Dinar RV Charts – Pre or Post Election RV?

DinarGuru.com & RJ Hender
Sun, Nov 4, 2012
Subject: Dinar RV Activity
Dinar RV Charts
Watching RV Tea Leaves

From every direction I have been getting phone calls and reviewing reports on how our RV is already underway.

From South Carolina I was informed that a friend was contacted by his bank to come in and CashIn his Dinars. From California I tood a phone call to inform me that Big Banks are driving the price of silver down, in preparation for our RV. JPMorgan and other Big Banks have been selling the same silver to a hundred customers. This silver shorting activity has created a false silver supply. JPMorgan and other Banksters are heavily invested in the Iraqi Dinar and they are counting on the RV to dig themselves out of the hold they have dug for themselves.

One of my neighbors has a wife who had steady RV dreams for over 3 weeks now. This couple do muscle testing to verify the date they have been given for our RV.

If we have our RV before the election and Pres Obama wins re-election will Bam Bam take the credit for it? If we have our RV before the election and Mitt Romney wins then will Romney take the credit for it?

We have seen the Dot-Com Bubble come and go. We have seen the Mortgage Bubble come and go. We have also seen the BailOut Bubble come and go. Since the sccess of QE programs have been failing then perhaps it will take a Dinar Bubble to save all of us from the Greatest Depression we have ever known.

I continue to listen to www.theIQDTeam.com conference calls, but it seems there has been little success in Iraq. Is it possible that PM Maliki or Dr Shabibi work for George Bush Sr and/or the IMF? Are TPTB working to keep Iraq in chaos, on purpose? How closely tied is our RV to the events in Iraq?

At any moment I expect to see our RV take place. From my sources, it is my understanding that Wells Fargo has only a few branches in America that are prepared to CashIn the Dinar for people. If the RV was released, all in one go, then there could be great chaos all over. I hear that many Dinar Holders must have an appointment in order to get our dinars cashed in…

I will continue to monitor and report on this Dinar situation…

Video Report on Economy Progress in Iraq


Hey RJ, I just got word that someone in his family got a call to a bank Thursday
for rv. I am trying to follow up and will let you know.

3rd Wave of Paper Silver Dumped on Market… RV Preparation…


NESARA Announcement Expected in 2012


Shinola 101 & 102
Gary R. Owen
Small Town, America

Published by the German Poor Orphans Society
Copyright 2011, Unlimited

Who Are You? Really?
Most of us identify with our name. Even those who have popular names like “Don Johnson” and “Joe Smith” are vaguely surprised and uncomfortable when they meet someone who has the same name. Most of us would feel angered and frightened by the idea of someone else using our name to conduct business, and with good reason. Long before the information age brought us the plague of computerized identity theft, the greatest practitioner of the art was the US Government.
When you sign up with the Social Security Administration, having been told (falsely) that it is a condition of employment and that you have to have a Social Security Number before you can have a job, you are issued a number and a name. Look at your Social Security Card. There’s your number and your name, right? It looks like your name, doesn’t it? The only difference is that it is printed in all capital letters like this: DON JOHNSON.
This is called “Capitis Dominutio Maxima” and it is the time-honored way used around the world to name corporate entities—-corporations, trusts, transmitting utilities, foundations, and numerous other forms of legal fictions—-are all and always named using all capital letters. When we see the name Elizabeth Arden, we should know we are talking about a living person, but when we see ELIZABETH ARDEN we should equally know that we are talking about a corporation.
Seeing our own names in all capital letters on our Social Security Card should immediately tell us that the name on the card represents a corporate entity, and in this case, though you are never told this, the corporate entity is a trust and transmitting utility.
What? I’m a trust and transmitting utility?
No, you’re not, but you’ve been given notice and proof printed on that little card that there is a corporate entity that is using your name, and if your name is Felix L. Schnickelgruber, its name is FELIX L. SCHNICKELGRUBER. This is called “mirroring” and it is the first step toward two highly illegal financial practices called “twinning” and “unlawful conversion”, both of which are about to be practiced upon you by banks and corporations masquerading as your lawful government.
As soon as you signed up with the Social Security Administration a number of things happened—-chief among them, you were identified as a “US citizen” and as a person who voluntarily submitted to federal jurisdiction (that’s the “voluntary” part of “voluntary income tax”).
Next, your name was given to the Secretary of the Treasury (of Puerto Rico) and the Department of the Treasury (of Puerto Rico) drafted up the paperwork to establish a trust and transmitting utility using your name. When they hand you your Social Security Card they are introducing you to a trust and transmitting utility that is using your name and is associated with a nine-digit number written in the form XXX-XX-XXXX.
This Social Security Number is also a Taxpayer Identification Number, and when it is written in this form with all the dashes, it represents the negative side of an account ledger, the debt side. This is the number that is always used when making payments to the US Treasury. When it is written with a zero in front of it and no dashes, this same number becomes an Employer Number, and that is used when receiving payments from the US Treasury.
This isn’t your account we are talking about. You, the living person, don’t have a Social Security Number or a Taxpayer Identification Number or an Employer Number, either. These are all things belonging to and only associated with the trust and transmitting utility that the Department of the Treasury (of Puerto Rico) created using your name.
This trust belongs to the government. The government created it, and the government is the beneficiary of it. You, the Living Person, are the trustee, which means that you hold the legal title and have to do all the work and hold the responsibility for administering the operations of the trust, paying its bills, defending its interests, etc., while the government holds the equitable title and gets the cream. Let this be very clear: the beneficiary receiving all the assets and benefits of the FELIX L. SCHNICKELGRUBER trust and transmitting utility is the federal government. The incorporated State government owns a subsidiary trust called by a slightly different name: SCHNICKELGRUBER, FELIX L.
Being a trust, it doesn’t really matter what they call it. They could call it the “XLT Trust and Transmitting Utility” but they don’t. They use your name on purpose, so that you think their trust is equivalent to and the same as you, the Living Person.
That’s how they get Felix to both pay and obey.
Your bank account belongs to this trust and transmitting utility. You have been donating 100% of your paycheck to this trust regularly for years, thinking that it was your bank account and your money, but no, it all belongs to you-know-who. Just look at your checks, your bank statements, all your records are clearly addressed in Capitis Dominutio Maxima. You have merely been left in control of the money in “your” account as an agent appointed by the government to pay bills and take care of the trust’s property and business.
If you don’t believe this, haul out what you presume to be your “personal” check book, get out a good magnifying glass, and examine what appears to be the signature line on the check. It’s not a solid line. In microprint it says, “Authorizing Signature”. Now, you might think, what’s the big deal about that? Of course, I am “authorized” to write checks on my own account….why would the bank find it necessary to say so in such tiny print?
The reason this is so obscured, is that you are “authorized” by the government to act as its agent and discharge all its debts. You have lost 100% of your ownership interest in the assets you have deposited with the bank. From now on, you merely act as an unpaid agent of the government. You are allowed to write checks on the account, because they let you, not because you own the assets anymore.
On the good side, all “your” debts belong to the trust and transmitting utility, too. You only think you owe the IRS and the mortgage company and the car dealership and the credit cards and the college loans you racked up. In truth, just as the trust and transmitting utility owns your bank account, your house, your land, your car, your college loan, and your labor, the trust also owes all those debts.
As you can see, you’ve been donating all your money to this trust and transmitting utility that belongs to the US Treasury, and working yourself senseless to pay all the debts it owes, when what you should be doing is acting as a conscious Acceptance Agent, discharging the debts of this trust and transmitting utility, and making the US Treasury pay for its franchise’s expenses.
If the US Treasury owns everything, the US Treasury can pay for it.
Yes, you’ve been very busy working to promote the interests of the trust and transmitting utility established using your name. Of course, you do it all voluntarily and never charge the FELIX L. SCHNICKELGRUBER Trust and Transmitting Utility a dime for completing his taxes on time, cleaning his rain gutters, and paying his bills.
You’re quite a volunteer, Felix. You give everything you own to the government, work for the government for free while taking care of all its property, then on top of it, you pay them for the privilege of giving them your money and “importing” it to the ownership of their Puerto Rican trust.
Technically, as you’ll learn, all IRS cases are prosecuted as failures to pay an import duty on revenue. When you unwittingly dump your paycheck into a bank account owned by a Puerto Rican trust operating under your name, you have exercised the privilege of importing revenue to Puerto Rico and owe an import duty.
They tax you for giving them your money.
At the end of the day, they give you a thousand bucks a month as Social Security. That’s your “equitable consideration” for fifty years as a debt slave and giving them title to everything you own.

Actually, technically, nobody can make any “payments”. “Pay” is a word associated with transactions that use real money. Since 1933, America has increasingly functioned by using the equivalent of paper casino chips that represent debt and credit. Since 1971, these paper casino chips called “Federal Reserve Notes” have been the primary, though by no means the only, legal tender in America.
Federal Reserve Notes are a bank script, issued by the privately owned Federal Reserve Banks. The Federal Reserve itself is an association of private banks and is as “federal” as Federal Express. The Federal Reserve is owned as an organizational structure by the International Monetary Fund, and it also runs an international bank called the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in addition to its American operations.
Just as the name of this organization is a purposeful semantic deception, the Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) are a physical deception. Everyone calls them “dollars” but they only bear a physical resemblance to real “US Dollars” which remain the Reserve Currency of the entire world.
That’s right. You have a national currency, but you don’t use your own national currency. You use “Federal Reserve Notes” instead. The US Dollar is mirrored by the Federal Reserve Note, just as you, the Living Person, are mirrored by the dummy trust and transmitting utility in Puerto Rico
Federal Reserve Notes are in-house tokens. They don’t meet the legal definition of a “note” because they don’t promise to deliver anything to anyone upon presentment. The one thing that the Federal Reserve Notes do represent is debt.
Whose debt?
FRNs individually represent debts of the Federal Reserve Banks, because a debt for them is a credit for you. This is why this form of monetary system is called “a debt credit system”. Everything is reduced down to either a debt or a credit, and there are only three things that can be done with a debt or a credit.
They can be transferred, converted, or exchanged.
Transfers are uni-directional. Think of a game of hot potato. It’s the same game whether you are transferring debts or credits. Each time you move a debt or a credit it is a discrete little bundle going in one direction, either to or from someone or something else.
Conversions are where debts turn into credits and vice versa. The debt of the Federal Reserve Banks creates a credit for you, while your debt creates a credit for them.
Exchanges are trades that go in two directions and cancel each other out. When you give a clerk at a sandwich shop $5 and he gives you a sandwich, you are both pleased with the result and you both get something out of it, but any gain is merely subjective. It’s a “zero sum transaction”.
Keep these three possible things that you can do with a debt or a credit firmly in mind: transfers, conversions, and exchanges. Additionally, you need to recognize that there are two realms of commerce using these debts and credits.
The realm of public sector commerce is inhabited entirely by corporate entities—corporations, trusts, foundations, transmitting utilities—–and each one of these organizes its financial operations around a fiscal year that they set to suit themselves. Corporate entities have the privilege of corporate indemnity. If a corporate entity goes broke or accumulates insurmountable debt the public takes the loss and the corporate shareholders, officers, and investors are protected from losing their own private property as a result. All such privileges are taxable. Corporate entities operate using transfers of debts and credits, and if they show a profit, that accrual is known as “income”. Only corporate entities have “income”. Only corporate entities have privileges that are subject to an excise tax—–thus, an “income tax”.
The realm of private commerce is equally well-defined. It is inhabited entirely by Living Persons, operates according to the universal calendar year, operates only via exchanges, and when a gain is realized, it accrues as “property”. Living persons operating in private sector commerce receive no relief from their debts. If they produce a bad product, they can be sued and can lose everything they own. There is no privilege involved, and any private property arising from private commerce is not taxable by definition.
The US Supreme Court has ruled on this exact topic many, many times and the answer has always been the same: “property” includes all wages and the earnings of any kind gained in private sector commerce, and property is not taxable. See Eisner v. Macomber 252 US 189 (1918), Coppage v. Kansas, 236 US 1, Staples v. United States, 21 F.Supp 737 at 739, Slaughterhouse Case, 16 Well. 36, 130; Stratton’s Independence v. Howbert, 231 US 399, Butcher’s Union Co. v Crescent City Co. 111 US 746, Adair v. United States, 208 US 161, 172, et alia.
Strictly speaking, the realms of private commerce and public commerce are mutually exclusive. You are by definition operating in one realm or the other. DON JOHNSON is a public sector operative, a corporate entity earning income, while Don Johnson, the Living Person, slogs along in the private sector accruing property.
By now you are thinking—so how is it that I am stuck paying an income tax, when “income” by definition is a uniquely corporate thing? The only corporate entity that I am in any way associated with is the trust and transmitting utility that the Department of the Treasury (of Puerto Rico) created using my name, and which they own. I have never received a penny of corporate “income” from it in my life.
What’s going on here?
Unlawful conversion.
Conversion is one of the three things you can do with a debt or a credit—you can convert one into the other by swapping ownerships. The private sector credit owned by Marvin Felsen, the Living Person, is “converted” into public sector credit owned by MARVIN FELSEN, the trust and transmitting utility, every time Marvin mistakenly deposits his paycheck into MARVIN’s account.
Additionally, because Marvin has the bad luck of depositing his private property into a look-alike offshore trust’s bank account, he has to pay the Puerto Rican import duty on revenue, aka, the federal income tax. Technically, you are being charged the income tax for the privilege of giving them ownership of your money.
This is all supposedly made legal because you accepted that little Social Security card, announcing the birth of this trust and transmitting utility. It’s presumed that you agreed to act as its agent. You also agreed to be a faithful member of the National Banking Association (Title 12) and to pay all the income taxes that this trust and transmitting utility may owe (Title 26) and in many other ways you didn’t expect, you unwittingly “redefined” who you are.
Without knowing it, you went from being a free and lawful sovereign in your own country to being a debt slave literally owned by a foreign government.
That may sound too shocking to be true, but it is true.
“You” defined as a trust and transmitting utility are owned as a franchise of the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico as a debt slave and that federal franchise is owned by a government that is foreign with respect to you, calling itself the “United States of America”.
This other version of “United States” is comprised of “the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and other Insular states” – not the 50 States United. This other United States is an unsavory character that traffics in slaves and drugs and weapons, and is ruled by a despotic oligarchy called the US Congress.
You did this terrible thing to yourself.
It’s not illegal, because you are the only one harmed by it, and strictly speaking, it’s not illegal to harm yourself. People do it every day. Your right to contract is unlimited. If you want to donate 100% of your paycheck to a foreign government and obligate yourself to a lifetime of debt slavery in exchange for a really shoddy retirement plan, who is to stop you? If you want to pay rent forever on your own house and land as a tenant instead of being a landowner, well, it’s a free country. You can do that. Who is going to complain, if you don’t?
The corporation offering you this slick deal isn’t obligated to warn you that it is selling a poor product. So long as it provides some reasonable shadow of the product they are advertising (Medicare, Social Security, etc.) they can charge whatever price they like as long as you are willing to pay it.
There are, however, a couple of issues to be addressed.
The first issue is that you were coerced into enrolling in Social Security under false pretenses. Undeclared agents of the federal government, that is, employees of a corporation calling itself the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, told you and your parents and everyone else, including all your prospective employers, that enrollment in Social Security is a requirement of having a job—and they implied that it was a requirement of having any job.
The only jobs that more or less require you to enroll in Social Security are federal government jobs, and there’s a very good reason for this. Social Security is a program designed for: (1) government employees, (2) foreigners, and (3) welfare recipients—and of those three groups, the only people who are truly required to enroll are the foreigners and welfare recipients. See 42 USC 405(c) (2) (b) (i).
Even for federal employees, Social Security is voluntary, though it is voluntary in the same sense as driving a Ford car is “voluntary” if you work an UAW job at a Ford auto plant.
Technically, it’s illegal for John Johnson, the mechanic at Mike’s Garage, to be enrolled in Social Security. He’s not a federal government worker, not a foreigner needing public assistance, and not a welfare recipient. He’s a middle-aged skilled mechanic hauling down $70,000 a year in private commerce and doesn’t meet the program requirements at all. In his entire working life, he has never objectively met the Social Security program requirements.
So why did he (and you) get the bum’s rush to join Social Security? You weren’t applying for a federal job when you started washing dishes at Maybelle’s Family Diner. Equally, if Social Security is a program only for federal employees, how could you be enrolled? You’ve never held a federal government job in your life.
Wonders abound. You, John Johnson, can’t enroll in Social Security unless you are defined as a federal employee, a foreigner, or a welfare recipient somehow.
So far as you know, you are a Living Person, working in the private sector, living in your own country, and paying your own bills, thank you very much.
However…..you purportedly agreed to act as an agent for JOHN JOHNSON, a trust and transmitting utility owned as a franchise by the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico, so you are deemed to be a “federal employee” even though you are blissfully unaware of the fact, and even though you never get paid for doing this particular job. Plus, because John Johnson the Living Person is a “foreigner” with respect to the “United States of America” defined as the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, et alia, he can sign up for Social Security as a foreigner. No problem. And, then too, John Johnson can technically be considered a welfare recipient, because he is signed up to receive benefits from the Public Charitable Trust, whether he receives any benefits from it or not.
They hand you a little card in the mail with no explanation whatsoever, and then the banks and the title companies are allowed to presume that you are knowingly and willingly giving up all your private property, and all your Constitutional rights, and that you agree to a lifetime of debt slavery, all in exchange for a miserable excuse of a retirement program that you pay for.
That sounds like the same deal they gave the slaves on the Southern Plantations back in the day, and it’s not a coincidence that it does.
Most of this constructive fraud got its start during Reconstruction, in the South, after the Civil War, and it has been embroidered by generations of Southern Democrats afterward. People are so ignorant of history that they cuddle up to the Democratic Party, thinking that the Democrats represent the common people, when history blatantly shows a very different story.
The South was and is the home turf of the Southern Democrats, the progeny of men like Edward Rutledge, who guaranteed that slavery would be allowed under the original Constitution, and who have to this day prevented the lawful recognition of the Natural and Unalienable rights of black people in America.
To this day, all black people in America have is a guarantee of “equal civil rights”. The Natural and Unalienable rights of Black Americans as Living Persons on the Land have never been recognized and they still aren’t.
In case you never asked, “What are civil rights?” — Civil rights are privileges conferred by the government, and what the government gives the government can take away, redefine, and alter at whim. As you stand there wearing your “Agent of the Federal Government” hat, representing the corporate entity JOHN JOHNSON, you have civil rights. Like all the black people in America, you White Boy slave, John Johnson, have nothing but “civil rights” and Congress can redefine your civil rights at will, so long as everyone is mistreated equally.
The gigantic all-devouring corporation calling itself the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is the doing business name of the “other” United States of America composed of “the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico….” The legal status of this multi-national conglomerate is on the same par as McDonald’s, Boeing, or Sears, only larger and more complex and far less efficient.
This corporate entity abuses the usufructuary rights it obtained as a result of being named your trustee by your unwitting Mother. As your trustee, it can use your name, so it creates a trust and transmitting utility using your name as a franchise benefiting itself, then foists all the responsibilities and costs onto you, tricks you into giving this thing they’ve created on paper all your money and private property, charges you 7% of what you think of as your gross income each year to pay for Social Security “coverage”, and another 30% or so as “federal income tax” and another 10%-15% in assorted other hidden federal taxes, plus claiming a 100% ownership interest in everything you own, right down to the toenails on your feet.
It’s okay for the federal government to own you as a debt slave, so long as you can be classified as a “US citizen”. As you are beginning to understand “US citizens” aren’t Americans in the way you think of it. They are Americans in the same sense as “South Americans” are “Americans”.
The federal government, most particularly, Congress, has found ways around all the hurdles and dived headlong into your pocketbook. They’ve stolen your identity as a free American and turned you into a card-carrying “US citizen” debt slave. In the absence of proof otherwise, the court presumes that you agreed to all of this, and the judges get very frustrated when you then walk in and start spouting off about the Bill of Rights.
Don’t you know that the Bill of Rights no longer applies to you? You cashed all that in for $1000 a month in retirement benefits and a bed to die in.
Additional presumption is accrued every time you vote in a US election, because only “US citizens” are allowed to vote in US elections. Normal Americans who live in the 50 States United are disenfranchised. Read Section 2 of the 14th Amendment.
Everyone knows that you were lied to and railroaded into enrolling in Social Security under false pretenses. We all heard the same story and went through the same drill. Unfortunately, until you stand up and oppose the presumption of “US citizenship” and waive any unearned benefit from the Public Charitable Trust, the “United States of America” and its minions can freely assert that you are a Blue-Butted Kangaroo, and that you owe them money for eating grass.
Once you know what is being alleged against you, that is, that you willingly and knowingly signed up and agreed to be a debt slave, and that you voluntarily signed over ownership of all your property to the trust and transmitting utility the government established using your name, you can raise another issue in your defense. Not only were you misinformed and coerced, none of this cozy arrangement benefiting the federal government was ever disclosed.
For any contract to be legal and binding, it has to be fully disclosed.
The government gets around this by never letting you know that the contract exists. You can’t complain that the contract wasn’t disclosed, if you don’t know the contract exists.
The judges employed by all the courts owned and operated by the corporation calling itself the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA know that this contract is merely presumed to be valid, and they presume it against Americans every single day. They presume it so often they get bored enforcing this one contract over and over again. Many attorneys know it, too, but there’s an odd thing that prevents them from speaking up.
All attorneys in America are required to be members of the British Bar Association, and as soon as an attorney passes the Bar Exam, he or she is inducted into this professional cabal. As part of their induction they swear an oath, known as “the Guild Oath” and part of the Guild Oath is a tiny little phrase that commits them all to support the bankrupting of America and Americans. They are too green at the time to know what they are saying, or what the oath is talking about, but they swear it anyway, and are trapped forever afterward between being an American and practicing law.
Perfidious Albion, again.
So the federal government and the banks and the lawyers are conspiring to cheat you, and doing a good job of it, too. The government has its excuse lined up.
When you signed up for Social Security—according to them—-you asked them to set up the trust and transmitting utility in your name, because you officially applied to be recognized as a “US citizen” and to participate in all the obligations and benefits thereof, and by “accepting” that little Social Security card in the mail, you additionally agreed to act as an unpaid agent for the government’s brand new franchise—you.
You also thereby signed up to receive benefits from the Public Charitable Trust set up to provide social welfare relief to freed black slaves after the Civil War.
According to the federal government, you the Living Person, have been a foreign-born freeloader living on their dole all your life. “Foreign” from their perspective, because you were born in one of the 50 States United, not DC, Guam, Puerto Rico, etc., and a freeloader, too, because you are signed up to receive benefits from the Public Charitable Trust.
Read the Expatriation Act, the Civil Rights Act of 1866, and both the 13th and the 14th Amendment. The elite white folk could bail out, using the Expatriation Act.
The 14th Amendment conferred the legal status of “US citizen” on everyone else, and from then on, it was just a process of getting each new generation to give their official individual consent to being a “US citizen”. According to the government, you knowingly did this when you enrolled with the Social Security Administration.
What you mean by “US citizen” is that you live in one of the 50 States United. What the federal government means by “US citizen” is that you (1) were born in DC, Guam, Puerto Rico….or you (2) accepted the legal status of “US citizen” conferred by the 14th Amendment and don’t object to it, even though it means giving up 100% of your ownership interest in everything you think you own, and even though it means that you will live in peonage and debt slavery benefiting the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA throughout your working life, and even though you will have only “civil rights” and no recourse to defend yourself from other slave-related requirements like Selective Service.
The only ones truly obligated to be “US citizens” are those born in the Territories owned by the federal corporation. They are the only true “US citizens”.
People born in the 50 States have a natural “State” citizenship. That’s why your vital statistics and records are always kept in the state where you were born. State citizenship is the natural citizenship status of Americans, but the 14th Amendment placed an overlay claim on Americans, a blanket assertion that you are instead a “US citizen”—-which is a legal status in your case, and not a true citizenship at all.
Specifically, it’s the second class government-sponsored substitute for real American Citizenship, which the Southern Democrats initially drummed up as a means of keeping the freed black slaves down on the farm after the Civil War, and which other parties then expanded to apply to every American.
As you will realize from reading the historical documents, the fix was in even way back in 1868. While loudly proclaiming the abolishment of slavery in America with the 13th Amendment, the criminals in Congress opened up the door to a new and much broader kind of slavery with the 14th Amendment.
Private ownership of slaves was outlawed, but a new era of public ownership of slaves was just beginning, and this time, people of any color could be owned by the government.
Where do you think the trendy term “human resources” comes from? That comes from looking at people as property in exactly the same way that we speak of “natural resources”. There are only two elements to any economy—-natural resources and labor.
The 19th century industrialists were keenly aware of that fact, and so was the government. The wealth of the Southern States wasn’t only in land and crops. It was also in labor. Seizing hold of the collateral represented by the labor force of the freed slaves represented a very major economic benefit to the victors. The government didn’t have to direct the activities of the slaves to reap the benefits of owning them. They could simply borrow against the value of the slaves on the world market, and nobody would be the wiser.
The slaves themselves thought they were free.
Having lined their pockets with credit made available by borrowing against the value of the slaves newly acquired by the federal government, the question then became—-how can the government further expand on this theme and extract the wealth that is inherent in labor from the whole population?
Establishing some basis for a claim on the People’s labor was the first job to be done, and the 14th Amendment accomplished that aim. By establishing this new class of citizenship and the Public Charitable Trust that went with it, the government could claim the existence of a contract.
First, as we’ve seen, it could claim that US citizens had only “civil rights”, not Natural and Unalienable Rights, and could impose Territorial law on them instead of obeying the limits of the Constitution.
Second, because civil rights are privileges granted by the government, the government can redefine the rights of “US citizens” at whim. All the Civil Rights Movement accomplished was to guarantee that all “US citizens” are abused equally, black and white.
Third, the government could claim the existence of a contract based on “equitable consideration”. You are presumed to have agreed to donate your labor and all your private property to the government in exchange for the benefits you receive from the Public Charitable Trust, though in fact you receive no equitable consideration at all and pay your share of any benefit.
In order for any contract to be valid, it must be entered into knowingly, willingly, and under conditions of full disclosure, and it must represent equitable consideration to both parties— in other words, it must be fair, not grossly and self-evidently benefiting one party over the other.
Well, what do you say? When you signed up for Social Security, did you knowingly, willingly, and under conditions of full disclosure agree to waive your Natural and Unalienable Rights and give all your property, including your labor and military service, to the government? Did anyone ever tell you any of this?
No. That’s the whole point. You were never meant to know.
If you knew, you could stand up and say, “With respect to the United States of America, I am a non-citizen National as defined by Title 8, Section 1101(a) (21) et Seq. I am also defined in Title 26 as a “non-resident alien”. I am not a “US citizen” and I never was and I never want to be. I do not consider it a valuable or prized status, and for the record, I don’t live in Puerto Rico.”
Your bank also has a plausible deniability excuse in place to explain away their part in enabling the unlawful conversion of your private property.
They presume that you are knowingly acting as an “Acceptance Agent” for the trust and transmitting utility that was created in your name, and they misunderstand on purpose when they create a bank account for MARVIN FELSEN instead of Marvin Felsen.
If you want to give all your money away to a Puerto Rican trust and transmitting utility named after you, you are free to do so. The bank will let you. It’s a free country.
You’ve got a Social Security card, so you must have agreed to all this, right?
So now you know how your non-taxable property earned in private sector commerce—your earnings and wages and salaries—gets converted into public sector corporate income and thereby becomes taxable for the purposes of the federal income tax, which is technically an import duty on revenue being imported to Puerto Rico.
There’s just one other thing you need to know. The IRS works as a collection agency for the banks and every penny of “federal income tax” you have ever paid has gone directly into the pockets of the same privately owned banks enabling this conversion.
In other words, the banks get a very substantial benefit from converting your private property into corporate income. By making your assets taxable, they get the resulting “tax” money. The Grace Commission confirmed this thirty years ago.
There is one other major scam that misrepresents you, the Living Person, in a way analogous to this. It results from the first dirty trick the corporation masquerading as the federal government plays on you.
The government claims that your Birth Certificate is in fact a Berth Certificate, a type of docking manifest used by the shipping industry worldwide. After all, you arrive via a “birth canal” and are received by a “doc(tor)”….and so this additional fanciful and self-interested constructive fraud plays out. The government actually claims that you are a “US vessel” in the Merchant Marine Service, and that you, the Living Person, are a federal employee, specifically a “master” in the Merchant Marines representing the jolly M/V FELIX L. SCHNICKELGRUBER.
This time, your name is abused in all capital italics, the naming convention used to designate boats in maritime commerce.
The set up is very similar to the trust and transmitting utility sting. In that case, the government claims that you are an Acceptance Agent and General Partner of a federally owned franchise organized as a trust and transmitting utility operating under the same name as yours in Puerto Rico. In the Merchant Marine scam, the federal government claims that you are a Merchant Mariner acting as the “master” of a US vessel having your name.
The trust and transmitting utility set up is used against you at the initial level of an IRS claim entered with the foreign statutory court called the US Tax Court, operating under Treaty akin to an embassy, and restricted to operate only in Washington, DC. If you fail to nip their presumptions about you in the bud, and continue to fight a tax charge, they kick you upstairs to the US District Court, which then acts as a foreign corporate tribunal operating under International Admiralty jurisdiction.
These crazy claims about you, the Living Person, are necessary because the perpetrators cannot enforce any claim against you otherwise. Statutory courts can only address corporations and have no jurisdiction over Living Persons whatsoever.
To make you “stand under” their statutory law, they have to “redefine” you as a “statutory citizen”—that is, a corporate entity. Admiralty courts can only address maritime subjects and have no jurisdiction over you as a Living Person on the Land. It is the same story there. To enforce a claim against you, the Living Person, they have to cook up a claim that you, the Living Person, are actually a “US vessel”, and then explain away your presence in the courtroom as a member of the Merchant Marine acting as a salvage officer.
When a Judge asks you if you “understand” the charges against you, you should immediately realize that he or she is asking you if you “stand under” the charges, that is, if you submit to their jurisdiction and accept being tried in their court?
Well, Felix, do you? Are you a Merchant Mariner? A trust?
By long-standing international declaration, all Americans are sovereigns. You are not a corporation, not a marine vessel, and, you are not obliged to be a citizen of the “United States”, either. Yet, all these things are being presumed against you under conditions of non-disclosure by the federal government and its court system, and if you don’t have sense enough to deny it, too bad.
If you are ever brought to trial in an Admiralty Court (US District Courts are all Admiralty Courts without exception) you may “interpreted” by the court under either equity or admiralty jurisdiction, and the judges love to flip back and forth without telling you or announcing it in court. To change the jurisdiction the judge gets up from his chair, goes into his chambers, and comes back out. Presto! We just went from equity to Admiralty in the twinkling of an eye. Each time they do this, they “reinterpret” you and your role.
If they try you under equity, you are presumed to be an Acceptance Agent of the FELIX L. SCHNICKELGRUBER Trust, a federal employee who is unaccountably not doing your job and refusing to discharge the lawful debts of the trust. Of course, you don’t have a clue that this is being alleged, that the trust exists, that you are an agent of the federal government, etc., and so you are left to assume that you, the Living Person, have to pay the tax out of your own pocket.
That is, of course, precisely what they want you to think and do.
If they try you under admiralty, you are presumed to be a “master” in the Merchant Marine service, acting as a Salvage Agent for a missing vessel named the M/V DON JOHNSON or whatever you name is, when you walk through the door. You are attending a probate hearing in civil maritime jurisdiction and facing a marine salvage lien posed by the Federal Reserve Banks.
Long ago, the Federal Reserve bought a security interest in the M/V DON JOHNSON from the government when Don Johnson was a baby, but when Don grew up and became defined as a trust and transmitting utility instead, the corpus backing that investment “disappeared”. Thereupon, the Federal Reserve asked the court to declare the “US vessel” lost at sea and presumed “dead” and established a civil maritime salvage lien against the vessel’s estate.
By the time you land in US District Court facing an income tax charge, your name has been declared legally dead for a number of years, so it is “impossible” for you to be recognized by the court as Don Johnson, unless you present the court with irrefutable proof that you are alive and are not a “US Vessel” operating under the same name. Most people don’t know how to do that, so they are stuck playing it out as a Salvage Agent and discharging the debt as a loss against the US Treasury, or, paying off the salvage lien themselves with private sector credit.
The last choice is what the court expects you to do, and in nearly 100 out of 100 cases, that’s what you’ll be forced to do, because you can’t imagine much less reply to the long-established constructive fraud they have built up all around you.
You also assume that the “US District Court” is being run by your legitimate government. It never occurs to you that the court itself is instead operating as a corporate administrative tribunal “representing” and “standing for” the lawful Article III court you are owed and expecting as a non-citizen National.
Stop a moment and take in the view.
The “US District Court” is an in-house corporately-owned and operated tribunal of a corporation calling itself the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The same entity that owns the courthouse and pays the judge is named as the plaintiff against you, yet hardly anyone recognizes this conflict of interest and moves to change the venue to State Superior Court.
You aren’t guaranteed any fair treatment there, either, but at least the conflict of interest is not as direct. The incorporated State government is a municipal franchise of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and is usually as subservient as Igor to Dr. Frankenstein, but at least your judge’s paycheck won’t be drawn directly from the US Treasury.
In order to enforce any of their frauds against you, the perpetrators must rely on the Law of International Admiralty and the Roman Merchant Law, neither one of which apply to Living Persons born in one of the 50 States United—-only to “US vessels” and to corporations, respectively.
It is essential that you immediately challenge the jurisdiction of these courts and never let them bring you into their venue. You have to do this on your own. No lawyer will do it for you. You do this by insisting and proving that “you” were declared legally dead in error, and that as a Living Person, you are a “non-citizen National” and a foreigner with respect to the “United States of America” dba UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
The existence of “non-citizen Nationals” is proven by the 14th Amendment itself, which disenfranchises you, and by Federal Code, which defines you.
You address these courts via notarized Affidavit and identify yourself as a Living Person making a Special Appearance challenging their jurisdiction. You send them a certified copy of your Birth Certificate, an Ecclesiastical Deed Poll “signed” only with your thumbprint in red ink (or blood, if you do the de rigeur required by the Catholic Church), and a sworn statement from two Witnesses that they know you, know your family, and confirm that Don of the Family Johnson is not only alive, but a person of good repute. Your witnesses sign this Statement of Identity with their own autographs and red-ink thumbprints.
Please note—when you act as a corporate officer you have a signature; otherwise, living people have autographs.
If, by chance, you get an especially rabid or stupid judge, and they continue to come after you or force you to appear in their courtroom, identify yourself only as an Agent for the Accused or, if you can’t avoid it, Defendant in Error.
You never, ever voluntarily submit to their jurisdiction at all, never offer any petition, answer, motion, or take any other action with respect to yourself as a Living Person, except by Special Appearance serving written Notices, Affidavits, and Recommendation Motions addressed to the Court, as an Agent of the Accused in court, or if there is no other option, as Defendant in Error, and you never voluntarily allow them to call you a “Plaintiff” or “Defendant” or “Petitioner” or whatever else they may want to make of you.
They will be trying hard to “define” you in some manner that gives them jurisdiction and will push and shove trying to make your square-shaped Living Person fit into the round holes of their peg board. Hang tough.
You are a Living Person born in one of the 50 States United. You are a non-citizen National. You do not consent to the court’s jurisdiction. You do not consent to a transaction of a security interest, and you waive any unearned benefits of the Public Charitable Trust. Te Deum.
Never under any circumstance allow any court to claim jurisdiction over you, the Living Person, without a fight and proof of both general and subject matter jurisdiction. Make your claim explicit from the get-go: “I am a Living Person, an American, a “non-citizen National”, born in the State of Oklahoma, and I do not consent to a transaction of a security interest. I have been misidentified as a corporate entity (or the master of a US vessel) by this court. I do not stand under its jurisdiction.”
Stating it that way makes the situation explicit for the judge and places it in the court record, so long as the tape machine is rolling.
Some people are unnecessarily sacrificing their earned benefits, like Social Security payments and payments due as a result of the gold seizures, thinking that they can’t receive payments from the federal government and still be free.
If you earned a benefit, meaning that you paid for it, it’s yours. Collect. The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a corporation. Would you turn down money due to you from an insurance policy you paid for from MetLife?
This corporation operating “as” your government isn’t really a government; it has only the status of a corporation. It’s a “person” no more sovereign than any other “person”, and as it happens, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA owes you a lot of money.
It owes you for every penny you have paid into federal taxes and social security under false pretenses. It owes you the money in your bank accounts, which it has acquired via deceit and constructive fraud. It owes you your house, your land, and everything else that it has importuned from you under conditions of fraud. It owes you as the heir of those Americans who gave up all their privately owned gold, when FDR’s thugs came through and stole it during the Great Depression. It owes you your Natural and Unalienable Rights, not some cobbled up corporate shadow conferred upon you as a legal status.
If you choose to act as an Acceptance Agent or Marine Salvage Agent, you can address the court in the same way a lawyer addresses the court—that is, you can retain your separate identity as a Living Person and make motions in behalf of the trust or the vessel to your heart’s delight, without allowing the court to impose its jurisdiction on you, the Living Person.
Federal Court Rules allow you to enter a Special Appearance as a favor “to those otherwise not represented”—-that is, the trusts and transmitting utilities and “US vessels” using your name.
Just keep in mind that the court has no jurisdiction over you, the Living Person, until and unless you hand it to them and consent to their jurisdiction. They will be trying every trick in the book to importune your cooperation and misinterpret your statements, trying to find an excuse to claim jurisdiction over you, so you must be explicit and clearly state your role. If you don’t intend to give the court jurisdiction over you, be careful not to obey petty commands given to you by that man sitting on the bench, because it will be interpreted as submission to the court.
For example, if you are arrested and forced to appear as a Defendant in Error and the judge tells you to stop chewing your lip, keep chewing. If you are going to be the Sovereign in this situation, you have to play your role down pat.
Keep in mind that any motion you present to the court can only be styled as a “Recommendation Motion” if it pertains to you as a Living Person, otherwise you are handing them the keys again.
To recap:
Under the assumptions provided by your Mother’s signature on your Certificate of Live Birth, the government sets up a cestui que vie trust, claiming that you are a “statutory citizen” under the 14th Amendment, and shortly after that, the hospital prepares a “slave bond” that is purchased by the Federal Reserve as a the monetized interest in the “US vessel” registered under your name.
Your Mother has no idea that she has given away legal title to you, and she isn’t told, either.
Then, when you are issued a Social Security Number, a second trust and transmitting utility is set up. After seven years, when the Federal Reserve cannot profit from the corpus of your “vessel” because it has been “moved” into the new trust, the Fed files for the issue of a marine salvage bond against “your” estate, and without you ever knowing it, “you” are (1) presumed to be subject to marine salvage and (2) declared dead by the court. This is the same process that is applied to ships and mariners when they are lost at sea and “declared dead” after seven years.
This is why, technically, no court can “hear” you. You are legally dead. You must be presumed to be someone else—-a trustee acting as an Acceptance Agent in behalf of a federal franchise, for example, or the “master” of a lost US vessel in the Merchant Marine service.
Before you ever go to court, therefore, file a copy of your Birth Certificate, an Ecclesiastical Deed Poll, and a signed statement from two witnesses who know you, verifying that they know you and your family and that you are a living person of good repute. Find the nearest public recording office, file these documents as a “Miscellaneous Affidavit” under a dated cover sheet titled as such, and have half a dozen sets of certified copies made.
The Ecclesiastical Deed Poll is an ancient document of the Roman Catholic Church and it is still recognized worldwide as “the” document necessary to establish that a Living Person is indeed, alive. As a Church document, it recognizes that God created you, placed the breath of life in you, and made you a unique and living being. It also states that you are Felix Lamont of the Family Schnickelgruber, a Freeholder in Simple Fee Estate, known to be the Man on the Land whose sign appears herein.
The “sign” used to be a thumbprint in blood, but is now acceptable in red ink, except for the Catholic Church which still insists on blood. So if you want to be truly, absolutely 100% free of this nonsense forevermore, do it in blood. The Church has a special black light scanner to tell if it is human blood or not, so don’t try to cheat. Just do it, if you are serious. Since this document dates from the days when most people were illiterate, the thumbprint is the only form of identification used to validate this document. You do not sign or date it.
Claiming that you are dead and silencing you is one of the legal profession’s most potent tricks, so deny it up front by presenting this Proof of Life paperwork at the beginning of any legal process. They may still find a way to trip or trump you, but they will have to “hear” you, which creates certain very uncomfortable restrictions for them.
When a child is baptized in the Church of Rome, a third cestui que vie trust is set up, laying claim to its soul.
These three trusts enslave you, your property, and, if you believe in the existence of souls, your soul, also. These are called “the three crowns”. Taken together, this same basic method of making undisclosed claims via the establishment of cestui que vie trust instruments has been used by the legal profession, the banks, the governments of the world, and the Vatican to enslave people for almost a thousand years.
As you can see, you are in a purposefully constructed legal quagmire, and America has run afoul of a very ancient, very pernicious, very evil system of government that predates it by about 6,000 years.
While the public face of the Roman Catholic Church claims that it has adopted this system for the betterment and protection of all mankind, there is another face of the Church that takes full advantage of the most evil aspects of it. One face of Rome is Mother Theresa. The other is the Inquisition. One persona of the Roman Catholic Church represents the most benevolent and protective power on earth, while the other persona is purely Satanic. These two diametrically opposed versions of the Roman Catholic Church co-exist side by side under the same roof, and until a Pope divests the Church of its wealth, earthly power, and pelf, it will continue to be a profoundly contaminated institution lacking any reliable identity, representing the Virgin Mother Mary one moment, and the Great Whore of Babylon the next.
The minions of the Father of All Lies have inhabited the corporate structure that pretends to be your government as well as the Church, and the fact that they have done so is self-evident both from the result, which is your enslavement, and the method: a wagonload of preposterous lies and fraudulent claims made behind your back.
The lawyers and the banks and a corporation calling itself the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA have taken an American Citizen and “redefined” you as a debt slave. They’ve made you the executor of your own estate, a master serving a lost vessel in the Merchant Marines, a trust and transmitting utility owned as a franchise of the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico, a Withholding Agent, a legally deceased beneficiary, and an Acceptance Agent, too. They have even managed to assert that you are a “US vessel” in the US Merchant Marine service.
This is by no means an all-inclusive list of the lies they have told about you and established in the public record.
How is it possible that the government has license to abuse your name like this and use it to enslave and misrepresent you?
It’s made possible by the knowing and purposeful abuse of usufructuary rights the government obtained as your trustee.
When a trust is created, the title to property is split. The trustee is given the legal title, while the beneficiary retains the equitable title. When your Mother signed your Certificate of Live Birth (not the same as a Birth Certificate, which is an official receipt for the Certificate of Live Birth) she unknowingly created a legal title.
Equally without her knowing consent, that legal title to “you” was given to the government. The government became your trustee and you became the beneficiary of “Don Johnson”. The government, as your trustee, obtains the right to use your name. Acting as your Trustee, they are supposed to protect you and operate only for your benefit. Instead, they abuse and breach this trust, misrepresent your identity to profit themselves, and redefine you in ways that reduce you, the Living Person, to peonage.
That little Social Security card announcing the “birth” of a trust and transmitting utility in your name represents the legal title of DON JOHNSON, and made you, the Living Person, its trustee. The government made itself the beneficiary.
As a practical matter, the trust your Mother created has been virtually inactive all your life. The thieves got what they wanted—your name, and now they would just as soon forget that they were ever named as your trustees.
Under this first trust agreement, the one created by your Mother, the government is obligated to work for your benefit and defend your rights and promote your well-being, and it has strict fiduciary responsibility to do so.
Under the second undisclosed trust agreement that created the trust and transmitting utility that is currently (mis)using your name, you, the Living Person, became the trustee working for the benefit of the government, instead.
The government turned the tables on you. The bureaucrats surreptitiously created a “reverse trust” and foisted it off on you, using enrollment in the Social Security program as their excuse.
Then, as insurance to make sure that your debt slave status couldn’t be reversed by a simple statement of identity in open court, they had the first version of you they concocted—the “US vessel” —declared dead.
Virtually everyone born in the 50 States United is legally dead and the United States of America as represented by the 50 States United has virtually no living citizens as a result—almost 400 million people, and all but a handful of us are legally dead.
This is why the use of Common Law in America is all but dead, too. The Common Law is a jurisdiction used exclusively by Living Persons.
Corporate entities function under Roman Merchant Law and “US vessels” operate under the Law of International Admiralty.
As you can see, these jurisdictions are mutually exclusive, but because of the way you, the Living Person, have been “redefined” by the British Bar Association, you are being prosecuted under jurisdictions that are completely unnatural and inappropriate.
You’re not a boat or an officer in the Merchant Marines, but you are being prosecuted under Civil Maritime and Admiralty. You’re not a corporate entity, but you are being prosecuted under Roman Merchant Law.
As a trust and transmitting utility “you” are subject to Roman Merchant Law. As a “US vessel” presumed lost at sea, you are subject to Civil Maritime Law and International Admiralty jurisdiction generally. In either of these guises, DON JOHNSON or M/V DON JOHNSON, you have no access to the Common Law, and absolutely no Constitutional rights, and on top of it all, you can’t be presumed to have access to the Common Law because, well, you’re legally dead.
Sadly, as long as you remain legally dead, you remain a helpless stateless debt slave, an unrecognizable entity that can be “interpreted” any way the court wants to interpret you—Acceptance Agent, Withholding Agent, Executor, officer in the Merchant Marines, and so on.
Without We, the People, America as represented by the 50 States United is as legally “dead” as you are, and so is the Constitution.
This is why US District Court judges will rant and rave at you and have you thrown in jail if you have the temerity to mention the Constitution of the United States of America in their court. It is crystal clear (to them) that such issues have nothing whatsoever to do with the business of the court and are blatantly outside of its jurisdiction. You are obviously acting in contempt of court to talk about such things. As an Acceptance Agent working in behalf of a federal franchise or the master of a US Merchant Marine vessel, you really ought to know better.

