Top 6 Solutions – Global Economic Collapse Already Begun

Lindsey Williams
Wed, Dec 19, 2012
Subject: Lindsey Williams 2013 Predictions

Factions Within the Illuminati – Explained at the link…

Wow! This meshes perfectly with what Drake and Ben Fulford have been saying.

Lindsey Williams Predictions for 2013

Hi Patriots:

Lindsay Williams, a financial guru, made his financial prediction for 2013 back in October, before many of these things hit the news! Somehow, I missed his latest predictions then, but have now located them! And I furnish you with them here, and these are my notes from hearing him on a radio program!

By the end of 2013 we will know how accurate his latest predictions have been. For 2012 he was 96.6%accuratete!

Note: I heard this on Alex Jone's Program, and you know Alex (Bull Horn) Jones, he can not shut up and stop interrupting his guests. He is rude, and obnoxious! Therefore due to the constant interruptions, I may have missed many things, so I encourage you to do your own research on this, and if you find something that I have not included, please send it to me too!

Lindsey claims he has an inside man in the World Elitists, who is more moderate than the others. He says there are only a few like him!

According to Lindsey, there is three factions in the Elitists!
1. The old guard or old fashioned elitists like the Queen of England, thRothschild'sds, and thRockefeller'srs, etc.
2. An out of Control President — Obama — who thinks he has a better idea, and the olguardrd, who are working hard to rain him in, and thehaveve warned George Soros to pull in the long leash he has him on!
3. And the renegade elite: These are the people who ignored the old fashioned guard and went and established the BRICS Bank (which stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China, and SoutAfricaca. Banking Groups which are intended to replace the Federal Reserves and Central Banks! These banks will be the basis for more regional banks and Regional Banking Systems!

Lindsay says that even though the Elitists agree on some things, they are at odds on many others, and since the Old Elite control most of the World Wealth, there is divisions among them, and there seems to be a new renegade group beginning to surface, who believe the Old Guard need to be replaced and they are not going to wait until the old die out! He said he does not know for sure their motive or direction or who they are!

He says that the Old Elitists (Old Guard) have garnered a consensus on the following 10 point plan!

1. Allow Bernanke, at the Federal Reserve to create an additional $40 billion per month in new debt and then compound that with continuous fractional reserving and monetizing omortgageses, etc.!

1. (a) This will allow aadditionalal 3% to 4% (percent) per month in additional roll over of debt, but allow it to be compound every week instead of every month!

1. (b) Find new ways to tax the middle class, including use of a tax on home-schooling, internet use, cell phone transfer of funds in banks, and other methods! He claims the elitist believe that allowing home schooling costs the education system billions per year! Encourage Corporate owned Charter Schools, where the message can be controlled even more than in public schools, and then they will not have to contend with out of control labor parties!

2. Add new creative taxes on to that, and then skim off as much as possible, and use some of those funds to be used to buy additional votes for their selected politicians, and to buy influence on politicians, and use of blackmail, and bribery!

3. Continue to add on additional taxes onto Obama Care by new creative means, and they now have put in place a separate creative think tank made of bureaucrats, politicians, corporate executive, hollywood, the media, and public affairs departments to sell their ideas on these new taxes to the public as being in their best interest!

4. Increase the tax on Services and Occupations but now add in the Corporations, this will drive small and medium sized business out of business! Also, have Obama create by Executive Order Tax on new and old businesses limiting rule of workers must not work more than 30 hours per week! This will reduce the number of full time employees to those at upper management, while decrreasing those at lower management and workers to 29.5 hours per week!…..and thereby causing the Corporations and businesses to hire a 2nd and 3rd shift, thereby creating additional employees to be taxed! Remember a less than 30 hour work week makes people into temps, and that is the intent, so the business do not have to pay benefits, but instead tax the individual on everything! They want 20 to 40 percent more people on welfare and other government programs,by the end of 2016, because it is easier to control these populations!

5. Tax all mortgages, increase property tax exponentially, and use Foundations like Ducks Unlimited to help persuade people to turn over their property to them! All Foundations are owned by the Elitists, and therefore, they will end up with more and more property! If people are not cooperative with foundations, then get their elitist arms in local, county and state government to tax them off their property! For example, according to Linsay Williams, The National Elk Foundation is owned by the Rothschilds, as is the National Wilderness Society, Green Peace, the Sierra Club, and even some some gun club organizations like the NRA! Be careful who you give your property to even in a "Will"! Under this plan, Churches will not be exempt!

