Mitt Romney Exploits – Bush Sr Puppet Romney

Gordon Duff
Thu, Nov 1, 2012
Subject: Mitt Romney Secrets Rodd Class 4 President intel below

Mitt Romney Leaving aTrail of Tears

Rodney Dale Class for the republic – president
He’s the only one that has the answers in getting the Republic back!
Rod has told “authorities” when dealing with direct threats, blackmail corruption –
“fine, kill my family, they will be in a better place than where they are now.”

I wrote the RodClass group seeking his full name and received email from Rod this morning –

place my name as Rodney Dale Class for the republic on the ballot

Rod shows his stuff! WOW!!! – you won’t be disappointed. (parts 1&2&3)
Know this, the unites States of America has been occupied by a corporation.

No one running today in MSM (3rd parties included) is talking about restoring the Republic, exposing DC (it’s a territory). Rod explains dollars (there is no money) and reserve notes are securitized – since US has been bankrupt even though they’ve the Federal Reserve acting as a world bank.
1876 and 1979 – laws we can all be a “private attorney general” ability to sue the system
Lawyers take an oath to the corporate courts…
No gold/silver, that is why we the people create “money” via our slave labor, signing up for loans, our signature makes the dollars because the country, banks are bankrupt, not we the people!
Our gold went to Germany for the war, so dollars would be used for trading. (Trading with the enemy Act)
1871 USA was dissolved, and created the District of Columbia, territory.
The executive orders prove we’ve been operating as a corporation.
Judges have no authority to judge in the people courts…

Rodney Dale Class LIVE in Manhattan – The Man for the Job 2/23/12
YouTube Preview Image

We have been under military martial law (since Lincoln) state of emergency –
The Lieber Code = rules of engagement, how they deal with civilians.
Rod can prove our names were “Capitalized” and the strawman accounts are real.

The US District Court is not the same as the, District court of the united States.

YouTube Preview Image

Rod details why he is running for president. He will bust the fraud wide open!!!
First thing, get rid of the state of emergency.
He says congress knows and has been hiding it…

rody class studio3
YouTube Preview Image

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