The Internal Revenue Service
The first thing that should occur to you is, “Internal to what?” and the second thing that should occur to you given the lawyers’ fondness for semantic deceit is, “Re-venue of what?” Always pay strict attention to details and names. What, or who, are they moving to a new venue? Satan’s children can’t resist a good semantic deceit.
Internal refers to the weird world of the 14th Amendment Club and the physical boundaries of the States included in the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, et alia, that are part of the “other” United States of America. The Island of Puerto Rico is foreign with respect to you, a Living Person born in one of the 50 States United.
All actions brought against individual people by the IRS are taken under 28 USC Chapter 85, Section 1340, “Internal Revenue; customs duties, based on revenues”. They are talking about customs duties that are due as a result of importing revenue to Puerto Rico.
According to Federal Code, when you deposit your paycheck into a bank account belonging to a franchise owned by the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico operating under your name, you owe an import duty on that money.
Besides donating a 100% ownership interest in your assets to the franchise, you owe a customs duty for the privilege of making the donation, too.
It just gets better and better. First, they defraud and rob you of your ownership interest by deceit, then they charge you an “import duty” for the privilege of being defrauded and robbed.
Revenue is not only the popular conception of money coming in, but money coming in as a result of your “re-venue” from being a Living Person to a Corporate “Person”, from an American Citizen to a US citizen, and from Ohio to Puerto Rico, and so on.
They not only gain revenue, they “re-venue” your legal and political status. The criminals think they are incredibly clever and they have proof that you are incredibly dumb, because you still haven’t figured out what they are doing to you, and it is now eighty years on into this fraud.
This is how they currently prosecute individual IRS cases: first, the IRS sends you a “Notice of Deficiency” that is basically an unsigned affidavit alleging that you owe tons of money to the Department of the Treasury (of Puerto Rico). They self-interestedly neglect to add the “of Puerto Rico” part, because you might possibly read Title 5 of the Federal Code and figure out what is going on. They leave you to assume that they are representing the legitimate United States Department of the Treasury, which still exists.
The US Tax Court, a foreign statutory court that operates exclusively out of Washington, DC, also receives a copy of this Notice from the IRS. This “Notice of Deficiency” is always addressed to you as a Living Person, using upper and lower case naming conventions.
The bank records that the alleged “deficiency” is based upon always reference accounts that belong to the trust and transmitting utility owned as a franchise by the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico using your name, designated with all capital letters.
They already stole 100% ownership of all your money using this exact ploy, so there’s no avoiding the fact that the bank accounts belong to a corporate entity, and if you think about this little conundrum, the circumstance invalidates their claim.
They are addressing one person, the Living Person, as if you were in fact the corporate “person”. They do it this way trying to establish a connection between you, the Living Person, and their franchise.
Why not shrug and sign a Notarized affidavit back to the court asking—-what’s this? This Notice was addressed to me, Don Johnson, but the bank accounts all belong to DON JOHNSON, a trust and transmitting utility owned as a franchise by the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico. Seeing as how I am a mechanic in Ohio, you’d better explain what I’m supposed to do about this foreign franchise’s tax debts.
You won’t hear back from the IRS or the US Tax Court until another generation of clerks have lived and died. If by some extraordinary circumstance you hit a dry hole in the system and the people reviewing your case are so green they actually believe in the fraud they are perpetuating, you may have to go to court even after you have given them such fair warning.
The courts try to operate under what is known as the “collective agency rule” and claim that you, the Living Person, are in “general partnership” with the trust and transmitting utility, so it is essential that before you even identify yourself to the court in any hearing, you stand up in the gallery of the courtroom (not inside the bar, which is the railing separating the lawyer’s podium and the judge’s bench from the audience) when they call “your” name and ask—(1) Are we on the record? (2) Is this action being addressed under the collective agency rule?
If they press you, tell them you are an “agent” for the accused.
I never admit to being the accused “person”. It’s poor form if nothing else and gives them excuse to continue their absurd presumptions.
If the court is on the record, you may then hand the Bailiff your Proof of Life documents. Let the Bailiff pad over to the judge and let the judge take the pages and start scanning them over. Give him or her a few seconds to grasp the import and then state loudly enough for the tape recording equipment that you are the Living Person, Donald Michael Johnson, and that you have provided the court with irrefutable proof of that fact.
The judge won’t like this one bit. Some judges literally jump up out of their chairs and run into their Chambers and refuse to come back out to the bench when served with Proof of Life documents.
A judge operating a statutory court jurisdiction is forbidden to view any evidence that “you” are a Living Person and still continue to take action against you. Be polite, but to the point.
Why not ask the court if it has any business with you, the Living Person Donald M. Johnson? You are just here because you received communications from the court and the IRS and you want to know if it has anything to do with you, the Living Person?
If the court values its own tail, it will admit, no, it doesn’t have any business to conduct with Donald M. Johnson, and you can then nod obligingly, smile prettily at the judge, and go home. If you want to be a bonehead and make absolutely sure that the issue is settled and dead, you might tarry a minute or two more.
In that case, you might ask if the court has any business with the Constructive Estate Trust named DONALD M. JOHNSON? If so, ask for the bill and the dollar amount, and have a form 1040-V in your pocket.
Give the judge your sweetest, most child-like expression, and ask if the court could please provide you with a Bill stating the full amount owed by the trust and transmitting utility? Considering that they were going to prosecute you for this same full amount, you can safely presume that the judge has exactly such a bill on the bench in front of him. Do not offer to go inside the bar. Wait for the Bailiff to retrieve the document.
Write “Pay to the US Treasury Department” at a 45 degree angle (low left, high right) across the face of the Bill, then pull your 1040-V form out of your pocket. Fill in the amount and the all-capitals name and number of the trust and transmitting utility. Give the signed bill and the 1040-V to the Bailiff.
Your Honor? Does the court have any more business with the DONALD M. JOHNSON Constructive Estate Trust needed to zero out the account? No?
You may now turn on your heel and leave Sodom behind.
If the IRS gets called on its actions, they can scramble back and claim that they were intentionally addressing you as the Acceptance Agent, aka, “Withholding Agent” for the trust and transmitting utility, but that’s not credible. If they intended to address you in that role, they would have included a bill and a promissory note for you to sign authorizing the discharge against the US Treasury, but they never do. They always try to brazen it out and establish a claim against the Living Person.
They want to have their cake and eat it, too—-have the 100% ownership of all your assets, but none of the expenses thereof.
They will try to argue, if they are especially determined, that Thompkins v. Erie Railroad, places you, the Living Person, in “general partnership” with their trust and transmitting utility, thereby obligating you to pay its expenses. However, a general partnership like any other contractual agreement requires full disclosure and knowing and willing participation. None of this arrangement was ever fully disclosed to you. It’s just another “layer” of the cocoon of legal nonsense they have established around you.
Either the assets in the bank accounts represent your non-taxable property accruals as a Living Person, or the money represents legitimate corporate income earned by a franchise of the Department of the Treasury, and all of its debts have to be discharged against the US Treasury by Public Law 73-10, et alia.
The IRS loses in either case. They get no money out of you, the Living Person.
The Notice of Deficiency informs you that you may “Petition” the US Tax Court if you disagree with the IRS’s assessment of a deficiency. They are counting on you to do exactly that, as millions upon millions of Americans have done.
The IRS makes this invitation and provides this information so that you stupidly file a “petition” and grant the US Tax Court jurisdiction it otherwise doesn’t have over you. Think about it. If you petition a court, aren’t you submitting to its authority and jurisdiction? Yes, obviously, you are. You are inviting them to sit in judgment. You are also initiating the formal action and taking the burden of proof on your own shoulders by filing a Petition with the US Tax Court.
The Notice of Deficiency puts you in a bind, as it is meant to. You have to answer it somehow, because if you don’t answer absolutely everything the IRS sends you, even bogus offers to fill out exit interviews and “surveys” mistakenly claiming that you are a “client” of the IRS, you can be accused of tax evasion. You also have to get something on the record with the US Tax Court as a reply, but obviously not a Petition. What, then?
You send back an answering Counter-Affidavit, Notarized, signed, original sent to the IRS under a “Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals” disclaimer and a copy sent to the US Tax Court, both via Certified US Mail, Return Receipt Requested.
“Dear Sirs, I am in receipt of some correspondence from the IRS—what appears to be an unsigned affidavit titled “Notice of Deficiency” alleging that I owe money to the Internal Revenue Service in error. I am the Living Person, Robert P. Smarter, a non-citizen National. I don’t consent to a transaction of a security interest. Thank you for correcting your records and respecting my Exemption from Levy.”
The Notice of Deficiency is an unsigned affidavit, claiming that you owe the IRS money. It’s a fishing expedition. They are trying to get you to take the bait and hook yourself. They’ve gone through a whole process of subpoena to extract every possible property asset and bank account record, and if you are like most Americans, you are nervous even if you believe that you’ve been absolutely honest and paid every penny of import duty you could possibly owe.
Don’t let that spook you and don’t take the bait.
If you submit to the US Tax Court’s authority by petitioning them, what is stopping this foreign entity from ripping your shorts off and taking you for all you’ve got? At that point, all the US Tax Court has to fear is an appeal to the US District Court, where other judges representing the same corporate entity, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, have even more lies to tell about you and a greater selection of jurisdictions under which to prosecute you. This is not exactly a bad prospect from the US Tax Court’s point of view.
Filing your signed and notarized Counter-Affidavit via Special Appearance forces the IRS to be the official moving party, which means that they shoulder the burden of proof if they continue to harass you.
Always answer.
Always spell it out for them.
The rats gain nothing by dragging their own franchise into court.
Now, remember the nursery rhyme about “The House that Jack Built”?
The IRS works for the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, who works for the Secretary of the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico, the Bankruptcy Trustee who works for the Creditors, specifically, the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, and the International Reconstruction and Development Bank—their heirs and assigns. It’s all recorded in Title 5 of the Federal Code. So the IRS works ultimately as a collection agency for private banks.
Here’s the strange truth about the National Debt.
The banks loaned you your own money. The National Debt is owed to the American People, not the banks. The American People act as both fiduciary debtor and fiduciary creditor. The only “debt” owed, is what you owe yourselves and the minimal cost of printing the paper currency in circulation. You can “forgive” yourselves any debt you want to forgive. Simply say it doesn’t have to be paid back, and the National Debt is gone.
It is always the Living Person the villains are after, but as you can see now, they are caught in their own web. The trust and transmitting utility they have created belongs to them, and the “US vessel” they have created on paper also belongs to them. The liabilities of these “proxy” entities have no connection to the Living Person on the Land, so long as the Living Person knows that and staunchly defends their identity.
Similarly, the banks want to get in the middle and claim that the Living Persons owe them a ton of money for the National Debt, when the banks are playing false fiduciaries, pretending that you represent the Debtor, while at the same time, they pretend to represent you as the Creditor.
If the IRS keeps on bothering you, allow them to set a trial date. Be patient. Make sure that the Court Recorder is set up and taking down the proceedings and that the court is officially on the record. When they call your name, stand up—don’t identify yourself by name, don’t offer to move inside the railing, just specifically ask if the proceedings are on the record and politely refuse to answer any questions or take any actions until they confirm that yes, we are on the record.
Then you may immediately look at the judge(s) one by one and say, “I, John M. Doe, a Living Person and Beneficiary of the North American Global Estate Trust, am appointing you, Judge Harold J. Fiddlestick, Judge Diane Finkelstein, and Judge Herbert Castaglio, to act as my Trustees.”
There should be a prompt draining of any color from the smug faces.
Next, you may say— “As my Trustees, I want you to discharge any and all matters that have been accused against me by the IRS, and eliminate the record that any such thing ever occurred.”
They have no choice. They are now, personally and officially, your Trustees. They have to act in your best interests. You’ve reversed the reverse trust. You’ve made the government’s representatives your trustees again, just as they always should have been.
Next, you may say, “I wish to be compensated (however many dollars) in redemption.” This represents redemption of the court’s sins and errors against you, the Sovereign. The money comes straight out of the court’s pocket.
If you ask them to “establish in a new public record that I am a Living Person and not a corporation or marine vessel of any kind” they will be obligated to do that, too.
Please note that you want them to “discharge” the complaints against you, not merely “dismiss” them. Dismissal leaves the door open for restated claims. Discharge puts an end to them.
Once Living Persons acting as Sovereigns and as Beneficiaries begin to reappear, the courts will very shortly become as depopulated as the waiting rooms of banks and lawyer’s offices. They won’t be profitable anymore.
You can and should do the same thing to all the “Public Officials” who are running around without any fiduciary responsibility to act in your best interest. Specifically and in public record name them as your trustees. This requires either doing it on the record in a court of law, or via Public Notice (three publications in the newspaper) and Notice to them personally, via Registered Mail. Doing so creates a contractual and fiduciary responsibility that they are not otherwise bound to, thanks to the fact that true Public Offices and Oaths of Office no longer exist in America and haven’t for almost 80 years.