6. Tax all mortgages at 25% at first, and then incrementally increase that tax, driving people into receivership by the banks, through the Federal Reserve, or lose their property due to owed taxes! Then also increase incrementally property tax, until people are forced off their land! Find creative ways to fine land and homeowners for what they consider misguided direction of the home or property owner! This is happening now with raw milk, etc.!

7. Create new catastrophies like the Savings and Loan Scandal, Enron, Global Crossing, Bank Bailouts, etc. These episodes create opportunities not problems! He said the Elitist's do not believe there is anything known as a Problem but instead only new Opportunities.

8. Their short range plans are 10 years or less, intermediate plans are 10 to 20 years, and long range planst are 20 to 100 years!

9. Have IRS do away with 501-C-3 exemptions, and begin taxing churches on their tithing and property!

10. Create New Taxes!

10(a) Tax student loans and if student does not pay, seize parents property, even if they are not an endorser on the contract, and if they are younger than 25! If student is older that 25, seize any property they have including cars, and property (real and personal)!
10(b) Tax guns sold at Gun Shows and have all guns registered there at the show by BATFE Agents!
10(c). Seize and tax people using public lands illegally!
10(d) Move all lands seized due to mortage default to government ownership through continued bank defaults, and personal bankruptcies!
10(e) Move to coordinate all events in all countries simultaneously or as close to simultaneously as possible!
10(f) Global currency collapse already started but will be moved to United States by 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2013! Hardship, riots, anarchy will follow close behind! They want this!
10(g) They intend ot create what is known as a negative internet tax where you are taxed on all internet bank transactions, and the online services will be taxed also!
10 (h) There will be a Negative Internet Tax where you are taxed on your money in accounts like savings, and you will not be allowed to move your money to foreign banks, not even banks with better rates.
10 (i) Travel Taxes on highways will now have toll booths on everyroad (and TSA will search your vehicle and arrest anyone that has been named a threat to the State or Federal Government, where you will be required to have a National Identification and State Identification, and foreign travel will have to be approved by the government.) Only corporate executives and government officials will be exempt!

What you can do — accrding to Lindsey Williams!

1. Hoard food, water, medical supplies, guns, ammunition, tools, and equipment!
2. Families must help the less fortunate in their familes, and neighborhoods, churches, etc.
3. Get out of debt, and start putting real money away, where you have saved enough to pay all increased fees, and taxes.
4. Families need to move together on the same property, and share in the work! If part of the exteded family lives in Tennessee (for example, and some in Oregon, and some in Washington, move together and share in the burdens, work, and a group helps build happiness, where people by themselves breeds loneliness and withdrawl!
5. Learn new skills, and learn to barter and trade clandestinely, but only do it with those you can trust!
6. Buy gold, siler, platinum, paladium, diamonds, and other precious stones and metals including bulk copper! When the tough times hit, everyone must pull their weight including small children — like helping in the garden or mowing lawns for money — where the money is pooled to help pay the property taxes, furnish food, gasoline, etc. If gasoline gets clolsed down, every one will have to have horses to do the farm work By 2014 Gold is intended to be at $2200 dollars per ounce and by 2016 gold is intendeed to be at $3000 per ounce, and silver by 2014 is to be at over $100 per ounce, and by 2016, silver is intended to reach $750 to $1000 per ounce! All other precious metals and stones will rise incrementally also! Food is intended to double by 2014 and quadruple by 2016 if they do not force a financial meltdown first, and if they do, then it becomes anyones guess!

Therfore, hoard food, water, medical supplies, guns and ammunition, tools of all types, and/or learn to make your own, grow at least part of your own food, and learn to fix all automobiles and trucks, and equipment! Buy as much gold and silver as you can every month! Money left in cash will become almost worthless, therefore, it is better to have it in real tangible assets!

Only time will tell how accurate Linsey Williams predictions (with the help of his Elitist Friend inside the New World Order) will be!

I wish you all the very best! Remember, there is more safety in numbers! If you do nothing, you will probably get caught in their web of deceit!

Remember to hid and cache your valuables, guns, food, water, medical supplies, tools, etc.!

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