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Gregg Hallett
Sun, Oct 7, 2012
Subject: New World Disorder It's a Family Thing

Its a Family Affair with the Elites

attachment, destruction the catholic church,

In other writings by Albert Pike, this includes all Christianity, Islam and Even Atheism.

Aside from all the Political rhetoric and commentary which is simply a distraction. The reality aside, USA Presidents are chosen and groomed from childhood literally, and with 100% chance of being elected/appointed since all are family bloodline.
The use of Illegal Immigration or even Immigration is SPECIFICALLY to infest one country with another by plans established by The Vatican, Fabian Society, Knights of Malta, Illuminati, to destroy the sovereignty of the targeted country or land mass setting up the necessary conditions step by step, stage by stage to once and for all set up a one world government, currency and religion.
these are facts not speculation in any way. Below is the reality. FDR, His cousin, Churchill and Japanese elite planned Pearl Harbor between 1925 to 1930 time frame to justify war with Japan leading to the next threat, Communism that was to surface after the 1950's. Black, Gray and Red Pope's controlling the Jesuits are the evil planners for the world servers.

The details contained in the Jesuit produced, "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" and many other planning documents to support this one plan is controlling the world events. The World Servers, controlled by a much more secretive society divided the world up into the following areas for control: Religion, Philosophy, Education, Science, Politics, Harmony/Beauty/Arts and Economics/Finance. Each of these specific areas have 6 sub areas also controlled by the "secret Society" in question and making the world divided into 49 different areas for control purposes and each has its own "Chronology of Events and Milestone" Not Speculation, these are facts and until people understand this reality they will NEVER understand why events are happening the way they are now.

A major coup of the US is coming and for the fourth time in our history.

the reality: As spoken behind closed doors to three specially chosen congressional committees:

[Instruments = All American People
Infest America with Aliens = weaponized immigration as planned for over a century.
1933: failed US Military overthrow, as whistleblower Major General Smedley Butler, USMC to Congress stopped it.

March 4, 1939 – Quote from a report of the secret committee by President Roosevelt,;

“I am making no concessions to business, or for relief. I have a military machine sufficient to stop any organized revolt. I am putting MY PEOPLE ahead of all instruments. I’ll have had a full understanding with Chamberlain, and we will destroy this unemployed condition with a WAR, and a WAR only. To Hell with the American people, as far as a Democracy is concerned. It does not exist. It never did, and we will never let it happen that way. I am going to crush business, infest America with all the aliens possible, and in the last analysis, declare Martial Law, and confiscate everything I need for a true and forceful Dictatorship. My New Deal is a failure, and I know it, but no one else will tell me that I must discontinue my present activities, and program.”

From the Secret Audience with the Military Appropriation Committee;
The Ways and Means Committee;
The Special War Finance Committee;

This copy was presented to me by mail through Senator Lundeen.” The Red Fog over America” by William Guy Carr, 1955.

In 1841 Clinton Roosevelt [ancestral cousin to FDR] published in America “The Science of Government Founded on Natural Laws”, This was nothing more than a plagiarized version of the teachings of Professor Adam Weishaupt of Frankfort University, Germany, the renegade Jesuit priest who arranged for the agenteur of the Illuminati to infiltrate into French Freemasonry in 1776 so “The Secret Power” which directed the World Revolutionary Movement, and the Conspiracy of Satan, at that time could use Freemasonry to further their secret plans and ambitious and at the same time cloak their diabolitical purpose. This document was then passed to Karl Marx for him to plagiarize and as recognized in history; was the "Communist Manifesto" but not written by Karl Marx but plagiarized from the document that was given to him by Mazzini who was a member of the Illuminati also plagiarized by Clinton Roosevelt from Adam Weishaupts original plans written on May 1, 1776,

The fact that FDR’s New Deal, his NRA, and other political policies and economic devices fitted perfectly into the “Long Range Plans”, of the Illuminati proved the continuity of the conspiracy from 1841 to 1945. It has been explained that Roosevelt made known his secret plans to establish a dictatorship in American in March 1939 when he gave a secret audience to some of his governments special committee. It has also been mentioned that Roosevelt was kept a virtual prisoner from after Yalta until his death presumably to prevent him telling the truth in the event his conscience troubled him when he realized that he was about to meet his maker.

