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Dave Cleveland
Sun, Jan 20, 2013
Subject: Sheriffs Say Hell No to Gun Bans

U.S. States which have implemented Constitutional Carry
“Constitutional Carry” States:
The first to practice Constitutional Carry was Vermont. Vermont has never had a restriction on the method of how one could carry a firearm and has stood entirely separate from the rest of the United States for quite some time; because of this, Constitutional Carry is referred to by some as "Vermont carry".
On June 11, 2003, Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski signed House Bill 102 which removed the requirement to obtain a concealed weapons permit in order to carry a concealed firearm. The law went into effect September 9, 2003.
On April 16, 2010, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed Senate Bill 1108 which acted similarly to Alaska's bill. The law went into effect July 29, 2010.
On March 2, 2011 Wyoming Governor Matt Mead signed legislation to allow Constitutional Carry. The law officially went into effect on July 1, 2011. Under the law residents can carry concealed or openly without a permit but visitors to the state must have a valid concealed carry permit from a jurisdiction that is recognized by the State of Wyoming.

New West Valley school named for Neil Armstrong (Never went to the Moon!)
“Neil Armstrong and those involved with the Apollo missions are powerful models of a STEM approach to learning,” said Principal Tyler Howe. “They drew upon a vast array of fields as a means to a tremendous end goal — putting a man on the moon.” Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon as part of NASA's Apollo 11 mission in 1969. He died in August at the age of 82.

New West Valley school should be called: “Ever Learning, and NEVER able to come to the Knowledge of the Truth.” 2 Timothy 3:7.

Pro-gun activists flood US state capitals defending right to bear arms (PHOTOS)

Rallies across U.S. assail Obama's proposed gun curbs
Reuters) – Pro-gun activists held "high noon" rallies across the United States on Saturday to defend the right to own firearms that they say is being threatened by President Barack Obama's gun-control proposals.

Obama's Fake SSN Tied To 1940 Census

NC Sherriff: Constitution Rights comes from Man

Bulgarian Opposition Leader Survives Assassintion – Vid

NM Sheriffs Won't Enforce UnConstitutional Gun Orders

New Yorkers Don't Understand Tyranny – Vid

50 Questions For Anyone Who Is Not A Prepper Yet

PA Hospital To Stop Baby Deliveries Over ObamaCare

IRS Loses Suit In Fight Against Tax Preparers

WalMart To Hire 100,000 Vets, Buy $50b US Made Goods

Panetta Threatens Action Against African Militants

Obama’s Stunning Arrogance On UK, EUSSR Will Backfire

US school boots student who refused to wear 'Mark of the Beast' tracking device

Bill Maher – ALL Your Rights Are Under Attack – Vid

German Cars Among Worse For Engine Failures
Audi, BMW and VW ranked in the bottom 10 of a study into engine reliability

Larry Elder goes toe-to-toe with Piers Morgan
Author says absent fathers related to crime rate

How scientists could use brain scans to detect whether you are a racist

Sheriff Mack: Hell NO to Gun Control!
A wave of sheriffs, state legislatures and law enforcement figures have stood up to put the federal government on notice that they will NOT be involved in any disarmament measures or violations of the 2nd Amendment.

States Aim to Nullify Obama Gun Control
New American | Across America, state lawmakers, governors, attorneys general, sheriffs, and other officials are promising to protect the gun rights of citizens.

Connecticut Representative Introduces Bill to Initiate Gun Confiscation
H.R 226, introduced by Representative Rosa DeLauro was brought to the House last Monday and counts with the support of one of her colleagues.

Why collectivism is doomed and the next great crisis will massively shift America toward conservatism
There is a very good reason why people who live in cities tend to be liberal while those who live in rural areas tend to be conservative.



Scientist with RFID chip Gets Computer Virus

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