Dinar RV Dreams – Obama Orders Roll Out RVs

RJ Hender & Drake
Wed, Nov 8, 2012
Subject: Obama ReElection RV Terms

The White Hats Forthcoming Scathing Report #48


RJ, Thank you very much for sharing this info! It fits with Ben Fulford saying Obama agreed to go along with the Dragon family's agenda and with what Drake said this Wednesday night:
Something is supposed to happen by this weeknd or early next week.
Romney had been outed and is dirty.
It's no accident that the markets are tanking. The banks have been propping them up but no longer have access to enough cash to keep up the charade.

Drake reiterated that personnel in the Fed building were given 48 hours to vacate and banks may go down for 72 hours. He added that the Fed will be gone by 21 DEC 2012. Sometime after banks reopen, we'll be able to exchange Federal Reserve notes for Treasury notes, at a rate of one to one. (He vacillates on that point from show to show, sometimes saying we'll get half as much but the new notes will have twice the value because things will cost half as much. That seems unrealistic to me.)

Some other sources say Obama has been playing the part of a double agent, working ultimately for the good guys. Even Dolores Cannon has said for years that aliens told her Obama is "different" and one of the good guys. (She is a famous hypnotist who takes people deeper than is thought normal or safe. During those sessions, she sometimes talks with "aliens", channeled via her patients. Channeling is a form of contact equivalent to possession, considered disreputable and untrustworthy, tainted by the vehicle's own psyche and can be hijacked or warped by negative entities.) Obama has done so many bad things to establish his dictatorship, that I find it hard to believe he could be good in any capacity, but he may have made a deal to get lighter treatment and that would fit with your intel.

Drake is an enigmatic cat that changes its spots on the fly. He has a habit of switching his tune, reversing direction and contradicting himself. He often seems to forget or dismiss the primary action he originally touted to be taken by Sheriffs and Military. He typically tries to work up a fervor, saying "we're mad as hell and not going to take it anymore", think about losing everything to the cabal, and we must work together to fight for freedom, then fails to identify how precisely. He has ecouraged people to prepare for disaster, conduct citizen arrests, file lawsuits, empty bank accounts, stop paying income tax via paychecks, buy silver, spread the word, and join militias, but people need more specifics and most don't know how or aren't able to do many of those things. He goades listeners to get involved and take action but by doing what exactly? He has confessed that telling people what to do wasn't his mandate, just making people aware was his job, but if that's the case, why inspire people to rise up and fight for freedom, somehow? He fires people up only to leave most of them scared, lost, confused, and uncertain if the Sheriffs & Military will be involved or when. Sound like a psyop?

Your radio show has proven a better source of info. Drake needs to clearly define things the way you and your guests do. I learn more from your show than anywhere else. Thank you.

In Exchange for Re-election Obama Promises…

“What I heard was that the election was rigged Obama.has signed over 100 documents (favorable to us) to get ready for what is coming. If the would have let Romney get in, he would have had to sign them which would have taken from 4 – 6 months.and we wouldn't have seen anything until next summer. So with the rigging, they now get this finished. And when that is accomplished he will be out of office, which he knows. I heard that yesterday, after he was elected, he told the inner people 'alright I want everything to get going full speed.. I want to get these Deliveries done, we want to get the Global Settlements out, we want get NESARA coming in; we want to get everything happening,

Dinar RV Dreams
Mama Guru's Getting Answers

I'm surprised that I am sharing this new intel with you, but after all of the promises from the so-called Dinar Guru's I thought you may enjoy a few new witnesses to our Dinar RV.

Yesterday my boss told me that he has a wealthy friend
who has told my friend that our RV will never occur. This
so-called wealthy friend was made rich in the oil business and he supposedly knows lots of Big Shots in the top levels of the financial markets and his opinion is supposed to carry lots of weight.

On the radio I have interviewed lots of people who think they have all of the answers. I'm sure that you have met and dealt people like this, folks who think they know everything.

