2012 Obama’s America – Vital to Watch Erosion of Liberty

John Stacks
Mon, Nov 5, 2012
Subject: Vital that You Watch This – Losing More Liberty

Painting of Pres Obama Stepping on the Constitution

Mountain Pure Water Co Attacked by IRS Gestapo – Old Man John Stacks

It Is Vital That You Watch This


Obama Ordered ' Stand Down, ' 2 ex-Navy Seals Refused and Died Protecting Benghazi Consulate

New US Army commander of Africom, Lt. Gen. Rodriquez (relieved Gen. Ham), revealed Obama Ordered the "Stand Down" on sending troops to protect the Benghazi Consulate against AlQaida. The reason was probably to preserve his manufactured image as the squelcher of AlQaida, after claiming to have killed Osama, and thereby ensure re-election. Two ex-Navy Seals, who were never assigned as Senator Stevens' defense, died trying to protect the Benghazi Consulate.


Proof that The System Protects Child Abusers


Katerina Jeleva's 5 year Battle to Reclaim her son from Rogue Family Court System


Muslim Day Parade 2012 – Hate On Parade youtube…


In today's paper (11/1/12), Muslims are demanding that Broward County (Fort Lauderdale, FL) Schools adopt (2) Muslim Holidays and not have school on those days.

The video below was recorded recently in New York, NY.

Click here: NYC Muslim Day Parade 2012 – Hate On Parade – YouTube

Please send this to your friends and family to show them what is happening in the United States. It is time everyone understood what the country and world are up against: Radical Islam.

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