Economic Collapse – Obama’s Got US Ass Backwards

Dave Cleveland
Mon, Dec 3, 2012
Subject: Obama Shoves US Over Cliff

Senator Graham – 'We're Going Over The Cliff' – Vid

Obama Eligibility Challenged Again

Survival kits and trips to hell, doomsday hysteria grips Russia

Mine 'Sniffing' Dolphins To Be Replace By Robots

"The Whiter the Bread, the Quicker you’re Dead!"

City warns of cell phone cancer
PEMBROKE PINES, Florida (WTVJ) — Commissioners in Pembroke Pines, Florida have passed a resolution to warn residents about potential cancer dangers related to cellphone radiation.

US Birthrate Falls To Lowest On Record

Boeing EMF Drone Can Cripple A Nation's Electronics

US building bunker fortress to hide Israeli nukes, bio war labs

Israel to withhold Palestinian tax funds after UN recognition

Israel Will Build 'Settlements' EVERYWHERE

Turkey Presses For Patriot Missiles Over Syria 'Threat'

Syria Internet Back After 2 Day Blackout

FBI Intimidates Satanic Ritual Abuse Victims/Witnesses

Sammy Davis Jr Experimented With Satanism

Satanic Subversion Of The US Military

Harvard Approves Kinky Sex Club On Campus

Rabbi 'Forced 12 Yr Old Girl To Do Oral Sex On Him'

Pelosi Won't Defend Hospital's 1st Amendment Rights

Did Some American Indians Descend From Europeans?
Native Americans and Northern Europeans share a common ancestor, according to new research in the journal Genetics

Turkey scrambles jets as Syrian warplanes bomb border region

Almost half of Fukushima children now have thyroid disorders from radiation poisoning, officials blame 'too much seafood'

Army shuts down for Christmas to cut spending
THE British Army has been ordered to take an extended 25-day Christmas holiday or “work from home” in an attempt to cut its gas and electricity bills.

Now sick babies go on death pathway:
Doctor's haunting testimony reveals how children are put on end-of-life plan

NBC uses NFL murder-suicide tragedy to make plea for Gun Ban [VIDEO]
Bob Costas made a plea for gun control during his weekly commentary on “Sunday Night Football.”…if Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and Cassandra Perkins would both be alive today.’”

Massachusetts city announces: turn in your guns, get a free flu shot!
Hmmm… gee, sounds like a bargain if you're a brain-dead zombie. Me think guns bad, vaccines good, must destroy guns… take vaccine shots… watch TV… drink fluoride. Government GOOD!…

Seismic Evidence Implies Controlled Demolition on 9/11

City Attorney Tells San Bernardino Residents To ‘Lock Their Doors,’ ‘Load Their Guns’ Because Of Police Downsizing
CBS Los Angeles – The city attorney of San Bernardino is under scrutiny for telling residents to “lock their doors and load their guns” during a city council meeting

Lock Your Doors And Prepare To Defend Your Family
Economic Collapse | Do you think that is an alarmist headline? Well, I am not the one saying this.

Couple faces $97K in fines for using their own driveway

RFID (Beast) Tracking for Vatican Employees
Vatican introduces new security measures after Vatileaks scandal–
Vatican clergy and employees will be issued with an identity card complete with a microchip-tracking device in sweeping new security measures designed to prevent a repeat of the Vatileaks scandal.

Firefighter fired for installing Barack Obama toilet paper in firehouse bathroom
A Florida firefighter is out of a job after putting toilet paper with President Barack Obama’s face in his fire department’s bathroom

Doomsday Preppers Are “Socially Selfish – Preparing Themselves and the Hell With Everyone Else”
David Nash| Rebuttal: Doomsday Preppers are Socially Selfish.

Artificial brain passes basic IQ test
An artificial brain created by neuroscientists at the Unviersity of Waterloo in Canada can pass a basic IQ test according to researchers, reported ExtremeTech.

