Obama & Hillary CIA – How Many More Will Die?

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Dan FairChild
Tue, Nov 6, 2012
Subject: Barry Soetoro Orders Christians Killed
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YouTube Preview ImageObama & Hillary Order CIA and Al Queda to Kill Christians

— Tuesday — November 6, 2012 — 9:05 AM — PDT —

Hi Patriots:

Hillary Clinton admitted she — on orders from Obama — hired Al Queda through the CIA to guard the Consulate in Benghazzi! Now lets see if we understand this! For years and years, the government has told us Al Queda was our enemy, and we even killed Bin Laden twice!

And now we are all palsy-walsy with Al Queda. So was the attack on the Consulate a deliberate hit on the Ambassador Stevens because he did not want to follow Obama's Orders to kill Christians in Libiya and did not want to send arms to Syrian Al Queda and the Muslim Brotherhood? By the way, Muslim Brotherhood may be the rename of Al Queda, because of the bad name Al Queda has been given since 2001!


Here is Article #2 on this:


Now Obama and Hillary have hired Al Queda to run similar operations in Syria!

Here is Article #3 on this!


Here is Article #4 — only now they are funding and equipping Al Queda and the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria:


And here is Article #5 — where it says distinctly and succinctly that that is exactly what is going on!


However, I do not agree that Ambassador Stevens was doing this, and I think they had him hit because he would not follow Obama and Hillary's Orders!

You make up your own mind on this, but first you should continue to do your own research on this because if Obama get's elected, then God help us, so you need to know the truth!

Your Internet Paul Revere,

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