Dinar RV Lottery – Bullet Proof Your Ass-ets

Sun, Dec 9 2012
Subject: Bullet Proof Your Financial Ass

Dinar Recaps 9 DEC 2012 Snippets:
[Kennypth] terryk ….we going to have to wait past Sunday night to know….like Monday or Tuesday…..or Snnday night we will know all if your intel is correct?

[terryk] well i really cant say i was told today that the forex may hold the iqd until tue but i dont understand how they can do that is o addressing someone soon
[Agent 007] very soon hopefully
[duffy2] tk: so, pp’s do or don’t have anything to do with it appearing on forex or wherever???[terryk] they do pp need to go first what im being told its the hold …

[duffy2] tk: Thought they were already out as of yesterday or to be??

[terryk] they are do you know how many packages 3697 is what i was told and they have to be hand delivered all by one guy the right guy


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In 1999 specialized terms and conditions for "Complex, Non-Grantor, Irrevocable, Discretionary Trusts" were created that were unique in that for the first time

a control position was placed within this 500 year old trust format that would allow a Settlor (= Creator) of a trust to govern the actions of a trustee and the conduct

of the beneficiaries without personal association with it. These trusts meet all the requirements of the tax code, the concepts of the late Professor Austin Wakeman

Scott of Harvard Law School (Dean of Harvard Law School, President of Harvard University and Author

of Scott on Trusts), the foremost authority on trust law and the codes and relevant statutes of the legal system.

There are three (3) Attorney Opinions never overturned, (one is a judge).

It was the desire of one of Professor Scott's premier students, a very prominent New York Trust and Tax Attorney, to make available to the more average wealth builder a secure method for protection

of assets with the same benefits as realized by the most successful families and persons since the first Irrevocable Spendthrift was produced in 1534 Europe. In 500 years these instruments have

never been penetrated or broken unless and only under conditions of "fraudulent conveyance" that was proven in a court of law. These trusts are almost impossible for the "guy on the street" to find

or obtain through research or mainstream access. They are and always have been the closely guarded secret of the elite wealthy used to preserve their wealth, especially in times of turmoil and

financial disaster.

These Trusts provide complete asset protection, because the Trust assets are exempt from even a turnover orders when used in a lawful manner. If a creditor

brings an action against an individual or company that is operating in the structure of Irrevocable Spendthrift Trusts, and even if they should get a judgment, they are unable to reach any

assets that are within the trust. If an individual or business is sued in a damage case (as is the case with doctors, professionals and companies) and even, if they are assessed a huge award by a court

for damages, the judgment is not enforceable as to the assets and bank accounts of the trust. The assets of the trust remain secure.

Any and all assets, cash (Dinar) or property (tangible or intangible), when placed in the Irrevocable Spendthrift Trust are tax deferred. This is an "endowment" which is the same as a "capitalization".

Only the profits that these trusts earn from the investment of assets are taxable. When assets, cash or property that are the endowment, are distributed to a beneficiary of the trust, it is not a

taxable event for the Irrevocable Spendthrift. Only the profits that are earned from the assets of the trust are taxable unless they are distributed. All “endowments” are non taxable- tax deferred

events to an Irrevocable Spendthrift Trust. They have no CAPITAL GAINS-GIFT-ESTATE or death TAX and no taxation on EXTRAORDINARY INCOME! allocations.

Because of these key factors and the characteristics of these special copyrighted (intellectual properties) the Irrevocable Spendthrift Trusts have now become the preferred entity of protection

for individuals and business concerns that are aware they exist. With this in mind, these copyrighted trusts provide individuals and businesses complete protection, friendly tax consequences and

ease of management that meet and exceed all the requirements and standards of the courts and the tax authority.

Learn the secret of a how an Irrevocable Spendthrift Trust is exempt from Capital Gains Tax and how it receives Extraordinary Income and Taxable Stock Dividends without tax.




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Real Estate Investors often use trusts as business devices. It is hard for persons never having been in business to understand, but business can be war. There are an ever growing number

of enemy soldiers attempting to invade and plunder the investor’s castle of wealth. Sometimes this is accomplished by out and out illegal means, such as thieves that rob and destroy property

or those who embezzle by not paying rent. The cruelest enemy is he who uses the law to plunder. Today, lawsuits are treated as a lottery. Enemy troops look for excuses to sue; it is nearly a

guaranteed profit. If a person can find some excuse to sue, even if very flimsy, the defendant will almost always settle for at least a few thousand dollars because it is cheaper to settle than to

incur the cost of legal defense. It has become so bad that in some cities, such as Buffalo, NY, unscrupulous people publish lists of landlords and divulge such things as the number of properties,

the number of units and the total value of real estate owned. Why? Because contingency fee lawyers will not spend the time and money to go after someone with minimum assets. They look for

the ‘fatted lamb’.

Bullet Proofing

Due to the proliferation of lawsuits, government confiscation's, and new laws enacted to "protect us" from ourselves, many wealthy and middle class business and professional people, especially in

the United States, have set up the Irrevocable Spendthrift Trusts. By having title to assets like stocks or real property as well as liquid values held by the trust, these assets can be protected from

creditors, predators and others who merely want to take what you have earned and accumulated, for themselves.

Safe Harbor

It is well known that ambulancechasers are constantly sniffing out potential defendants by identifying high "net worth" individuals. By keeping portions of your assets in an Irrevocable

Spendthrift Trust you can lower your visible

level of wealth (exposure). This makes you a far less attractive victim. Predators tend to pass you by for a much more visible and savory "mark". Before a contingent fee lawyer will file suit, he

always gets a full report on his target's assets. Since funds and properties held in an Irrevocable Spendthrift Trust are invisible (or at least much less discoverable) allot of litigation can be avoided

or favorably settled. The same reasoning, reducing your visible net worth, goes for repelling other blood sucking pests and predators who seek an unwarranted share of your wealth. The list includes

burglars, kidnappers, extortionists, ex-spouses, disgruntled business associates, crooked cops, insurance sales people, and bent bureaucrats seeking notches on their gun.

The less "well heeled" you appear, the more of a repellent you become.

Learn how you can protect and preserve your assets from creditors and predictors.











$ You don't have to spend a fortune to save a fortune.$

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The above not intended as tax or legal advice but for informational and professional review purposes only.

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