ITS ALL IN THE FAMILY and it goes back to Ancient Egypt, Ancient Mysteries Religions and Synagogue of Satan. Ancient Mystery Religions, worship of Baal, hide and became the Roman Catholic church, the Vatican Created the Religion of Islam and raised Muhammad the Prophet, Bloodline all the way to Queen Elizabeth II, and even in the 1920's using Al Benna, a FreeMason formed The Muslim Brotherhood. Its all part of the Luciferian Plan.

Ring in Nimrod the start of the Ancient Mystery Religions and worship of Baal……….who became Nephilim and originator of the Ancient Mystery religions as in his connections to the returning fallen angels.

our Elections? Its all a scam from the Declaration of Independence to establish a national debt and put us into a 70 years bank cycle 3 times in our history. All wars set up by false flags as evidence confirms. The reality. Elections? Never, they are and have always been appointments to the USA, Inc.

Bush Family Tree

It’s A Family Thing: Ancestry.com Finds that Romney and George W. Are Cousins

An online family-history database has found that the GOP candidate has some very influential Republican relations.
By Elizabeth Dias | @elizabethjdias | December 20, 2011 | +

Cousin love? The online ancestry site, Ancestry.com, has found that Mitt Romney and George W. Bush are related

Believe it or not, Mitt Romney and George W. Bush are cousins — 10th cousins, twice removed, that is. Historians at Ancestry.com, the world’s largest online family-history resource, have discovered that Romney is actually related to six past presidents — more than any other 2012 GOP contestant. Franklin D. Roosevelt is his eighth cousin, twice removed, and both Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover are his 10th cousins. Then there is his sixth cousin (four times removed) Franklin Pierce, and both 10th cousins Bush I and II. Three out of these six were even (gasp!) Democrats.

(MORE: Top 10 Campaign-Debate Moments of 2011)

It turns out that presidential candidates often have Commander in Chief relatives, and this election cycle is no different, finds Ancestry.com after six months of research. Jon Huntsman is also related to FDR, Coolidge and the Bushes. And yes, his bloodline mirrors Romney’s because they too are cousins: Romney’s great-great-grandfather Parley Pratt, an early Mormon missionary, is Huntsman’s great-great-great-grandfather. The Romney-Huntsman–George W. Bush connection comes through Anne Marbury Hutchinson, who was a religious-freedom advocate in early 1600s. Rather fitting, since all three of them are still quite open about their faiths, be they Mormon or Evangelical.
Rick Perry has just one presidential relative: Harry Truman is his fifth cousin four times removed. But Perry shares Lone State pride and blood with Sam Houston, the famed President of the Republic of Texas from the 1830s. While Houston resigned as the governor rather than swear allegiance to the Confederacy, notes the report, Perry has many relatives who fought for the South during the Civil War.
True, in the end, America is the land of individuals — not of family trees. It’s who you are now, who you’ve made yourself to be that matters. But, in a roller-coaster primary season, a little “Oh yes, as my cousin FDR once said …” probably doesn’t hurt either.

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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Buckingham Palace London SW1A 1AA

Dear Your Majesty The Queen,

Not only are you related to Churchill, but you are also related to Hitler, Stalin and the Rothschilds.
Your grandfather’s brother was Winston Churchill, making him your great-uncle. Churchill was first cousin with Adolf Hitler’s father.
Stalin was second cousin with Adolf Hitler’s father.
Churchill and Stalin were second cousins.
Hitler’s great-grandfather was your g-great grandfather. Stalin’s great-grandfather was your g-g-great-grandfather. Churchill, Stalin, Hitler and yourself are all descended from Rothschilds, and all of you are illegitimate stock. With these connections, your great-uncle Winston Churchillwas a major instigator in police corruption, the attack on Pearl Harbor and gifting the United Nations to his second cousin Stalin, who was also second cousin with King George V, your grandfather. Within these pages lies the fourth volume of your family history.
Yours sincerely,
Greg Hallett

