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  1. k November 16, 2012 at 10:48 PM

    reason USA INVADED IRAQI in the 12 minute mark of video ,,

    it will make you sick in the stomach, the world leaders are dark,dark,dark EVIL.
    the iraqi RV belongs to the ananaki race of people ,USA stole a super tanker of gold, then set up a government to control by slavery iraqi people by design enslaveing the world ,the new banking system will be controlled by the NWO,new treasury notes based on gold stolen from else were in the world ,,
    we the people have not seen evil that is to come ….being from slavery placed upon blood lines ?
    physical off spring ,pluss born again off spring ??christians? ,, the end is blood lines dateing back to when gods had sex with humans , even the bible in genesis speaks about sons of god mated with sons of man ?all cultures report gods, if iraqi RVs it opens new controls of countries ,,satan does not give good gifts,,iraqi,syria,iran, are birth lines???remember egypt slew every 1st born because the messier was comeing ,jews crucified the lord,vatican slaughter millions of birth line born again ? no body knows who they are or were they came from ?in australia tv wants people to search blood lines family tree history ,, to locate blood lines?we in australia have a feema camp in brisbane ,ready, harp experiments done in australia, aust signed agreement to have USA military camps perminantly in australia ,,

  2. k November 16, 2012 at 10:50 PM

    this is the tube video

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