Obama Raping Our Liberties – Veterans Demand Rights

Dan Fairchild
Tue, Dec 4, 2012
Subject: Obama Raping Our Liberties

No Name Informant…

I can verify some of your guest's statements today. Credentials to comment: I was in the Army, am female, earned a Bachelor of Science degree, and was "scanned" by a military psychic.

1. Comparing a man and woman of the same apparent size and muscle mass, the man will be stronger, with the rare exception of mutations. Male muscles have two to three times more leverage, due to the manner in which the muscles are attached to the bone! That's quite an advantage. Does it mean men are better than women in every way or that women can't perform meaningful work, can't shoot a weapon, can't think as well as a man, aren't brave, and don't deserve equal pay for doing the same work as a man? Of course not. It just means women generally can't perform certain types of physical labor like a man. Likewise, normal men can't beat the average size woman at a leg wrestling match because women have much greater leverage in the hip area. The female brain has been proven to be better at multi-tasking. Women can birth children. Do these traits make women better than men? No more than vice versa. Certain skills are more useful than others in specific circumstances, but beyond that, nobody is better than or more worthy to live than anyone else.

Regarding the special protections "required" by women that the military cites as a hindrance, the fact is that men have just as big a problem with rape by other men, especially in the military. Statistically, the rate of male rape victims is almost equal to that of female rape victims and that's just counting the cases that are reported to police. Most male victims refuse to report the crime. Our mainstream media isn't allowed to mention these facts, except in the odd extreme case, like one that includes cannibalism. The reason for hiding the truth is to perpetuate the image of females and children as victims, worth less than men, and subordinate. News reports of female and child rapes keeps women and children afraid. Fear keeps people weak and impotent. The Military has always had the most serious problem. Although men can usually fight back better than women and children, some rapists say they prefer their victims to be strong and to fight hard. Their thrill is in overcoming great resistance and taking power. This is well understood in academia, but the subject is still a cultural taboo. Can't talk about males being raped, especially in the military, but it's acceptable, even encouraged, to talk freely about females and children being raped. That reinforces the perception of male dominance being a god-given "natural" right and that hierarchical control by men at the top of the food chain totem pole is "normal", thus preserving their ego and machismo. In reality, might doesn't necessarily make right.

The negative way females have been integrated into the military is obviously counterproductive, creates internal conflicts, and weakens our forces. I can say, with first hand experience, this situation appears to have been perpetrated deliberately.

2. Aberdeen Proving Ground, a military research site, hired a Psychic in the 1970's, who also taught classes on the outside and accepted money to perform "readings". I met her and she read my mind. It was frightening. I could feel it happening, like someone rumaging through my head. It was so disturbing that I tried to block it. She was surprised because it worked. She couldn't get past a certain point. She told my Mom I had talent and she could train me. I was too afraid. I liked her, but sensed some kind of danger. I didn't know about the Stargate remote viewing going on at the Proving Ground back then. Perhaps she was attempting to recruit me.

My experience lends some credence to your guest's comments today that "witchcraft" has been weaponized. That's probably been true, behind the scenes, in secret, throughout history. What warmongering government throws away power?

Remote viewing could involve some trickery by negative elements. Automatic writing is a form of possession which is likely negative as well. Does that mean all psychic phenomena are "evil"? Certainly not.

Veterans Gun Rights and American Cyber Security

Hi Patriots:

If you are a Veteran or if someone in your family is a Veteran, or if you know a Veteran,
you may want to pay attention to this issue!

Here I provide you a Series of Links to Articles on this issue before Congress now!

Article #1 from the Huffington Post:


Here is a Fox News Article:


Here is the Kansas City Star's Article on this:


Please remember, most news companies get their news from Reuters, a British Company, which is owned by the Rothschild's, the New World Orderist's Scum!
Therefore, this explains the similarity of the Articles!

Now they have added this to the cyber-security bill also!


Now my take on this! Remember incrementalism, That is where they introduce something that is only part of what they really want, therefore, they take it apart into pieces and work to get one thing or one piece passed at a time! If they take guns away from veterans, who is going to make the determination? With Veteran's, the Veteran Administration and Veterans Hospitals are an enforcement arm of the government, but they do it under the guise of claiming to be there to help Veterans!

>Oh contrair — mona mia! They are there as an arm of the government to enforce government doctrine, they do not give a crap about the Veteran! I am a perfect example, since coming back from Vietnam as a Wounded Veteran,, I have been encumbered with affects fo Agent Orange!….So the Veterans's Administration/Hospital has me on Statin Drugs — supposedly as a drug to treat the sysmptons of Agent Orange. Initially I trusted them and took the Statin Drugs, but when I noticed I was having problems with blood pressure and chest pains, I stopped taking them, and the symptoms went away! After researching Statin Drugs, I found they are dangerous if take for long periods. They cause heart attacks among other ailments. Did the Veterans Hospital care? No not one iota! The Veterans Hospitals are there as euthenasia centers to kill the veterans! Period! If you believe anything else, you are an idiot!

So who will be the next group be, who are identified as needing to have their gun rights repealled and guns confiscated? Blue eyed blond head men and women, or those who worked for the government in the past in any agency! You can bet your sweet bippy that they have already identified the next group who should have their guns confiscated! One group incrementally at a time! Maybe elderly women? Or all men since it would be men who do the majority of the fighting in a militia group! Maybe people with young children! Maybe handicapped people? Maybe farmers? Maybe Militias? Where does it stop? It doesn't until they have all the guns! There comes a point where you and I will have to say enough is enough, and take our country back! Just in the last 8 years, look at the rights you have already lost! You better get proficient at taking down drowns with bow and arrows and sling shots if they take away your guns! I thought that threshold would have been having a non-american born communist in the white house, would have been enough! But apprently not, because now you have him for another 4 years! Good Job America! You seem to love Communism!

It is time to take a stand now! Write your congress-critters and tell not only no on taking Veterans Guns, but tell them "Hell-No"!

Also remember, agencies like Medicare, Obama-Care, are similar Government Agencies to the Veterans Administration and Veterans Hospitals, therefore, this will apply to anyone being cared for under those Arms of This Communist Government! Therefore, their guns will be taken away also!

Let's back-track to Vietnam where Veteran's (like myself) was sprayed with Agent Orange, and other herbicides, pesticides, and even experimental ammunition (like depleted nuclear material)! If you think that Iraq and Afghanistan were the first uses of this highly toxic munitions, you need to do a little more research. The first use of these materials were used in Vietnam secretly! If you believe the Federal Government on anything, you need to check yourself into a mental institute but when you do, they will come search your home, take your weapons, etc. And if your valuables disappear also, oh well, its your fault for leaving it somewhere it could be found! No knock search warrants happen every day in America now! Do you want to be next! Maybe you like life in a Detention Camp or Concentration Camp, but I don't intend to end up in one, where no one knows where I am, and no one can find out! Where a person just rots away into oblivion, or where they just take you out and shoot you!

You men, had better check your manhood, it is time to prepare to do something about this crap!

I'd rather go down fighting! At least I and everyone I know will remember me as a brave-patriot who went down because of fighting for what I believe in! Will anyone remember you for standing by and doing nothing! I think any man who does not stand up, should be shot as cowards!

You all better decide, and contact Your Congress and Senate Critters today!

Your Internet Paul Revere,
Dan Fairchild

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