Greg Hallett – Whale


Who Exactly Are The Rothschilds? Amazing…

Muhammad the Prophet is also in this bloodline; from King Edward IV….marriage to the Muslims Kings.
The Royal Red Dragon Bloodlines 2009 Part 1 of 10

The attachment, comes from "Roosevelt's Communist Manifesto" by Josephson, 1955
This is from another source

13 insider Illuminati families


All controlled through the Jesuit Order and their Knights of Malta & Teutonic Knights all based in missile protected Borgo Santo Spirito in Rome.

Pepe Orsini – Italy
Henry Breakspear – Macau, China

This is the true power finally.

This is the Guelph and the Ghibelline power over mankind.

The Cecil family were controlled by the powerful Jesuit family known as the Pallavicini.

Maria Camilla Pallavicini is far more powerful than Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen and Prince Philip are totally subordinate to the Papal Bloodline the Breakspear Family and their Jesuit UKHQ at 114 Mount Street.

Please go and study who funded Elizabeth I that astronomical amount of money to fight the Spanish, yes Pallavicini.

The most powerful man right now in the conspiracy over this World is a Roman by the name of PEPE ORSINI of the powerful Roman Papal Bloodline the Orsini also known as Orso and the ancient Maximus family.

There is no one more powerful than this figure who is really the Grey Pope.

The Papal Bloodlines are the secret shadow hieracy of the Jesuit Order even behind the Black Pope touted at the #1.

These powerful bloodlines are the Breakspear, Somaglia, Orsini, Farnese & Aldobrandini.

You'll notice David Rothschild marrying into the Aldobrandini with the pretty, Princess Olimpia Aldobrandini.

Another real head of this is Henry Breakspear who resides now in Macau in China.

Many of the Papal Bloodline heads now live in Asia and India. What does that tell you?

The current Black Pope, Adolfo Nicholas was bought forward for the position due to the Jesuits bringing about of Asia as the next power player of the agenda.

Both this Black Pope and the white Pope aren't of Papal Bloodline, they are both commoners.

I've named the most powerful families on the planet. I've named the Grey Pope the one inbetween the white and black but unseen

Saturnalian Brotherhood – The Real 13 Zoroastrian Bloodlines of the Illuminati

House of Borja
House of Breakspeare
House of Somaglia
House of Orsini
House of Conti
House of Chigi
House of Colonna
House of Farnese
House of Medici
House of Gaetani
House of Pamphili
House of Este
House of Aldobrandini

These Egyptian Ptolemaic Dynasty Rulers are in Full Control of the Company of Jesus, High Grey Council of Ten, and the Black Pope

This is some good info on the Black Pope:

The 'Black Pope', Superior Jesuit General (The President of the World), speaks at Loyola 'Military Fortress' University in his un-ratified 14th Amendment 'Little Rome' D.C United States Corporation.

A corporation under International Maritime Admiralty Law (Uniform Commerical Code) based upon Vatican Canon Law and perfected by the Roman Empire.

He lies about his power, he's over the Pope as of 1814.

He only serves and works with the shadow Jesuits being the Papal Bloodline Orsini's, Breakspear's, Aldobrandini's, Farnese's, Somalgia's.

Adolfo is not of Papal Bloodline, some Black Pope's have been.

The next in power beneath the Jesuits is the Bourbon, King Juan Carlos of Spain. The Roman Monarch of the World, The King of Jerusalem and SMOM Military Navigator.

This is the true World's power system right now.

Adolfo serves as a military General protecting the Zoroathrianism and Mithraism mystery schools.

The Jesuits were created by the Papal Bloodline Farnese during the reign of Farnese Pope Paul III.

Loyola was commissioned by Alessandro Cardinal Farnese.

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The Borgia crime family created the Jesuits!!