A Brief and Ugly History
There are three commonly used legal definitions of “United States of America”. There’s the 50 States United we always assume. There’s another version of American “states” calling themselves by the same name—-“mirroring” again—-composed of “the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, et alia”, what we think of as the Territories, and there is the “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, which is the “doing business as” corporate persona of the “District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico” version of “United States of America”. Additionally, there’s the “United States, Inc.” to add to the confusion.
DC, Guam, and so on, are “states” of a kind, and they are located in the American Hemisphere, and there’s no reason they can’t form a “union”, but it does seem odd to be calling two separate entities by the same name, doesn’t it? It’s like calling a trust and transmitting utility by your name.
It’s the same scam, just a different venue.
We have to dig back in time to understand how this came about. It’s 1861, and the Southern States have walked out on Abraham Lincoln, leaving him without a functioning Congress. So he formed a corporation and made the remaining members of Congress from the Northern States the Board of Directors.
The “federal government” has been functioning as a glorified corporation ever since. The state of emergency allowing Lincoln to do this, and the de facto institution of martial law under Executive power has never been rescinded. Technically, America has been in a state of emergency and functioning under martial law for over 150 years.
That fact and the fact that the lawful government of the 50 States was replaced by a corporate proxy government was never broadly revealed to the population at large. Lincoln was conveniently assassinated. The real government was never reconvened. Later Presidents, unlike George Washington, cherished their almost unlimited executive powers too much to give them up.
In 1901 two US Supreme Court cases, Downes v. Bidwell and Hooven and Allison Company v. Evatt created a new kingdom for Congress. In the Downes decision the Court allowed Congress to administer the District of Columbia and the Territories without regard to the Constitution for the united States of America (yes, that is the right name and capitalization for the organic, original Constitution). In the second case, the Court expanded that to include all federal jurisdictions.
As a result of those two US Supreme Court decisions, Congress can do anything it likes wherever it has federal jurisdiction, without any regard for the Constitution of the United States of America.
So, where does the federal government (Congress) have jurisdiction? In 1901, that meant the District of Columbia and the Territories, plus it gave immediate jurisdiction over federal employees, members of the military, and “US citizens”—basically, anyone who didn’t know better and failed to insist on being called an “American Citizen”.
These were the founding errors serving to create the Two Kingdoms: the “United States of America” defined as “the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, et alia” is ruled over by Congress as an increasingly criminal oligarchy, while at the same time, Congress, which is now nothing more or less than a very large corporate Board of Directors, is obligated to abide by its public contract, the Constitution of the United States of America, when administering the affairs of the 50 States United.
How did we come to this pass, where virtually every piece of legislation coming out of Congress ignores or attacks the limits and principles of the Constitution?
Congress routinely passes legislation related to the “District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico….et alia” as if it also applied to the 50 States United, and then simply lets ignorance and presumption take over.
Legislation that applies only to this other version of “United States” is described as an “Act of Congress”. Any legislation that applies to the 50 States United clearly identifies itself as an “Act of Congress” which is enacted as Public Law. If it doesn’t say “Public Law” it doesn’t apply to you, the Living Person.
The vast majority of “Acts of Congress” don’t apply to Living Persons inhabiting one of the geographically defined 50 States United. They apply to the Territories and their residents, including, as the Internal Revenue Code describes the franchises named after us— “US citizens” born in one of the 50 States who move to Puerto Rico and adopt Puerto Rican citizenship. Take a look at the definition of “taxpayer” offered at 26 USC 2501-1 (c). Then look at 28 USC 1332 (c) where you will see that corporations are defined as “US citizens”.
It’s self-evident that if “taxpayers” were defined as Living Persons who moved to Puerto Rico and adopted Puerto Rican citizenship, there would be a handful of Snowbirds supporting the entire federal government. This definition of “taxpayer” taken together with the ability to define corporations as “US citizens” is prima facie evidence of the underlying constructive fraud.
The definition of “taxpayer” as a “federal employee” within the “Merchant Marine” service is found at 26 CFR 2.1-1(a) (5). In other words, a “master” employed as the Salvage Agent for a certain “US vessel” in the Merchant Marines, the jolly M/V FELIX SCHNICKELGRUBER, is also clearly identified as a “taxpayer” in the Internal Revenue Code.
Both these fictional characters are accused of importing revenue to Puerto Rico without paying for that privilege. Apparently, Puerto Rico is so rich that having additional money imported to the island is a burden, and so many people are competing for the privilege of donating their money to Puerto Rican franchises, that the Island just can’t keep up with it. They had to set up an import duty as a defensive measure against receiving more cash.
Just trying to be helpful, Americans should stop importing their money to Puerto Rico. They should keep it at home and in their own pockets, where it won’t go astray and cause more problems for the rest of the world by being invested in drugs and booze and weapons.
It’s perfectly okay, according to the US Supreme Court, for the Congress to rule the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, et alia, as despots. It’s all right for Congress to own slaves, detain people indefinitely without the right to due process, engage in the drug trade, impose selective service, or do any other crazy and immoral thing it likes.
So long as you reside in “federal jurisdiction” the Congress can do any otherwise criminal thing it pleases to “US citizens” and “residents”. They can use you for a medical guinea pig. They can break into your house and steal your money. They can sell your daughter to an Arab harem. They can import a supertanker full of uncut heroin.
This is why it is so crucial for Americans to redefine themselves en mass as “non-citizen Nationals” and as “non-resident aliens”. Despite the odd and unwelcoming verbiage, claiming this status means that Dorothy and Toto can finally melt the witch and come home.
The Internal Revenue Act is a good example of the abusive presumptions being offered against Americans by people who are otherwise obligated to act as their trustees. The Internal Revenue Code lawfully applies only to real “US citizens” but it is presumed against everyone, and then the bank sting and the phony corporate entity, “your” namesake trust and transmitting utility, expedites enforcement against you, the Living Person.
The IRS walks in, and presents paperwork referencing your Social Security Number as a “Taxpayer Identification Number”. That is their evidence that you are a “US citizen”. Then they plunk down the bank account records and what does the judge see? LILY FORBUSH is the owner of the account. It’s obviously a federal corporate entity that owns that bank account, and the money therein must be federal income that is subject to the federal income tax by definition. Moreover, it’s a Puerto Rican franchise, so “you” definitely owe the customs duty on revenue you imported to Puerto Rico.
If you don’t offer practical opposition, what’s the judge going to do?
The low level people who work in your local bank are completely innocent and the majority of IRS agents are more to be pitied than feared. If you spend time with them and talk to them you will discover that there are two distinct kinds of IRS employee and none of them will answer a straight question to save their souls. If you ask them to sign off on any answer they give you, a verbatim quote, they will refuse to do so.
If you ask them a simple, obvious question like—- “What is the definition of income?”—-they will give you answers like, “Well, income, you know, all the money you take in.”
They don’t know the real, legal definition of “income” any more than you did when you started reading this, but just like you, they know something is wrong.
This Confusion at Law regarding which role Congress is playing and which laws apply to which version of “United States of America” and who is and is not really a “US citizen” and what role you are playing at any given moment, has served to create an unlawful conversion of our government using the same basic bunko scheme as is used to unlawfully convert your non-taxable private property into federally owned corporate income.
As another example of improper presumption, the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 is an “Act of Congress” and it does not lawfully or generally apply to the 50 States United nor to their Citizens. The problem is that law enforcement and military commanders are as clueless about the Two Kingdoms as the American populace and will assume that they have to obey any and every Act of Congress. A further problem is that Congress knows this and promotes the confusion to exceed its constitutional limits.
The final problem is that over the years the federal government has finagled ways to enable its chicanery and make claims to the effect that virtually everyone is subject to the whims of Congress. Do you have a Social Security Number? Use the public roads and schools? Have you ever served in the US military? These are but some of the means by which the federal government seeks to lay claim to you, body and soul. It’s like The Blob, oozing its way over and into everything.
Now that you know that the “federal government” is nothing but a corporation and has been nothing but a corporation substituting for the lawful government since 1861, you should be asking yourself: how does a corporation get away with “taxing” me? Sears can’t tax me ……
They just call their various monopolized membership service fees “taxes” and delude and coerce you into paying under threat of commercial liens and foreclosures.
Why You Should Never Hire an Attorney
You’ve learned why you should never hire a banker. Now learn why you should never hire an attorney. None of these deplorable abuses would be possible if the American attorneys were acting as Americans. This system of things wouldn’t last a week without the full help and determined support of the American Bar Association.
The Constitution of the United States of America is a giant and hugely public commercial contract. The original organic “Constitution for the united States of America” started out as a “compact”—an agreement by the several States to indebt themselves to pay for certain enumerated services, and so, it has always been a contract defining the structure, limits, duties, and means of paying for services to be provided by a new level of government.
If the Constitution ever meant anything, the lawyers should be defending it, if not out of patriotism, out of greed; but, as you have begun to suspect, the Constitution no longer means anything because the government it binds no longer exists in a practical sense. The People it was meant to protect have been “redefined” as citizens of another nation calling itself the “United States” who are merely represented by corporate personas and otherwise presumed dead, lost at sea.
We, the American People, have all but ceased to exist.
The lawful federal government has been replaced by a corporate imposter for over 150 years, and that corporation has neither the rights nor the obligations of the lawful government. Likewise the corporate entities named after you have neither the rights nor the obligations of a Living Person.
In 1933, the original governments of the 48 States United were also taken over by a corporate coup d’etat and the original Constitution that had been honored by the American States up to that point, was replaced by the commercial contract that is in evidence today “The Constitution of the United States of America”.
At first glance, the two documents appear largely the same, except that the original 13th Amendment does not appear in the modern version. The original 13th Amendment outlawed the Bar Association in America.
As a commercial contract, the present version of the Constitution is enforceable only if you knowingly act as an Acceptance Agent and bring suit against the federal corporation under the Uniform Commercial Code as a franchise operator.
How many Americans are prepared to do that?
You don’t know you’re an Acceptance Agent. You don’t know there is a trust and transmitting utility owned as a franchise by the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico named after you. You don’t know that your lawful government has been replaced at all levels by corporations merely “representing” it. You don’t know that you have a “US vessel” named after you, either.
Here is the simple fact—- you cannot hire an attorney to represent you.
Attorneys always represent the Crown Temple. They never represent the people who pay them, and who mistakenly assume that because they have hired an attorney and paid him lots of money, his job is to defend them. That is not what “your” attorney has agreed to do.
An attorney’s entire job is to make sure that the Judge doesn’t make an appealable error. His job is to protect the judge. He’s there to make sure that when you are nailed to the cross, it is done in a workman-like fashion, and you pay him for this service.
If you don’t understand that your lawyer’s allegiance is always and only to the Court, you may well be mystified by their suggestions and behavior.
Why are the junior attorneys always bobbing up and down like birds drinking at a fountain? If you are watching senior attorneys perform, what are those strange hand signals about? Why does the judge suddenly jump up from his chair, go into his chamber, and then come back out?
You are watching an ancient ritual. Each person is performing their part, according to their level of initiation. The young lawyers are doing obeisance, the older lawyers are calling their shots, like a game of billiards, and the judge’s little in and out of chambers dance just changed the jurisdiction of the court on you without announcing it in court.
The attorneys practice a very strange religion in which everything is twisted around, redefined, upside down and backwards—a religion that mirrors everything. Where have we encountered that before?
Naming trusts and transmitting utilities after Living Persons is purely a lawyer’s trick. Calling the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and other Insular States the “United States of America” is typical of their semantic deceits.
An attorney’s use of language is meant to be blasphemous, deceptive, and warped against any true or honest meaning. They have managed to record over 350 different so-called “legal meanings” of “United States of America” alone. Black is white and up is sideways, an objection isn’t an opposition and a conditional acceptance doesn’t accept anything at all.
The attorneys excuse all this as “tradition” and as “legal meanings of words” but that’s claptrap to hide the obvious.
Attorneys are professional liars. The Crown Temple worships the Father of All Lies. When an attorney tells you that the practice of law is all about finding the truth, they have just told you the biggest lie in their whole kit bag. It’s about finding the truth all right—-and killing it.
Attorneys lie when they have to, and they lie when they don’t have to. They lie just for fun. They lie to make money. They lie for entertainment. They lie as a blood sport. They will happily, gleefully, lie about you, their client, but they will never lie to the judge. That is because they are always working for the judge.
So your lawyer isn’t your lawyer, any more than your bank account belongs to you. The judge works for the Court, the Court works for the Crown Temple, and the Crown Temple belongs to the banks. The lawyer you hired works for the judge. If the judge doesn’t get you, your lawyer already has. It’s impossible for the Bar Association to lose, and equally impossible for you to win.
At the end of the day, when the House counts the chips, the Bar Association always wins, and the only way out of this trap is to never go in.
When you hire an attorney to “represent” you, he is representing you in the same way that the trust and transmitting utility is “representing” you. By hiring a lawyer you are presenting yourself to the Court as a ward of the State, literally as a person who is mentally incompetent to speak for yourself and make your own decisions.
This is what a “General Power of Attorney” does—-it grants your authority to act, to speak, to ask questions, and to make decisions, to your lawyer or to whomever else you grant a General Power of Attorney to. You become bound by their words and deeds. Most of them make a show of asking your permission, but the deal is already cut. Nine times out of ten, there isn’t the least little bit of a question about the outcome when you step into the courtroom with a lawyer by your side, because the lawyer you hired has already signed off on the deal “for” you, and you gave him permission to do this by hiring him.
So you have handed your keys to a perfect stranger who works for the judge who works for the Crown Temple which works for the banks, and the banks are, as it turns out, the ones prosecuting you. You might as well strip naked and lay down.
This isn’t to say that your family attorney knows all that I am telling you. The majority of American attorneys will be shocked and in denial when confronted with this. Many of them have been railroaded and victimized by this system themselves.
The criminality that comes with a National Breach of Trust this incredibly huge is unavoidable. The corruption that thrives as a result of the government’s own crookedness is like a cancer spreading endlessly through America.
The Great Fraud
Our historical thread broke off with the Hooven and Allison Company v. Evatt decision by the US Supreme Court in 1901: next, in 1913, a group of extremely wealthy and mostly European bankers got together and conspired to create a Central Bank in America. The Federal Reserve was born. The story about this is recorded in The Creature from Jekyll Island, which is highly recommended reading, but not for the faint of heart or mind.
The Federal Reserve was founded to undermine the value of the American monetary system, just as the 14th Amendment had to be passed first to undermine the guarantees of your natural citizenship. The pieces were being put in place for the greatest and longest-running fraud in history.
Let’s give a brief view of the “miracle” of fractional reserve banking that the Federal Reserve brought with it.
The Federal Reserve, which is 100% privately owned, buys $100 bills from the Bureau of Printing & Engraving for two to four cents each. Then the Bank "fractionalizes" the "reserve" and loans out seven hundred dollars for every hundred the Federal Reserve actually purchased. It loans the bills back to the government it purchased them from, for their full face value plus interest.
It’s a miracle for the bankers, and that is for sure.
Let’s review this process again, because it is so unbelievable: the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, a corporation that is substituting itself for your legitimate government, is selling hundred dollar bills (and various other denominations) for between two and four cents each to a consortium of private banks calling itself the “Federal Reserve”.
The Federal Reserve puts its name on these private “Federal Reserve Notes” it purchased for a couple pennies, and loans them back to the federal government dba UNITED STATES OF AMERICA at their full face value, plus interest.

On a bad day, on one dollar bills, the Federal Reserve makes 96% pure profit, 996% profit on $10 bills, 9,996% on $100 bills, and so on, plus interest.

Are there any questions, Campers?

Here at Camp Giveitaway, we specialize in high class white collar constructive fraud carried out against Americans. The Camp Counselors are called Members of Congress and Governors of the Federal Reserve.

In 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt came to power, and the bankers were ready for the coup d’etat they had been planning for decades prior. They bankrupted the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, et alia, with ease, and then Roosevelt went whining to the Governors of the 50 States United, telling them —the United States of America is bankrupt!

FDR didn’t bother to explain which “United States of America” was bankrupt. Most of the State Governors acting at that time assumed that the bankrupt entity was the 50 States United. They didn’t know about the existence of the other version of the “United States of America” that was concocted during Theodore Roosevelt’s Administration a few years prior, but Cousin Franklin knew.
Like any high class con artist, FDR didn’t exactly lie. He didn’t exactly tell the truth, either.
The federal government had been functioning as a corporation since 1861 but the States had all retained their individual sovereignty and were continuing to function as legitimate State governments. That had to be overcome.
So Roosevelt appealed under false pretenses to the Conference of Governors and on March 6, 1933, the Conference of Governors replied by generously coming to the assistance of the “United States of America” aka the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, et alia, by “pledging” the “full faith and credit” of their States and the “citizenry” thereof. (See: Pages 18 – 24 of The Public Papers and Addresses of Franklin Roosevelt, Volume II, The Year Of Crisis, March 6, 1933).
This is exactly what the bankers wanted.
As a result of the Governor’s actions, the 50 States United and “the citizenry thereof” were entered as voluntary adjuncts to the bankruptcy proceedings—- which are still ongoing nearly eight decades later.
By agreeing to stand good for a bankrupt entity, the Governors laid the States and the private wealth of the People on the table as surety for the debts of the federal corporation. Instead of simply settling the bankruptcy, the politicians used it as carte blanche for unlimited credit with the banks.
Who is owed the vast bulk of that National Debt? You are. That money is owed to you. The banks loaned you your own money.
Ever known a furniture store that has a “Going Out of Business Sale!” every three years, yet plainly, remains in the same or nearby location selling furniture for thirty years more? The name might change, but it’s the same store, selling the same merchandise. They are doing the same thing that the government did in 1933.
They “split assets”. The named furniture store that you think you are doing business with is just a corporate fiction. It doesn’t actually own the furniture you are buying. Other entities own the vast bulk of the assets. The bankrupted entity that is going out of business is just a “corporate proxy” with few assets of its own to lose, and the majority of the debt accrued under its name.
When this corporate proxy goes “bankrupt” the bankruptcy process wipes away the legitimate debts, and all that has really been lost to the owners and operators is whatever small amount of capital assets they have assigned to the bankrupt entity to “validate” the bankruptcy.
They sacrifice the trivial assets to off-load the debt, retain the “majority assets” under different ownership, and reboot their business.
The corporation functioning as the “federal government” in 1933 did the exact inverse of this — instead of sacrificing the small holdings—DC, Guam, Puerto Rico, et alia, they used the small holdings to draw the entire nation into a giant “bankruptcy” that even one of the 50 States could have paid off. Why?
This was done backwards so that the banks and the “United States of America” represented by DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, et alia, could become the majority asset owners instead of you and the 50 States United. Bit by bit, using the fraudulent bankruptcy as leverage, the banks have trumped up a phony debt held against the American People.
Working together with the Crown Temple lawyers, they have endeavored to hide the fact that the real creditors owed the “National Debt” are the American People, and that the real debtor is the “United States of America” defined as “the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam….et alia”, by interposing the banks as intermediaries claiming that they, the banks, are owed the National Debt.
The banks are again usurping your own identity to enrich themselves. The “United States of America” ran up all these debts on your credit card without your knowledge or permission, like a bad teenager gone wild, and now the banks are claiming that you owe them a ton of money.
Hello? Mom and Dad? Whose money was borrowed? Yours.
Whose money was spent? Yours, again.
Who owes the money to you?
The Federal Reserve’s real equity in every Federal Reserve Note is 1/8th of two to four cents per note in circulation, or a half cent per bill, maximum. The rest of the total equity is yours. You, the Living Person, are both the fiduciary creditor and the fiduciary debtor.
The banks are attempting yet another unlawful conversion of real property, seeking to convert the majority assets of the American People.
Can a Governor of a State in 1933, or now, really pledge anything on your personal behalf? No. Your Governor can’t enter you into a bankruptcy. He can’t exercise your private credit to buy himself a new Lexus. The Governors back in 1933 had no granted authority to “pledge” your “full faith and credit”, and they had no material interest to back their claims.
They simply did it, and the banks, who were representing you as Creditors, accepted this “hypothecation”. Hypothecation is a process by which property that belongs to one party (the 50 States and the citizenry thereof) is offered as collateral for the debt of another (the “United States of America”) without requiring the actual transfer of title.
Hypothecation is handy, because the victims don’t have to physically deliver the title and don’t have to know that their property has been attached as collateral to secure another entity’s debts.
The banks and the politicians created a gigantic unlawful conversion, claiming that all the State lands and private property belonging to “US citizens” in America was in fact a public corporate asset that was hypothecated to secure the debt of the federal government. Does this sound familiar?
It’s the same basic scam they use to convert your non-taxable private property into taxable federal income, only this time, instead of a trust and transmitting utility acting as a corporate proxy substituting itself for “you” the Living Person, the banks are acting as corporate proxies representing “you”, the American People as Creditors.
Instead of your paycheck, it’s your other private property, your land, your natural resources, and your homes, that have all been fraudulently attached and converted. When you, presumed to be a “US citizen” purchase a home, the Title Company makes sure it is recorded only as a Deed, either Deed of Trust or Warranty Deed.
Just as your don’t own your bank account, you don’t own your land or your home, either. The title of everything has been converted to the ownership of the incorporated State franchise, and is held in the name of the Constructive Estate Trust named FORBUSH, LILY E. You, the Living Person, are a tenant, not a landlord, and every bit of private property you think you own has been hypothecated – surreptitiously recorded as collateral backing the debts of the corporation masquerading as the federal government.
On May 23, 1933, a lone US Congressman, Louis T. McFadden, brought formal charges against the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank system, the Comptroller of the Currency and the Secretary of the United States Treasury for numerous criminal acts, including but not limited to: conspiracy, fraud, unlawful conversion, and treason. The petition for Articles of Impeachment was thereafter referred to the Judiciary Committee, and has yet to be acted upon. (See: the Congressional Record, May 23, 1933, pp. 4055-4058.)
In 1938, the whole of America was bankrupted by design and by fraud. The creditors, (foreign powers) seized ownership of the flag, State governments, their laws and constitutions, including every last comma and period, the whole country and its citizens. These acts of fraud and treason placed Americans in peonage.
The 1937 Edition of the Book of the States openly declared that the people engaged in such activities as the Farming/Agro Related Industry had already been reduced to mere feudal "Tenants" on their Land, see the Book of The States, Book II, Volume II, 1937, p 155. This is precisely the meaning of all “Deeds of Trust” presently offered by the “government” on all property naturally possessed by allodium—-yet another devastating fraud practiced against the Americans.
See Title 5 of the Federal Code.
So let’s recount. Your entire country has been embroiled in a fraudulent bankruptcy for eight decades, every scrap of land, water, oil, food, and everything else that the States or the People own have been secretly mortgaged to the hilt to international banks by people who had no authority to pledge your credit.
You are the victim of identity theft.
This has been done without your knowledge, without your consent, before most Americans were born, by people who were not acting under any valid granted authority whatsoever, carried out via a non-disclosed process of hypothecation and purposefully misrepresented title recordings. You, the Living Person, are supposed to own your home and land in allodial civil title as a landlord.
You and your country have both been defrauded on a huge scale by international banks pretending to represent you and by corporations masquerading as your legitimate government, and they have done this by pretending to represent you. Always and forever, the excuse and the story is the same: they claim to represent you.
Indeed, they have “represented” you in all sorts of creative ways—as a trust and transmitting utility owned by the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico, as a “US vessel” in the Merchant Marines, presumed lost at sea, as a trustee working full time for no pay, as a debt slave, and as the “debtor” when you have paid for everything.
This is what happens when you forget who you are and trust other people to represent you. In the real world you have to take the initiative to represent yourself, or you get hammered. You get cheated. You get rolled by con artists. You get defrauded, abused, used, reduced to peonage, robbed, threatened, financially raped, and disrespected by people who take their paychecks from your pockets.
Last but not least, you get to pay for the privilege of being robbed.
Neither the banks substituting for you as the Creditor owed the National Debt on one hand, nor the phony corporation “standing for” your legitimate government on the other, have any legal standing. They don’t function as your trustees. They don’t represent you. They are just interlopers and freebooters who saw their chance. You are only necessary as the excuse for their existence and the source of their sustenance.
These same banks standing in your stead as the Creditors owed the National Debt, also literally own and control the Crown Temple, the worldwide control center of the Bar Association, the organization you have entrusted to educate your judges and rule over your attorneys.
Thanks to your matchless credulity and the disappearance of the 13th Amendment to the original Constitution, your attorneys can’t do anything but what the British-controlled Bar Association recommends, or they will lose their licenses to practice law.
So, in the end, which entity stands to benefit from all this deceit and fraud? Why, the “United States of America”—–a Commonwealth nation with its headquarters in the State of New Columbia, aka, the District of Columbia.
The name change has already been made.
The original, legitimate States of the Union are still embroiled in the fraudulently imposed bankruptcy. So what happened —-again? Just as in 1861, in 1933 corporations were formed to substitute for the legitimate government.
Thus, the State of Wisconsin is being “represented by” the “State of Wisconsin, Incorporated.”
The “State of Wisconsin” is a living, organic entity comprised of land and waters, the flesh and blood of a geographically defined “state”. The “State of Wisconsin, Inc.” is a piece of paper, a dead legal fiction, the equivalent of a trust and transmitting utility, established “in the name of” the real State.
All fifty of the corporations that are masquerading as the real States are Municipal franchises of the “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. Just like McDonald’s. All the wealth of the nation has been slowly, step by step transferred to the ownership of these foreign-owned subsidiaries of the federal corporation, with the clear intent of leaving the debts of these same corporate entities festooned around the ears of the de jure States and the American People.
If you allow them to get away with it, the federal corporation and its franchises will walk away with all your assets and leave you to pay all their debts.
As corporations they are merely “persons” before the law, like any other person. The so-called federal government, defined as a corporation, has and can exercise no sovereignty, and neither can its franchises. The de jure States are embroiled in a fraudulently-imposed national bankruptcy and are considered wards of the Court, so they cannot exercise any sovereignty, either. Only you, the Living Person, the American non-citizen National, still have sovereignty.
Please grasp these facts—-“America” hasn’t functioned as a sovereign nation since 1861 and none of the States have functioned as sovereign states since 1933. America doesn’t exist except on paper and in your heart. At this point, it’s a gleam in your eyes, waiting to be born again, waiting for you to repopulate your lawful government.
There remained one final card to be played, and in 1940, the Congress played it: the Buck Act. The Buck Act is another conversion. It made “US citizens” the literal property of the federal corporation. It defined “US citizens” as “franchises” of the federal government—-that is, slaves. This brings it all full circle.
What started out as a fruitful means of transferring the privately owned black slaves to the public ownership of the US Government via “US citizenship” and then extracting credit based on using the slaves as collateral, became the motivation and means of literally enslaving the entire American populace.
The trust and transmitting utility operating under your name and owned by the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico is the mechanism the government employs to reduce you, the Living Person, to a “franchise” that is literally owned by the government.
The corporation could now enforce Selective Service requirements and had unlimited credit with the banks; the banks were now in a position to wield the “natural and human resources” of America to profit themselves.
For the past almost eight decades, that is precisely what they have been doing, like pigs at a trough. The bankers have been using American blood to fight wars in their behalf, and have then charged the Americans for the privilege of doing so. They have started the wars, mostly over oil fields and rubber and similar resources, sold arms to both sides, and have profited both in the means and in the results.
As rich as the rest of the world assumed that the Americans were, judging by the way Congress spent money and carried on wars of aggression, at a certain point, the illusion began to wear thin. People in China and Saudi Arabia and other points of the globe smelled a rat. Something wasn’t right. The Americans weren’t acting like Americans. They were acting like cheap hoodlums, running drugs and guns and alcohol, dealing in slaves, bullying everyone, and not paying their debts. Washington, DC, ceased to be a respectable capitol, and began to resemble a Roman bathhouse instead.
The Wreck
The present version of “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” is ostensibly on life support, already technically bankrupt, and its franchises, the corporate States, are on average not in much better shape if all you look at are the public budgets.
As you should expect by now, public accounting practices are just as dishonest and upside down as everything else in the make-believe Wizard of Oz world created by the bankers and lawyers.
In 1946, the federal government imposed a new system of public accounting. It happened to be the same accounting system used by Al Capone against the IRS. The federal corporation and its state franchises began keeping two sets of books, the “budgeted” money and the “off book” or “non-budgeted” money.
The government at all levels fails to report its total income to the People.
All the American People ever see or talk about is the “Budget”, and they innocently assume that the government budgets money the same way that they budget their meager salaries.
Not so.
Let’s pretend that you take in $200,000 per year as your salary, and then, let’s pretend that you are a miser, and you choose to live on only $20,000 per year. During the course of the year you wind up spending $25,000, so from the perspective of your budget, you have a $5,000 “budget deficit” to whine about.
Just forget about the $175,000 invested in South African gold mines.
That’s precisely what every unit of government, from the local School Board to UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, has been doing since 1946.
Once per year there is a giant national accounting that takes place to keep the banks happy. The corporate federal government requires its franchises, the incorporated States, to produce a “Comprehensive Annual Financial Report”. It requires all the subfunds of the States and the lesser units of government, which are in turn corporate subsidiaries of the States, to produce an “Annual Financial Report”.
This is to keep the corporate States honest and up to date—at least with respect to their own tithe-paying to the Secretary of the Department of the Treasury (of Puerto Rico), and to prove their stewardship of the federal corporation’s assets –you, me, everything we own, and all the land and water and natural resources of our respective States.
If you get a copy of the State of California, Inc. “Comprehensive Annual Financial Report” as opposed to their corporate “Budget” you will discover an amazing thing. The State of California, Inc. is incredibly wealthy. The income coming in from just one of its many major investment funds is sufficient to pay off every expense of the entire University of California system. The corporate State of California is so very far from being “broke” that it is laughable, and people should laugh every time they hear about any of these franchises being “broke”.
All such claims are merely poor-mouthing by the bankers, who want all the money and income for themselves and so, use every excuse possible to drain more money out of you and practice yet another conversion. They take your private property, run it through the trust and transmitting utility’s bank account to make it into “corporate income” for the purposes of the federal income tax, and then, they tag along and the California Franchise Tax Board takes another cut of it.
Apparently, nobody asks—“Franchise of what?”
The State of California, Inc. has learned its lessons from Big Brother, and is applying the same Cider House Rules against the People.
Remember the Buck Act that makes all “US citizens” franchises of the federal government? In California, all “citizens of California” are ALSO deemed to be “franchises” of the State of California, Inc.
The Gold Confiscation
One of the very first acts of the banks acting as Creditors in the 1933 bankruptcy was to seize all privately held American gold. There are still plenty of old-timers around who can remember the public announcements and the IRS agents coming around, collecting wedding rings and amulets and coins. Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued four Executive Orders declaring “gold hoarding” to be a crime at a felony level. (See Executive Orders 6073, 6102, 6111 and 6260). Never mind that he and his banker cronies were obviously in the business of hoarding gold themselves.
The idea was and is, to grab all the gold and stockpile it, create a fiat money system, use that as a means to establish bogus debts against the American People, then when the fiat money system has done its job, collapse it and reintroduce gold-based money again. The People are dumb enough to fall for it.
To be fair, the corporate government didn’t keep that gold. The Secretary of the Treasury (of Puerto Rico) shipped it all off to the Creditors, the foreign, privately owned banks. There isn’t even the trace of gold dust left in Fort Knox and there hasn’t been for decades. There was just one little problem.
The corporation posing as our legitimate government couldn’t explain away such obvious theft of private property very easily. That would have involved admitting the whole bankruptcy scam. To keep a lid on their nefarious activities and expedite the conversion of the monetary system to something backed only by paper and promises, Congress offered the Accepted for Value program, to “make things up” to those constituents who had lost enough gold and had enough savvy to cause trouble.
The trust and transmitting utility that was created using your name is called your “Strawman” trust. Not only does this corporate persona own all your assets and owe all your debts, it claims all the money owed to you by the US Treasury as a direct result of the gold confiscated from your grandmothers and grandfathers.
As you don’t know that this trust and transmitting utility exists you are never going to collect that money, are you? The phony government corporation gets all the cream, you get all the chicken bones at the bottom of the slop bucket.
Here’s the take home point—again: the vast majority of the money represented by the “National Debt” is money that is owed to you and the rest of the American People. The banks have acted as middlemen fraudulently converting the wealth of the nation into the purported ownership of foreign corporations, just as they act as middlemen to convert your non-taxable private property into the taxable corporate income of a federally-owned franchise.
The rigged change to a paper-based monetary system put all the gold into the hands of the perpetrators of the scam. Their descendants now plan to collapse the paper money, make their bogus claim that “you” owe the National Debt, and trot out the gold stockpiles again as the basis of a new and supposedly secure monetary system. It’s all hogwash. They are just trying to keep you slavering and slaving for something that they happen to have a lot of, because they stole it from you in the first place.
In truth, gold is as worthless as paper, and it doesn’t matter to the bankers one bit whether they use paper or gold as the basis for their monetary system. They rely on the illusion that gold is intrinsically valuable to keep you in chains.
Light Comes Forth
Kilroy is in deep, deep corporate Kim-Chee. He’s a slave. A federal trust and transmitting utility purportedly owns all his real property on earth, even his labor. Another corporation called the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico owns the trust and transmitting utility, and the banks control it through their Bankruptcy Trustee. They also control every judge and lawyer in town. They’ve worked their fraud scheme to the point where they claim on paper to own everything, every blade of grass and every school child in America.
Having come face to face with the monster now, doesn’t it seem hopeless? What chance do you have? What ray of hope is there?
All of this was done by fraud and semantic deceits, and fraud vitiates everything it touches. In the world of international commerce, any contract tainted by fraud is instantly and from its beginning, null and void. You can stand on your own two feet and shout, “I’ve been defrauded! My country has been defrauded!”
Who will hear you?
Vladimir Putin and Secretary Hu can hear you.
It’s ironically a good thing that they do.
The criminals defrauding you know that if they start a fight in the house they’ve stolen, the Russians and the Chinese will come to breakfast, stay all day, and ruin the dinner party afterward. That, and the fact that nobody else on earth can stand the cretins in Washington, gives hope for the rest of us.
The banks know that if they try to foreclose on the American People, a Civil War will erupt. After all, most Americans don’t understand that they’ve been reduced to peonage and defrauded. They think that they own their homes and their land and their businesses, long after the banks and the corporation “representing” the American government have unlawfully converted all the ownerships and took title to everything under conditions of non-disclosure and fraud.
Despite their actual experience, most Americans believe all the propaganda about this being the Land of the Free, and thanks to all the wars for profit Americans have fought since 1916, there are a lot of American veterans, literally millions of people whose lives have been traumatized and truncated by the wars and the over 200 “armed conflicts” America has engaged in during the past hundred years. All these men have been trained and blooded as soldiers; they all know how to use guns.
Some people have suggested an armed domestic insurrection to clean this mess up, but all anyone accomplishes with that is killing other innocent Americans who are still deluded, still believing that this thing that “represents” their government, is their government. It makes no sense for us to fight each other over a corporation and some banks that have defrauded everyone.
Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King have taught us the most effective means of change: stop paying Puerto Rican import taxes.
Day by day, Americans are reclaiming their proper heritage and identity. One by one they are peacefully repopulating the American Republic. They are putting together their credentials as Living Persons, reclaiming their non-citizen National status, and other nations of the world are cheering them on.
Remember what happened way back in 1861?
Congress stopped functioning as a legitimate government and was reduced to a substitute corporate entity. The original government wasn’t destroyed. It was just set aside, left lying on a table to gather dust while the Civil War —more rightly known as the War of Secession—-raged. There it remained, forgotten, for a hundred and fifty years: the de jure, rightful, lawful Constitutional government of America, has still existed. It simply hasn’t been “inhabited” by American Citizens. It has been “depopulated”.
The rightful American Citizens have been arbitrarily redefined as “US citizens”. The Living Persons have been replaced by Corporate Persons.
So, what’s your remedy?
The first step toward home is to click your heels together three times and say, “I am a non-citizen National. I am not a “US citizen”. I was defrauded of my birthright status, and I hereby reclaim it in full. All agreements and signatures by my hand seeming to agree otherwise are null and void ab initio, nunc pro tunc.”
Title this simple statement “Affidavit of Political Status” and get it notarized and file it with your County Clerk or Recorder’s Office. Ask them for a Certified Copy of the filed document, and send copies of it via Certified US Mail to every alphabet soup agency of government that you may have reason to deal with. Make sure that you give adequate Public Notice to the federal and state officials and agencies, most especially the IRS. Save all your mailing receipts so you can prove you gave them Notice.
While you are at it, and at the same time, put together your Proof of Life documents and file those as part of your Affidavit of Political Status. Being a Living Person is very much a part of your political status.
You’ve just shoved your fist down the Monster’s throat and hit them where they live. You’ve taken back who you really are, and now you can contemplate your next steps. Creepy as it is to be using your thumbprint as a signature, make multiple copies of your Ecclesiastical Deed Poll in originals and also multiple original copies of your witnessed Statement of Identity. The blood seal, represented by your thumbprint in red ink or, better, real blood, is what proves beyond any possible doubt that you are a living entity, so it must be done, and then copies must be recorded.
You may close your bank account, or just leave it with a small deposit so you can cash checks. If the IRS comes after you, you know now what to say— (1) those bank deposits represent private property, which is non-taxable and (2) if it really is “corporate income” belonging to a federal trust using my name, I am authorized as an Acceptance Agent and enabled to discharge that debt against the US Treasury in behalf of the franchise.
See: 48 Statute 1, Public Law 89-719, HJR 192, Public Law 73-10, American Bar Association Unbound Volume 1938, 31 USC 53 section 5312(3)(C), 31USC5312(2)(r), PL 97-258, 96 Stat. 995, PL 99-570, PL 100-690, PL 103-325, PL 107-56, PL 108-458, 1USC 1362, 6 USC 6185(a), 4USC 405-409, 3USC 321(a), (b), 359)(a), 365(c), 4USC 6202 (g), 6203(b), 100 Stat. 3207-33, 102 Stat. 4354, 4357, 108 Stat. 2247, 2252, 115 Stat.315, 328, 335, 118 Stat. 3746, PL 97-258, PL 97-452, 16USC 831(h), PL 98-369, PL 101-508, PL 102-589, PL 104-134, PL 105-46, 5USC 5129(b), 98 Stat. 1153, 6USC 2653(a)(1), 104 Stat. 1388-287, 106 Stat. 1488, 3USC 31001(u)(1), 110 Stat. 1321-375, 15 USC Chapter 41, 96 Stat. 995, 1 USC 1362, etc.
The IRS is completely bollixed no matter what they claim or do. They get no money out of you the Living Person, and that’s a good thing for your country, the real 50 States United, as well as for you.