Turkey requested Nato missile defences over Syria chemical weapons fears
Turkish officials say they have evidence Assad regime could resort to ballistic missiles if air campaign against rebels fails

December 3, 2012
An important component in understanding current events can be found in understanding the prophecies in the Bible as they relate to modern history. These prophecies have a statistical record of being 100% accurate, which means they are statistically more accurate than computer analysis, remote viewing and predictive programming. In predictive programming, science fiction movies, books and other media are used to subconsciously implant a belief system or expectation of what the future will be like. For example…

Remote Viewing – Witchcraft with a new name

Is SUU rushing foreign students into college classes?
Of the 182 students enrolled, 158 are Saudis, according to the mission, which is concerned that the lack of diversity negates the value of an international education. The mission’s ban comes as SUU is investigating allegations that its unaccredited ESL program tolerates plagiarism by students…No other Utah universities allow international students who are learning English to enroll as undergraduates without passing an ESL program or a proficiency exam. It also appears to violate SUU’s published policy.

Palace says Prince William and Kate expecting a baby

Group claims 'Dixie' name inappropriate for school
ST. GEORGE — As Dixie State College works toward becoming a university, a minority group says the name Dixie has to go.

World AIDS Day honored in Salt Lake City
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – All across the world Saturday, people came together to honor World AIDS Day.

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  1. JOE says:

    Shortly after you and I are airlifted to safety, the last-days dictator will facilitate a seven-year peace treaty between Israel and its hostile neighbors.
    The signing of this peace treaty will mark the beginning of the “70th week of Daniel” — as described in Prophecies of Daniel. This “week” (seven-year period) will be a time of God’s specific dealings with the nation of Israel, so the Church must be taken away just before or exactly at its beginning.
    Beginning then and continuing through the seven years will be the unfolding of the judgments we saw in Revelation 6, with the opening of the seven seals:
    Religious deception and a false messiah,
    Wars and rumors of wars,
    Disease and famine,
    Earthquakes and natural disasters, and
    Martyrdom of Christian and Jewish people for their faith.
    Approximately 1/4 of the world’s population will be killed through these wars, diseases, famines, earthquakes, religious persecution and other disasters.
    Shortly after the start of the seven-year period, the Lord will put His seal on 144,000 Israeli-born, Messianic-Jewish men. These men will have a unique evangelistic ministry for the first 3 1/2 years of the tribulation period before being given a private rapture to be with the Lord.
    In the middle of the tribulation period, the last-days dictator will break the treaty, seize control of Jerusalem, defile the rebuilt temple, and go on a killing rampage to destroy the Jewish people. A faithful remnant will escape “to the wilderness” — perhaps the rock city of Petra.
    The breaking of the treaty will announce the beginning of the 3 1/2 year period known as the Great Tribulation.
    At the very start of the Great Tribulation, the Lord will raise up two witnesses who will prophesy for the entire 3 1/2 years. They will call the shots for God, predicting the arrival of the Trumpet judgments and calling plagues down on the earth.
    At the start of the Great Tribulation, the Trumpet judgments will begin to fall upon the remaining inhabitants of the earth. These judgments will bring the type of devastation normally associated with nuclear war, and 1/3 of the earth’s population will be destroyed.
    Shortly after the start of the Great Tribulation, the Lord will call a rapture for a second group of believers. These will be people (both Jews and Gentiles) who come to a saving knowledge of Jesus, the Messiah, during the first 3 1/2 years of the tribulation period. These are called the “numberless multitude,” as we saw in the lesson Special People.
    At some point, either at the start or sometime during the Great Tribulation, the devil and his angels will be cast out of their places in heaven and be confined to the earth. He and his henchmen intend to persecute every Christian and Jewish person remaining on the planet. Make plans to be elsewhere BEFORE that happens.
    At the end of the Great Tribulation, the two witnesses will finish their prophecy and the “beast” will kill them. After 3 1/2 days, the Lord will resurrect the two men and give them a private rapture to heaven.
    At the end of the seven-year period will come the Day of the Lord and the Battle of Armageddon.
    When the dust has settled, Jesus will return to the earth to set up His Kingdom and a 1,000-year period often called The Milennium. You and I will return with Him to participate in His government.

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