After the terrible reign of Pope Alexander VI, the Romans were disgusted with the Spanish and vowed that there would never be another Spanish Pope. This animosity toward the Spanish was further aggravated by the Sack of Rome in 1527 in order to prevent the divorce of Henry VIII from Catherine of Aragon.

The Borgia answer to this Spanish animosity was the creation of the order of Jesuits—a quasi religious/military strike force whose members were totally dedicated to their Spanish leader who bore the military title of general.

Like the White Pope, the general is elected for life and the Jesuit dynasty is a parallel or pseudo Papacy….Of course, the general is content to run the show from behind the scenes so as not to arouse the age-old Italian hatred for the Spanish.

The Jesuit general is referred to as the '"Black" Pope at the Vatican because he always dresses in black.

The Jesuits were officially founding in 1540 by Pope Paul III. Ignatius LIEola became their first general.

Don Francis Borgia was the great-grandson of Pope Alexander VI, and co-founder of the Jesuits. On his mother's side he was descended from King Ferdinand of Aragon.

The Spanish control the Vatican through the Jesuits.

For the past 500 years, the Spanish Inquisition has controlled the Vatican by means of the Jesuits. All the Jesuits answer to their general in Rome, and he in turn is content to run the show from behind the scenes, without any publicity or public acclaim so as not to arouse the age-old Italian hostility to the Spanish…

The Merovingians

This bloodline and its offshoots includes a long line of pharaohs in ancient Egypt, including Rameses II (1295-1228 BC), who is considered to be the greatest pharaoh of all.

He was his country's master architect (sacred geometry) and his name can be found on almost every ancient shrine. The gold mines of Nubia made him rich beyond the imagination. This bloodline also includes the extraterrestrial-human hybrids who ruled Sumer, Babylon, Greece, and Troy, and which, today, rule the world.

One common link in this bloodline is Philip of Macedonia (382-336BC),who married Olympias, and their son was Alexander the Great (356-323BC), a tyrant who plundered that key region of Greece, Persia, Syria, Phoenicia, Egypt, Babylon, the former lands of Sumer, and across into India before dying in Babylon at the age of 33.

During his rule of Egypt he founded the city of Alexandria, one the greatest centers for esoteric knowledge in the ancient world. Alexander was taught by the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, who in turn was taught by Plato and he by Socrates. The bloodline and the hidden advanced knowledge have always gone together.

This key bloodline comes down through the most famous Egyptian queen, Cleopatra (60-30BC), who married the most famous Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar, and bore him a son, who became Ptolemy XIV.
· She also bore twins with Mark Anthony, who has his own connections to this line and its many offshoots
· This bloodline also connects to Herod the Great, the "Herod" of the Jesus stories, and continues to the Roman Piso family who, as I explain in The Biggest Secret, wrote the Gospel stories and invented the mythical figure called Jesus!!
· The same bloodline includes Constantine the Great, the Roman Emperor who, in 325AD, turned Christianity, based on his ancestors' stories, into the religion we know today
· King Ferdinand of Spain and Queen Isabella of Castile, the sponsors of Christopher Columbus, who instigated the horrific Spanish Inquisition (1478-1834) in which people were tortured and burned at the stake for in any way questioning the basis of the religion their various ancestors had created
More than that, the most used version of the Bible was commissioned and sponsored by another strand in the same bloodline, King James 1st of England.

Just a coincidence, nothing to worry about! The line of James, according to genealogy sources listed below, can be traced back to 1550 BC and beyond and includes many Egyptian pharaohs, including Rameses II.

The bloodline moved into France and northern Europe through the Franks and Meroveus or Merovee, who gave his name to the Merovingian bloodline, and it continues with the rest of the Merovingian clan like Clovis and the Dagoberts who connect into the elite secret society, the Priory of Sion and the Rennes-le-Chateau "mystery" in Languedoc [Provence], Southern France. Many books have been written recently which claim that the Merovingians are the bloodline of "Jesus".

