Purging the NWo Gang – NWo Attempt at Newtown to DisArm America

Ben Fulford
Mon, Dec 17, 2012
Subject: NWo Newtown HSEEP

Dec 21st, 2012 Is Not the End of the World

Newtown Shooting – Homeland Securtity Exercises to DisArm America… HSEEP

NextNewsNetwork a link that puts even another angle, on that murderous attack at NewTown, Conn

Gun Control History – video


NWo Daddies – James Holmes and Adam lanza Have Cabal Fathers

Wow, both shootings have cabal spilled all over them!


MK Ultra Video – Evidence of National Plan to Send Rogue Shooters to Slaughter More Children

This video gives a good explanation of contol techniques used to super strengthen the body and break the psyche to remold it, creating alter personalties. Scroll way down to the bottom of the page to see the video. Parts of it are astounding!


Illuminati Factions Explained – Fall of the Pentagram 5

Wow! This meshes perfectly with what Drake and Ben Fulford have been saying.

Columbine HS Video Documentary – Multiple Shooters

Part 1: Video Documentary, THE COLUMBINE CAUSE, (School Massacre):

"They've got the shooter cornered behind a shed in the back of the football field."

"Somebody from an ambulance is dragging a body across the grass, by its feet."

JD: The official story states that Harris and Klebold each committed suicide.
However, the officials are obviously lying, since the photo of the two
bodies shows that Klebold's brain matter was blown out with a bullet
that entered his left temple and exited the right temple. Only his rifle
was lying beside his right thigh, so how could he have stretched his
arm(s) way out to the upper left of his body, while standing or lying,
pulled the trigger, and after the rifle had recoiled further to his left
. . . how could the rifle end up lying beside his right knee?
Dumb perpetrators had to have shot the two.
Government perpetrators?


Dangerous Medications are the Real Culprit – Creating Public Outcry for Gun Confiscation

I have been doing some research on drugs that were being used by people who have committed the crime of murder while on the SSRI & SNRI antidepressants drugs. Here is a site called SSRI Stories! I provide you all the link here:


When you get In the site above, once you are in it, you only have to go down to schedule that has the following categories:

User Friendly: This massive index of over 4,800 cases [which contains over 100 categories] is now capable of showing singly the 13 most important categories by clicking on the following links:
Soldier Cases
School Shootings / Incidents
Journal Articles
Workplace Violence
Celebrity Cases
Highly Publicized Cases
Won SSRI Criminal Cases
Women Teacher Molestations
Postpartum Cases
Murders / Murder Attempts
Suicides / Suicide Attempts
Road Rage Cases

Click For Sortable Database of all 4,800+ Media Articles Naming Antidepressants

Once you are in the site, click on any category and review all of them! For example
go to School Shootings/Incidents, and the facts are layed out in a table but it also laysout how many were a reuslt of SSRI and SNRI drugs! But you can find all the statistics on every category there!

So, while the media, the politicians, the hollywood types, and of course that lying Usurper Obama, are blaming guns, they avoid the real story!…….these dangerous drugs! So they are trying to take your guns even though they fully know that these drugs are dangerous! There are 13 or 14 catagories above, but

So that phoney Obama,goes to Connecticut last week and standing there forcing a fake tear in his eyes in front of the camera, he knows these facts! What a hypocrit! Here is a man who has killed thousands of children, women, and men, by bombing them, killing them with indiscriminate drones, and even by euthenasia, and has put in place a health care bill that allows for pre-birth and post-birth abortions, and he stands there at the podium in Connecticut,crying and saying they need to move to take all guns! What a lying hypocrit!

Last year 28 people were killed by baseball bats, does that mean they are going to require registration of baseball bats?

Everyone needs to pass this email on and help it to go viral, in order to stop this gun-drab bull!

By the way, yesterday evening, when trying to send one of Jon Rappaports Article, Yahoo interrupted the email and a notice came on the screen saying: "Yahoo has determined this to be an inflamatory and inappropriate Article and Information, therefore, we have deleted the message! This happened in real time!

Remember, there is no freedom without the right to say no! Just look at what Stalin and others did against there own populations when the people did not have guns to fight back with!

A few years ago, a snall town called Kennesaw, Georgia, had a rampant crime problem and many murders of people who had no guns. Kennesaw passed a law requiring everyone who lives in Kennesaw to have one gun for every member of the family meaning to have a gun and know how to use it safely, Their crime rate dropped dramatically! Here I provide you with the link!


Remember, Ghandi encourage individual gun ownership, while the led non-violent demonstration, he also believed each individual had the right to defend himself, his family, and his home!

I encourage you to go look it up!

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