A Tale of Two Trusts
The real owner of America is the Vatican, and to make things even more duplicitous and confusing, the Vatican also owns a corporation with a name similar to “United States of America”. This one is called the “United States, Inc.” and wherever you see just “United States” it is likely to be this entity that you are dealing with. It does business as “US Corp” and it’s “Constitution” is self-evidently what your Congressional members take their Oath of Office to. Please note—the Congressional Oath is to support and defend the “Constitution of the United States” not the “Constitution of the United States of America”.
Most of us have no concept of how old the world is, but those in positions of long term leadership and power do. Some of the oldest laws and agreements still in effect date to the year 432 A.D. The accord signed by King John in 1213 A.D. with the Vatican is relatively recent compared to that benchmark, and King Henry VIII’s sex drive notwithstanding, England is still owned by the Vatican. All British Monarchs have been similarly and contractually bound to Rome, obligated to act as Royal Stewards in the temporal realm, vouchsafed by the Popes, who have claimed for centuries to be Vicars of Christ and Stewards of Christ holding dominion over the whole earth.
The idea was (and is) that as God created the earth, the earth belongs to God. Furthermore, according to ancient Christian doctrine, God gave all things on earth to His Son, Jesus. The Popes of the Roman Catholic Church claim to be the representatives of Christ on earth, and stewards over the earth in His absence. Thus, the Church long ago laid claim to everything, land, sea, man, and beast, and the Popes then delegated caretaking responsibility to their representatives, the Kings and Queens and other potentates of Europe and elsewhere.
When the British King claimed land in America, he claimed it for the Vatican. When the French Kings claimed land in America, they claimed it for the Vatican. When the Spanish Kings claimed land in America, they claimed it for the Vatican….
Much of the blood and the misery of the past 2,000 years stems directly from the Church of Rome making these ownership claims via the activities of its Church-approved monarchies. Catholics worldwide must come to terms with the fact that buried within their beloved Mother Church is another institution that mirrors the Church, just like the federal corporation mirrors the legitimate government of America.
It’s true that the American Revolution was quite a jolt to this Ancient Regime of the Church and the Monarchs that serve the Church, but far from a death blow. It was more like a minor inconvenience.
The Americans, though Christian, were Protestant, and they had a radically different take on the source of earthly sovereignty. They read Genesis 1:26-28, and they realized that God granted the Dominion over the earth to all people, equally. The earth belongs to all of us, the creatures of the dust. That grant of land and sea and tree was meant to be shared equally, such that every man and woman is a steward of the earth and equal to any Pope or King.
The American concept of equality, like the Communist concept of equality, is a death-knell alike for the Papacy and the Monarchies.
Thus there are, and within any living memory have always been, two completely different concepts of sovereignty operating at the same time in America: that of the Papists who honor the Pope’s claim to be the Steward of Christ, and that of the Protestants who honor the Old Testament grant of Dominion.
The Communists, who don’t believe in God at all and who have long declared to be Atheists, are more aligned philosophically with the Protestants than the Catholics, which has meant that the Catholics and those allied with them, including the British, naturally seek to create enmity between the Communists and the Protestants.
If the two groups supporting the concept of human equality stop fighting each other long enough, they might turn on their common enemy, the Papacy and the Monarchies that support the Papacy. It is therefore politically expedient for Rome and for its agents in London to create hatred between the Americans and the Communists. Doing this keeps their own natural enemies at each other’s throats instead of marching into St. Peter’s Square.
They have been quite successful in maintaining this hatred between the Americans and the Communists, but it is beginning to wear thin, and the American commercial ventures with the Chinese are extremely worrisome.
It is because of this underlying argument about the nature and source of sovereignty that the Protestant nations are forever at war—whether they know it or not—with the Vatican and the Monarchies. It cannot be otherwise. We cannot at one and the same time declare the equal dominion of all people, and bow to a king or a pope, so there’s the rub.
Here is how it was stated by the Vatican and the British King in the Treaty of Verona signed in 1822—-Article I—basically states that the “high contracting powers” agree and decree that all those representative forms of government and governments that recognize the individual sovereignty of ordinary people, is incompatible with “divine right” and all agree to use all of their efforts to bring an end to such governments, wherever they may be found or exist.
That means you, America.
The Brits have been sworn to undermine and use and abuse and destroy America since its founding, because the British Kings, despite their protestations otherwise, are Electors of the Holy See, and have been for 800 years. Their own claim to be Kings depends on the Vatican’s support and upon the idea of Divine Right to Rule.
How stupid have the Americans been, to ever mistake the Vatican or the British Monarch as friends of a Protestant government? It’s like a mongoose mistaking a cobra for its best friend, and it’s only made possible by the deep infiltration of British culture and Catholic politicians.
As the Treaty of Paris, the agreement ending the American Revolution, makes clear, the King and the Vatican retained all their property and all their claims of indebtedness. They still owned everything they had ever owned in America after the Revolution, and actually, quite a bit more, because the Americans had racked up debts to France and France at that time was claimed by England and was in debt to the Vatican.
Only the people of America—the Living Persons— were freed and enabled to enjoy a version of self-rule to the extent that they could elect their own Trustees.
The idea of trusts and trustees is part and parcel of the public stewardship concept promoted by the Vatican and its allies, including the Kings and Queens of England. The King of England and the Vatican placed their holdings in North America into a trust, administered by elected trustees, for the benefit of the Americans who were still loyal British subjects—the Tories, in other words. This was the First Trust of North America, part of the Global Estate Trust claimed by the Vatican eight hundred years ago, and it was a clever means of undermining any real self-rule in America.
This was a land trust, administered by the Postmaster General, and the Vatican and the British King were the donors placing their property into the Trust. The elected public officials were the Trustees administering this Public Trust. The American People were the beneficiaries. That is what is meant in one sense by “Public Trust”—-it’s referring to the fiduciary obligation of the Trustees, the elected officials, to manage the actual properties held in the Trust so as to benefit the beneficiaries.
Are you a Tory? Do you feel benefited yet?
To this day, the willing supporters of the “United States” are anglophiles who think there is nothing better than to bend their knee to Prince Harry, and Catholics, who know that making America into a Commonwealth nation actually means making it into a Catholic nation. To this day, the Tories among us continue to claim the actual ownership of the North American Continent, literally. They conceive of their role as being Trustees of the Queen or King of Britain; they are aided in their role by the ever-handy Jesuits. For many decades now, their dream has been to come out of the closet and officially “restore” America to her rightful status as a loyal and docile member of the Commonwealth.
The trustees in Britain are hereditary rulers, and in America, they largely are, too. In recent years there has been much public disclosure by genealogists who have discovered the close familial ties of major politicians in America. President after President is related within three or four clicks with another President. This isn’t an accident and it isn’t a result of happenstance.
As long as the Beneficiaries remain ignorant of the fact that they are Beneficiaries, the Trustees can do whatever they like. This system is far older than the colonization of America, and it is firmly held in place by the Electoral College.
The Electoral College chooses the President of the United States.
Only Electors get to vote for President. The national balloting is a sideshow that means nothing, a fact that is written in stone in the Constitution itself. So long as the President is chosen by the Electoral College, the British Monarch and the Vatican are assured of having their man occupying the Office of President of the United States. It’s similar to having the House of Lords choose a Prime Minister. There may be several different choices, but the one chosen is always going to be loyal to Queen and the Queen is going to be loyal to the Vatican.
All of the moves to consolidate more and more power in the hands of the American Chief Executive, such as the 470 “Emergency Powers” granted to the President during Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s rampage in office, were blessed and promoted by the British Monarch and the Vatican for the simple reason that more power for the President means more guaranteed power for them.
There are rules, but if you don’t know the game, you can’t play it.
Congress, thoroughly emasculated by all the “Emergency Powers” it stupidly granted the President, including the infamous “War Powers Act” is now controlled by an uneasy and unpleasant Trilateral Compromise. The Communists and Progressive Democrats have made up a little more than a third of Congress since the 90’s. These are counterbalanced by a core of stodgy, self-interested Republicans that also make up about one third of the total on any given day. The remaining third of the Congressional power structure is a mish-mash of freebooters, fools, Sons of Fortune, and what remains of the Americans, though to be sure, there is no very strong agreement as to what “American” means anymore.
In the hinterlands of this country the People still retain a vivid grasp of what it means to be an “American”, but inside the Beltway, that vision is grotesquely distorted. The thugs from Haliburton are recognized as “American” in DC, but Ron Paul is not. Both ends of the spectrum, the conservative Republicans yearning for a return to 1776 and the Progressive Democrats yearning for a return to Paris in 1789, tear at each other like fighting cocks, accomplishing nothing, while the British Monarchy and the Vatican tick along, year in, year out.
It is like watching a well-oiled old-style Singer Sewing Machine at work, powerful and steady, regular as clockwork, never missing a stitch as the seams binding the Americans are completed, one after another. They have the Presidency all sewn up. That’s a given. They have the Congress immobilized, unable to even defend its own turf or define what “American” is. The Supreme Court remains thorny, but it’s hanging on by a thread, and after all, their man, the President, appoints the judges so it is just a matter of time before the court succumbs. The bag will be complete, and all that will remain is the satisfaction of making the coup public.
The “United States” will join the Commonwealth, on a par with Australia. We’ll take our marching orders from the British Monarch and the British Monarch will take their orders from the Vatican, and so far as the Brits and the Catholics are concerned, all will finally be set right, the American Question decided, and the Tories vindicated.
The British/American Trustees have very harsh and demanding fiduciary obligations under Roman Ecclesiastical Law, but if you don’t appoint an individual politician or public official as your Trustee, even though they have been elected and appear to inhabit a Public Office, they have no obligation to act in your favor. The only legitimate Public Office in America, and only since 2010, is the Office of the Postmaster General.
The members of Congress, like the members of the Bar Association, swear their allegiance to the Queen and the “United States”—the Vatican version.
All offices that appear to be public offices in America—Governor, Mayor, President, Judge—-are merely private corporate offices, and these corporations masquerading as your legitimate government belong to the “Higher Contracting Powers”.
There is, therefore, a vital and necessary element missing from the current situation: the binding down of the Trustees. The American government is running amok and can’t do otherwise, because nobody is responsible for anything they do.
In a real government, the appointment to Public Office is as a Trustee, which role and fiduciary obligation then holds the politicians responsible for their acts. The elected trustees inhabiting a genuine de jure government take an Oath of Office and if they then fail to act as Prudent Men and in the Public Good, they can not only be kicked out of office, but thrown in jail and fined. If their acts are egregious enough, they can readily be charged with treason and hung.
Without a real government and real Public Offices there are no attendant responsibilities imposed on the politicians.
No national government has existed for the 50 States United since 1861and no legitimate State government has functioned for almost 80 years. Alaska and Hawaii never formed de jure State governments. Their purported admission to the Union as “States” was merely the opening of another franchise of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
There are no Public Offices. There are no Governors. There is no American President. This is why Barack Hussein Obama’s citizenship status is a moot point. These are all merely officers of corporations owned by banks and potentates, masquerading as the legitimate American government. Not one of them can take a legitimate American Oath of Office, so they wind up making their vows to the “United States” instead of the “United States of America”—-as Trustees of the British Monarch and the Vatican.
You, Poor Sod, have been had. You can, however, name any Living Person as your personal Trustee, and they are then obligated to act in your best interests, so it doesn’t really matter if they are from Kenya or Hawaii, or if they are the President of a nation or the President of a corporation.
It is extremely counter-intuitive to name criminals as your Trustees, but if you want to hold their feet to the fire, that is exactly what you must do. The words to bind them are: “I, John M. Doe, the Living Person, am a Beneficiary of the North American Global Estate Trust, and I am appointing the Living Person Barack Hussein Obama, my Trustee.”
Fill in the blank with the names of your purported Governor, Mayor, or whomever. You can name as many Trustees as you wish. Name the entire list of Federal Marshalls and the Joint Chiefs. If they do anything to harm you, they’ll be fried, toasted, battered, and baked by the same system they use to enslave you.
Once these people have a public fiduciary responsibility to act in your best interests, they are the ones in trouble if they do anything at all contrary to your good health and wealth. They become personally culpable, and as Trustees, their failure to perform reflects ill on the British Monarch and ultimately, reflects poorly on the Pope, who is responsible for this whole mess.
Do you see the problem and the game? Right now, we have a bunch of British/American Trustees running amok, pillaging as they please, because they have nothing binding them to do otherwise. The moment a significant number of Americans name them personally as Trustees, the system begins to backfire. The cows come home.
Prior to your naming them as a Trustee they have been holding what appears to be a Public Office, and wantonly exercising the powers of their Public Office with no actual strings attached. They are fifth graders with the keys to the candy shop. Once you name the Living Persons as Trustees and make them responsible for their actions, it’s a different story. They become directly and personally accountable to you, the Beneficiary, and they get their weenies in a wringer with the Donors of the trust, the British Monarch and the Vatican, when they misbehave in public.
As a thing is bound, so it can be unbound.
Here is an inexpensive answer to your Gordian Knot. Millions of people need to make use of their computer printer and give their local newspapers a bit of business.
For less than a couple hundred dollars apiece, you can seize control of those who control your government. You are all Beneficiaries. You hold the equitable title to America. The trustees merely hold the legal title. Make them hop.
So why is it that the bankers, lawyers, Jesuits, and corrupt politicians are the only ones who insist on being recognized as Living Persons and Beneficiaries of the North American Global Estate Trust, most commonly just called, “The Trust”?
Could it be that you’ve been purposefully left in the dark, unaware of your grand inheritance, just as you’ve been left unaware of all the nasty legal presumptions being used to enslave you?
There is another trust which is a mirror image of The Trust, which was created by the 14th Amendment to the private corporation’s “constitution”. Unlike the First Trust which was and is a land grant trust, the Public Charitable Trust created by the 14th Amendment is a welfare trust.
The beneficiaries of the First Trust are all Living Persons, all Freeholders on the Land, all enabled to vote as Electors. The beneficiaries of the mirroring Public Charitable Trust are all either (1) Living Persons actually born in DC, Guam, Puerto Rico, et alia, or (2) corporate entities defined as “United States citizens” or “residents” of the “United States”.
The Public Charitable Trust was ostensibly a do-gooder trust established to take care of all the disoriented freed black slaves left adrift after the Civil War in America, and to benefit these “citizens of the United States”. It is not Public, not Charitable, and not a true Trust.
We’ve visited this ruse before—mirroring, again. There is the real North American Global Estate Trust, and the fake Public Charitable Trust, side by side, just as there is real American Citizenship and “US citizenship” side by side. There’s you, the Living Person, and “you” the franchise trust and transmitting utility owned by the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico.
“US citizenship” with respect to Living Persons born in the 50 States United was always a conferred legal status. It’s hard to claim that there are real “citizens” without a real government, and technically, people born in the 50 States United have had no functioning government at any level since 1933. What then, can Americans born in one of the 50 States base their citizenship on? 48 fraudulently bankrupted States that still exist, at least on paper.
Corporate alter egos representing all the Living Persons born in the 50 States have been created on paper and defined in various ways—“US vessels” and trusts and transmitting utilities, etc., —and these legal fictions have been granted “US citizenship” in Puerto Rico, but Americans, actual Living Persons inhabiting one of the 50 States United, have been virtually stateless for almost eight decades.
In 2009, representatives from every State of the Union met as a Congress, and established new de jure States by re-inhabiting the national government that was adjourned sine die in 1861. This move by the Americans has been variously applauded and derided, but despite the catcalls from the Tories in the back row, it has sound legal basis and there is nobody standing around with a better claim to equitable title. Alaska convened its first de jure State government ever in 2009.
The Constitution and the Common Law are still in effect for Living Persons, if there are any legally defined “Living Persons” left in North America. The resuscitation of the Republic for the united States of America in the eleventh hour has left a great many stolid members of the world community sputtering—-and taking sides.
The current American government is almost universally despised, both at home and abroad. Even the Vatican and the British Monarchy, the entities most responsible for DC’s present configuration, are disgusted by the vulgarity, criminality, and violence of the American Trustees.
Increasingly, and in full view of the Vatican’s disappointment and the Queen’s distaste, there is the sense in international circles that the Ancient Regime has birthed an unstable monster in America, something that could blow up in their faces. The resurrection of the Republic changes the picture considerably. Suddenly, there’s another option for a viable American government for the 50 States United besides the Commonwealth idea. The Higher Contracting Powers could just step things back to 1861, and there would be advantages to that.
First and foremost, the Vatican could make a huge profit from returning the European, American, and Commonwealth economies to the gold standard. The Republic would be entering the stage with the 1861 version of the organic “Constitution for the united States of America” in hand, which guarantees that the Americans would be using the gold and silver standard favored by the Vatican. It also means that the original Trojan Horse, the Electoral College, would remain intact, allowing the Vatican and the British Monarchs to continue their picking and choosing among candidates for President. The new American leaders might be rubes trying to turn time back a century and a half, but at least they are not violent, unstable, blood-sucking syndicated criminals, and that would be a relief for the rest of the world.
Yes, it just might be convenient, not to mention heart-warming in the PR sense, to let the Americans come home. It’s a great Press Release. Homegrown small town American boy, Tim Turner, leads the way to the rebirth of the American Dream by taking us all back to 1861 and starting over.
The practice of mirroring everything and everyone has been part and parcel of the entire fraud practiced against Americans at every level from Day One. The “Good Guy” versus “Bad Guy” dialectic is so completely ingrained in the American psyche it’s easy to control the sheep. You just set up two goads, left and right, and turn the herd wherever you want them to go. They don’t want to go forward? Then, let them go back. It doesn’t matter so long as they keep moving and don’t stampede.
The take home message to you should be that while the Republic has always mirrored the corporation calling itself the “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, playing the “good” American government verses the “bad” American government, there are lessons to be learned. Flip-flopping the channel from one British Sit-Com to another doesn’t necessarily change anything. The key is not the government. The key is the People who define and limit the government.
The Public Charitable Trust set up as part of the 14th Amendment is a poor, miserable, stinking shadow of the real trust that Americans are heir to, exactly what you would expect of a trust created for slaves. Eventually, of course, the Masters contrived to make the slaves pay even for their own “trust expenses”.
Remember how the government corporation needed to claim that they gave you equitable consideration in exchange for your alleged agreement to give up your Natural Rights, land, home, labor, and body to their ownership? That “equitable consideration” is represented by all the benefits you supposedly receive from the Public Charitable Trust—all of which you in fact pay for. You pay top dollar for very shoddy benefits on top of it.
In living memory, there has been no equitable consideration of any kind paid by the corporate government in exchange for laying its claims upon you, your labor, your money, your land, and every worldly possession. You and the other debt slaves have funded any benefit you have ever received, which means that the purported contract between you and the corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is not only voided for lack of disclosure. It’s also voided for lack of equitable consideration.
The corporation calling itself the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has given you nothing but an outrageous con job and the bill for everything—you, the Beneficiary, have been bamboozled into playing the part of the Trustee. Worse, you’ve been cast to play the role of Executor of your own Estate.
The banks are the middlemen and lynch pins in this whole constructive fraud. They are the ones that made the false claims and trumped up the debts to begin with. They are the ones who enabled the unlawful and undisclosed property conversions.
Your so-called income tax payments go, in part, to pay for very hefty Life Insurance Policies owned by the International Monetary Fund, which holds your Certificate of Live Birth as a monetized security. Back in the 1980’s when there were still news reporters, they reported the event when Jimmy Carter turned over the last of the American Certificates of Live Birth as chattels owned by the IMF.
Nobody knew what to make of that odd news story then. Do you know what to make of it now?
You’ll leave a multi- million dollar Life Insurance Policy to benefit the bank when you die. Your family will get the bill for your funeral.
The massive die-off (and equally massive monetary rewards anticipated by the IMF) that will occur when the Baby Boomer generation leaves the stage isn’t happening as fast as the bankers thought it would. They are getting pinched.
The Baby Boomers are living too long, far longer than their predecessors, and medical costs have skyrocketed. Instead of being productive and paying large amounts of taxes into the system, the Boomers are lining up by the millions to collect on their Social Security insurance benefits.
Meager as these payouts are, the bankers are restive. It’s true that the Americans provided more than enough money in taxes to pay for their Social Security benefits several times over. It’s true that their money was invested at a vast profit to the banks, but this little miscalculation in average life expectancy and the increased costs of medical care are eating into the banker’s profit margin.
This is why the American politicians are suddenly so very concerned about healthcare and trying to create yet another tax so that the slaves are obligated to pay the difference. Obamacare doesn’t have a thing to do with social justice or health care. It has to do with preserving the profit margins of the banks at the expense of the slaves.
Short of lining up old people in front of trenches, which everyone would recognize as genocide, the bankers and the politicians who serve them are casting about for something to base a nice war on. Wars have always been profitable in the past, and effective in killing off Americans and other highly insured persons.
It’s more profitable for the banks to kill young people.
Just as with any Life Insurance Policy you might buy, the pay off amount is the same whether you die when you are 20 or 90. Killing an American at 20 gives the banks a large lump sum pay off with a minimum investment.
Taking the large lump sum payoff option in a Sweepstakes instead of contenting yourself with $30,000 a month always results in greater net profit. It’s the same thing with the banks and your life insurance policy. If you stay alive and pay your taxes, they make out handsomely over time, but if you die at 20 and they get the big insurance payment in a lump sum, they do even better.
So, there’s money—big money—to be made in killing people, especially young Americans, Europeans, and Japanese, all of whom have been insured to the hilt. The bankers get to cash in large numbers of life insurance policies every time they front a war, plus, they get to loan money to both sides of every conflict.
Look at the Germans in both the First and Second World Wars. The busy, industrious, socially responsible Germans had faithfully paid their state-sponsored Life Insurance policies in full, only to have the bankers kill them off by the millions. The same scenario is building up again, only this time, the main targets are the Americans.
As long as the banks are allowed to exist in their present form, and are allowed to buy Life Insurance policies on their victims with their victim’s own tax money, there will be motivation for the banks to murder millions of innocent people.
Instead, millions of innocent people need to wake up and “kill” the banks.
The Communists are philosophically the natural allies of the equality-minded Americans, and they figured out what the banks were doing a long time ago. Thanks to efforts by Russia, China, and non-aligned nations, nobody is taking the banker’s bait. The only ones trying to start World War III are, predictably enough, the American politicians and the bankers who own them.
The banks are motivated to create death and destruction because it results in more money for them. The Americans get dragged into it as tools.
Like an evil spouse putting a massive secret Life Insurance policy on his wife, and then killing her off so that he can collect the money and run away with his Mistress, the IMF wants World War III, so it can collect on the Americans. If the old people won’t die off on schedule, they figure the young people must.
Americans are alarmed, and they should be. They have seen the FEMA Camps. They have seen the war preparations, the Executive Orders being prepared by Barack Obama, and the Chem Trails in their skies. Like the livestock milling around in front of the slaughterhouse, they know something is terribly wrong.
Money, corporations, states, trusts, —- these things are unreal. They are lies. They are all fictions, beginning to end and front to back. Just as the trust and transmitting utility isn’t you, that paper in your pocket isn’t money, and that man on the television isn’t your President.
Look again at the “Pledge of Allegiance”—- “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands….” What does it mean when something “stands for” something else? In this case, the United States of America clearly claims that it is “standing for” the Republic.
It means, plainly, that the “United States of America” is representing the Republic the way a certain Puerto Rican trust and transmitting utility “represents” you. It means that the “United States of America” is NOT the Republic—-the Republic that was established by the Constitution, the Republic which is the government owed to you by the Trustees.
The “Pledge of Allegiance” is in fact Public Notice of the fraud and usurpation being practiced against the Republic by the “United States of America” and as every school child has been taught to recite this bit of doggerel in every public school, you can hardly claim that you haven’t been told what’s going on.

The Fourteenth Amendment
There is much discussion about what the 14th Amendment did and didn’t accomplish, much of it mistaken because people fail to recognize the differences between the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution for the united States of America and the corporate “Constitution of the United States of America”.
The organic (first) Constitution established a trust, which is clearly stated in the Preamble. The Americans acting then (the donors) bequeathed to their posterity (the beneficiaries) the rights, liberties, and freedoms (material property interests—the “corpus” of the trust) they had won. They then set up the Trustees, elected and appointed Offices, inhabiting three branches of government.
A trust often functions as a means to implement a Will, as in “Last Will and Testament”, and the “Constitution for the united States of America” is no different. The original Will has been altered by subsequent generations via a process of Amendment, adding to or subtracting from the original.
The Americans alive in 1868 “willed” that we would all be “US citizens” and that action led to the Living Persons who wished to remain State Citizens being disenfranchised. Carefully read Section 2 of the 14th Amendment. This section makes it illegal for Americans, that is, Living Persons who claim “non-citizen National” status, to vote in US elections.
When you realize that the “United States of America” is a separate entity comprised of “the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico et alia” that operates as a corporation calling itself the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, this begins to make sense.
Should non-members of your Health Spa have voting privileges and determine issues related to the Spa? The 14th Amendment created a new club and conferred a new legal status overlaying the natural born citizenship of the Americans.
You can do nothing and accept this “US citizenship” or you can dissent and “take against the Will” as a “non-citizen National”. You are not bound by the choices that were made by people who have been dead for a hundred and fifty years. You can make your own decisions.
Depending on your choice, you can have Civil Rights as a “US citizen” or you can have Natural and Unalienable Rights as an American. You can be a beneficiary of the 14th Amendment Public Charitable Trust as a “US citizen”, or a Beneficiary of the North American Global Estate Trust as an American.
You are owed a Republic as an American, but as a ”US citizen” all you get is a “democracy” ruled by a despotic elected oligarchy called the US Congress. In the same way, Americans operate under the Common Law, but US citizens operate under Roman Merchant Law. You are a “taxpayer” as a “US citizen” but all Americans are Free -holders, exempt from levy. You are a tenant or a landlord.
You decide which.
Early on everyone was still recognized as an American Citizen and even after purported ratification of the 14th Amendment, they were allowed to continue voting as they always had. Rather than inform Americans that they had been disenfranchised, the new leadership simply let people continue to vote illegally, thereby entrapping them by the millions via legal presumption—hey, you voted in a US election, so you must be a US citizen.
Our ancestors unwittingly agreed to this new regime and tacitly gave up their status as Living Persons and American Citizens and acquiesced to second class status as “US citizens” by registering to vote and continuing to vote in US elections.
When you, the Living Person, register to vote in US elections, you are once again claiming to be a “US citizen”—-a legally dead corporate entity having only “civil rights” and obligated to obey every whim of Congress, which also claims to own you as a slave and franchise under the Buck Act.
The day before the 14th Amendment went into effect Congress passed the Expatriation Act. The members of Congress promptly used the Expatriation Act to expatriate themselves and their family members, to retain all their Natural and Unalienable Rights, while leaving the vast bulk of Americans as their prey and slaves.
Yes, Virginia, there are aristocrats in America and they never vote in US elections. They are not voters. They are Electors. They always elect the President without regard for what anyone else might think. They are the descendents of the same people who worked the present fraud upon us, people who indemnified themselves and retained all their rights, while enslaving everyone else.
A later generation of Congress (1948) signed on to the United Nations’ Universal Right of Self-Declaration, which they promptly made use of to again escape the calamity they have brought upon other Americans.
Without comment on the venal motives behind the passage of the Expatriation Act and the adoption of the Universal Right of Self-Declaration, these two exits –one national, one international—had to be created and maintained by the perpetrators to allow their own escape.
The good part is that these escape routes do exist and can be used by any American sufficiently motivated to do so.
The 14th Amendment represents the grossest single Breach of Trust ever recorded and the historical record clearly shows that it was never ratified according to the requirements of the organic Constitution.
The federal government was already functioning as a corporation by that time, in 1868. As a corporate Board of Directors, Congress no longer felt the need to play by the rules established by the Constitution. That quaint old-fashioned document restrained a different entity, literally, a different government. The perpetrators simply rubber-stamped the ratification of the 14th Amendment and the 16th Amendment, too, and continued on their hell-bent rise to power.
Most Americans at the time were motivated by a deep longing for national solidarity and peace that followed in the wake of the Civil War. They were tired of fighting each other, and tired of differences. They mistook the move to confer the legal status known as “US citizenship” as a good thing, promoting that desired sense of universal brotherhood and a national rather than state or regional identity.
The speeches and writings of the time give eloquent voice to the hopes and aspirations of the more naïve supporters of the 14th Amendment. They wanted an end to “North” and “South”, black and white. They wanted us to see ourselves as Americans, not Oklahomans and Texans and State of Mainers, white people and black people, and so on. They honestly thought that “US citizenship” was the way to foster a new and beneficial sense of identity, and to some extent, they were right. The sharp demarcations between East and West, Kansas and Missouri, North and South have faded, but at a terrible cost.
Embraced as a noble effort to end state-based and regional differences, the 14th Amendment has led over time to the establishment of a despotic federal regime and has enabled the gross national level frauds that we are dealing with today. It gave us “civil rights” and took away the “Natural and Unalienable rights” that are our birthright. It gave us welfare via the Public Charitable Trust, and took away our right to enjoy the fruits of our own labor.
What can we do about it?
Until we recoup and reassert our status as Living Persons and repudiate all the claims made upon us personally and individually by the corporate government, we have no standing to do anything. We are “legally dead”. The judges indulge us as they see fit rather than make the facts obvious to us, and they can do this because they are corporate officers, not really trustees and not really officers of the court.
Legally dead people, like physically dead people, have no rights, no voice, and cannot be “heard” by any court of law. They have no motive force of their own, can’t declare anything, can’t prove anything, and can’t do anything in their own behalf. They can’t even say, “No, I’m not a US citizen! I am a Beneficiary of the trust established by the Constitution of the United States of America and I take against the Will!”
Once you record your denial repudiating all signatures and your Proof of Life documents, you can effectively re-inhabit the American Republic and re-establish your lawful status and government. Several groups, most notably the Republic for the united States of America, have been working hard to restore the original American government under the organic Constitution.
Two factions of naysayers snort and say that we can never go back and restore a government of the People, by the People, and for the People.
The communists smugly point out that the Russian and Chinese movements have already lasted longer than the American Republic did. The Dream didn’t even last a hundred years before racial and regional hatreds and greedy con artists tore it apart.
The fascist globalists meanwhile drive onward on the same track we’ve been following since World War II, saying we can’t go back to a limited government and stay in the global economic game. According to them, we have to relentlessly reduce everything down to the lowest common denominators and embrace a world where the government owns everything, dictates everything, and the bureaucrats just allow you the privilege of working as a debt slave for them.
Sound familiar?
What, you may be asking at this point, happened to the other Public Offices that existed outside the realm of the American government per se? What happened to the Postmaster General who was appointed by the Vatican as Trustee for the original North American Global Estate Trust? Why didn’t he step up to the plate and protect the interests of the People?
While aware of the situation in America, the Vatican let it ride and did not intervene or re-establish a legally recognized Living Person to be Postmaster General for North America. Though there are millions of Catholics in America, as has been pointed out, the official policy of the Vatican has long been to undermine America’s inherently Protestant government and all similar governments that are based on the concept of human equality.
It wasn’t until James McBride connected the dots and sued for Breach of Trust that the Vatican got moving and honored its own responsibilities as the Global Estate Trustee. McBride was appointed as the new Postmaster General for North America in 2010.

