Economic Collapse – EU & NWO Tungsten Racket

Dr Rath & Michael Ruppert
Sun, Oct 21, 2012
Subject: Crisis & Financial Collapse Cabal

The Rath Foundation seeks to end EU control to stop the profligate oil-pharma-bank cartel from starting another war and continuing to promote illness, both for more power and profit. Only then will we be free and allowed to heal disease via known natural cures. The UN passed the Codex Alimentarious in 2005, severely limiting use and access to natural supplements. The FDA ageed to implement the Codex in the US. Little time is left to stop further proliferation of cartel atrocities.

Here's the video of Dr. Rath's excellent speech in March 2012.
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Here's the link to his website:

Here's the link to information on the Codex:

Here's the link to the original article:

How the US Govt Filled Treasury Gold Bars with Tungsten
Posted by Charleston Voice

Tungsten Plated Gold Bars – Robert Rubin & Larry Summers Implicated *2 videos*
Posted by Charleston Voice

These two clips republished from our October 2011 post archives:

Mr. Chapman passed on June 4, 2012, but his truth still speaks.
Video – Bob Chapman on fake gold bars in Fort Knox

Fake Gold Bars Discovered by Manhattan Jewelers

Fox NY

Here is a Video/Audio on the Federal Reserve's creation of money!

Michael Ruppert on Money:

Michael Ruppert on Crisis and Collapse!

Michael Ruppert on the 100th Monkey Theroy!

Go to You Tube Videos, and type in Michael Ruppert and see all his other video's:

End the Wars By Ending the Fed


Financial Collapse 2013 – The End of the Bretton Woods System

We The People

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