Indefinite Slippery Slope to Hell – Rand Paul 2013 Warning

Dave Cleveland
Sun, Dec 23, 2012
Subject: 2013 Cliff Diving

Don't be fooled by January pay _ higher taxes loom

Click And Print Downloadable Guns Possible
Boeing Engineers Use Potatoes To Improve Wi-Fi

A Primer On 3D Printing – Vid
TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference

Keshe Plasma Generator ~ Breaking Laws of Physics ~ Infinite Energy
This video uses a plastic bottle to break the laws of physics
YouTube Preview Image

Build it yourself- Replicating the Keshe Plasma Electric Generator: Link to Google Doc:

'Abomination': Rand Paul slams NDAA as bill passes US Senate
The controversial NDAA bill, which allows for the indefinite detention of US citizens, was approved by the Senate despite White House threats to veto the legislation. Republican Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has decried the law as an “abomination.”

Palestinian officials warn of retaliation if Benjamin Netanyahu re-elected
Palestinian officials have warned they will take retaliatory steps, including joining the International Criminal Court (ICC), if Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is re-elected in a general election due next month.

Brits Face Tolls On Roads They Already Paid For

Steve Jobs's £80m Yacht Impounded Over Unpaid Bill

Wall Street Journal columnist explains on Twitter how to deport Piers Morgan
Daily Caller | Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto Saturday night joined in the chorus of American voices suggesting that British-born CNN host Piers Morgan could legally be deported.

Disarmament plan: First label everyone with a mental disorder, then use that to take their guns
When everybody is diagnosed with a mental disorder, gun permits will be a thing of the past.

New York Cops Announce Dubious Precrime Plan to Find Mass Shooters on the Internet

Tiny gold bars latest rage for jittery investors
Dec 21 (Reuters) – Private investors in Switzerland, Austria and Germany are lining up to buy gold bars the size of a credit card that can easily be broken into one gram pieces and used as payment in an emergency.
"The rich are buying standard bars or have deposits of phsyical gold. People that have less money are buying up to 100 grams,"

Genetically modified 'Frankenfish' set to hit shelves
after FDA finds salmon that grows twice as fast as normal poses no threat to human health

Living History: Mormon ‘apostle’ shoots mouth off, gun carriers shut up
J. Golden Kimball. A favorite story tells of Mormonism’s "Swearing Apostle" being dispatched by LDS Church President Heber J. Grant to deal with a gun problem…Golden grew up poor around Bear Lake, making his living as a cowboy and teamster, where he acquired his salty vocabulary. He admitted to being fluent in swearing because "you can’t drive mules if you can’t swear. It’s the only language they understand."…No LDS general authority had more experience with guns than Golden.

Pagans, artists celebrate an alternative Christmas centered on light and rebirth
Holiday season » Salt Lake area Pagans, skeptics and those who simply love the season of light embrace the winter solstice days.

Christmas was Banned in America
Was Christ really born on December 25th?
CATHOLIC NEWS: "The First Christmas." 12/23/2004 -Arlington Catholic Herald.
Roman pagans used to gather at the hill where the Vatican is presently located to commemorate the “Birth of the Unconquered Sun” This pagan feast was celebrated throughout the Empire either on Dec. 25

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