The Problem of Money and Christ
The Vatican Bank owns or claims to own virtually everything.
There are only a few problems. All that American land that the King of England claimed for the Vatican was stolen from American Indians, and the Americans, including the Indians, still claim it. Oh, that, and the fact that gold is intrinsically worthless.
If people realize that the paper in their wallets is worthless, it isn’t much of a stretch for them to realize that gold coins are worthless, too. Gold has very limited uses in industry and other than that, what is it good for?
You can’t eat it or drink it. It won’t keep you warm, cook your food, or run your car. It won’t keep the rain off your head. The entire cachet of gold is that it is durable, in short supply, and most of it is now owned or controlled by the Vatican.
If the Vatican bankers can engineer a worldwide collapse of paper currencies and a return to the “gold standard” they will be able to keep everyone sweating for many years to come, struggling to pay back the purported “debt” owed as a result of converting currencies from paper to gold.
The same people who provided you with paper Federal Reserve Notes will give you gold coins. To them, it is no big deal. A symbol is a symbol.
What did the English use to buy the North American Continent from the American Indians? Beads. They offered the Indians pretty porcelain and glass beads of various colors. Blue beads were in special demand and therefore thought to be especially valuable.
Not only were the beads pretty, the Indians thought it was a big joke. It was obvious to them that nobody owns the land, and neither did they, so what snake oil were these Englishmen selling? The English only thought they could own land. They had it backward. People don’t own land. The land owns the People. The People come out of the land and they return their dust to the land, so it’s obvious to an Indian where the real ownership and equitable title lies.
From the Indian perspective, trading land for beads was the 16th century equivalent of a Quit Claim Florida Real Estate Bargain. The crazy English were deluding themselves, so let them. They could say they owned the land and dance around with their little pieces of paper representing land deeds, but the land would remain the land despite the English concept of owning it.
That’s what the Indians believed, and the Indians were right, but mass delusion is a curious thing. People start believing obvious lies. Think about how ridiculous the whole concept of claiming land by discovery really is: I slog through the surf wearing a pot on my head and bury a flag pole in the sand and shout, “I claim this land for His Royal Highness King James the First of England!”
What really happened there? An idiot stepped ashore, made a ridiculous claim, and now, because he did that, we all have to base our claims on his claim, and we all have to pretend that this makes sense and is legitimate, because if we don’t we might have to consider that—-it’s all a bunch of baloney.
History is rich with examples of mass delusions. At one time, the entire economy of Holland revolved around trading tulip bulbs. You could buy ten houses for a tulip bulb of the right kind.
The point is that whatever is used as “money” has no intrinsic value and never has had. It’s a symbol–a fiction, a lie, more Tall Tales, more pieces of paper to enslave you and everyone else.
If I am hungry enough, your roast beef sandwich is worth millions of dollars. If you are dead, no amount of money means anything at all. These things which seem so real— money, land deeds, corporate entities, insurance policies, governments— are nothing but fictions that are too often used to entrap, enslave, defraud, control, rob, and murder people.
Money is the biggest lie of all.
America, your money is a fiction. Your government is a fiction. Your history is a fiction. Your incorporated “states” are fictions. Americans, individually, have been made into fictions—-dead people, trusts and transmitting utilities, and non-existent boats.
If America returns to the gold standard there is no safe haven there. Something worthless, paper, will be traded for something almost equally worthless, gold. The only ones who benefit are those who stole your gold in 1933 and gave you “Federal Reserve Notes”. Now they will take the “Federal Reserve Notes” back and give you nice shiny gold coins called “Ameros” instead.
They will trump it up as if these Ameros are the real deal, of great value, “money you can trust” and it is all bogus. It’s all fictional. They are trading on a mass delusion that these symbols, whether gold coins or pieces of paper, have value, when they do not.
There is no money.
There never has been any money.
It doesn’t matter one bit if you make a “dollar” out of paper or gold.
Your labor has value, your natural resources have value, and your products, the useful things you make, have value, to the extent that there is demand for them. Demand for goods and services, not money, is what makes the world go round.
Money represents demand for labor, natural resources, and products.
Take away the demand, and poof! —the money is worthless. Cut the supply of money and you can for a short time create the illusion of demand, which is what the banks have been doing tinkering around with the prime interest rate.
A bad economy, such as America is experiencing now, always means one thing: lack of demand for your goods and services. There’s nothing mysterious about a bad economy or a soft stock market. Look at what you are selling to the rest of the world, and read the tea leaves.
What are America’s top exports? Refined oil products, weapons, air craft, motor vehicles, vacuum tubes, and telecom equipment.
War increases the value of America’s top export products, and there hasn’t been a major war for a while.
Not only do the bankers want to kill off Americans to avoid debt owed senior citizens and to reap the lump sum pay offs on all those Life Insurance policies, but war benefits demand for America’s top exports. Since the Second World War, war has become our business, and increasingly, it is our only business.
This shift of the American economy toward production of war-related products was consolidated sixty years ago and the economy has never returned to peacetime production. This is what President Eisenhower was talking about when he spoke of the dangers of the military industrial complex.
America exports war, war, and more war, because peace is anathema to the American economy.
If we can’t find anyone else to fight, we will have to fight ourselves. Far from being the peacekeepers, Americans have become the war mongers of the world for obvious and self-interested reasons. Death, destruction, and misery are our final “products” that we deliver around the globe, and when the economy needs a perk, what do the Presidents and the Congresses do?
They start wars.
The reason that America has been kept at near-constant war since 1916 is now evident to anyone reading this. As long as the American export economy is based almost entirely on war-related products, it can’t be otherwise.
The Iranians and the Israelis are at this moment facing each other armed with weapons made in America.
Increasingly, other nations have refused to take the bait when the Americans have sought to get a war started. They all realize that the Americans want some excuse for a fight, because that will create more demand for America’s export products.
That leaves us in the distasteful position of interfering in the internal politics of other nations, being a spoiler, stirring up conflicts so that other people and other nations will be forced to spend their capital and labor buying American weapons, vehicles, aircraft, and refined oil products.
What if America manufactured water pumps instead?
This is all part and parcel of the reason that Communists deprive themselves of the comfort of God. They see that the Vatican has amassed the largest gold hoard in the Western world and made all these property claims, and they deduce that God is just another fiction dreamed up to enslave people. They refuse to have any faith whatsoever in what cannot be seen.
Looking hard at the fictions that have been employed to enslave you, can you blame them?
The Americans have turned away from God, too, but they are so deluded that they think they can serve two masters—-chunking out nuclear bombs, bayonets, gas masks, and jet fighters on one hand and singing hymns on the other. The Americans are the most enslaved people on earth, in the “Land of the Free”.
There is always the truth, and the lie, side by side.
Next time you get a bill for DON JOHNSON from the telephone company or the electric company, send it to the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico. Tell the nice people there that since DON JOHNSON is a federally owned trust and transmitting utility, you are forwarding the bill to them for payment, but you would appreciate instructions about how they want you to discharge these bills in the future?
Every single month your telephone company and your electric company send a bill to you and an identical bill to the US Treasury. The US Treasury discharges these bills in behalf of the DON JOHNSON trust and transmitting utility, but the electric company doesn’t tell Don Johnson, the Living Person, one word about this transaction. The electric company leaves poor old Don to assume that he is liable to pay that bill, and if he doesn’t, they will cut off his electrical service even though the government has already paid that bill once, in behalf of DON JOHNSON, the federal franchise that owns the house.
Question—why are you, Lily Forbush, paying a bill, purportedly for electrical service, to an electric company that has already been paid in the name of LILY FORBUSH (at the same address) by the US Treasury? What is the electric company charging you for? Does this additional monthly bill addressed to the Living Person represent membership dues for the cooperative? Or is it an exciting new tax on stupid people?
With the cost of electricity skyrocketing every month, don’t you think it is about time you enquired into this “double payment” system? Once again, you are being asked to pay the bills for LILY FORBUSH, only this time, the US Treasury has already paid for “her” bill, with the result that you are being stuck both coming and going.
Lily Forbush pays her electrical bill every month or else, and so does LILY FORBUSH via the US Treasury, which ultimately means that you, the Living Person, are paying for the same service twice—once as an individual Living Person—which you know about, and again, as a “taxpayer” which you don’t know about, because the electric company and every other utility company in America is in on the sting and is allowed to bypass you as the “Acceptance Agent” authorizing payment on the franchise’s Treasury account.
The utility companies bill the US Treasury directly as a “service” to you, and then conveniently forget to tell you that LILY FORBUSH’s bill has been paid.
If you are like most Americans, these utility companies that are bending over backward to give you all this extra billing assistance are organized as cooperatives, yet another kind of corporate structure the lawyers dreamed up. You get all kinds of drivel from them about being a “membership” organization, and how your membership in the Dumb Peons Electrical Co-Op is so beneficial to your community.
You get ballots in the mail every year asking you to elect people you never heard of to serve on the Board of Directors of the Dumb Peons Electrical Co-Op. Once or twice a year you get an unintelligible piece of mail showing you astronomical amounts of money that are “capital credits” in “your” account, often amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars, which for some mysterious reason, you can never access to pay your own bill or derive any other benefit from. But, take heart! Those people you elected have courageously agreed to give you a rebate on some of those capital credits, and just in time for Christmas, they have generously sent you a check for $36.17.
It’s bad enough that we are all being robbed blind, without the fake goodwill and hypocrisy to go along with it. It’s like a rapist wearing a fancy ruffled condom.
This is how the electrical companies of America hire literally thousands of top-flight lobbyists to ply the halls of Congress and the State Legislatures every year. This is how the telephone companies can throw new networks up overnight, and offer new phones for “free” every other month, in exchange for two year service contracts. These utilities are incredibly, unimaginably wealthy, because they’ve been double dipping out of our pockets every month, right on schedule, for eighty years.
You, Lily Marie Forbush, have paid exactly double the amount you think you’ve paid for utilities for years on end. Perhaps even worse than that, there will never be an incentive to decentralize the power grid, become more efficient, or change one tiny thing about these money-making machines.
Name one other business sector, other than banking, where the government guarantees a 100% profit every month, above and beyond expenses and above and beyond and including the “normal” guaranteed 12% profit that regulated utilities receive?
The enemies that America faces are the same enemies that everyone on this planet must face: fear, greed, ignorance, selfishness, dishonesty, laziness, idolatry, lies, lobbyists, con artists, and still more ignorance.
You, your parents, and your grandparents have most likely been paying utility bills all your lives. When is the last time that you actually sat down and thought of anything beyond how you were going to pay next month’s bill?
It’s time to pay attention. You are being enslaved to pay for all this corruption. Literally.

What Next?
The enemies of all decent people pretend to be what they are not, but you can recognize them by their methods and their results:
They always use fear to get what they want.
They always use lies to get what they want.
They always deliver the exact opposite of what they promise.
They always try to make themselves look good.
They always avoid direct responsibility.
They always cause destruction and disruption.
America, you need to remember what is true and forget what is false.
Eighty percent of every dollar Americans spend on social welfare is eaten up by the government in “administrative” costs. Only 20% of it ever reaches the people that money was supposed to help. Only 2% of the money Americans give as foreign aid ever reaches its intended destination.
It’s not the people on welfare that are a problem. It’s the fat tick in the middle that is cheating the poor and the taxpayers alike.
Hundreds of billions of dollars were spent on the War on Poverty, but only twenty percent actually reached the poor, and much of that was wasted on crony contracts that provided things like plumbing that didn’t work and ten pound loaves of ugly process cheese. The taxpayers got bilked and the poor were blamed, and the news media didn’t cover the story.
Just as America’s enemies depopulated the American Republic by claiming that every American is a “US citizen” and then redefining what “US citizen” means to suit themselves, you can re-populate the America you love, by firmly stating who and what you are.
They claim that you are not an American; according to them, you are a federal employee, a “US citizen” acting as an agent, for free, of a trust and transmitting utility belonging to the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico, which just happens to be operating under your name.
Repudiate it. Stand up and say, I am a Living Person. I am not a “US citizen”. I do not claim any unearned benefit of the Public Charitable Trust. I take against the Will expressed by the 14th Amendment. There’s my thumbprint and my Birth Certificate. Are there any other presumptions to be addressed?
They claim that “you” are a US vessel in the Merchant Marine service. Boy howdy, Felix, how did you become a boat? How are your scuppers? Is that a bulkhead hanging over your bilge?
Repudiate it. Stand up. If they are foolish enough to haul you into US District Court, make them swab the decks. Smile sweetly. Refuse to state your name; if they get nasty, say that you are an agent for the accused. Hand the Bailiff your Ecclesiastical Deed Poll, and your witnessed Statement of Identity, and a certified copy of your Birth Certificate.
“Hello, I am a Living Person on the Land, a non-citizen National, as defined by 8 USC 1101 (a) (21) et Seq, otherwise known as a “non-resident alien”—-meaning that as far as federal jurisdiction is concerned, I am a foreigner. I have all my Natural and Unalienable Rights intact.”
These imposters have placed an openly fraudulent claim against your personal credit and against the credit of your States. These con artists have ridden you and your parents and grandparents like horses. They have hitched you to their wagon and if for any reason old Dobbin didn’t perform, they brought out their bully boys at the Internal Revenue Service, pulled a little hoo-doo-voo-doo dance with their friend, the judge, claimed you were a “resident” in their jurisdiction, and whipped you like a field hand who didn’t pick enough cotton.
Stand there like the flowers in May and sweetly declare, “Why, whatever do you mean? I’m just a poor lowly field hand, Old Dobbin, who happens to be the long-lost Beneficiary of the North American Global Estate Trust. I’ve come home at last. I’m taking against the Will and I want a full, complete accounting from my Trustees.”
Refuse to pay anything without Proof of Claim.
Any “service” not enumerated in the Constitution for the united States of America is on the ticket of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, not yours. Any “re-hypothecation” needs to be hypothecated right back to the re-hypothecators.
The rats have insinuated a foreign infrastructure to support all these bogus claims and nefarious efforts called the American Bar Association.
Refuse to hire anyone who is a member of the Bar Association.
You can’t hire these people anyway, so what’s the point?
Just cross to the other side of the street and dogtrot away with a horrible fixed grin on your face.
Learn to handle your own affairs using the Common Law system you are heir to as a Living Person and as an American. It’s simple, cheap, and effective to use Affidavits, Notices, Notary Protests, and Declaratory Judgments to handle your legal affairs.
In Statutory Court you might say—- “I’m Lily Forbush, a Living Person, a “non-citizen National” as defined by 8 USC 1101(a)(21). I am not a “US citizen” nor a “statutory citizen” nor any kind of “citizen” at all. I am an American National. I do not consent to any transaction of a security interest and am a Creditor with respect to the US Treasury. I do not stand under the jurisdiction of this court. ”
What are those high-powered federal lawyers going to say to you? Please get back in the file cabinet, Miss Forbush? Don’t you know you are a trust and transmitting utility?
I will tell you what they are going to do from personal experience. They are going to stand with their mouths agape, as if they can’t believe their eyes or ears, and they aren’t going to have much to say to you at all, because they have no right or reason to address you. You are a square peg and their peg board has only round holes.
To the US District Court you might reply —“I’m Greg Mecklenburg, a Living Person, not a “US vessel” that operated under a similar name, and not a federal employee or officer in the Merchant Marines, and I do not operate under any civil maritime, naval, or federal jurisdiction at all. I do not consent to any admiralty authority and am entirely a Man on the Land. I waive all unearned benefits and I owe nothing whatsoever to the Crown. I do not consent to a transaction of a security interest. I do not stand under the jurisdiction of this court.”
Look that judge in the eye. He knows he’s not supposed to be addressing you. He knows he’s way out of line. Let him know that you know. Give him a knowing look, a beady, snake-eyed, calculating look. If he challenges your status after you’ve clearly stated it, appoint him your trustee on the record, and let him pay the bill.
It is the same thing with the banks as the lawyers.
They have colluded against you to unlawfully convert your property, trumped up bogus debts against you, and ruthlessly “taxed” and gouged you for their own benefit—–so refuse to do business with them.
No loans. No credit cards. No cash on deposit to speak of. No savings accounts. Give them the boycott they deserve. Let them wither and die without customers. Let their lobbies stand open and empty as the Great Plains in winter.
Regardless of the face value of all the “debt” the bankers trumped up against you, demand to see their real equity, that whopping half cent per bill the Federal Reserve actually purchased regardless of the denomination.
If the criminals in charge come after you with the IRS, you know what to tell them: I am a living person. I operate only in private commerce and accrue nothing but legally defined private property. These bank accounts you claim are mine were unlawfully converted and obviously now belong to a corporate entity, a trust and transmitting utility that is a franchise of the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico that is merely using my name. The corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has abused its position as my trustee, has misused its usufructuary rights to create this franchise for itself, and presumed an undisclosed contract against me. It misinformed and coerced me into accepting a reverse trust agreement, which was disguised as enrollment in an insurance program. If this federal franchise has any debts they have to be discharged against the US Treasury by Public Law, including 73.10 and 48.48.112.
It is the same thing with State and Local Municipal taxes.
These are all corporate substitutes for your real government. They have no more lawful ability to “tax” you than J.C. Penny.
Your remedy for this situation is House Joint Resolution 192 and all the attendant Public Laws and UCC regulations listed here: 48 Statute 1, Public Law 89-719, HJR 192, Public Law 73-10, American Bar Association Unbound Volume 1938, 31 USC 53 section 5312(3)(C), 31USC5312(2)(r), PL 97-258, 96 Stat. 995, PL 99-570, PL 100-690, PL 103-325, PL 107-56, PL 108-458, 1USC 1362, 6 USC 6185(a), 4USC 405-409, 3USC 321(a), (b), 359)(a), 365(c), 4USC 6202 (g), 6203(b), 100 Stat. 3207-33, 102 Stat. 4354, 4357, 108 Stat. 2247, 2252, 115 Stat.315, 328, 335, 118 Stat. 3746, PL 97-258, PL 97-452, 16USC 831(h), PL 98-369, PL 101-508, PL 102-589, PL 104-134, PL 105-46, 5USC 5129(b), 98 Stat. 1153, 6USC 2653(a)(1), 104 Stat. 1388-287, 106 Stat. 1488, 3USC 31001(u)(1), 110 Stat. 1321-375, 15 USC Chapter 41, 96 Stat. 995, 1 USC 1362, etc.
Most of all, if the thugs among us stage one of their hideous False Flag attacks remember the Reichstag Fire and the Lusitania and Pearl Harbor and “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and 9/11 —- and realize that it is a criminal corporate syndicate masquerading as your legitimate government doing these things to you and everyone else for profit. The viper you have cherished is fattening its bottom line with your lives and at your expense.
If there was any little tiny bit of a lingering doubt in your mind about ABC, CBS, and NBC—–wonder no more. There isn’t a national news network left in America, and there hasn’t been for many years.
I used to play a game based on the news each night for entertainment. I kept a scorecard with two columns, one headed “Death” and one headed “Sex” and I just ticked off tally marks as the stories rolled along. I did this for about a year and half. Sex and Death took up 85% of the newscasts on average, and Death beat Sex by about 15% overall.
Once you start observing the news like this instead of just listening to it, you notice how little real news content is being offered by the networks.
All the major news and entertainment companies have been bought out by the same people who have robbed and defrauded you and reduced you to peonage. Make it a point to know who is manufacturing your news. In very short order you will realize that you’ve been duped again.
The Fourth Estate in America is dead. It died in 1966.
If journalism is ever to be resurrected as a viable, respectable profession, it must come from underneath and outside the networks and world-spanning media conglomerates. It must take hold again locally and spread, like moss on boulders, bootstrapped by journalists who work for little or nothing, and despite the colossal prevailing corruption which turns every mainstream newscast into propaganda.
In our schools, in our colleges, and around our dinner tables, Americans must remember, relearn, and resurrect the skills of analytical thought, reclaiming our own ability to reason, to research, and decide things for ourselves without the approval of the network talking heads.
The unmistakable and inexorable logic of truth has now unfolded between your ears. You know the truth when you hear it, because you have been living it all your life. You are left wondering—-are there too many miles in America’s rearview mirror?
Nothing has been done that can’t be undone. No fraud has been born that can’t be vitiated. No false claim has been made that can’t be disproven. No theft has occurred that can’t be traced back and nailed down.
We have not willy-nilly in our ignorance irrevocably signed away our birthright and we have no cause to despair. To quote Brady v. United States 397 U.S. 742, 748: "Waivers of Constitutional Rights, not only must they be voluntary, they must be knowingly intelligent acts done with sufficient awareness."
How’s your awareness doing?
You were transformed into a boat in the US Merchant Marines before you were out of your cradle, were declared legally dead a few years after that, and have been living offshore in Puerto Rico as a debt slave for years.
Now, it’s time to come back home and settle your accounts as a mature Living Person, and as an American.
Like everyone else in America you have been defrauded and lost a lot of money. So what? You’ve got plenty of company and money is just money. Once enough people throw the yoke off their own necks and call the fraud for what it is, the cancerous spread of government will grind to a halt. The refusal to retool our economy to accommodate peace will end, too.
The bankers will be caught in mid-bleat and forced to pony up their real equity numbers by 400 million indignant Americans. The IRS will go home to Puerto Rico, where it belongs.
Your bank account, your land, your home, your car, your labor, and your family will belong to you again. The endless national bankruptcy fraud that began in 1933 will be brought to an end, and Congressman Louis T. McFadden will finally sleep easy in his grave.
The original government of America, the Republic, waits in the wings. No longer will we pledge our allegiance to the “United States of America” as a substitute “standing for” the Republic. We will pledge our faith and honor to the Republic itself, with no need for any corporate personas to “stand for” it or redefine it.
Now that you know the game, you can play it. Declare the frauds for what they are. Take the courts and the lawyers, the banks, the politicians, your educational institutions, and your useless bought-off media to task. Reclaim your true citizenship and identity as a Living Person, an American, and refuse to live in fear or peonage ever again.
Ex dolo malo non oritur actio. Out of fraud no action arises; fraud never gives a right of action. No court will lend its aid to a man who founds his cause of action upon an immoral or illegal act. Black's Law Dictionary, Fifth Edition, page 509.

“Fraud destroys the validity of everything into which it enters.”
Nudd v. Burrows, 91 U.S 426.

“Fraud vitiates everything” Boyce v. Grundy, 3 Pet. 210

"Fraud vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents and even judgments."
U.S. v. Throckmorton, 98 US 61

I am not a lawyer and if I were one, I’d be disbarred for not upholding and promoting the fraudulent bankruptcy of America. To the extent that I have been forced by pernicious fraud to practice law for my own sake, I have been successful. This is mainly because I have been determined and because God placed into my hands those bits of knowledge and wisdom and the right people at the right time needed to make success possible.
What I offer here is the truth as I know it. If I seem to offer advice regarding what to do in a legal situation, it is my opinion and what I have done myself. I don’t pretend to be a lawyer or offer professional legal advice. Considering what the legal profession has done to America, you are better off with unprofessional advice, in my opinion.
Think of me as a savvy and grumpy great-grandparent, because that is what I am. I am too old to gild any lilies or tell lies to comfort myself.
There may be some things I’ve got wrong, technicalities, picky definitions and so on. I stand open to correction. I can tell you that I have operated for fifty years on the assumptions in this little book and never had any reason to think I was wrong. If the lawyers, judges, bankers, politicians, and media folk take issue with my opinions, that’s to be expected. Much of what is said here directly concerns them and their moral and professional failings. I expect that they will be stung and want to deny what I’ve said. That’s good. The effort of trying to deny will get them moving and thinking again.
I want to stress that the local bank president, your attorney, the people representing you in the Congress, and even the IRS flunkies are not the problem. Most of these people are clueless and confused themselves. It’s ultimately your own ignorance and complacency that is the problem. You’re the one proudly claiming to be a “US citizen”.
Many of the evils I have discussed were brought here from Europe. Some of it came with refugees from the 1848 Worker’s Rebellion, and other portions, like the Federal Reserve, are ancient and known evils that American politicians imported for no better reason than to line their own pockets. Still more corruption took root in the Deep South during Reconstruction, where resentment over the Civil War, racial hatred, and poverty still simmers like a smoking fuse in a swamp.
The point is that this current situation doesn’t stem from a single source or cause, and it has been developing for a long time. There isn’t a person alive now who witnessed the actual fall of the American Republic in 1861, and only a few who were alive when the Federal Reserve Act was passed. That should tell you something. It should tell you that the American People have been fat, dumb, happy, and asleep at the wheel for a very long time.
The things I talk about in this little book aren’t committed to paper very often, because writers like to keep on living as much as anyone else. Over the years I came to take my knowledge for granted, used it for my own purposes, shared it with family and friends, and minded my own business. That is until I met a young man who grabbed me by both ears and pleaded, “People need to know this stuff!” Granted, people need to know, especially young people. So here it is, tied up with a bow, my personal gift to that young man and to his generation.
I heartily advise you all to take nothing for granted, to question everything, including what I have added to the pile. That’s good advice and I expect you to follow it, but there’s something more you need to do and it is considerably harder.
Once you realize how you’ve been betrayed, how you have been lied to, defrauded, misrepresented, and reduced to living in peonage for no good reason, it’s natural that you’ll be angry and get paranoid and start looking around every corner. The axiom that “there is no free lunch” will take on a different meaning, because you will know –really know—that it’s true.
Don’t allow this knowledge to enslave your heart and make you faithless and cynical. If you did that, you’d just be exchanging one kind of cage for another. We have to have faith both as individuals and as a nation. We have to still believe in freedom, in equality, and in justice. We have to believe that as ignorant, selfish, and greedy as human beings can be, we also have the potential to be wise and unselfish and brave.
We can learn from our mistakes.
The Magnum Mysterium that brought us here, which shapes our ends, which enlivens our minds, is not to be mocked.
The change in our country and in our world begins with each one of us. We decide who we are—debt slave or free man, coward or hero. We decide whether we are going to build bombs or bushel baskets. Seize hold of that tremendous power of personal choice that is in your hands at this moment, even if you are bound in chains and sitting in prison. You decide who you really are. You decide what you believe in.
Gary R. Owen
Spring 2012

See following addendum: Shinola 102

Shinola 102
Since writing the first “course” launched by this little monograph a lot more has gone on in the world. The entire world has been defrauded for generations and is undergoing a great change. As people have read Shinola 101, it has become clear that a Shinola 102 was necessary.
Most people in America do know or should know that we were fighting the British in the Revolutionary War. It should, then, come as a surprise to see that in the Treaty of Paris officially ending the war (which we won, by the way) that King George III was addressed as “the prince of the United States of America”.
Say what?
Yes, several years after the Revolutionary War ended, he was still “the prince of the United States of America”.
Which “United States of America” could he possibly be “prince” of?
In addition to the newly created District of Columbia, the king was prince over numerous in-holdings in the newly created States and also some small island properties in the Caribbean. These, after all, exist in the Americas. They can be styled “states”. They can form a “union”—– we have already gone over this, so the concept isn’t foreign to you anymore. Even back then, King George was the “prince” over the “other” United States of America, which became the seat of government with the enactment of the first organic constitution known as “The Constitution for the united States of America”.
From the very start of this nation, “the United States of America” consisting of the Insular States was a foreign government, and the Trustee enabled by the Preamble of the original Constitution was none other than George III of England, late tyrant. Also from the very start, the Vatican and its affiliates, the international bankers and the members of the International Bar Association had their fingers in the pie.
We live in a world controlled by interlocking trust directorates.
All 192 of the United Nations have treaties with the Vatican recognizing its role and status as Global Estate Trustee. They also have seats of government, a postal system, a monetary system, and a legal system established under the auspices of the Vatican and its affiliates. The Vatican runs its global estate trust via Postal Districts and establishes regional and local trustees on the land known as “Postmasters”. This is why you receive your international Passport from the Post Office. They protect their Trust via the Office of the Provost Marshal, which is in control of all land-based police forces, including the US Marshals. They created the International Bar Association and have established the court system you work for and within. All roads do indeed lead to Rome, and for Americans, that road runs through Great Britain.
Please refer again to the Treaty of Paris and note that the claims of the Virginia Company, the New England Company, Commonwealth Trust, etc., were all honored. The prince’s descendants still hold control of “the United States of America” defined as “DC, Guam, Puerto Rico, et alia” which is a Commonwealth entity acting as an instrumentality of the United Nations and the bankrupt UNITED STATES, Incorporated, through which it operates in commerce. These are the same entities that have always implemented the “federal government” first chartered under The Constitution for the united States of America, 1789, as a foreign and naval power. It helps to know that according to the 1824 Webster’s Dictionary, the word “federal” was a synonym for “contract” in the eighteenth century.
The fact that “the United States of America” was always of this nature is never taught to us in American schools, with the result that many people, even judges, are unaware of it.
“The Constitution for the united States of America” established a public trust indenture in the Preamble and a contract for enumerated services. In the Vatican system of things, the British Monarch became the Trustee for “the United States of America” acting as the federal government and holding jurisdiction on the navigable inland waters and high seas, while the Postmaster General became the Trustee for The United States of America on the land, the actual physically defined States.