Yesterday my wife found several coins – with their heads up as she walked to the bus stop to pick up our kids. That should be no big deal, right? Today my wife came home to say that found a dime and 2 more pennies, with their heads up as she went to and back from he bus stop today. So, what is up with this? She never finds coins on the ground. My wife has never reported to me that she has found coins on the ground before.

What is real fun is that my wife had one of those vivid dreams last night that forced her to wake up with glee. Now, my wife has never done this before. This morning, as I listened with interest to the retelling of her dream, my wife told me how she found some silver coins in the street. Now, the first silver coins that she found were about 5 inches in diameter. As she dug to remove the silver coins, and there were many of them, she found many diamonds and rubies. As my wife uncovered the silver coins and jewels she also found plenty of gold coins as well in the ground. This kind of dream has never been given to my wife before. All day I have been wondering if there may be some sort of significance in this Treasure Dream.

Last night I received a call from one of my neighbors. This neighbor has a wife who has been having Dinar RV Dreams for over 3 weeks now.

I do know that my wife gets premonitions. When I was working outside of our home my wife would call me by the phone and she could tell me exactly where I was at and she could tell me what I was up to. All the time this wife of mine gets premonitions and then she gives warnings to our children that some times they heed and some times they don't listen.

Well, my friend's wife does the same thing with amazing visions and premonitions.

This neighbor of mine called me late last night to say that he was going to be moving soon. My neighbor's wife was given a new dream about our RV and they were instructed that they need to move closer to the majority of their children and utilize the funds from the RV of their Dinar. It's always interesting when my friend's wife and he gains the same witness to their separate dreams or premonitions. This husband and wife were separately informed that our RV is nearly here and that they had better get packing. He has been plaing to buind a new house nearby. Now, they may be
making new decisions with the proceeds from their RV.

There are more pieces of intel that I have been receiving new calls from a few people with fresh Dinar RV intel.

Lots of voices continue to shout that the RV is a scam and that it won't take place. I disagree with those voices who are working to discredit a very natural, lawful process to restore the value of the money system in Iraq.

JPMorgan Chase is heavily invested in the Iraqi Dinar. Since JPMorgan and CitiGroup and other Big Banks have been selling silver fraudulantly then these outfits are very much at risk right now. I would not buy paper silver or silver gold. If JPMorgan gets their way then the RV would be a giant shot in the arm for them. These banks are also working to force the price of silver down to $22 or $20 an ounce. It's outrageous that these Big Banks would sell the same silver to a hundred customers. At some point these outfits must find a way to delvier the actual asset to the customers they have sold this silver and gold to.

Only yesterday I received a note from an insider that suggests that the Presidential Election was rigged.

In order for Pres Obama to be re-elected in this manner Bam Bam had to make several new promises. It appears that Obama has signed over 100 new documents and he has ordered that the Global Settlements and NESARA and other financial packages be completed ASAP.

Shall we drive to the White House and ask Obama if in fact he actually has agreed to allow our RV to finish?

I believe you and I have every right to ask God the truth to any matter. Have you asked God about yoru RV?

After all the Guru's and Pundits have had their say, I assert that it's about time that we find our prayer closets and that we listen to His promptings.

We are all in God's hands. Try as we may, we all get to walk in to the merky future of this year 2012 and beyond.

I will continue to monitor www.theIQDTeam.com I know these people continue to watch the events in Iraq. I do believe that many Dinar RV decisions are in the hands of the IMF and World Bank and TPTB. These IQDTeam people do a nice job, but they simply report what they see. Many events are going on – at meetings that we may never see or hear of.

We are all doomed to find our way to our future…

RV or no RV we expect to be just fine. Yeah, we could be betrayed by evil people in high places. I do expect that God will play His hand in all of this.

Be Free, RJ Facebook Morning Liberty RJ Hender

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