Some of these authors have just been mistaken, others have blatantly sought to confuse and mislead. The Merovingians are a key bloodline, yes, but it has nothing to do with Jesus, who was invented by an earlier family in the same line, the Pisos. Authors like Sir Laurence Gardner (Bloodline of the Holy Grail and a favorite of Nexus Magazine and its owner, Duncan Roads) MUST know this and yet they still connect the Merovingians to "Jesus". Why??

The Merovingians were Goddess Diana worshippers, as are so many in this line to the present day. They founded the city we call Paris and on one of their former sites of Diana ritual, Princess Diana was murdered in the Pont d'Alma tunnel (meaning "bridge or passage of the Moon Goddess") on August 31st, 1997. As The Biggest Secret points out, the Windsors, another Merovingian bloodline, were very much involved in this ritual murder.

From the Merovingians, this bloodline's connections to the present day include: Charlemagne (742-814), who ruled as Emperor of the West in the Holy Roman Empire; a stream of French kings, including Robert II, Philip Ist, II and III, and Louis Ist, II, VI, VII, VIII, VIIII, XIII, IX, XV, and XVI.

The latter married Marie Antoinette of this same bloodline and both were executed in the French Revolution. But they produced the son who became Daniel Payseur, who, as The Biggest Secret explains, was taken to the United States where he became the secret force behind the Morgan and Carnegie empires and owned vast amounts of real estate, banking, and industrial holdings.

This bloodline also connects to the de Medici family which supported Christopher Columbus and produced Catherine de Medici, the Queen of France who died in 1589. Her doctor was Nostradamus: It includes Rene d'Anjou, Duke of Lorraine, and the House of Lorraine which employed Nostradamus and Christopher Columbus.

The bloodline relatives of the de Medicis and the House of Lorraine, Queen Isabella of Castile and King Ferdinand of Spain, were also sponsors of Columbus when he "discovered" the Americas.

This bloodline also includes:
1. the Habsburgs, the most powerful family in Europe under the Holy Roman Empire
2. Geoffrey Plantagenet and the Plantagenet royal dynasty in England
3. King John, who signed the Magna Carta
4. King Henry Ist, II, and III, who were extremely close to the Knights Templar, as was King John
5. Mary Stuart and the Stuart Dynasty, including King James Ist of England, sponsor of the King James version of the Bible
6. King George Ist, II, and III
7. Edward Ist, II, and III, Queen Victoria
8. Edward VII
9. George V and VI
10.Queen Elizabeth II
11.Prince Charles and Elizabeth's other offspring, Anne, Andrew and Edward
12.Princes William and Harry from Charles' "marriage" to Princess Diana
13.US Presidents, George Washington, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and George Bush are all named in the charts as strands of this bloodline
14.it was passed on to the year 2000 US presidential favorite, George W. Bush Jr., and his brother, Jeb Bush, the Governor of Florida
In fact if you go deeply enough into the genealogical research you will find that ALL the presidents are from this line.

Genealogical sources, like the New England Historical Genealogical Society and Burkes Peerage, have shown that 33 of the 42 presidents to Clinton are related to Charlemagne and 19 are related to England's Edward III, both of whom are of this bloodline.

A spokesman for Burkes Peerage, the bible of royal and aristocratic genealogy based in London, has said that every presidential election since and including George Washington in 1789 has been won by the candidate with the most royal genes. Now we can see how and why. United States presidents are not chosen by ballot, they are chosen by blood!

This same bloodline also includes:
· key Scottish families like the Lords of Galloway and the Comyns
· Marie-Louise of Austria, who married Napoleon Bonaparte
· Kaiser Wilhelm II, the king of Germany at the time of the First World War
· Maximilian, the Habsburg emperor of Mexico, who died in 1867
On and on it goes into country after country. This bloodline connects into every surviving royal family in Europe, including King Juan Carlos of Spain and the Dutch, Swedish, and Danish royal lines.

And this is just ONE of the reptilian bloodlines and just SOME of its offshoots.

There are others which connect with these names and span the same period and beyond to thousands of years BC. Detailed family trees of the above are available on:


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