The federal government is and has always been a foreign entity, a British Commonwealth entity, operating on our shores under contract. Unfortunately, this spin-off has been the only government we’ve had available at the national level for two hundred plus years, and the temptation to the British Monarch to take advantage of the ignorant Americans proved too strong and his Vatican masters proved too self-interested and lax to constrain the perfidy.
For profit, for fun, for spite, and to save itself, Britain has used and abused the Americans throughout its long run as Trustee over “the United States of America” and it has proven to be a wasteful, slack, incompetent, dishonest, greedy, immoral Trustee not only over the US, but over the entire Commonwealth.
To be sure, there have been plenty of Brits and Aussies and Canadians who are just as full up with Buckingham Palace and the British Crown organization as the Americans. The same exact kinds of semantic deceits, usurpations, financial frauds, “enfranchisements” and other evils that Americans have suffered have been suffered to a greater or lesser degree by all the subjects of the Queen.
Unheralded by the mainstream media, over a hundred thousand British veterans have marched on Buckingham Palace in recent days, and freedom fighters have arisen throughout the Commonwealth to do battle with the various elements of government imposed by the Trustee in Breach. It’s not just America that is messed up. Thanks to the sins, errors, and omissions of the British Monarchy, the entire Commonwealth plus the home Realm is in debt up to its ears, facing police state oppression, and peonage.
The obvious plan was to run up the credit cards of the Americans, and the Brits did a very good job of it, topping out at over $15 trillion “dollars” and rising.
How, you may ask, did the tiny enclave in the District of Columbia ever derive such complete control over the States?
First, you have to remember that the American national government (already acting under corporate and still-British auspices) went bankrupt in 1863, during the Civil War, and then you have to know that it has remained under constant reorganization, martial law, and declared “states of emergency” ever since.
Second, you must make the leap and realize that the same semantic tricks and trust reversals and false claims that were heaped upon individual Americans, Aussies, Canadians, and Brits, were also heaped upon their States and other political subdivisions. The same con game using reverse trusts and corporate “representatives” was employed against the States, Boroughs, Counties, Provinces, etc., just carried out on different levels.
I borrow here directly from another knowledgeable, but anonymous source:
In an Attorney General's report to President Eisenhower entitled, 'Jurisdiction Over Federal Areas Within the States', there is an interesting statement in Part II – Chapter VI – Civil Jurisdiction. (pg 145) It says:
"The exclusive power of legislation necessarily includes the exclusive jurisdiction. The subject is so fully discussed by Mr. Justice Field, delivering the opinion of the court in Fort Leavenworth R.R. Co. v. Lowe, 114 U.S. 525, that we need do no more than refer to that case and the cases cited in the opinion."
After discussing this in depth for a while, the Attorney General then states (pg 155) "A careful study of the authorities has failed to disclose recognition prior to 1885 of any civil law existing in areas under the exclusive legislative jurisdiction of the United States.
So what happened in 1885 to start this sudden proliferation of civil law under the auspices of “the United States of America”?
Same document on page 156: International Law Rule: Adopted for areas under Federal Legislative Jurisdiction. In 1885 the United States Supreme Court had occasion to consider the case of Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Ry. v. McGlinn, 114 U.S. 542. The court ruled: It is a rule of public law, recognized and acted upon by the United States, that whenever political jurisdiction and legislative power over any territory are transferred from one nation or sovereign to another, the municipal laws of the country, that is, laws which are intended for the protection of private rights, continue in force until abrogated or changed by the new sovereign. . . . Thus, upon a cession of political jurisdiction and legislative power – the latter is involved in the former – to the United States, the laws of the country in support of an established religion, or abridging the freedom of the press, or authorizing cruel or unusual punishments, and the like, would at once cease to be of obligatory force without any declaration to that effect; and the laws of the country on other subjects would necessarily be superseded by existing laws of the new government upon the same matter.

The Attorney General continued: "The rule thus defined by the court had been applied previously to foreign territories acquired by the United States, but not until the McGlinn case was it extended to areas within the States over which the Federal Government acquired exclusive legislative jurisdiction."
Once again, the road leads back to the Insular Tariff Cases and their direct antecedents.
When a State incorporates it loses its sovereign status, and when it accepts “federal funding” it acquires liens against itself, so that all States of the original Union have been slowly “redefined” just as the Americans themselves have been “redefined” as “US citizens”.
Going on with the Attorney General’s commentary:
State and Federal Venue Discussed: The civil laws effective in an area of exclusive Federal jurisdiction are Federal Laws, notwithstanding their derivation from State laws, and a cause arising under such laws may be brought in or removed to a Federal district court under sections 24 or 28 of the former Judicial Code (now section 1331 and 1441 of Title 28, United States Code), giving jurisdiction to such courts of civil actions arising under the "* * * laws * * * of the United States" where the matter in controversy exceeds the sum or value of $3000, . . . (Several case cites omitted) In each of these it was decided that the laws of the State (Missouri) existing at the time of Federal acquisition of legislative jurisdiction over an area became "laws of the United States" within that area.
So, how does the United States of America presume to pass laws upon the States that created and contracted with this entity to begin with, effectively acting in rebellion against its creators?
Another Insular Tariff case:
DeLima v. Bidwell 182 U.S. 179 (1900) If the law or treaty making power enacts that the territory over which the military arm of the government has extended shall come under the permanent absolute sovereign jurisdiction of the United States, a new and different status arises. The former sovereign then loses all right of reverter, and the territorial limits of the United States are in so far enlarged.
Put that statement together with the prior knowledge that the US has been operating under martial law since 1863 and it becomes clear that “the United States of America”—-the British operated Federal government—-has been purposefully at war with the unwary States of the Union and their People for many, many years.
The Trading With The Enemy Act and the Breton Woods Agreements simply made it more official.
To quote my anonymous friend:
“Did the United States government (confined to 10 miles square by the constitution) through military usurpation, extend the military arm of the government to include the 50 sovereign states? Yes they did. By this simple act, the 50 sovereign states came under the "permanent absolute sovereign jurisdiction of the United States" corporate government, ruled by the Commander In Chief, under martial law.”
Remember the Great Fraud pulled off under Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and how he was given 470 new powers as President, enabling this one man to rule over the nation in “times of national emergency”—-which means any time since 1863?
Yes, indeed, America, you live under a military dictatorship that has been foisted off on you by the tiny District of Columbia.
Moreover, this has been done to you by an entity that is civilly dead. The federal government is bankrupt and has been in Chapter 11 since 1863. Members of Congress are trustees of a bankrupt entity. As members of Congress, they can’t pass any positive laws. They can only address Public Policy and Resolutions which have no force of law, but as corporate board members, they can pass Administrative Rules impacting their own employees and operations.
So how is it that we are living with 80 million “laws” that are violently enforced every time we turn around? You’ve been “redefined” as a public employee as well as a “US citizen” and a federal franchise trust and transmitting utility and a “master” of a US vessel presumed lost at sea and a tax withholding agent and only God knows how many other “convenient” things that you are not now and never legitimately were.
Wake up and smell the java, Felix.
These provisions aren’t laws. They are Administrative Codes and Regulations that are applicable only to government employees and statutory entities.
Thanks to the way the Trustee in Breach has “redefined” you, you are considered both a statutory entity and a government employee. Your friend, the STRAWMAN is owned and operated by the government, lock, stock, and barrel. When you undertake any function it is presumed that you are working for the government, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. This is all unpaid, of course, and unscheduled also.
They “bring you in under statutory law” by asserting that you are a “US citizen”—and specifically, a kind of “US citizen” born in one of the 50 States United, who “relocated to Puerto Rico”. In other words, they are applying their statutory law to the Strawman and depending on your ignorance to snare you. The moment you step forward and answer charges that have been addressed to the STRAWMAN, they presume that you accept responsibility and will pay.
Thus the endgame that the fake State and federal court officers must play is simply to get you to “answer” the complaint before the court. It doesn’t matter what you say. You can say that you are “free man” or a “living man” until you are blue in the face. The pedal meets the metal when you refuse to answer the charges, refuse to accept the court’s jurisdiction, and clearly identify yourself as an interested third party to the proceedings.
Millions of people each year are dragged into court and processed like cheese by this system, using nothing but legal presumptions and misapplied federal administrative codes. The living man or woman receives notification of a court action addressed to their NAME at their address, and they assume that the action is addressed to them.
That is their first mistake. Quite often, they are “invited” to “petition” the court, and often, that becomes their second mistake. If you petition a court, you automatically grant it jurisdiction and jurisdiction is precisely what these courts lack. Their third mistake comes when the judge bullies them into making an “answer” to the charges. Making an “answer” creates the presumption that you are offering to be responsible for the federal franchise and gives the judge permission to sweep aside your defenses and throw whole code book at you—the victim.
Faced with any court action, realize that whether it says “state” or says “federal” it is always federal anyway. There are no “States” there are only franchises of the foreign federal government posing as states. This is why an action that starts out in State Court can be moved to Federal Court and vice versa. Under 28 USC 1331 and 1441, there are no state laws.
Additionally, remember that the action is not addressed to you. It is addressed to a federal trust and transmitting utility or a State of Nevada franchise trust of a City of Oakland franchise trust, etc., etc., etc.
Never petition a court of any kind for anything, unless you are bringing action against some other entity. Never “answer” any charges brought against you. Refuse to “stand under”—that is, “understand” the charges. Such responses are the equivalent of handing the judge the keys to your car and giving him your credit cards. Reply, inform, and deny consent to transact a security interest.
Put yourself in the scene: the judge is screaming at you, demanding that you make answer to the charges. He insists that he has jurisdiction over you and the subject matter based on something called “The Constitution of the State of Bummed Up”. What do you do? Take this merciless self-serving bullying and meekly give him what he wants?
No. Not at all. You calmly state that you are not the legal fiction “person” on trial and it would be inappropriate to make any answer for a trust and transmitting utility that you didn’t charter, don’t own, and don’t administer. Your only role is as the primary beneficiary of the NAMED constructive estate trust.
If the judge continues with his presumptions and demands, you can handily catch him in public lying.
All State Constitutions operate by establishing a public trust. All offices derived from such constitutions are trusteeships. If the court is claiming jurisdiction based on a constitution, the judge is pretending to act as your trustee. Of course, as we’ve seen, there is no State and there is no State Constitution involved in the proceedings. The Court is merely pretending to have a jurisdiction that no longer exists, and is in fact operating as a federal corporate municipal tribunal under Federal Debt Collection Procedures. So pop the judge’s bubble.
He says he gains jurisdiction over you and your property via your State Constitution. That means he is claiming to be your Trustee. So offer to personally appoint him to act as your trustee. If he were telling the truth, this would be redundant. He’d already be your trustee and he would have no cause whatsoever to object. What actually happens is that the judge declines your offer and thereby admits that he isn’t your trustee, which voids any claim that he has in personam jurisdiction over you.
There goes the bullying and demanding that you make answer to the charges right out the window. Lacking in personam jurisdiction, the judge can’t order you to do anything.
Half the mess is now cleared up. You’re free of the wreck. The judge is really in a bad place. He or she has claimed a jurisdiction that doesn’t exist. He or she has been caught lying from the bench both about the nature of jurisdiction claimed and about being your trustee. This is usually deep enough in the kim-chee for most judges to turn and run, and if they value their jobs and reputation, run is exactly what they should do.
Once these things start unraveling, they take on a life of their own, like water running downhill. Okay, sir, so you lied about the jurisdiction and you lied about being my trustee…..so let’s see what is really going on here, shall we?
The judge is actually the trustee of the STRAWMAN, responsible for paying off its debts and protecting its trust corpus. The judge is fishing around, hoping that you will be stupid enough to offer to pay the fines or the mortgage or the tax bill or whatever else it might be. For once in your life, Felix, you are not cooperating.
You will blatantly tell the judge that you owe no answer to the court regarding the charges being brought against the federal franchise trust and transmitting utility that the government has been operating under your name without your knowledge or consent. Flat out— “Your Honor, lest you mistake my identity because of the similar names, I am the Beneficiary of the trust named as the Defendant in this case, appearing as a Third Party Intervener, acting not generally.”
I am not the “same as” this trust and transmitting utility named as Defendant. I don’t accept the charges. I don’t consent to the transaction of a security interest.
I make no answer for a corporate entity that I didn’t charter, don’t operate, don’t control, and don’t administer, and which I was never informed about by any agent of the government, federal or state. This trust is YOUR responsibility, your Honor. You are supposed to pay off any debts this trust owes.
From here the pathways diverge into mortgage and tax and child custody and so on, and also into different levels of government. Most complaints will be addressed to FELIX LEROY SCHNICKELGRUBER, but in some cases, for example state property tax or “state franchise” cases, it will be addressed to yet another fake version of you, for example—SCHNICKELGRUBER, FELIX L.
Every change in the NAME is a separate bogus “franchise” trust being run by some agency of government or level of government. It’s all bunko. It’s all fraud.
The day for being shy about this circumstance is long gone. Stand there on your little flat feet and give the “judge” your best Clint Eastwood stare. Remember—he knows what he is doing. If he is a “state judge” or “magistrate” he knows he has no real, viable, honest jurisdiction. He knows he is occupying a vacant public office. He knows he doesn’t have the right to say jack to you and that you are in every way his equal, having equal rights. He knows that nobody died and made him God for a day. He knows. And he is lying and pretending to have authority and is abusing that authority to force you to appear in court and to make “answer” for charges that aren’t even addressed to you, concerning a bogus reverse trust entity that the criminal government has created to benefit itself and create false claims against your person and your property.
Smile, Felix.
You, the living man, are the beneficiary of the NAMED trust and transmitting utility. You have been mistakenly presumed dead, and your property interests have been placed in a constructive estate trust in error. Whoever has been using and abusing the corpus of the trust in your absence is liable for returning your property to you unscathed. All of your property—-your body, your bank accounts, your home, your land, you unalienable rights, all your material interests by Canon of Law 2056 must immediately be returned to you unscathed and unencumbered or the “judge” is guilty of fiduciary crime and must be removed and punished.
In this case, the false beneficiary credited by this vicious reverse trust scam is the federal government. Present the Judge with a Proof of Life and a Statement of Identity and a copy of “your” Birth Certificate.
The Proof of Life is sealed with your thumbprint in blood. The Statement of Identity is signed by two Witnesses. The Birth Certificate you think of as “yours” records the “birth” of the STRAWMAN, not you, and is a probate court document issued by an officer of the probate court—-the Registrar. You have the facts now and the circumstance is as clear as the all-capitals name printed on that little record from the probate court which announces the birth of a federal franchise trust dba FELIX LEROY SCHNICKELGRUBER.
There are a great many gurus who teach that this is all well and good and that this “commercial system” is harmless and even beneficial when people simply learn to navigate within it. I heartily, vehemently, disagree.
Corporations are designed for two purposes: (1) to avoid honest culpability for one’s own actions, and (2) to transfer property, mostly from the honest hard-working people who earned it to the benefit of deceitful governments, dishonest “trustees” and other charlatans.
The “corporate cancer” was imported to this country via the State of Delaware, which remains one of the leading centers of corporate activity in America.
See Delaware Administrative Code, Title 8, Chapter 6, Section 617 for explanation of how corporate entities are named using all capital letter conventions, also refer to the American Bar Association Legal Style Manuel which says that Capitis Dominutio Maxima conventions are used only to name (1) dead people and (2) corporate entities.
One need only look at the state of the world and how we got here to realize that most of the pollution, aggression, and misery of the 20th century was promoted and accomplished by corporations. There is a reason for this. Corporations are completely irresponsible alter egos of their controllers and shareholders.
If Monsanto, Incorporated, creates a killer wheat strain that renders all other wheat infertile, thus causing the death of millions of people dependent on wheat production, who is responsible for the debacle? The worst that can happen is that the corporation is sued out of existence, but its assets are purposefully “diversified” so that even if the main corporation “name” is killed off, the subsidiary branches live on like a many-headed Hydra. They just “reorganize” under a different name, offer their one remaining wheat strain to the helpless farmers, and roll on.
They think of that as good business.
I think of it as completely destructive and amoral; because “nobody is ever home” in a corporate entity, there is nobody to bring to justice, nobody you can “tag” and hold responsible for the deleterious end results. Liability is limited to whatever one has invested in that particular corporation. One’s own home and private property cannot be touched, no matter how bad, how irresponsible, or how criminal the actions of the corporation may be. That’s the whole point of being a corporation: limited liability.
Corporate cheerleaders tell us that without limited liability nobody would be willing to take the risks involved in creating new products and services.
The bizarre attraction of being able to do anything and limit your liability for doing it is intrinsically evil and immoral. It’s always Satan’s dream—have sex without the babies. Do what you like, and if it harms someone, oh, well, you’ve only got sixty shares at risk.
A corporation is at root, a lie.
All corporate entities are “legal fictions”.
They are lies—convenient lies, but lies nonetheless, and as the Bible tells us, Satan is the Father of all lies, we may be sure that the modern panoply of corporate entities are engaged in doing their father’s business. It is the existence of corporate “fictions” that has allowed the evils of “enfranchisement” as it has been practiced against the American People.
What you have always thought was your “Birth Certificate” is in fact your death announcement. Whose name is that recorded? Why, a federal franchise trust dba in your name was “born” on the same day and hour as you according to these fraud artists and what they give you when you request a “birth certificate” is actually proof that you have been declared legally dead and a substitute legal fiction entity has been created in your place.
You, faithful third party intervener, are simply concerned that this usurping false beneficiary might run up a lot of debt against your private property; you require the assistance of the court to sort this out.
Keep laying it down on the record. This is your circumstance. This is who you are. You are the Beneficiary. You hold the equitable title to the trust corpus. The trustee is obviously not doing their job. They aren’t paying the bills of this public trust and transmitting utility.
The judge is trying to importune you to answer for this corporate entity and wrangle you into paying for its expenses and misbehavior, but in fact, the court is responsible for discharging the debts of all these public franchises. It’s like two guys passing the bill for lunch…..oh, you pay it, oh, no, you pay it.
Additional light has been shed on the nature of the “States” and the authority of the “State judges and magistrates” by Rod Class, who brought four separate actions against the State of North Carolina and officers of the State Court System in 2012.
The Attorney General of North Carolina asserted Foreign State immunity as a franchise of the foreign federal government. This makes sense when you realize that there are no “States” and haven’t been since circa 1966. They are all franchises of the foreign federal government, thus they are “Foreign States” and can plea “sovereign immunity”. Please note that the second they admit to being foreign states with respect to you, you also, by definition, have “Foreign State” status and immunity from prosecution by them.
A nice Mexican stand-off ensues. They can’t extract a tax payment from you, and you can’t prosecute them for being criminals.
Upon being pressed, the federal franchisees in North Carolina revealed that the State Court System was merely a corporate contractor and was owed no sovereign state immunity. Moreover, the judges, magistrates, and clerks working for the State Court System were revealed to be simply employees of the corporate contractor. They have no foreign state immunity. They have no government backing them at all. They are occupying vacated public offices and are impersonating judges, magistrates, clerks, district attorneys, policemen, and so on.
These are felonies and they are being committed brazenly. Millions of Americans have paid heavy fines and spent time in jail for no good reason. They have been sentenced and judged by men and women who have no valid public office and no valid jurisdiction whatsoever.
Imagine that J.C. Penny has an in-house corporate tribunal to settle matters between employees and enforce company rules. Imagine that you are not an employee of J.C. Penny, but you are misidentified and hauled up in front of the in-house corporate tribunal, and sentenced to pay a fine. That’s the sort of thing that has been happening all over America for eight decades.
The only “state statutes” are federal administrative codes masquerading as “state” laws to make you feel better about living in a military dictatorship. Look up any “state statute” published in any “state” in the past thirty years and look for an enactment clause, a little statement telling you when this “law” was enacted.
None of these “statutes” have an enactment clause. None of these things have been passed into law of any kind. There are no state laws. There are only federal regulations.
The remaining “court system” that does exist was created under entirely different directions than it now operates under. It was meant simply and purely to be an Administrative Court— that is, a court where the People could bring their complaints against agencies of government and get relief. That is, the stated mission of the Administrative Court System is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what it is actually doing.
Quoting now from The Universal Postal Treaty of the Americas 2010:
“The UNITED STATES' courts are administrative courts who gain their authority under Title 5, the Administrative Procedures Act of 1946 and/or the Judiciary Act of 1789. These Administrative courts were established for the purpose of being the watch dog over public offices so that if and when the American people had their private rights violated they could file a complaint without cost.
These administrative courts were designed to give the administrative court the power of legislation; the power of the executive branch of government; to give them judicial power and authority. These administrative courts were authorizedto disregard laws, case cites, supreme court decisions, statutes, codes, rules, regulations and to change policy.
The establishment of these administrative courts effectively created a fourth branch of government at the request of the BAR Association.
BUT, this system was designed for use BY the American people, NOT AGAINST the American people. These administrative courts have jurisdiction ONLY over administrative agencies and NOT over the American people and were established as a vehicle for use by the American people to lodge and adjudicate a grievance against any administrative agency and gave this administrative court the power and authority to make the corrections without the lengthy process of introducing and passing legislation.
Charges can only be levied AGAINST an administrative agency BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and cannot be used against the American people. The people are ALWAYS the Plaintiff in these Administrative courts except when these courts are used to perpetrate a fraud against the American People.[Emphasis added.]
Congress, under 49 Statute 3097 Treaty Series 8881 Conventions and Duties and Rights of the States, placed all states under international law, making all courts, International courts. The International Organization Immunities Act 1945 placed all courts under the jurisdiction of the United Nations under Title 22 CFR Foreign Relations with Oaths of Office under section 92.12 and 92.31. Under Title 8 USC 1481 you voluntarily forfeit your citizenship when you take the Oath of Office in these administrative courts, and establishes you as a foreign agent required to register as a foreign agent doing business in the state.
These administrative courts, who gain their authority under Title 5 were designed to make the corrections within public offices, to make them more efficient and to hold agencies, and officers thereof, accountable for their actions. In these administrative courts only the American people can bring the charges for the corrections and the American people are ALWAYS the Plaintiff/ harmed Party. These courts have NO JURISDICTION over the people. No agency has the authority to bring charges against the American people or their private rights and property in an administrative court under the Administrative Procedures Act.”


You see now? “They” can’t address you as a living man or woman. You are all American sovereigns. They have to address all their charges and complaints against made-up legal fiction entities, because they have no jurisdiction related to you whatsoever!

Notice that they are forever talking about “Colorado Statutes” or “New York Statutes” and “statutory law” —- hello? Felix, they are what they say they are —-“statutory”—-meaning that they deal with “persons” created by statutes—corporations, trusts, transmitting utilities, foundations, cooperatives, and blah, blah, blah, blah.

Everyone who has ever been convicted of any “crime” or suffered a fine or judgment in a “civil” action adjudicated by one of these administrative courts has been the victim of identity theft and purposeful misrepresentation and misidentification by members of the BAR Association who have created, guided, and profited handsomely from the fraudulent abuse of the People and the court. They are the criminals. They are the problem. A great many of them need to spend time in a government sponsored retirement home under the care of wardens while they are re-educated.

Gird your loins, Felix. Lift up your head. Others have trod this path before you. Generations of Americans have fought this Beast, this Great Lie, which has resulted in the proliferation of legal fiction “persons” and legal fiction money, legal fiction education, and legal fiction religion—- legal fiction everything you can imagine—and it is all bogus. It is all nothing but a huge con job and racketeering and money laundering operation straight out of the 1930’s “Sting” Era.

Take time now to watch “The Sting” with Robert Redford and Paul Newman. They were trying to draw your attention to something important. So was the “Wizard of Oz” and “The Matrix” and “Braveheart” and so many, many other efforts that Hollywood has made over the years to try to wise you up. They even tried to tell you about the World Trade Center bombings.

There’s something not registering with you yet, something that should be obvious about September 11, 2001, something that has been at the edge of your consciousness from the start of the whole debacle: where is all this gorgeous film footage coming from?

They shot the “attack” from every angle imaginable in full–color high density digital of a kind and quality only Hollywood could muster. And guess what? There’s a reason for that.

It’s because a top drawer Hollywood film production company set up the night before and filmed the entire event.

Hello, Felix, hello…..yes, they were hired and they set up the night before…..and it wasn’t Osama bin Laden doing the hiring. The folks in Hollywood know what happened, and even circumstantially, they have tried to tell you the truth.

Just the fact that they were there, in position, lined up, cameras rolling from sixty different angles, should be enough to forever afterward give the LIE to what George W. Bush and Dick Cheney did that day to erase evidence of massive debts owed by the US Corporation and by other “national corporations”, including the USSR and ISRAEL.

If it cost 3,000-plus innocent lives and created the “public opinion” necessary to overrun Iraq and make the perpetrators more billions in war profiteering at the cost of over a million other innocent lives—-what did they care? To them, we are all just “livestock”—-like cattle, to be milked, and when the occasion suits, driven like dumb beasts by bought-off media cartels, and slaughtered.

Didn’t it ever strike you as odd that Dick Cheney took over control of NORAD and forced our boys in blue to stand down over the critical airspace, allowing these jetliners to plow into the innocent targets unopposed?

Didn’t it get through your knucklehead when Building 7 just “spontaneously” collapsed hours after the attack without being touched by as much as flying feather?

After all that this little book has taught you about the way “your” government works and how it has operated against you, do you still believe the lies you are being fed by the same criminal corporation masquerading as “the” American government?

The Beast is a Lie, a creature created by lies and legal presumptions and evil men in high places, but it cannot live without its illusions. Once the mirror cracks and it becomes apparent that all of this has been created as a giant criminal sting operation against the unsuspecting American People, it becomes our individual moral imperative owed to ourselves, to our children, and to the rest of the entire earth to STOP FEEDING THE BEAST.

Stop paying “federal income taxes”. Just stop filing. Most likely, you have no “federal income” and most definitely, you are not a “withholding agent” employed by your own Estate, and unless you are a very rare person, you have never knowingly, willingly, and under conditions of full disclosure ever agreed to import revenue or anything else to Puerto Rico.

Let all those poor struggling Puerto Ricans know that from now on, they won’t be bothered by having to funnel all your ”imported revenue” into booze, gambling, prostitution, drugs, and arms sales.

If the IRS importunes you to file, look the agents in the eye and say, “I know for a FACT that I am NOT a “withholding agent” and knowing that, I cannot sign any of the tax reports, because that would require committing perjury…..and as for your request that I file, you have no right to importune me to commit perjury.”

End of story. They are acting as “foreign agents” operating on YOUR soil. Show them the door and please, yes, do inform your local Sheriffs. Give them a copy of this little book.

Next time the “federal agents” come around with a “Notice of Tax Lien”, the Sheriff needs to notice that a “Notice” of a Tax Lien is not the same as an actual tax lien and that it is owed no enforcement whatsoever. Same thing with a “Notice of Eviction”—–it’s merely a “Notice” that is owed no enforcement whatsoever. Also point out that if the living man or woman should happen to wake up and realize that fact, it is the Sheriff’s butt in the ringer for carrying out an illegal enforcement action.

The Mortgage Fraud Supreme

Stop paying your mortgage. Just stop. It’s as bogus as all the rest of this crappola. By law, code, Federal Reserve rules, and Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures (GAAP) the “banks” have no money to lend. Zero.

They can’t lend other depositor’s money or credit because of the matching principle under GAAP. They are prevented by Federal Reserve regulations from loaning their own assets. Get the fact fixed in your mind: the banks have NO MONEY TO LEND.

That is, they have no money to lend until you walk through the door and give them the money to loan back to you.

Yes, that is exactly what happens. Just like the rest of this upside down and backwards mirror image world created by FDR and Company—–the bank “loans” you your own money.

Unbeknown to you, your Promissory Note has Actual Cash Value for the bank. It is legal tender. They deposit it just like they deposit any other legal tender.

They deposit it in a special escrow account belonging to FELIX LEROY SCHNICKELGRUBER, and then they write a check that you mistake as a “loan” from the bank and innocently deposit in a checking account that you believe is yours, but which actually also belongs to FELIX LEROY SCHNICKELGRUBER. The land and house deed and title and mortgage is all made out to FELIX LEROY SCHNICKELGRUBER, too.

In fact, other than signing away your natural equity interest in your home and land under the FALSE presumption that you have been given a LOAN, and other than contributing the ONLY real asset in the whole transaction, you the living person have no role to play in this fraud game at all.

Understand that a “check” is not money. A check is just an instrument used to transfer money between accounts. In this case, it transfers money between FELIX’s special escrow account (funded by your promissory note) and FELIX’s checking account. Acting under the false presumptions created by the bank’s misrepresentation of the whole process as a “loan” and itself as the source of the loan, you agree to sign a “Security Agreement” favoring the bank.

If you knew that the bank was only providing a simple brokerage service and that you were the actual source of the money for this “loan” you would never give the bank an equity interest in your house, but because you have been defrauded by the bank into believing that you have received a loan from them, you think it is reasonable that they would want a “Security Agreement” and you sign—giving them an equity interest equal to the entire amount of the “loan” to them FOR FREE. They didn’t pay a penny for the equity interest they claim to have in your home—-but, hey, you don’t own the home in any event. FELIX does.

Hasn’t it ever occurred to you in all the years you have been paying off this “mortgage” that you have never seen the positive side of the account? You have never been given an accounting of all the money and interest you’ve paid in, and you won’t ever see that side of it, because if you did, you’d see that FELIX LEROY SCHNICKELGRUBER is the Creditor on the account.

Tell your mortgage company you’ll pay them, if they provide “validation” of the whole account from inception, showing all the positive and negative transactions entered in the account ledger and disclosing who the actual Creditor on the escrow account is. Hint: it’s not Farmers Federal Home Loan and Mortgage Association.

So, you’ve provided the Actual Cash Asset funding this whole mess, the bank has received a 100% equity interest for free, and FELIX receives the title and deed to the property. The bank also “securitizes” their purported equity interest and bundles your “mortgage” up with other “mortgages” and sells these “mortgage security investments” to investors, making profit again. Finally, FELIX’s escrow account receives your faithfully paid “mortgage payments plus interest”—–after a while stipulated by statute, the bank notices that the money is just sitting there in the escrow account, and they claim it as “funds abandoned by unknown beneficiaries”—–you, in other words.

The real beneficiaries in this vicious reverse trust scam are the federal franchise and the bank. You, dear Felix, are out in the cold, totally, as usual.

