Top 10 Illuminati Techniques – Monsanto NWo Crimes

Anthony Gucciardi
Sun, Nov 4, 2012
Subject: Top 10 Illuminati Techniques to Control Sheople More NWo Evidence Below

Illuminati Techniques to Control the Sheople…

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2012 Vote for Life… Partial Birth Abortion Obama Agenda…

Monsanto Funded Anti-GMO Labeling Campaign Gets Away with Impersonating Govt. Agencies

Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

What is Really in Vaccines? Formaldehyde Secrets…

Flu Vaccines to be Forced on Healthcare Workers? Citing Patient Harm

Lisa Garber
Activist Post

Big Banks Can Steal Property

Banks Can STEAL Property Through 'Appraisals' Even from Homeowners Who Make Payments!

Colonel Benton Oct 25, 1838 Newspaper Article…

I was researching for 1925-29 legislative info when I ran across the attached article from Colonel Benton, Senator of Missouri, October 25th, 1838. The original is a scanned copy and I typed it. If you would like to see original scan send me an email stating such.

Please send this to your list if you think it is helpful.

Quotes from the article:
"The position which I occupy has given me a near view of the working of that machinery of fabricated panic, organized alarm, and domestic manufactured distress, on which the tacticians of that Federal party rely on to gain possession of the political power of this country. Since the Veto session of 1832 the political part of the banks, and their confederates, have convulsed the country with alternate expansions and contractions of the paper currency, to make the people cry out for a National Bank; and they are now preparing for another convulsion of the same kind. "

"The country has recovered from the shock of the last year's suspension, and has recovered by means of the hundred millions of specie which our policy has accumulated, and by the exportation of an hundred millions off domestic production which the cultivation of the earth has supplied. Hard money and hard labor have repaired the evils of the bank suspension. In the one year the wounds inflicted on the country by the stoppage of 900 banks are cured over. The Republican policy and the cultivation of the earth have done the business. The hundred millions of specie has sustained all prices, and enabled all solvent banks to resume; the exportation of the superfluities of one crop has regulated foreign exchange and liquidated the foreign commercial debt. Our farmers and planters and the laboring classes are the real foundation of national wealth, and I am grieved and mortified that they do not stand forward and assert the pre-eminence to which they are entitled. In a late speech in the Senate of the United States, I endeavored to do justice to these meritorious classes, and to show that the annual proceeds of agricultural alone were worth a thousand millions of dollars, while all the bank notes in the United States were only computed at 100 millions of dollars, and consequently was only worth about 35 days' labor of the agricultural class. Democracy and agriculture have repaired the evils of the late suspension, and must repair the evils of the next one, unless they do better, and prevent it! The means of prevention are pointed out in the Presidential message to the extra session of 1837; the application of these means depends upon the people; and happily, the results of the elections, since the country has recovered from the panic, are auspicious to the party which opposes suspension, and announce success to the great Democratic policy of the day; divorce of Bank and State; no king bank; hard money payments at the Federal Treasury; suppression of small paper currency, and the general reformation of the banking system.

You congratulate me, gentlemen, on the bright prospect ahead; and you have reason to do so. The prospect it is indeed bright. Never did the country and the Democracy stand on a more victorious eminence than on this day! "

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