Obama’s Marxist America – Prepare Now for NWo

Wed, Nov 7, 2012
Subject: Obama Marxist America

Lt Gen Jerry Boykin Degails Obama's Marxist America

from a Lt General who says it like it is


2012 Election 6 Ways the Winner Will Destroy America

Brandon Smith, Contributor
Activist Post


Dept Homeland Security Merged with Private Sector by Obama…

Late October, the Police State solidified, merging Homeland Security with the private sector, extending tentacles to spy on and grasp total control over every aspect of our lives. The Big Brother baby is born, from a fictional concept into reality. May the good guys (White Hats perhaps?), via legal suits and/or arrests, elliminate it soon! http://www.naturalnews.com/037871_Obama_executive_order_dictatorship.html

Black Projects Follow the Money


Advice to the Would Be Survivalist

Dan and Sheila Gendron, Contributors
Activist Post


10 Best Survival Books

Activist Post


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