Top 10 Grounds for Obama Impeachment 9/11

Don Phau

Thu, Sep 27, 2012

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September 26, 2012
President Barack Obama is guilty of covering up the assassination of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other U.S. diplomats on Sept. 11th, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya. For this “high crime and misdemeanor,” the President should be brought before the U.S. House of Representatives for impeachment.
The facts in the case for impeachment are proven and undeniable. Beginning within hours of the heinous killing of Ambassador Stevens and the others, and the over-running of the CIA safe-house in Benghazi, President Obama, White House spokesman Jay Carney, and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, conducted a campaign of outright lies, to conceal from the American people their complicity in the deaths in Benghazi. They knew within hours of the assassination that the attack had been a premeditated 9/11 attack by elements of the British-Saudi sponsored Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.
The U.S. State Department was so concerned about the deteriorating security situation on the ground in Libya that they issued a travel warning on Aug. 27th, 2012 against any Americans going to Libya. They singled out the uncontrolled situation in the Benghazi area, where terrorist groups had been gaining ground for months. Why, under these deteriorating circumstances, Mr. President, were there no U.S. Marine guards at the Benghazi consulate? Why was security at the compound “outsourced” to a private British mercenary company, Blue Mountain Group, with ties to the very British Special Air Services (SAS) that has been arming and training the Libyan Jihadists to wage a terrorist war in Syria, Mali, and in other parts of North Africa and Southwest Asia? These are questions that must be answered now—before the American people go to the polls on November 6th.
Not only did President Obama and Ambassador Rice lie repeatedly, that the Benghazi attack was a “spontaneous” act of mob violence in retaliation for a little-known video slandering the Prophet Mohammed, but on Sept. 16th, long after the President of Libya had provided details on the Al Qaeda cell behind the Benghazi assassinations, Ambassador Rice was dispatched by President Obama to appear on five national television networks, to repeat those lies about the incident. Even after the head of Al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawaheri, issued a public statement, claiming responsibility for the Stevens assassination as a new 9/11 attack, avenging the killing of a top Libyan associate by U.S. drone attacks in June, the President and his crew continued to suppress the truth.
When CNN obtained a copy of Ambassador Stevens’ personal diaries, and reported that he knew he was on an Al Qaeda hit list and feared for his life, the White House attempted to block the story and persisted in suppressing daily revelations proving that the attack had been a premeditated act of international terrorism. It has now been corroborated by numerous eyewitnesses that there never was a protest demonstration outside the Benghazi consulate on Sept. 11th, as the President, Ambassador Rice and others claimed. All that took place was a heavily armed, professional, pre-planned assault, resulting in the murders of Ambassador Stevens and the others.
Is this the kind of behavior that warrants a second term as President? For more than ten days, President Obama and his loyalists lied to the American people, refused to explain why the Commander-in-Chief had failed to provide protection to endangered American frontline diplomats and intelligence officers, and targeted those attempting to puncture the veil of lies.
When leading members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee attempted to launch an immediate investigation, to provide answers to the American people before November 6th, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) blocked the effort, deferring to the Administration and backing an executive branch inquiry that will not be completed before April 2013. 
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