30 Million Maniacs – Big Pharma School Shooting Secrets

Sat, Dec 15, 2012
Subject: NewTown PsyOps Gun Grab

MK Ultra Video – John Stormm Speaks Out on Millions of MK Ultra Americans

This video gives a good explanation of contol techniques used to super strengthen the body and break the psyche to remold it, creating alter personalties. Scroll way down to the bottom of the page to see the video. Parts of it are astounding!


Antidepressants, School Shooters & Suicide

RJ, Years ago, I saw a documentary on this topic. Some ADD drugs and anti-depressants cause unusual negative effects, especially in children. Their body chemistry is slightly different from adults and the interaction with drugs can be more dangerous. The Columbine boys were a classic example. Another documented side-effect is that the barrier between wakefulness and dreaming sometimes breaks down. One girl shot her best friend at school, was unaware of what she had done and then went about her normal activities as if nothing happened. Later, she said it didn't happen. She just had a bad dream. What people fear most often appears in their dreams. Acting out those nightmares can be deadly. Some people with rare sleep disorders do that, without drugs, and sometimes kill.


Connecticut Massacre Blamed on Son of Top CIA Analyst – PsyOp Gun Grab

Sorcha Faaal's intel is questionable… Take a look at her assertion and then decide.


Doctor Tells Food Industry to Stop Lying to Customers

Not sure about the solutions of hardcore regulations, but his rant on the food industry is spot on.


Vaccine Hoax is Over – Secret Docs Reveal Shocking Vaccination Truth

Files via FOIA are the proof:


Big Pharma Covers Up LInk to SSRI Drugs and School Shootings


read this whole page, you wont believe your eyes.

Big Pharma Covers Up SSRI Link To Mass Shootings
OrionTalkRadio.com, by Tim Watts – 121412 Here we go again. Another senseless mass shooting that involves schools and kids, and once again the mainstream corporate media immediately rushes the false narrative about gun control in the US, all the while it fails to address the real elephant in the room… that most of the major US mass shootings involve people who were using big pharma psychotropic SSRI prescription drugs.
Gun control is not the issue here folks. It is the lack of due diligence regarding the numerous links to big pharma drugs such as Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Luvox, Effexor, Celexa, Lexapro, and many other pharmaceutical drugs of the like. There is a clear connection to these dangerous new SSRI drugs and mass shootings. It is an undeniable link. Big pharma has spent big bucks to keep this hidden from you.
So how does the mainstream corporate media miss this, unless of course they want to miss it, to promote an agenda of disarming America. It's curious that they would ignore such a story, laying right before them.
While they're at it, maybe how about asking who it was that forewarned the governor? Another curiosity is, why was the school already in lockdown? Why was the shooter buzzed into the school through the front door if it was locked down? Lastly, what about the 2nd shooter who was found, just like in Colorado? Will the evidence get sealed up like in Aurora?
While we're at it, ask yourself this… why it is that so many deranged shooters think about going to a school to kill innocent children? Since 1992, we have suffered through no less than fourteen school shootings.
Many people would argue that this is where the heartstrings of the people are attached. It is all too easy to say, "we have to take guns away to protect the children." After all, who can argue with protecting innocent children?
Others have insinuated that the CIA is involved through its MKULTRA program, long known for creating brainwashed assassins. Some think that this is far fetched, but with today's HIPAA laws in place, it is altogether too easy for an intelligence agency such as the CIA to select targets based on their psychiatric disposition and their medication list.
The next unsettling revelation would be a devious technology known as SSSS, Silent Sound Spread Spectrum, or S-Quad for short. The patented device is said to have the ability to implant thoughts into the human brain. This is not science fiction. It is documented fact. The device can be mobilized within a van for quick transport. It's a very scary proposition to entertain, yet one with real teeth to it.
It's interesting to note that these latest shootings happened in a state that has extremely strict gun control laws and the 2nd largest gun lobby in the nation. What you can glean from this is that gun control does not stop violence.
So why do they think that taking our guns will solve the issue? How do the gun naysayers reconcile this cry with the same day story that a Chinese man went berserk and stabbed 22 school children? Is anyone calling for steak knives to be illegal.
These mass shootings are indeed an issue, but banning guns is not the answer. Guns don't kill people on their own and neither do knives. So maybe the idea is that we ban people? Why is no one calling for a ban on SSRI drugs?
All facetiousness aside, the media is barking up the wrong tree on the disarming of American citizens. They would be better off served to look into the real issue behind the curtain. Big pharma drugs are linked to mass shooting fatalities. All they need to do is their job. Just take a look.

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