Timothy Turner Crimes? – Nathan Peachey Says No Dinar RV

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Mon, Sep 24, 2012

Subject: No Dinar RV says Nathan Peachey



Nathan Peachey reports new RuSA elections coming since Timothy Turner has been arrested



The Dinar Exchange Team  

See these YouTube videos…   I see honesty and integrity in the eyes of RuSA Pres Tim Turner

The Republic for The United States is the true Republic in America.  Virginia Company Corporations have been actting as a government for so long that most people believe it…  The corporations that now masquerade as government, occupying D.C. are fakes.  They are a de facto government, out of control and out of good ideas.  Republic's President, Tim Turner, is facing 164 years in prison… see link!

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Pres Tim Turner in Utah Nov 13, 2010 

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2 Responses to “Timothy Turner Crimes? – Nathan Peachey Says No Dinar RV”

  1. You Mr. Nathan Peachy are a Zionist infiltrator

  2. joe says:

    So millions invested into Iraqi .millions $ in private hands .all these gurus saying next week for past 4 years…the USA has. Fucked. Every nation on earth…poisoned water,food,air,,world wide,,and it is all in the hand of god directing it to armigedon,,the destruction of all nations .all drawn to Israel to fullfill propesey in Ezekiel 38….no freedom ,no life,no dinar,we got 6 weeks left till elected Satan starts reaping body’s into camps,marshal law,enialated at all costs life on earth..Obama is just a vessel used by god to bring it all to pass.

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