Morning Liberty Support – Will You Help Us Keep our Lights On?

Robert Hender R J
Fri, Nov 23, 2012
Subject: Morning Liberty Support Needed

Morning Liberty Support
Together We Can Turn It Around

On the Radio and with we aare doing all we can to shine the light on corruption and to help turn this Titanic America around. At this website are several Free, downloadable resources that I know you would enjoy. Dave Cleveland DVD's, Ogden Kraut interviews, News Articles, and links to listen to my morning radio program at

Your donation is needed to help me perform this work. A volunteer webmaster and several volunteer researchers help to gather and report intel for you that the Main Press ignores. We can't do this work alone.

We have worked hard to reduce our costs. Every month we have about $ 1,800 in fixed costs that we need to cover. We do all we can to work on the side to help cover these hard costs. Will you help us?

Every weekday I do my Radio Program 7 – 9 am pst and then I spend nearly 5 hours getting ready for the next day's interview. I then review, then comment and pre-post articles for in order to inform you on issues that matter. This website work takes about 5 to 7 hours of my time ever day. In radio I have been a Host for nearly 8 years out of the 22yrs I have in the business. CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX NEWS, Fox, MSNBC, HLN and other news sources won't cover the intel we deal with every day. News anchors for these sources must say what they are told to say or another Talking Head will replace them. The Truth is in Danger.

America needs us. We need you. Nobody gives me or my staff a paycheck for the work we do. There are 2 ways you can assist us… You could send a Money Order to Robert Hender P O Box 25 Ephraim, UT 84627 or you could help by PayPal and send it thru

Below are several Free Resources that you can benefit from and you could pass on to the people that you care about. Feel free to do so.

Please, would you pray and ask God how much you may offer to support these efforts? Even $10 or $25 or $100 would make a big difference. Thank You So Much… God Bless…

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