Your entire role has been to act as an unknowing donor and unpaid administrator of your own estate.

Please note, that if you really were the administrator and really were acting in behalf of FELIX LEROY SCHNICKELGRUBER, the bank would still have a fiduciary obligation to show you the escrow account and the positive side of the ledger entries that credited your Promissory Note. The fact that you are only “presumed” to be acting as an “agent of the trust” when you sign the promissory note —and not otherwise—-handily exposes the grotesque lie and fraud for what it is.

If the bank and the federal government were playing fair and actually acting under the presumptions they use to defraud and ensnare you and your property, they would still have to show you the positive side of the ledger and keep you informed of the status of the escrow account, which they never, ever do.

So, let’s see— the bank gets to use the value of the Promissory Note credited to FELIX, plus the “donation” of a 100% secured equity interest in the property, plus they get to sell this equity interest for profit as a “mortgage security investment”, plus they get to collect all the monthly payments and interest as “abandoned funds”, and FELIX obtains the actual title and interest in the property, recorded as a Deed of Trust or Warranty Deed, etc., in “his” NAME……and you get?

Screwed, glued, tattooed, and, if your Sheriff is the typical ignorant, corrupt, meathead that the perpetrators rely on for enforcement, you get evicted from your own property and have it sold out from under you for failure to pay the “rent” due as “property taxes”.

How nice. How fine.

Why are you falling for this? It’s because you have been purposefully misled and self-interestedly misinformed by crooks. The banks have deceitfully and with malice aforethought advertised services they don’t have to offer, and acting upon the presumption created by their false statements and advertising, you have been defrauded of a very, very large chunk of your property interests, including your time on earth, the value of your labor, your home, and your land.

And fraud, dearest Felix, vitiates everything it touches.

“Vitiates” is a nice word in this otherwise deplorable circumstance.

It means no contract based on fraud, misrepresentation, non-disclosure and lack of equitable consideration can be enforced against you.

Fraud erases all claims, even signed contracts.

This might be a good time to note that only corporate officers have “signatures”. Living people have “autographs”.

When you “signed” that Security Agreement, were you offering a “signature” as a representative of the federal franchise trust and transmitting utility dba FELIX LEROY SCHNICKELGRUBER, or were you offering an “autograph” in behalf of Felix Leroy Schnickelgruber?

The strange fact is that the mortgage company never offers any proof or evidence that you were knowingly, purposefully acting as a business agent for FELIX—-and in point of fact, they cannot offer such proof. Only you know for sure in what capacity you were acting on that fateful day, and since a “signature” usually looks exactly like an “autograph”, there is no way for the perpetrators to prove what you were doing either way.

Moreover, their own strange lack of fiduciary compliance gives support to the fact that they themselves did not interpret your act as being done in a public capacity as an “agent” for FELIX—– if you were acting as an agent for FELIX and the bank really believed that you were acting as an agent for FELIX, why haven’t they been delivering a statement of “his” escrow account to you every month? You know—the account that shows the deposit of the value of your Promissory Note and tracking the monthly “mortgage payments” you’ve made, plus interest?

If the banks and other “lending institutions” were operating in good faith, which they self-evidently are not, they would give MR. SCHNICKELGRUBER’s presumed “Business Agent” a deposit ticket in exchange for his Promissory Note, and they would dutifully track all other deposits and withdrawals made from the trust’s account, and they would submit these records monthly to the attention of the trust’s presumed Business Agent, but — Felix?

Did you receive a Deposit Receipt for your Promissory Note? No.

Did the “lender” give you a monthly statement of the escrow account, showing the monthly payments plus interest being applied to the account? No.

Will the “lender” provide a Proof of Claim against FELIX LEROY SCHNICKELGRUBER, amounting to a “validation of account” showing every plus and minus since the beginning of the account?

No, you’d better believe they won’t.

If they did, they’d be doing 30 years in a place like the Rock for grand larceny, felony fraud, money laundering, inland piracy, unlawful conversion, conspiracy against rights, enforcing a peonage contract, false advertising, usury and that’s just for starters.

Most of your local bank personnel are completely ignorant, as you have been up to this point, and just crank along using the forms and instructions they have always used with no more thought given to what is actually happening than a dog gives to the stainless steel forming his food bowl. Yes, they are criminals, no doubt, but they are criminals in ignorance the same way you have been a victim in ignorance.

Make it a point to educate them. Give them a copy of this little book. Direct their attention to the “Notes — America’s Hope” added as an addendum, which is an abstract of the information contained in the book, America’s Hope by Thomas Schauf. Mr. Schauf used publications of the Federal Reserve Banks to prove beyond any doubt that the whole mortgage industry operates on fraud.

Also direct them to the definition of "Promissory Note" as a negotiable instrument at UCC 3-104 and "Promissory Note" defined as a "Security" under 18 USC and as a “monetary instrument” at 31 CFR 110.11.

For that matter, folks, go whole hog and “throw the book at them”——–UCC 10-104, 108, 114, et alia, 48 Statute 1, Public Law 89-719, HJR 192, Public Law 73-10, American Bar Association Unbound Volume 1938, 31 USC 53 section 5312(3)(C), 31USC5312(2)(r), PL 97-258, 96 Stat. 995, PL 99-570, PL 100-690, PL 103-325, PL 107-56, PL 108-458, 1USC 1362, 6 USC 6185(a), 4USC 405-409, 3USC 321(a), (b), 359)(a), 365(c), 4USC 6202 (g), 6203(b), 100 Stat. 3207-33, 102 Stat. 4354, 4357, 108 Stat. 2247, 2252, 115 Stat.315, 328, 335, 118 Stat. 3746, PL 97-258, PL 97-452, 16USC 831(h), PL 98-369, PL 101-508, PL 102-589, PL 104-134, PL 105-46, 5USC 5129(b), 98 Stat. 1153, 6USC 2653(a)(1), 104 Stat. 1388-287, 106 Stat. 1488, 3USC 31001(u)(1), 110 Stat. 1321-375, 15 USC Chapter 41, 96 Stat. 995, 1 USC 1362, etc.

This circumstance and the truth about mortgages is not “undocumented” hearsay. It is fully, even exhaustively documented in the Public Law and record.

We can and we must educate ourselves. We can and we must stop believing the lies and the propaganda spewing from corporate media cabals that have been purchased using the spoils gleaned from defrauding us. We must realize that the only money the “federal government” has is money they have stolen from us, and the only power they wield is also stolen from us.

So who is the “President of the United States of America”?
He is the CEO of a bankrupt federal corporation, and he is elected—-not by The People—but by that peculiar institution known as “the Electoral College”.
Properly, all American landowners are “electors” not “voters”, but since America has been de-populated and Americans (landowners or otherwise) have been “redefined” as “US citizens” there are precious few electors left. Those that continue to exist tend to have ties to the British Monarchy which has controlled the Electoral College since its inception, so that their man always gets the office of “President of the United States of America”. Note the small “t” on the “the”.
Most Presidents are closely related to other Presidents, and they are all scions of British Tories who owned land in America prior to the Revolution.
Thanks to our Mormon friends, much has been disclosed about how American Presidential bloodlines are intimately connected. George Washington is related to Abraham Lincoln and so on. There’s a reason for this. We have our own aristocracy in America and they are all related to each other within 3 to 6 generations, and they all derive from British subjects who came over during the colonial days and who, thanks to the Treaty of Paris, retained their property and their ruling class status even after the Revolutionary War.
These people are part of “the United States of America” ruled over by King George III as Trustee, and they have always been intimately involved in the administration of the so-called “Federal” government—-a foreign sea-going Commonwealth entity under the control of the British Monarch and the British Crown, more recently, circa 1976, defined as an instrumentality of the United Nations. They celebrated the Bicentennial of our “freedom” by transferring the purported ownership of our “states” to the UN.
The government of the Insular States, DC, Guam, Puerto Rico et alia, has never been successful or stable. It has been bankrupt since 1863, reorganized repeatedly like a bad construction company under Chapter 11, renamed, reconstituted, held under martial law—-and never showed the least little sign of being competent, well-managed, or responsible. The foreign entity operating as our “federal government” has always been an abysmal practical failure that has relied on deceit, endless borrowing of other’s assets, and strong arm military “intervention” as a means to keep its boat afloat.
Washington, DC, itself, the capitol of this foreign Commonwealth government dba the UNITED STATES, and most recently, as E PLEURIBUS UNUM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is known more for local corruption, crime, illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, and racial tension than anything else. It has consistently scored lower academically and had higher and more violent crime statistics than the surrounding states.
The US Congress has operated as the local municipal government of the District of Columbia (quietly renamed the State of New Columbia in 1984) as an irresponsible and unresponsive and increasingly despotic oligarchy since the US Supreme Court ruled that it need not honor the Constitution of the United States of America (aka the By-Laws of the corporate entity created in 1871) in “Federal areas”.
If conditions in Washington, DC, are considerably more depraved, corrupt, and unpleasant than in other states and cities, we can only attribute the circumstance to the fact that it has been under the oppression of the same foreign government for a longer period of time and with less option for self-defense and objection. It is, however, a mirror in which we can see things to come if we do not object and take action to recoup our individual legal and political standing, and from thence, move to take control of our “states” as defined by metes and bounds on the land.
For ourselves and our nation, we have to say the word “FRAUD” and we have to know what we are talking about and we have to mean every letter. This dish has to be served cold as ice, as resolute as death.
The federal government has purposefully sought to create and then take advantage of vacuums of power. The real US Congress adjourned in 1860, reconvened briefly in 1865, and vanished like the heirs to this kingdom thought to be “lost at sea” in 1868. In between, it saw witch hunts, strong-arm replacements of elected representatives in eleven Southern States, and the proliferation of military tribunals as a means to deal with everything from failed foreign policy to local protests.
A military “protectorate” is much easy to administer and martial law is much more amenable to abuse of those “protected”, so part of the problem that the foreign “federal government” faces is the need to constantly drum up “emergencies” and “wars” of various kinds to justify staying in that military catbird seat and refuse to cede jurisdiction to the proper civil authorities.
Thus we have had every kind of emergency known to man, endless wars, and endless trumped up wars of the “War on drugs” and the “War on Terrorism” variety and everything and anything but the “War on War” and the American People have been trampled on and run ragged and kept destitute—-the national equivalent of barefoot and pregnant. Our sons and daughters have been used for gun fodder in wars for profit all over the globe for the past hundred years and we have borne the expense of over 800 American military bases scattered over the globe, more than four American bases for every country in the United Nations.
Still the patient and long-suffering Americans put up with it and believe and celebrate all the tripe about “America, the Land of the Free” while the once-sovereign People rise up and lay down each day fettered and chained and living in self-evident peonage and as tenants on their own land and renters in their own homes.
If peace were ever allowed to be declared, the military-industrial complex would have to stand down. Real civil courts serving real living people would have to reappear. The President could no longer call upon “war powers” or “emergency powers” or whatever other trumped up excuse he might conjure to justify oppression and endless war and national emergencies. The military dictator of America would have to be recognized for what he is, and he would have to stand down and be divested of all his ill-gotten powers.
If you really want to cause these criminals heartburn, declare peace, teach everyone about jury nullification, and don’t let a penny of yours go to support
“the United States of America”. Clog their court systems. Boycott them. Break them. Do it in your own sweet time and on your own terms. Make them pay —-literally, to prosecute you until they have lost far more than they can ever gain.
Pursue your objects in court and in educational forums. Be calm. Be peaceful. Do not seek vengeance. Just keep on asserting “peace” and claiming your due rights and taking the moral high ground and exposing these foreign predators for what they are; refuse to answer their calls to arms, refuse to pay their taxes, refuse to pay their mortgages, refuse to believe their propaganda, their hate-mongering, and their fear-mongering and their false-flag attacks and just keep on trucking, America. Give back their “credit cards”. Close or disuse your bank accounts. Never accept a “loan” because it’s not a loan. It’s a highway into your pocket.
Keep on remembering your blessings and your God and educating your children, your family, your friends, your co-workers—-tell them what is going on. Tell them how it works. Show them how they have been defrauded, cheated, used, lied to, and enslaved.
Let the word be passed to the members of the American military, especially the members of the National Guard, the Reserves, and vets clubs.
The National Guard has been egregiously abused and forced to do duty more rightly belonging to the US Army and other professional military services. Why? It’s cheaper to abuse the Guard than pay the Army. The rats in Washington don’t have to pay the National Guard the rates and benefits that they pay the Army—-but the Guard units suffer just as much, die just as hard, and as often.
More than a million American Servicemen and women have been exposed to “depleted Uranium” and long term damage from radiation and radioactive dust resulting from the detonation of these shells containing nuclear waste. These people are staggering around untreated, showing obvious signs of radiation sickness, just like the poor children of Iraq: their hair and teeth fall out, their skin develops lesions, they suffer an inability to concentrate, loss of short term memory and nerve-related damage running a gamut from paralysis to epileptic seizures to strokes and odd “heart attacks” in which the heart simply stops beating. They develop many forms of cancer and auto-immune diseases.
The Veterans Administration ducks and runs, refuses to honor the needs of National Guard vets, refuses to admit the horrific legacy of the use of depleted Uranium shells on both military and civilian populations here and abroad. The so-called “depleted” Uranium being used in these shells is the same “spent nuclear fuel” that has been stored in salt mines for decades in the US. If it’s not dangerous, why do you suppose the government cashiered it away in underground salt mines under guard?
The answer is that “depleted Uranium” is still active and deadly poisonous for living things. The US government knew this from the earliest days of our atomic program. Under the criminal influences of the Bush Administration the natural impulses of human decency were swept aside, and our nuclear waste dumps were emptied on Iraq, and also on hundreds of thousands of American service men and women who transported those shells, fired those shells, and breathed in the radioactive dust released by those shells.
What can you expect from a government that regularly poisons the water sources of all major cities with fluoride, a by-product of aluminum manufacturing, used by the Nazis to make civilian populations docile? And dumb?
Hundreds of thousands of young Americans who joined the National Guard to serve and defend their home states have wound up strung across the far reaches of the earth in active combat duty on foreign soil without normal military benefits. No retirement. No extra duty pay, in many cases, no hazardous duty pay or combat duty pay, even when they are fired upon. No long term medical care. They are being used to staff these undeclared “wars” and police actions precisely because they are more subject to abuse and neglect by the government, and therefore cheaper for the government to use than the members of the regular army.
This misuse and abuse of the National Guard is possible only because we have no real States left. All the “states” are in fact corporate municipal franchises of the federal government, so the federal government faces no restrictions and no counterbalancing authority from the “states” robbed of their National Guard units.
Last week orders came down for National Guard units in Florida suggesting broadly that anyone who wouldn’t immediately and unquestioningly fire upon unarmed American civilians should be shot for treason together with their families.
These are the same orders given by the Nazis in the 1930’s and they are the same repugnant criminal orders now as then. OUR sons and daughters need to know that when they get orders like this, the orders are criminal and anyone who follows such orders becomes a criminal.
Nazi soldiers who followed orders like these and who gunned down innocent unarmed civilians were later tracked down and executed together with their families. The threat was made good on them, not by the evil government they served, but by the people they betrayed.
Let that stand as a warning and a lesson to all current and reserve members of the American military and National Guard. You belong to the people, not the politicians. We are your employers, as well as being your neighbors, your family, and your friends.
If anyone pretending to be the American Commander-in-Chief tells you to open fire on American civilians, it’s time to turn 180’ and ask yourself— on what authority? Do you think the American People ever granted any President authority to gun them down in their own streets? Hello?
Defending America means defending what America is supposed to be about—individual freedom and dignity, equal protection, private property rights, religious freedom, the right to say what we think and do what we wish with our time on earth. The only legitimate role the government has ever had to play is to protect the rights and the interests of the People—a role that this government has blatantly betrayed enough already.
After having read this book and having explored some of the main ways that these parasites have fed like leeches on our country and our people it should be self-evident that they will be running scared.
Bear in mind that these people have been allowed to run wild. They have been allowed to defraud the People and usurp the lawful government. They have been allowed to set up a “two party” system and maintain the Electoral College and so many other processes and institutions that have served to limit and curtail the rightful prerogatives of the People.
Every single thing that is wrong with the government and the nation has been allowed by the People who have been largely asleep at the wheel for four generations. So while we are correcting this mess, let us reflect that the criminal elements are in power because we didn’t pay attention to the government, we didn’t enforce the contract, and yes, we allowed this to happen through ignorance and sloth and disinterest.
If we want the world to change, we must first change ourselves. We have to tune in and get motivated and literally become the change we wish to create.

The Constitution – A Failed Covenant
Many Americans have been brain-washed into thinking that the Constitution is something that it is not. They have been tricked into placing undue importance upon the Constitution, have taken oaths to the Constitution, and so on.
The Constitution failed.
The Constitution lasted only about seventy years before it was overthrown.
It has been a relic for 150 years.
And still that “news” has not come home to the rank and file in America.
The Constitution never gave you anything, never “preserved” your rights, and never adequately defended you in any respect.
The Constitution set up a foreign government on your soil that you have been struggling with and against ever since.
Our Forefathers contracted with the Vatican, its affiliates, and the British Monarch, to provide services they could have and should have provided for themselves. After fighting King George for eight years, they gave him the red carpet, the keys to the house, and the credit cards.
All this talk about the Constitution is largely spurious and driven by people who want you to ignorantly cling to your chains.
They want you to preserve a “constitutional form of government” at any cost, because that ensures them a spot at your table, a foothold on your continent.
They parade around sanctimoniously preaching about the sacred Constitution, and like so many other things, it is all bushwah.
Ask yourself —- do we need a national government? If so, for what?
The answers will be pretty obvious, and it may occur to you that by piling a bit of money together and appointing someone to act as our agent, we could contract the job out, which is what our Forefathers did—- they obligated themselves to “the Constitution” and an agreement with a specific provider, known as “the United States of America”.
It has been over 200 years and we have had nothing but trouble with this service provider.
They haven’t kept their word, their bounds, or their obligations.
They have acted in breach of trust, have defrauded and abused the American People, have left us undefended from their own predation, have grossly misrepresented us, have been war-mongers in our names, have oppressed us, have conspired against our God-given and contractually guaranteed rights, have declared us “enemies” under the Trading With The Enemy Act, have issued Letters of Marque to members of the Bar Association directing them to come against us and pillage us when we were at peace with them, have surreptitiously sought to overthrow the rightful governments of the individual States and the People, have disrespected and “redefined” our only agreement and equity contract with them, and now, they propose to continue to lord it over us on the basis of this same “Constitution”.
Oh, gee, well, you noticed we weren’t abiding by our agreement—-finally, after trashing it and usurping it for 150 years, 80 years in blatant disregard….
But, hey, let’s let bygones be bygones and cling to the whole idea of us being brought together under the good old Constitution……that didn’t work the first time and which we abused and disrespected and undermined.
We’ll do better “next” time.
The only way to get rid of the evil that has infected this nation almost upon it being born, is to sever any relationship with the British Monarch, repossess the “District of Columbia”, give the rest of the “Insular States” the option of being in or out, and do away with such dinosaur control mechanisms as the Electoral College.
We cannot expect to “contract” with the British Monarch to run our national government and at the same time expect to live at peace. The truth of that is written in stone by the last 200-plus years.
We have been kept at constant war for profit by England. Our blood and our money has been wrung dry. We have been lied to, cheated, defrauded, disrespected, used, abused, taxed—-all in ways never allowed by “The Constitution for the united States of America” or by any subsequent variation on that theme.
The British Monarch has breached our Trust is nineteen lurid shades of day-glow orange for over a hundred years. The original partners have completely trashed the only equity contract they ever had with us, and no, we have no reason whatsoever to continue this relationship or do anything but void and officially end “the Constitution for the united States of America” so that we can start over with new groundwork, new partners, and a far better grasp of our own responsibilities.
Many of the conventions started by the Constitution are now outdated. For example, can you think of a single reason why we cannot all vote on how our public money is spent?
Today, Americans could directly determine what percentage of money they want spent on which functions of government. How much for administration? How much for health? How much for defense? How much for education?
Each of us could vote directly on how much, total, to spend on a federal budget and a state budget.
Those two public votes—how much to spend on government, and what percentage to spend on each function of government— would set the parameters and the priorities for both the state and the national governments. This “Budget Plebiscite” could take place annually along with other elections
We don’t need to rely on anyone to “represent” us in these matters. By making such decisions we would answer (1) where our values lie, (2) what our fundamental concerns are, and (3) how much are we willing to spend on government.
Our whole concept of “representative government” needs to be overhauled, because it hasn’t worked. In ten millennia of recorded human history, we still have not found a means of government that does not become corrupt, overblown, and out of touch. That includes the American Experiment.
Representatives get bought off. Representatives entertain their own personal desires and prejudices, often to the detriment of the public good. Representatives get caught up in the system they inherit and have to administer. Representatives seek their own benefit and the benefit of their own supporters. Representatives are corrupted by the power they obtain from exercising your “granted” authority.
There is no sure means that mankind has ever discovered of truly representing the Public Will or the Public Good, but we have had many opportunities to observe what doesn’t work. Any honest evaluation of what has gone on in America over the past 250 years and of our present situation, involves admitting that “the greatest country on earth” and the “best government ever created” has not lived up to its promise, indeed, hasn’t even fulfilled its commercial contracts.
The American Republic only survived 71 years, 1789 to 1860. The grandchildren of Thomas Jefferson saw its demise in the violence and deceit of the so-called “Reconstruction Era”—-which was not a reconstruction, but an overthrow orchestrated by the foreign “federal” government and corporate financial interests.
The nature of the changes made at that time were concealed from the People and that should not surprise us, for the treason of the perpetrators would have been recognized and they would have been gibbeted, strung up in public squares, and would have otherwise lived as marked men. The overthrow of the Republic and the introduction of “the United States of America” to “represent” the Republic could only be accomplished by deceit upon deceit upon deceit.
It would be comforting and tempting to characterize this as “British deceit”, because the British Monarch as Trustee acting in Breach of Trust played a pivotal and self-interested role. Also, the members of the International Bar Association, the primary foot soldiers of this undeclared war against the American People, were acting under the auspices of the British Crown. There is no doubt that the British were at the root of this covert and thoroughly despicable and unprincipled action.
However, just blaming the British is too simplistic. They were helped by Americans who sold their country for debt and profit, and by the offspring of American Tories who never forgot their ties to Britain and never ceased to work toward what they euphemistically call “reconciliation”. Six or seven generations after the American Revolution, there are still Tory families in America, gloating over the prospect of seeing the entire “US” under British rule.
They were assisted by members of the Roman Catholic Church who worked tirelessly to implement the Treaty of Verona, advocates who saw both the validity of their religious beliefs and their worldly fortunes tied to such concepts as Papal Infallibility and the Divine Right of Kings, and who could not see their way clear to imagine a world in which all men [and women] are created equal.
They were also assisted by a worldwide brotherhood of bankers, mostly led by German interests, who willingly collaborated, planned, financed, and finessed the details of the overthrow and continuing “war” for their own profit.
Like a woman raped in her sleep by a man pretending to be her husband, America has remained ignorant and trusting, mistaking “the United States of America” for the Republic which was secretively destroyed by these Anglo-European interests an incredible hundred and fifty years ago.
This is the largest and longest running fraud in human history.
Time has gone on and the Roman Catholic Church has seen many changes since the Treaty of Verona. The power of religion has waned. More and more the Church has come under attack from persons and entities that owe the Church not only respect, but political allegiance. A well-established collection of competing and often contradicting responsibilities have now led to the Vatican to take a stand against the continued predations of the British Monarch upon the Americans.

