JP54 & D2 Rotterdam – Below Platt Target

Robert Hender ' R J '
Fri, Jan 11, 2013
Subject: Rotterdam Ready to Deliver JP54 & D2

*JP54 & D2 Rotterdam *
New Allocations are Ready *

During the week of Jan 14th new Rotterdam Allocations of JP54 and D2 *
will be available. My oil friends are beginning to pair Buyers with Oil *
Allocations again. The quiet oil winter is about behind us. *

Yeah, I am still a Radio Host who knows a few Oil Sellers. Most of the
time I am researching, writing or speaking. In my spare time I have been *
answering your emails and referring new Oil Buyers to my Oil Sellers. *

In this part of the country the temperature has been around 17 degrees *
below zero. My lungs can't handle this cold any longer. I've been
dealing with pneumonia for a couple of weeks now and the doctor says that if I *
don't get better by next Tuesday then she will put me in the hospital. *

I've had to find some help, to assist new Oil Buyers in filling out
docs for Brokers and filling out docs for End Buyers. I had no idea how many *
pretend brokers and pretend buyers are out there. Dixie assists me now *
and my son Ryan. I hope that is okay with you. *

My Seller friend demands that we determine the authenticity of every *
Broker and Buyer. We have a form for brokers. We have a form for buyers.
It may seem complicated, but these days it is necessary. *

Right now it looks like ' First Come – First Serve, ' for these
allocations of JP54 and D2 and Mazut or M100. We have tremendous quantity of oil, *
but we can't provide oil to pretend brokers or buyers who won't assist us *
by filling out our forms. You can reach me at *

Some so-called brokers and buyers refuse to complete these broker or *
buyer forms. I guess that we won't be providing oil to those folks. *

How ready are you to provide a legitimate LOI and ICPO for each oil *
product you may be looking for? They must be on the Buyer's Letter-*
Head. Do you prefer a CIF or an FOB process? *

There is Oil Buyer information that we need. Are you ready? *

1 – What is the Name of the Oil Buyer/Company *
2 – What type of oil are you looking for *
3 – How much per month do you need *
4 – What price target are you looking for? How much below platt*
5 – We need a Buyer Company Profile *
6 – What destination will your oil be heading to *
7 – Do you prefer CIF or FOB or CI+Dip+Pay *
8 – How do we reach you? phone? email? skype? *
9 – Are you ready to provide a legitimate LOI and/or ICPO? 1 for each oil
product *
10 – Who is the contact person(s) for your oil purchase *

A few so-called brokers and buyers refuse to give their whole name.
That makes no sense to me. *

I expect that we will know one another for some time to come. You can
reach me at There is no need to be in a Big Rush,
skirting the procedures that my Seller friends are demanding of me and you. *

I look forward to assisting you in 2013 with your oil needs. *

Robert A Hender Jr has shared a video with you on YouTube:

Oil Seller 2012 – JP54 or D2 Proof of Product
YouTube Preview Image

As a Radio Host I have met and interviewed all sorts of people. In the Oil Business I have worked with a Mandate for the Seller of D2 or D6 or JP54 or even Bonny Light oil. For years I have brought people together, folks who are involved in similar interests, but who have not met yet. It's been rewarding as I have introduced some people who meet for the first time, but they have always known one another. This Seller connection of mine is now the Allocation Holder. By August of next year he will be the Title Holder to these oil products. I have sat with my Mandate friend as he has offered their oil products at $25 below platt. A MT799 would work just fine or a MT760 or even a BCL would be enough to secure a Partial Pop. You can reach me directly at I love to arrange Win Win arrangements.

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