which I think is a good thing.

[spades] crusier I think so to everytime they have a new product it goes up . lol

[cruiser] spades makes sense, but for months they had nothing, as far as product, now it is Apple's time to shine.

[mbd4049] cruiser could the dollar dv as much as 25%? In your opinion?

[mbd4049] oucrazy seriously though I am literally waiting on a phone call lol












3SIntel Topic: I am realistic-I expect miracles. -Wayne Dyer







2mater] Does anyone know for sure when the National Conference is scheduled?

 childofgod] 2mater No definite scheduled date as of yet

2mater] childofgod good grief – another 'wait for the…' date.

childofgod] 2mater But I believe it will be an announcement – This is all for show right now – It has to appear that Iraq is actually in control

[deb2blessed] childofgod I really wonder if they will announce anything???? or just let it happen—who knows

prissynell] if they announce there will be a run on the banks with all dinarians if they do not announce, just let it happen it will be slower

[childofgod] deb2blessed Thats the thing – Iraq needs to let the international community that they "are open for business" – Personally, I feel Iraq has done everything they need to do – just need to make the necessary announcement which will be coming very shortly!

[childofgod] prissynell Announcements and RV will be simultaneously

[2012jesus] childofgod you are so right ,,all is done ,,no need for NC all done













National Prayer call Posted by DebTarHeelGirl 

Joel 2:25 & 26

25"I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten……
26 You will have plenty to eat, until you are full,
and you will praise the name of the Lord your God,
who has worked wonders for you; never again will my people be shamed

Dinar Investors!

Join us today, Sept. 21, 1:30pm EDT … for the next Dinar Prayer Call

Conference Line: 1-805-360-1000 Code: 1016947#

Feel free to forward to other Dinar Intercessors

If you are available to pray on the call, please email Sister Zelda at admin@greaterworksassembly.org at your earliest convenience.


[SteveI] Hey guys, Ray and I are on line and we need you all to stop typing and we get questions.
[naplesnurse] Ok Steve! Take it away guys!
[SteveI] All, stop typing.
[SteveI] Ray and I are on line to answer questions.
[Hawkster] desertdog hey dog 
[hopesway] desertdog Hello!
[SteveI] Lets try and and keep this simple. Questions please.
[nanab] desertdog hello
[doctimm] Have they had the national convention
[desertdog] No not yet. Talabani will be announcing that in about two day.
[naplesnurse] do you think the HCl has been passed or voted on?
SteveI] Ray will share.
[desertdog] I'm not sure about the hcl, I have seen articles and heard things both ways.
[[SteveI] Ray, what about the oil between the Kurds
[BluGuyHoldingHisBreath] desertdog what question are you wanting us to ask so that you can flabbergast us with that information?
[F & LA] SteveI What are they saying on the street in Iraq about the coins and the RV?
[SteveI] Blue ask away
[doctimm] Have the Kuwaits and Iraqi exchanged prisoners?
[desertdog] There was an agreement between Iraq and Kurdistan about paying the oil companies in Kurdistan by Iraq. That was a huge agreement/








Yes, we are still selling Dinar. IQD inventory continues to trickle in.  We receive payment via US Postal Money order or Wells Fargo counter deposit.  Should the RV occur we will stop taking orders and fulfill all the qualified paid orders we have.  Our eBlast will continue to help all our friends understand what steps they may need to take to cash in.   Until then we will continue to offer the following post 2003 Iraqi Dinar notes.  Order whatever you wish as there is no minimum order.  You may acquire Collectible IQD Notes as long as your invoiced orders do not exceed $999.99 per person per day.  Below are listed the IQD Collectible Notes that we have available:
25K Collectible IQD Notes – Uncirculated:                                  $34.00 each
10K Collectible IQD Notes – Uncirculated:                                   $14.00 each
5K Collectible IQD Notes – Uncirculated:                                    $ 7.00 each
Please understand that prices and availability can change overnight depending upon my supplier and sales.  I reserve the right to substitute Dinar of equal or greater value (such as two 10Ks and a 5K note in place of a 25K note).  Please e-mail me for the latest price list. 







FedEx 3 Day  Saver – Home delivery is available at $15.00 with Signature Confirmation.
FedEx 3 Day  Saver – Pickup your package at FedEx office closest to your home – $11.00 with Signature Confirmation.
FedEx Standard Overnight by 3 PM – Home delivery is available at $27.00 with Signature Confirmation.
FedEx Standard Overnight by 3 PM – Pickup your package at FedEx office closest to your home – $23.00 with Signature Confirmation.

Please be sure to include your full name, address, phone number, order, e-mil address and shipping details in a note when you are sending your payment by US mail.  US Postal Money Orders only please – made out to Ken Scrogan.  A payment for Collectible IQD notes received after the RV is considered a valid order only if the money order is dated before the RV.

We can be reached by phone at 770-978-0002.  However, if the volume of calls become too great for us to handle, just keep trying to get through.  Please understand that we are working under Eastern Standard Time.  We can be reached between 11 AM to 8 PM EST, M-F and sometimes on Saturday.  Our e-mail address is healthdefense@gmail.com.

I am private individual who has obtained a fair amount of Iraqi Dinar from Ali Agha of Dinar Trade.  I assist people in acquiring small quantities of the post 2003 collectible Iraqi Dinar.  I am providing a copy of the certificate of authenticity that they have given me for your reference which also shows non-criminal origin.  I also provide a receipt which transfers ownership of my dinar to your name.   Please consider gifting Dinar to the poor or to family as God leads.

Please understand that when you call, I cannot discuss Intel and issues brought forth on the different forums and conference calls.  The reason for this is that there are sooooo many people placing small orders that I must reserve my time to being faithful to fulfilling those orders.  I hope you understand that I must not delay someone's delivery just to help you analyze Intel.  But if you are interested in hearing about what is going on in Iraq or if you would like to be informed when the Revalue occurs, click subscribe on the bottom of this e-mail.  Be sure to click on "Subscribe" on the right hand side of the screen before you click off the site.

Thank you for contacting us!  Hope to hear from you soon. 

Ken Scrogan 








For those of you that missed any of our conference calls you can dial the following phone number, access code and reference number.  Seems like there is hope of better health even for those that are struggling and in pain.  Listen in!  You will be glad you did!
The conference call number is (213) 493-0809
Access Code 918746#
Ref #:  1#  –  Jackie's 1st Call
Ref #:  2#  –  Jackie's Call on Diabetes
Ref #:  3#  –  Jackie's Call on Autisim and ADHD
Ref #:  4#  –  Jackie's Call on Neuro-Degenerative Conditions
Ref #:  7#  –  Testinmonies
Ref #:  8#  –  Migraines and Distributor Training
Ref #:  9#  –  Mary's Cancer testimony, Distributor Training
Ref #:10#  –  Corey's Explanation on how this Super Supplement works
Ref #:11#  –  Kevin Gilkerson Distributor Training
Ref #:12#  –  Jackie Shepard on Third Party Validation







Ken Scrogan

(Please click on the image above)






































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