Top 10 NWo Clowns – EU Treaty of Roman Empire

Ben Fulford
Wed, Jan 2, 2013
Subject: NWo Karma

Do not give the cabal time to re-group, we must press home to victory

The turning of the tide can be a subtle thing at first but eventually the
change becomes undeniable. That is what is happening now with the family
cabal that has been secretly ruling the West through control of the creation
and distribution of money.

These people have already lost the ability to control the future of this
planet and are now barely clinging on to power. The key to their loss was
the spreading of the truth, for the truth shall set us free.

In one example of the sort of truth that is coming out, here is what MI5 is
saying about former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair: "Blair received an
offshore payment of Euro 75 million into Belize for signing the EU Treaty of
Rome. All signatories were offered Euro 50 million but [Italian Prime
Minister] Berlusconi was insulted by the low amount that could buy an
Italian PM, so the payment went up to Euro 75m. Blair then paid nearly half
of his share into his wife Cherie’s offshore account at H. Ansbacher in the
British Virgin Islands." Outgoing Bank of England Governor Sir Mervyn King
also has an account (in his mother’s name) in the British Virgin Islands
with H. Ansbacher, MI5 says.

Belize is also the center of much of the Bain capital drug money laundering
linked to defeated US presidential candidate Mitt Romney, according to MI5
and CIA sources. This in turn links to the Bush Nazi faction and their
financing of the Euro with stolen Asian gold.

This is the sort of detailed information of criminal behavior is coming out
about a whole slew of Western leaders these days and no amount of murders
and terror attacks can put the genie back into the bottle.

There is still a lot of frantic fighting going on, though, and clearly the
battle is not yet over. It is time to seize the initiative.

The obstacles to a new financial system and the start of a massive campaign
to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and free humanity have been
identified as a very few old men, some of whom claim to work for off-world

In specific, blockages have been linked to the pope, President Obama, and a
series of occult organizations linked to the worship of an entity variously
known as Ba’al, Lucifer, Molech and Satan, among other names. It sounds too
strange to be true but the fact is that such occultists have seized the
power to create money in the West and have been using it to exploit the
people of the world.

The frustration with the ongoing rape of America and the turning of the EU
into a new Soviet Union has reached a crisis point and many angry people are
starting to point the finger of blame on the Jews. "Is it time to go after
the Jews?" is what many very powerful and dangerous people are asking.

In answer, the White Dragon Society presented a Hollywood version of the
biblical Book of Ruth to some of these dangerous groups in order to provide
some historical background to the difference between Jews and devil
worship-pers. In this story, likely based on a true historical incident, a
woman by the name of Ruth from the tribe of Moab converts to the Judaism of
their arch enemies, the tribe of Benjamin.

Ruth admitted to participating in the sacrifice of children as part of the
worship of Molech. She is forgiven, however, because she made a full
confession, converted and appeared to sincerely regret the role she played
in child sacrifice.

For most decent, law abiding people, the thought of child sacrifice going on
in this day and age is so horrific that the mind enters a state of denial.
However, the evidence is overwhelming that a large portion of the Western
elite not only worships Molech, or Satan, but that they actually carry out
mass sacrifices.

The recent Sandy Hook murder of children is one glaring example staring us
in our faces. The official account is such a mess of contradictions that
only the aspartame stoned couch potatoes actually believe that a single
autistic child could have carried out all those murders.

Early news reports quote a principle who is later listed as "killed,"
describe multiple gun-men etc. The dead children are never shown and the
bodies vanish to God knows where. There has been so much good research done
on this false flag killing by others that this murderous incident is not
going to be buried.

This is where real Jews need to get involved. They need to renounce the
child murderers who have been hiding in their midst or else risk being
prosecuted as accomplices to mass murder. In the tale of Ruth the Jews did
not hesitate to kill Moabites, even as they forgave Ruth. This is what needs
to be done. Otherwise, prepare for the pogrom to end all pogroms.

Meanwhile, as far as the new financial system is concerned, there were
frantic efforts to close a deal before the end of 2012 but last minute cabal
interference has postponed the launch of the new system supposedly until
min-January. Those of us who have been following this sort of news are sick
and tired of hearing that the "check is in the mail," and that good times
are "around the corner."

The sudden death of General "Stormin Norman" Schwarzkopf, the rumoured death
of 8 other generals, the multiple ailments of Hillary Clinton and other
signs all point to a severe ongoing struggle.

Both the Navy Intelligence Office information/disinformation site Sorcha
Faal and the Mossad site Debka, both say Clinton and some military were
involved in a mysterious plane crash. Both sites mention the same things and
certainly something unusual is going on with Hillary.

In other signs of high level disarray in the West’s power pinnacle, the
Bushes remain hiding in the hospital, the pope has survived yet another
poisoning attempt (according to P2 sources) and Obama admits in public he
might be removed from office.

Western war-mongering also continues unabated in many countries even if
World War 3 itself has been prevented.

By contrast in Asia, former Bush cabal "rogue country" North Korea’s leader
Kim Jon-un calls for peace. This call is welcomed by the newly elected South
Korean president. In Japan, meanwhile, a firmly anti-cabal govern-ment has
seized the reins of power with the full backing of the military, and is also
calling for peace.

The question still is, however, when will the war-criminals finally be
removed from power in the West?

As usual, there is a lot of good concrete stuff going on that we are being
asked not to report at the present time. However, rest assured the final
defeat of the satanic cabal has become a mathematical certainty.

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