The Strange Odyssey of the Postmaster General of North America
Very few Americans know the name of James Thomas McBride, and still fewer are aware of his public office as Postmaster General of North America, but that is likely to change.
All 192 nations of the United Nations have treaties respecting the Vatican’s role as Global Estate Trustee. All have seats of government provided by the Vatican and postal services provided by the Vatican and its affiliates. All have legal systems, police systems, and monetary systems tied to and through the Vatican. The Vatican has been aiming toward “one world government” for a thousand years, and in many respects, it has brilliantly succeeded. It is part and parcel, intimately entwined, with every government from here to Brazil, from Brazil to Mozambique, and beyond.
The Vatican effort has been aimed at far more than establishing a religious hegemony for the Church. It has been touted as a means of “restoring justice” and “ending war”. It is thought by many innocents that the establishment of one world government operated under the principles of Christianity will lead to peace and plenty and the physical creation of the New World promised and foretold in the Bible. If there is only one government—-who will be left to fight? If that government is “ruled by Christ”—-what will anyone have to want or fear?
A great deal of ardor and idealism has attached to this reasoning and many good men and women have devoted their lives toward the goal of establishing such a “universal and governmental brotherhood” based upon the principals of Christ. Their sanguine and selfless example has prompted many converts and launched first the League of Nations and finally, the United Nations.
The Church has grown tired over the centuries of all their “children” quibbling, and wanted to provide a venue wherein the various nations could more directly and conveniently argue among themselves and resolve their differences—and hopefully, offer each other assistance, without the direct intervention of Papal Authority— a very literal enactment of Father Knows Best, embarrassing for the governments, uncomfortable and dangerous for the Church.
The Church does not like to directly intervene, because it is not really the Church’s role. Despite its willingness to organize and provide and direct services throughout the “Global Estate” the nitty-gritty of war and international intrigue is something that the Church engages in with trepidation and some obvious distaste: it’s not really possible to favor one “child” over another, without causing a mess and more bickering and more injustices large and small. It is better for all concerned, in the Church’s view, if the squabbling can be handled outside its purview.
Thus the Vatican has pursued its long term goals and at the same time, has withdrawn from obvious political entanglements. It’s good business. The Global Trustee must, after all, operate from a global perspective. The Trustee cannot say, bomb Iran, without messing up God’s real estate and killing God’s children. From the standpoint of a global trust, it makes no difference if the victims are Christians, Muslims, or Hindus. All war and conflagration is equally bad.
This obligation of the Trustee to act in behalf of the best interests of all has its plus and minus sides. Many have argued that the assumptions and presumptions that attach to the Church as a result of acting as Global Trustee has had the effect of softening Church doctrine, and reducing the moral voice of the Church to a mere whisper on those issues most crucial to preserving life and world peace. The Church, in answer, has tried to walk a thin line, the same thin line described by Jesus two thousand years ago—–to be in the world, but not of it.
In 2009, then, it was with great consternation that the Vatican realized that it was being sued for breach of trust by an upstart American named McBride.
He alleged that his government was in breach of trust, and that the Vatican, as the Global Estate Trustee, was responsible for oversight. After all, the British Monarch acting as America’s Trustee on the High Seas and navigable inland waters, had grossly overstepped the agreed upon boundaries, had usurped power on the land, had named the American People as Enemies under the Trading With The Enemy Act, had “redefined” the populace as corporate entities subject to statutory law, had imposed peonage via this mechanism, had issued Letters of Marque to the members of the Bar Association…..? How much more were the Americans supposed to stand without armed insurrection?
If it came to that, were we really supposed to fight with the Canadians?
McBride’s charges ran the gamut from spiritual to practical, and in the sum total, the Church had to admit that he was absolutely right. The American government was seriously out of line and the British Monarch was in serious breach of trust and the Postmaster General, supposed to be acting as the Vatican’s representative and maintaining the proper government on the land, was also in serious breach of trust.
A pretty kettle of stinking fish had been poured on the Pope’s apron.
What to do?
The Vatican named McBride the new Postmaster General of North America—-created an entire new level in the Postal District operation, making him boss of the errant Postmaster General’s Office in America, and also setting him over the Canadian Postmaster.
Armed with this new authority granted directly from the Vatican, McBride issued the Universal Postal Treaty of the Americas 2010, and in no uncertain terms spelled out what is wrong, and issued new marching orders for the members of the Bar Association and the Provost Marshals.
Any and all Americans who wish to seek remedy for the outrages committed against them in violation of their equity contract known as “The Constitution for the united States of America” are free to do so and claim the remedy provided by the Universal Postal Treaty of the Americas 2010.
The Vatican itself stands good for the action and requires the British Monarch, the British Crown, the Bar Association, and the Provost Marshals to come to heel. Inexorably, the dog begins the chase the cat, the cat begins to chase the rat, the rat begins to bite the cheese. Several thousand Americans from every State in the Union have taken McBride up on his offer.
Not surprisingly, the Obama Administration has not been pleased with this intervention by Rome, and has unleashed a petty but painful attack against the Church, threatening to tax Church property, and floating Obamacare provisions demanding that the Church offer abortions at Catholic hospitals and birth control counseling, etc. in contravention of Church teachings. The Church has pushed back by firming its stance against abortion and calling upon faithful Catholics to abandon their traditional backing of the Democratic Party.
It is not tenable for “the United States of America” to enslave the American People. Their relative success in doing this is only relative. Such a course will ultimately result in civil war in North America and the loss of the controlling interests of the Commonwealth nations in the United Nations.
Not only that, the American military would be split—nobody knows in what proportions—between those having sympathy with the Commonwealth and those having sympathy with the Americans. Tories versus Patriots, again. And while the Americans were busy sorting through their own unfinished business and dirty laundry, the rest of the world would most likely go to pot.
The Vatican, attuned for centuries to the Big Picture, sees that very clearly.
Far from harming the British Monarch, Rome is in fact trying to save the Commonwealth a deadly and self-destructive error. The Constitution must be honored. The maritime power must be withdrawn from the land. Peonage must cease. If it doesn’t, the Americans will unavoidably wake up en masse and shove Britain and its agents back down the toilet — a natural result of keeping the Americans down on the plantation for a hundred years and at the same time training and using them as gun fodder in endless international wars.
There are an estimated 75 million American war veterans. These are people who have stared down gun barrels for no good reason. What chance would Britain have? Especially when it has abused the Canadians in much the same way as the Americans? The Canadians, too, have been reduced to substandard living conditions, peonage, “enfranchisement” as trusts and transmitting utilities, deprivation of rights, lack of development, and a perennially soft economy.
If push came to shove, would the Canadians side with Britain, the author of so much of what is wrong in their own country, against the Americans? Or would the two peoples that have been abused by the same Monarchy figure it out and join together as one massive, independent North American juggernaut?
The Vatican analysts have already studied that one and have come to their conclusions. They are not reading the tea leaves in Britain’s favor. By creating the new Office of the Postmaster General of North America and offering remedy to the Americans and Canadians, they are making a heartfelt attempt to stave off disaster for their ancient ally and vassal, the British Monarch, and for the material interests of the entire Commonwealth.
Try to imagine the Commonwealth without the Canadians and the Americans backstopping it? Ask yourself what happens when Australia catches wind?
The truth is that the only way Britain can save itself and keep the Commonwealth together is by honoring its obligations to the Americans. So that is what the Vatican is trying to engineer— a return to rule under the Constitution, an end to the bogus claims resulting from “enfranchisement”, an end to de facto peonage, restoration of the private property rights of the People, and service under the service contract our Forefathers agreed to.
Will it come in time? Will it be enough?
Go to www.postmastergeneralna.org and sign up. For $260, you can reclaim your legal and political status as an American and obtain remedy erasing the claims that have been made against you and your property interests.
Many faithful students of the Bible say that the Church’s eleventh hour efforts will fail and that civil war in North America is inevitable. Others say that such war can be kept to a minimum, assuming that Americans repent their sins and wake up.
Here’s what I say— Britain lives and dies by the sword.
Their economy has been built on war and discord in all its forms and fashions. Brits have carried on constant war against most of the known world since the 17th century. The entire American economy has similarly been built on war and discord under British influence and auspices for the past 80 years. If the Brits can’t get anyone to fight with from outside the Commonwealth, they will have to find someone to fight with inside the Commonwealth, because they literally don’t know how to survive without war, death, and destruction.
They have been unwilling to beat their guns into plowshares, their missiles into water pumps. Instead, they have continued the mad investment in ever more precise and evil means to kill people and control them.
The end result of such warmongering is always and inevitably more war.
I fully expect to see it outbreak in the Middle East and on the North American continent, simply because the British are too stubborn and greedy to have it any other way. They have been at war with the Americans for 236 years, and for the past 80, the worst of it, they have pretended to be our best friends and allies.
Go figure. The circumstance should speak for itself.
Britain is not now and has never been our friend. The so-called “Mother Country” is a raving, ravenous, amoral snake, more than willing to sacrifice and eat her young. That thing operating in Washington, DC, is not our legitimate government; it’s a British cancer imported to our shores under a dishonored agreement known as “the Constitution”.
In fact, though it would come as a great shock to many Americans, the most appropriate action the American military could make, would be to target London and blow it off the face of the earth.
It is up to each of us to face the facts. Our government has failed. The American Republic has been dead for 150 years. For the past 80 years, even our State governments have been shut down. We have been reduced to living as tenants in our own homes. We have been reduced to peonage by the British.
They are deadly enemies of all those they pretend to befriend: Canadians, Australians, and Americans have all similarly been used, abused, and betrayed by British greed and deceit.
The Once and Future Question
It is apparent from the foregoing that the venerated Constitution failed to deliver, and that clinging to the Constitution as our ultimate “answer” now would be insane. If it failed once, it can fail again.
Thus, even the remedy being offered by the Vatican, which is basically to honor our equity contract as expressed by the Constitution, is not the final answer.
We must grow up. We must become “the free and independent state” that Jefferson spoke of. We can no longer drift along and tolerate the claims of the British Monarch to act as our Trustee. We can no longer tolerate an American Bar Association that has allegiance to Great Britain first, America second.
Changes, profound changes, must be made. We need to make the break with Britain once and for all, repudiate British land claims, repudiate British “taxes”, repudiate British intervention, repudiate British “representation” and repudiate British control of all kinds. Ditto their presentations to the United Nations, “on our behalf” offering our States to UN control—all that must be vehemently repudiated.
Please read the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act and the International Organizations Immunities Act both passed by the British Freebooters running “the United States of America” against the American People.
The first act of treason, the FSIA, relinquished all state laws to international venues. The second act of treason, the IOIA, relinquished all public offices to the United Nations. What, ho?
This was done by our “representatives” in Breach of Trust, acting without granted authority, and it was done for one reason. The Brits feared the American backlash that would inevitably come when their treachery was discovered. So they turned us over to the United Nations, thinking that together, the UN countries would be able and willing to deal with us.
How about this, instead?
The Global Trustee lives up to its job description and exercises its treaties with all 192 members of the United Nations and tells Great Britain to back off—entirely off, for good and ever, out of our American lives, our American land, and our American pockets?
And then we get rid of the vaunted “Constitution” which saddles us with a federal government owned and operated by British agents?
The reason that we have been so indoctrinated to “preserve and defend the Constitution” is that Britain has wanted us to undermine our own self-interest, to be like Zombies clinging to our parasite.
The Constitution was a bad idea put forth by British agents from the very start. It is still a bad idea for America and Americans, by definition crippling to our efforts to self-govern.
Let me say this once and for all time: Aaron Burr was right.
The Constitution gave back to King George almost all that the Americans fought for. It handed the King control of the nation in international venues. It handed the King the ability to control our trade. It allowed the King to tax us for His operations.
Think about it, now that you understand that the “federal government” is now and has always been a FOREIGN Commonwealth government operating on our soil—a foreign government created and empowered by what? The Constitution.
Still think the Constitution is the answer to our problems?
The Constitution is the cause of our problems.
In keeping with the lies and the deceits of the British and their minions, we have been brain-washed into believing that the very source of our misery is our salvation.
It is the same Satanic upside down and backward logic that these people mastered long ago, and which they continue to employ against the dimwitted and the unwary people of the world.
The Brits don’t bother to enslave you. They twist your thoughts and beliefs so that you enslave yourself.
So imagine this situation— for over 200 years, the Americans have willingly been enslaved to the British Monarch, all the while imagining themselves to be free and independent.
They have additionally been sold the fairytale that this freedom and independence has been guaranteed by a magical document known as “the Constitution” that everyone must swear to defend and protect—-and which is actually the means by which we are enslaved and kept associated with the British Monarchy.
So along with spreading the word and the understanding of what has been done to you, Yanks, and how it has been done, and by whom it has been done, let the word spread that the Constitution is the problem, not the solution.
The Constitution needs to be thrown out, not just reworked, not just enforced, because at the bottom of it, is an inappropriate and untenable relationship with the British Monarch.
For America to be free, for us to self-govern, there can be no strings left attached for England to pull, no beach front property for the British Monarch to use as a foothold on our continent, no agreement allowing British meddling in our trade, our foreign policy, or our operations on the High Seas.
The Constitution must, ultimately, be scrapped.
Americans intent on securing their legal and political standing are demanding the enforcement of the Constitution and its provisions. That’s all well and good, so long as it comes with learning the lessons and realizing the truth: if we had no “Constitution” we would not have to depend on the goodwill of the British Monarch or the enforcement of our contract by the Vatican.
Without the Constitution, we’d be free to manage our own affairs and have our own national government, which was, ahem, the idea put forth 200 years ago.
Let’s enforce it, and then let’s man up and kill it, once and for all
But, but, but, but……what would we do without the Constitution?
You mean, besides being free?
For starters, we could contract for services with agencies created by and owing allegiance to an American government instead of a British Commonwealth government.
We could clearly outline the basic natural and unalienable rights of all Americans by publishing an explicit and comprehensive Bill of Rights that every living man and woman could understand, claim, and defend in court.
We could educate ourselves and our progeny so as to no longer be ignorant rubes, helplessly at the mercy of those who have reason to use and abuse us.
We could establish our own monetary system.
We could direct our own foreign policy.
We could establish trade agreements that are beneficial to us.
We could refuse trade agreements that are not beneficial to us.
We could develop our own resources for our own use without regard for the ownership interests of the British government and British-based corporations.
We could establish our own natural resource and environmental policy.
We could use our “Defense Department” for our national defense and nothing else.
We could pick and choose what social programs we support.
We could establish a truly American Bar Association.
In short, without “the Constitution” obligating us to depend upon and consort with the British Monarch, we could run our own country and enjoy our own lives without being used as the pawns and playthings of madmen.
We could finally say “good-bye” and put an end to the longest running divorce case cum con job in history.
What would replace the Constitution?
Essentially we have to answer— how do we contract for public services, which services do we need at the national level, how do we pay for these services, and how do we establish oversight?
All nineteen of the original services our ancestors contracted for have long ago been parceled out to agencies, some private, some public, some competent and honest, some not.
For example, our monetary system has been contracted out to the privately owned Federal Reserve cartel, which obvious and terrible results.
Our national defense system has been contracted out to the Pentagon, with mixed results.
In addition to those services that our ancestors asked for, the Trustee acting in breach of trust has volunteered us to pay for numerous additional services that we never agreed upon.
National education services have been farmed out to the international teachers unions.
National health services are in the process of being farmed out to insurance industry consortiums.
Americans are not really obligated to pay for all the “extras” and frouh-frouh-rahs the British Monarch has imposed outside the original equity contract as padding—-things like Social Security, OHSHA, FEMA, DHS, FFA, EPA, and the endless soup of alphabet agencies.
It remains for us to pick and choose and evaluate. Certainly, the Federal Reserve has been nothing but a means to fleece us and needs to be terminated. Certainly, the Department of Defense has been abused and misused and needs to be overseen and employed in a far different cause and manner. Some of the services offered are now vital, like the FAA. Others may be worth redirecting, like the EPA. Others simply need to go away.
First, in enforcing the existing Constitution, and second, in growing beyond it, Americans need to be thinking, acting, and communicating with each other, as individuals and as States. A vast national evaluation needs to take place, and an equally vast plebiscite.
We need to answer for ourselves and our own time such basic questions as: what is the role of government? How do we establish control over government functions? What services should a national government provide? What is the role of state government? How much government do we need? Which services are we willing to pay for?
We cannot advocate continuing on with just a “correction” enforcing the Constitution. We very much need to face the need for a new national government, one that is uniquely and entirely American.
There is, however, one question that we don’t need to wrestle with, and that is—how are we going to pay for whatever governmental services we need? That question has been answered by nearly 80 years of profit-making cashiered away by all levels of the American government. The public sector now has more than enough investment income to carry on operations indefinitely with no need for taxation of any kind. See Walter Burien at CAFR1.com.
Notes—-Abstract from America’s Hope by Thomas A. Schauf, God bless him forever and ever:
Beginning at page 69, Section Subhead, “What Is Money in America?”, paragraph [3]:
“A Federal Reserve Note is the opposite of gold or silver (an asset); the paper money is a bank liability [exchanged] for the real money. It is a bank I.O.U.”
“Any asset…..can be bartered and traded just like money. A bank token [I.O.U.} by itself has no value. The proof is that no one will accept a check (liability/token) that cannot be cashed. The bank must receive an asset from us for free that has equal value to cash and can be quickly sold for cash to match the newly created bank tokens (liabilities) so that people will accept the tokens as money….” [4]
“The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago publication Modern Money Mechanics, (p. 2) uses the logic, that, if people use tokens in place of cash, then only cash and tokens need be considered money. The Federal Reserve Bank is wrong and here’s the proof. Cash is an asset. Tokens are bank liabilities representing the value of the matching asset earlier deposited, creating the token (checkbook money). The token is the substitute for the earlier deposited asset. The asset gives the token value, so the correct conclusion is that only assets are money and liabilities represent a substitute of the asset earlier deposited. The bankers have a secret. If you deposit cash (asset), the cash becomes the bank’s property and they owe you back an equal amount of cash or checks. If you deposit a promissory note (asset), it becomes the banker’s property just like depositing cash. The banks know you cannot create new deposits (liabilities, tokens, I.O.U’s, checkbook money) without first depositing, or loaning the bank, an asset (cash, check, or promissory note) to create the bank liability (checkbook money). This bank liability becomes a token/substitute for the real money, which is a bank asset. They deposit your money (promissory note, asset) and they keep the money (asset). They use your money to create a matching amount of private bank money (liability). They then return your deposit back to you as if they loaned you other people’s money, hoping you do not find out that they loaned you your own money.” [5]
“The proof is in Modern Money Mechanics (p. 2). Just as a token is a casino liability, checkbook money is a bank liability. The publication states, “This (is a) transaction concept of money.” It then lists demand deposit (bank liability/tokens) and other checkable deposits (bank liability/tokens) as money. The next page explains that banks learned how they could create money/tokens by exchanging (emphasis added) a borrower’s promissory notes for newly created bank notes (bank liabilities/tokens) and loaning the bank notes back to the alleged borrower as money. “In this way, banks began to create money.” The next paragraph states, “Transaction deposits are the modern counterpart of bank notes.” Remember that a transaction deposit is a checking account balance (bank liability/token). Then it explains how issuing a bank note is like making a bank bookkeeping entry that creates a deposit (bank liability/token) for a borrower, which can be spent by writing a check. The check merely transfers the funds (bank tokens) from your checking account to another checking account. Both the deposit and the bank note are bank liabilities used as private bank money (tokens). The bank liability is spent like money and used in place of cash. To use private bank money like cash, one first deposits cash (asset) or a promissory note (asset) having actual cash value. The asset is exchanged for a token (liability) or checkbook money (liability owing the cash). Every dollar deposited it matched with a new bank liability or token. Now the depositor spends the token like money because the real money was exchanged for a substitute (liability/token). No one will use the token as money without first depositing an asset so one can cash the check. The token is dependent on cash behind it if it is to be used as money, thus proving the real money is a bank asset (cash), and not a liability (token)” [6]
“Modern Money Mechanics explains how the promissory note is “exchanged for credits in the borrower’s transaction account,” thereby creating new money. The new money is then given back to the alleged borrower as a bank loan. Your Money and Our Money {publications of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond] claim that “the loan in fact becomes new deposit money.” Federal Reserve Bank of New York publication, I Bet You Thought….states, “Commercial banks create checkbook money whenever they grant a loan….” Then it gives the details on who the bank exchanges [emphasis added] a promissory note for a newly created deposit and the new deposit becomes new money. The publication then explains that checks are not money, they simply transfer bank liabilities/tokens from one checking account to another checking account. “They are simply order forms…..to move transaction balances.” [8]
“The banks want tokens as money because the borrower will not know if the tokens loaned came from other depositors’ labor or if the bank exchanged your promissory note for newly created tokens, loaning you your own labor (money) back to you.” [9]
“….We know that a check merely transfers money previously deposited. The banks claim that they do not steal nor counterfeit. They redefine it and call it good business or monetizing. Monetize means to make into money. They made the asset (house, promissory note, cash) into checkbook money/tokens by matching the value of the asset with new tokens [created with a few keystrokes out of thin air]. The economic effect is similar to stealing and counterfeiting, but monetize sounds legal. Redefining words does not change the economic effect of the transaction. Someone still transferred an asset from one party to another without the authorization of the one who lost the asset.” [15]
Continuing on, Subsection “Is The Promissory Note Money According to the Bank?” on page 75:
“I Bet You Thought….teaches us that the bank I.O.U.s (checkbook money) have no value without first depositing cash or promissory notes to create the bank I.O.Us traded as money….” [1]
“The same publication admits that promissory notes are money by admitting that any item having the following three traits is money: (1) anything individuals or banks “generally accept in exchange for items of value”, (2) a standard of measuring value, (3) purchasing power stored for future spending. When the bank sells, deposits or exchanges the promissory note, it is proof that the bank used the promissory note as money…..” [2]
“….In court, it is common for the bank to claim that the promissory note is money to the bank, but not money to the alleged borrower. How can it be money and not money at the same time? If they admit that it is money to the bank, then the banker must admit that they received money from the alleged borrower to fund the check. If this is the case, where is the money loaned to issue the check?” [4]
In Subsection “Did the Bank Deposit the Promissory Note?” on page 80, paragraph [9]:
“Your Money [published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond] states, “….the loan in fact becomes new deposit money.” Everyone knows you cannot have a new deposit without depositing money or something having actual cash value. A deposit is defined as entrusting money (asset/cash) in the custody of a bank to be withdrawn upon the depositor’s request. There must be an asset (cash/check/promissory note) deposited to create a new bank liability (deposit/checking account balance/checkbook money). The asset deposited was the promissory note, or they sold it and deposited the proceeds. They cannot deposit it nor sell it until they legally own it. To legally own it, they must first loan consideration (money or actual cash value) in accordance with the agreement. They cannot take an asset from us, deposit it, and claim it is their property without authorization, permission, and knowledge of both parties of the agreement. A bank must act as a fiduciary (trusted position) of the depositor. The conversion (unauthorized transfer of the promissory note from borrower to bank) took place at the time of the deposit. The deposit transferred ownership of the promissory note from the individual to the bank without any loan taking place. The deposit means that the bank obtained the promissory note for free and the bank used it to create an equal amount of new checkbook money (liability/checking account balance). Clearly, the bank violated contract law and acted in an unauthorized manner, transferring your wealth to the bank for free and returning it back as a loan.” [9].
The result of all this chicanery is:
(1) Fraudulent misrepresentation of an offer of a “home loan”; (2) Non-disclosure of the actual transaction; (3) Non-disclosure of value of the promissory note; (4) Theft of the promissory note under conditions of deceit and non-disclosure; (5) Deposit and/or sale of the promissory note and deposit of the proceeds in accounts belonging to federal cestui que vie trusts operating under the names of the living people without their knowledge or consent; (6) Mis-identification of the federal trusts as the Creditors owed the note and monthly “mortgage” payments; (7) Deposit of the “mortgage” payments in accounts belonging to the federal trusts; (8) Subsequent claims by the purported lenders that the mortgage plus interest payments were abandoned in accounts belonging to “unknown Beneficiaries” and seizure of the funds as “abandoned funds”.
Every so-called “home loan” in America which has been processed by an equally so-called “lending institution” has followed the same procedures and has yielded the same results.
Having become aware of this vast, vast fraud, the Associates at Spire Law Group have filed suit to stop all foreclosures in America and demanding the return of $43 trillion to the American Treasury:
http://www.scribd.com/doc/111301234/43-Trillion-Complaint Here’s the actual complaint
Oct. 25, 2012, 2:09 p.m. EDT —in MarketWatch…..
http://img41.imageshack.us/img41/5857/usaracketeeringonmortga.pdf Another source of the actual filing….
Major Banks, Governmental Officials and Their Comrade Capitalists Targets of Spire Law Group, LLP's Racketeering and Money Laundering Lawsuit Seeking Return of $43 Trillion to the United States Treasury

NEW YORK, Oct. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Spire Law Group, LLP's national home owners' lawsuit, pending in the venue where the "Banksters" control their $43 trillion racketeering scheme (New York) – known as the largest money laundering and racketeering lawsuit in United States History and identifying $43 trillion ($43,000,000,000,000.00) of laundered money by the "Banksters" and their U.S. racketeering partners and joint venturers – now pinpoints the identities of the key racketeering partners of the "Banksters" located in the highest offices of government and acting for their own self-interests.
In connection with the federal lawsuit now impending in the United States District Court in Brooklyn, New York (Case No. 12-cv-04269-JBW-RML) – involving, among other things, a request that the District Court enjoin all mortgage foreclosures by the Banksters nationwide, unless and until the entire $43 trillion is repaid to a court-appointed receiver – Plaintiffs now establish the location of the $43 trillion ($43,000,000,000,000.00) of laundered money in a racketeering enterprise participated in by the following individuals (without limitation): Attorney General Holder acting in his individual capacity, Assistant Attorney General Tony West, the brother in law of Defendant California Attorney General Kamala Harris (both acting in their individual capacities), Jon Corzine (former New Jersey Governor), Robert Rubin (former Treasury Secretary and Bankster), Timothy Geitner, Treasury Secretary (acting in his individual capacity), Vikram Pandit (recently resigned and disgraced Chairman of the Board of Citigroup), Valerie Jarrett (a Senior White House Advisor), Anita Dunn (a former "communications director" for the Obama Administration), Robert Bauer (husband of Anita Dunn and Chief Legal Counsel for the Obama Re-election Campaign), as well as the "Banksters" themselves, and their affiliates and conduits. The lawsuit alleges serial violations of the United States Patriot Act, the Policy of Embargo Against Iran and Countries Hostile to the Foreign Policy of the United States, and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (commonly known as the RICO statute) and other State and Federal laws.
In the District Court lawsuit, Spire Law Group, LLP — on behalf of home owner across the Country and New York taxpayers, as well as under other taxpayer recompense laws — has expanded its mass tort action into federal court in Brooklyn, New York, seeking to halt all foreclosures nationwide pending the return of the $43 trillion ($43,000,000,000.00) by the "Banksters" and their co-conspirators, seeking an audit of the Fed and audits of all the "bailout programs" by an independent receiver such as Neil Barofsky, former Inspector General of the TARP program who has stated that none of the TARP money and other "bailout money" advanced from the Treasury has ever been repaid despite protestations to the contrary by the Defendants as well as similar protestations by President Obama and the Obama Administration both publicly on national television and more privately to the United States Congress. Because the Obama Administration has failed to pursue any of the "Banksters" criminally, and indeed is actively borrowing monies for Mr. Obama's campaign from these same "Banksters" to finance its political aspirations, the national group of plaintiff home owners has been forced to now expand its lawsuit to include racketeering, money laundering and intentional violations of the Iranian Nations Sanctions and Embargo Act by the national banks included among the "Bankster" Defendants.
The complaint – which has now been fully served on thousands of the "Banksters and their Co-Conspirators" – makes it irrefutable that the epicenter of this laundering and racketeering enterprise has been and continues to be Wall Street and continues to involve the very "Banksters" located there who have repeatedly asked in the past to be "bailed out" and to be "bailed out" in the future.
The Havens for the money laundering schemes – and certain of the names and places of these entities – are located in such venues as Switzerland, the Isle of Man, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Cypress and entities controlled by governments adverse to the interests of the United States Sanctions and Embargo Act against Iran, and are also identified in both the United Nations and the U.S. Senate's recent reports on international money laundering. Many of these entities have already been personally served with summons and process of the complaint during the last six months. It is now beyond dispute that, while the Obama Administration was publicly encouraging loan modifications for home owners by "Banksters", it was privately ratifying the formation of these shell companies in violation of the United States Patriot Act, and State and Federal law. The case further alleges that through these obscure foreign companies, Bank of America, J.P. Morgan, Wells Fargo Bank, Citibank, Citigroup, One West Bank, and numerous other federally chartered banks stole trillions of dollars of home owners' and taxpayers' money during the last decade and then laundered it through offshore companies.
This District Court Complaint – maintained by Spire Law Group, LLP — is the only lawsuit in the world listing as Defendants the Banksters, let alone serving all of such Banksters with legal process and therefore forcing them to finally answer the charges in court. Neither the Securities and Exchange Commission, nor the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, nor the Office of the Attorney General, nor any State Attorney General has sued the Banksters and thereby legally chased them worldwide to recover-back the $43 trillion ($43,000,000,000,000.00) and other lawful damages, injunctive relief and other legal remedies.
James N. Fiedler, Managing Partner of Spire Law Group, LLP, stated: "It is hard for me to believe as a 47-year lawyer that our nation's guardians have been unwilling to stop this theft. Spire Law Group, LLP stands for the elimination of corruption and implementation of lawful strategies, and that is what we're doing here. Spire Law Group, LLP's charter is to not allow such corruption to go unanswered."
Comments were requested from the Attorney Generals' offices in NY, CA, NV, NH , OH, MA and the White House, but no comment was provided.
About Spire Law Group
Spire Law Group, LLP is a national law firm whose motto is "the public should be protected — at all costs — from corruption in whatever form it presents itself." The Firm is comprised of lawyers nationally with more than 250-years of experience in a span of matters ranging from representing large corporations and wealthy individuals, to also representing the masses. The Firm is at the front lines litigating against government officials, banks, defunct loan pools, and now the very offshore entities where the corruption was enabled and perpetrated.
Contact: James N. Fiedler877-438-8766 http://spire-law.com
This private sector complaint comes on the heels of public sector action taken on August 12, 2012:
Notes on National UCC-1 Filing
Not only are the living men and women the underwriters of the securities and beneficiaries thereof related to the federal franchises operating under their NAMES , but in corollary, the Sovereign States are the Beneficiary and underwriter of The United States of America, not “the United States of America” and not the corporate UNITED STATES, either.
See the UCC-1 Financing Statement  (File #0000000181425776) AMENDMENT which was completed and submitted on August 12th of this year.  The underwriter is not the “owner”, and just as the proxies of “the United States of America” have been offered a valid secondary under the Securities Act of 1934, so has the Trustee for the UNITED STATES:
Note: Debtor Name and Address:
Note Name and Address of the Secured Parties:  
If you click over to the underlying documents, the claim is just north of $14-trillion dollars, which is the amount owed by “the United States of America” operating through the UNITED STATES Corporation—an amount which is owed to the American People, via their proxies, their actual Trustees.
We’ve all heard the old saying that “what goes around, comes around.” It was a favorite of my beloved nephew before his untimely death, and it has resonated with me in all the years afterward. Sooner or later the cows always come home, the chickens to roost, and the good or the bad of what we have done in this world similarly accrues. These simple rules of life on planet earth are inexorable, the “slow mills of God”.
It would seem that sane people should realize this, and act accordingly, writing the Golden Rule on their hearts—if not as a moral imperative, as a practical fact. When you seek to control, victimize, defraud, or harm others in any way, you ultimately harm yourself. This simple lesson has yet to come home to the British Monarch.
Britain has been instrumental in keeping the world at war for the better part of three centuries and it has embarked on this course for profit. Apparently, HRM does not recognize human costs.
What is the cost of a man’s life? —Or a child’s health?
What is the cost of human suffering worldwide that has been racked up by this 300 year criminal spree by the British?
Those costs have not been tallied up as part of the equation used to run the Commonwealth, and when I say “Commonwealth”, I include the United States of America—-for such we have been, covert members of the Commonwealth.
Americans like all others living within the sphere of Commonwealth influence have been taught to revere the heritage of Great Britain, its courage, its civility, its arts, its humor, its contributions to law and science. For multiple generations we’ve been taught to see the British as our brethren, our friends, our allies in just cause.
Instead, it turns out that we have been “marks”, and too often, our soldiers have been rounded out for the Great Knacker’s Yard for no good reason. For all its many splendors, there is a ruthless selfishness at the heart of British culture, a criminal bent that underlies a fine veneer, a Satanic logic that twists and turns what is right and just into horrifying violence, deceit, and injustice.
Like the Roman Catholic Church, the British Monarchy is a two-faced, two-sided institution. The best of the best and the worst of the worst reside there, side by side, and too often the tides of selfishness, deceit, and greed have won out over finer aspirations and sympathies.
Throughout the English-speaking world a great reckoning has come. Violence, criminality, and racial and religious strife have come home to Britain, as it has come home to Australia, as it has come to Canada, as it has come to America, New Zealand, and every other enclave where the British flag has flown. It’s time to remember that we reap what we sow— we cannot reap prosperity or peace from three hundred years of war, fraud, and deceit.
Perhaps the best and only thing that can be done, is that the public sector be made to serve the private sector at last, and we all stand down in humility and contrition and forgive each other.
Having read this book and having understood at last the vast and terrible fraud that has been worked upon you, thinking back over how your parents and grandparents struggled and did without and sacrificed and how your own friends and family members died and were wounded in senseless wars—you may bridle up and wonder—-what have we, the victims, done? What do we have to be sorry for?
It’s the Queen and the President and the Prime Minister and the Pope—all these world leaders—who have been at fault for letting this crap go on. It was their job to see that things were done properly and that people were treated fairly.
Well, yes, it was. It is. We all have the right to expect better from our leaders, but when just and enlightened public service is not what we receive, we also have a responsibility to get up on our hind legs, look around, and demand changes.
What, after all, did James Thomas McBride do?
What kind of brilliance and desperation enlightened him to sue the Vatican for Breach of Trust?
Why didn’t we all stand up and sue the Vatican for Breach of Trust? –And the British Monarch, too?
Ignorance, sloth, disinterest in government and politics are but a few of the names and excuses. Our own ignorance, sloth, and disinterest, that is. There is no way to blame the cheats and con artists, the corrupt public officials, the self-interested bankers, the worldly clerics, and the rest of the bad guys in this story without also blaming ourselves. We abdicated the sovereign responsibility that goes with sovereign rights.
Pure and simple, we didn’t demand better. We let all this happen.
So now when it comes time to pick up the pieces, there is plenty of blame to go around and we each bear a share of it.
My Father was a German who lived through the Nazi Era. When I was a child he told me, “You must learn to care about law and history and finance and government, because otherwise, evil men will take charge in your absence.”
He spoke the simple truth of hard experience.
In the absence of good men, bad men rule. In the absence of knowledge, deceit triumphs, and in the absence of caring, injustice flourishes.
So make up your mind to take action, to learn, and to care.
I did. That’s how you came to have this book.
Gary R. Owen
The German Poor Orphans Society

Let us all realize that the promise of equality, kindness, sanity, and that we shall eat our own produce and drink the wine of our own vineyard is not in the hand of Man to deliver, and that we struggle at this time against “evil in high places”, against lies and the Father of Lies.
That should not surprise us. These are the same white collar criminals who smiled and sold the farm out from under us. These are the same men and women who subscribe to polluting your drinking water with fluoride, a waste product of aluminum manufacturing, and who lace chicken feed with arsenic.
These are the same insane criminally-minded dolts who advocate “partial birth abortion” and like Obama’s Secretary of Education, say things like, “Children aren’t really human until they are six years old; we should be able to cull them at any time until then.”
That, America, is what you have in charge of your educational system: Nazis. Not who–what. The same hideous, twisted, endlessly devious, insane, perverted, death-loving scum of Satan that left Germany in rubble has taken root in the highest levels of the American government. Nazism is like a disease of the mind and heart, a deadly inflammatory disease of the ego. It allies itself with power and presents itself as the epitome of “reason” when instead it is the epitome of oppression and social insanity carried to its ultimate conclusions.
If we let them, they will breed human beings like dogs and cats. They will “cull” all “unnecessary” members of society like farmers with a beef lot. Nazism lives and breeds and thrives on “ideals” of elitism, the false teachings of manifest destiny and the “divine right” of kings, Aryans, or whatever other group seeks to oppress everyone else. It is the natural and implacable enemy of the American Idea that “all men are created equal”.
Men like George Herbert Walker Bush were imported by the hundreds of thousands, pampered and afforded every opportunity under government missions like Operation Paperclip and Operation Mandrake by other madmen like Prince Philip, who once said that if he were to come back in another life, he’d like to come back as a deadly virus and do away with most of the human population. And he meant it.
Many world leaders are clinically insane, misanthropes, psychotics, sociopaths, narcissists, neurotics, and weird combinations thereof. Many of them are prey to drug and sex addictions more perverse and profound than cocaine whores in Harlem. Once you truly understand and recognize that fact, it makes it easier to understand all of the criminal and destructive actions that have been taken by world governments.
Take a hint, America. These men care nothing for human life—except of course, their own. They spend billions of dollars of your tax money and loans derived from “collateralizing” your homes and businesses on aging research, seeking the holy grail of eternal life for themselves, and death to all who will not serve them.
One of their favorite lies is that human population is out of control and that the earth simply can’t support the “exponential growth” that would occur without war and disease and various other kinds of manufactured destruction. In their view, humans must be constantly killed off in large numbers, so it might as well be done in such a way as to engender profit and inspire nationalistic goals.
Read “The Population Bomb” by Paul Ehrlich. It came out in the late sixties or early seventies, a doom and gloom classic that purportedly “proved” that there is a critical mass of human population and that by the 1980’s we’d all be reduced to eating straw. It’s nothing more or less than more “politically motivated” science that has been disproven and disproven, and yet keeps rearing its ugly head because people have axes to grind and the “danger” of increasing human population supports the sort of Draconian social measures they want to impose on “the livestock” anyway.
It’s the same thing with “Global Warming”. Nobody in any laboratory on planet earth has ever succeeded in making carbon dioxide hold one degree of heat. Carbon dioxide has absolutely no insulating value at all. You can pump a glass chamber full of super-concentrated carbon dioxide gas millions of times more concentrated than we will ever see in the atmosphere, expose that gas to radiation, and guess what? The heat drains away just as the heat always does. There is no “greenhouse effect” and there never has been, yet years and years after that fact has been determined, we are still being deluged with fake science built on false postulates endlessly and mindlessly prated by the bought and paid for press corps.
It pays to remember that in the 1970’s we were similarly beset with bogus claims about “Global Cooling” and eminent Ice Ages.
In these and in all other matters taken up by the Press and by the politicians, Americans need to be highly skeptical, resistant, and hanging onto their pocketbooks for dear life. The days when, if ever, you could trust the newspapers are long gone, and we should all know by now better than to trust the government.

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