Top 3 Obama Lies – Kenya, Bin Laden & Benghazzi Fibs
Sat, Dec 15, 2012
Subject: Obama Can't Hide from His Lies

Pres Obama Banned this Video – Born in Kenya Evidence

50 States Sue Banks

CA Supreme Court to Rule on Obama Eligibility

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1 – California Supreme Court To Rule On Obama Eligibility

2 – Obama Lied About Date of “Osama Killing”, High Level Military Stood by the Lie and Recently an Admiral With Direct Knowledge Relieved of Command

3 – Flashback: 9-11 – The New White-Wash & Buckets of Money – September 11, 2006

"I submit to you that there are two important individuals who must be put under oath and questioned. The first is Eric Haney who has stated that Bin Laden was killed in the massive bombing of Tora Bora, Afghanistan on December 15, 2001. I sent e-mail to Haney. He responded in the affirmative that Bin Laden was killed that day.

"Who is Haney? You can visit his web site: CSM Eric L. Haney, USA (Ret). "For more than twenty years, Command Sergeant Major (retired) Eric L. Haney served in the United States Army's most demanding combat units: As a Combat Infantryman, as a Ranger, and ultimately, as a founding member and eight-year veteran of the Army's super secret counter-terrorist arm, Delta Force." I would venture to guess that Haney has excellent contacts in the military.

"I'm not the only one who believes Bin Laden is worth more politically alive than dead, but the American people have the right to know the truth. If he is dead, it comes as no surprise that Mr. Bush considers Bin Laden irrelevant because he knows there's no chance of capture. Just keep producing boogie man videos every few months of Bin Laden and a loose knit, scattered bunch of thugs called Al-Qaida to keep the American people scared and willing to foolishly give up their God given rights.

"The second individual is Maj. Rick Gibney who allegedly is the pilot who shot down Flight 93; see here. The American people, the families of those who died on 9/11 – we the people deserve the truth and Major Gibney should be questioned under oath."

4 – BREAKING: Michigan House passes bill blocking NDAA detention

There is a new effort and PAC underway to run Sen. Rand Paul for president in 2016. No thank you. He continues to blunder on too many things.

This Week In News For Senator Rand Paul – November 30, 2012

"Please allow me to update you on this week's events here in our nation's capital and on a very important issue back home in Kentucky.

"A Victory for Americans' Right to Trial by Jury

"This week I took to the Senate floor to voice my support for an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) sponsored by Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Mike Lee (R-Utah).

"The amendment would invoke the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution with regard to indefinite detention of American citizens. I indicated my intention to push for a vote on this amendment and has threatened to filibuster the NDAA bill until a vote is granted. Click HERE or below to watch my speech in support of the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution and the Feinstein-Lee NDAA Amendment.

"Finally that evening, the Senate voted on the Feinstein-Lee Amendment to the NDAA that I co-sponsored. It would protect the rights prescribed to all Americans in the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution with regard to indefinite detention and the right to a trial by jury. Moments before the vote, I spoke on the Senate floor to again voice my support for the amendment and inspire my Senate colleagues to do the same."

Wrong, again, Dr. Paul.

5 – For Immediate Release: NDAA Analysis Says Feinstein Amendment Does More Harm Than Good

6 – Feinstein-Lee NDAA Amendment Passes, But Is It Enough?

7 – Massive Anti-Obama Rally Planned for Inauguration Day

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