Economic Collapse 2013 – Human Livestock Act of 1934

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David Wynn Miller
Fri, Jan 25, 2013
Subject: 1934 Human Livestock Act

Fed Reserve Says US Banks Shaken by Biggest Withdrawals since 9/11

US banks shaken by biggest deposit withdrawals since 9/11
10 hours ago | RT

US Federal Reserve is reporting a major deposit withdrawal from the nation’s bank accounts. The financial system hasn’t seen such a massive fund outflow since 9/11 attacks.

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David Wynn Miller, 92 degree Mason, Federal Judge, Quantum Grammar IQ of 218

Dead at 18 now 63 years old, does not sleep, does not age, ET experience

Miller says Post Office and Vatican run the world, giant spacecraft in Greenland

Elected King of Hawaii. In charge of commercial contracts.

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RJ, the bankruptcy is ended—-and I have proof. Look up the 1934 Securities Act and look at the Amendments passed on August 10, 2012.

Then look up the National UCC-1 filing that was filed two days later (it's in the back of Shinola 102).

As for david-wynn:miller —– he's right, of course. The tale of Babylon is for real. The "Parse" part of "Parse-Syntax" refers to the ancient Parsi, that is, Persian, language of ancient Sumeria, where all this garbage originated, including the "galli"—-the black-robed priest responsible for "reaping souls" and for "sacrificing children" to Molloch.

Well, my dear—–what have they done? They declared all the infants "dead" on paper, in order to steal their Estates.

It all makes sense in a weird way, once you have the pieces of the puzzle. By retaining their one secret language and employing it worldwide, they were able to create a worldwide hegemony and deceive everyone as to what contracts really said or didn't say.

David-Wynn is now bringing that to light.

One of the odd things that I notice is that he and I and so many of the others who have become "aware" have also died——he was dead for 25 minutes, I was dead for 8 minutes—–it's as if that experience connected us to sources of information that normally aren't available to us while in incarnate physical form……

You've wondered and noticed that some of the people you meet and interview seem "tuned in" to information on a scale that is inexplicable—well, there you have it, straight from one of the horse's mouths. It's the death experience that is in common with us all. We have all died, all come back to life—-been "resurrected" to a greater or lesser extent.

By being dead 25 minutes, he formed greater connections in his cerebral cortex to the mathematical core of language, which operates in all truly sacred texts worldwide. All words ARE reducible to numbers. All properly constructed sacred sentences read the same backwards as forwards numerically. That is true.

When we are resurrected, truly resurrected, we will have complete intuitive knowledge of the numerical basis of the language we are using, and we will speak truth then, just as we (typically) speak lies now.

Have you noticed that sometimes when I speak, the words seem to "fit" and fall in place with a "thud"? As if they were cast of stone? There is an absolute certainty and conviction? That is the truth coming from my flawed vessel. It does come from me, too, though I am not in command of it to the extent he is.

Another part of the resurrection experience is that you begin to remember many, many lifetimes—-all of them "you". You begin to remember relationships with other souls and recognize them and the patterns you have with them over time—-it's very strange and unsettling at first, but then your brain adjusts, and you realize that your consciousness has captured and "stored" all those other lifetimes, just as it captures and stores data in the present life. We are all, in a sense, recording devices. The bodies wear out, but the sensory data, thoughts, emotions—who you "really" are, does not.

And far from feeling alone or isolated, you begin to feel part of "All That Is"—–deeply connected to the earth and nature and other souls and animals. You start communicating telepathically with some individuals, those who are "open" to that form of communication. All animals are telepathic. Your dogs, cats, horses—-they "hear" your thoughts and respond with thoughts of their own, speaking their own tongue within a "language" endemic to life itself. Cats, for example, have a very formal, precise, elegant language. Horses communicate with breath and "hear" the air itself.

So death is but a doorway into another state of being. You separate from the body and leave it behind like a shell on the beach. You arise in your true form as pure energy—and while that is a very strange, uplifting experience—-it is also oddly familiar, too, because you have done it many, many times. As I was dying, I was literally thinking about dying. I knew what was happening and I was saying, "Wait a minute! This isn't supposed to be happening now. I am 18 years old…..I am in perfectly good physical health….." I went through a "checklist" of my vital systems to see what was wrong, exactly as a pilot might check the systems of his space ship.

And then, I died. Pure and simple. Snuff. Checked out and up. Left my body for eight documented minutes. Went through the whole butterfly thing. And, yes, it forever changed me, as it changed him—-just not to the radical extent that he experienced. He was "out" and connected to the other world three times longer than me, but believe me, when he starts talking in Parse, my medulla oblongata begins to ache like a hangover and I can FEEL the unused cogs and gears loosening and beginning to break free and turn in my head. This is because he is speaking language at a deeper level — a language we ALL know, but have "forgotten"—-and I know that if I buy his book and simply pour over it for however many hours, it will flood back into my present consciousness.

I can already basically navigate in Parse—things like objects and
locations. So a process of resurrection is beginning on Earth, just as it is foretold. Those who die and come back are the forerunners—-the messengers, so to speak.

So now, I will tell you something else— a great many of the souls now incarnate are struggling with issues left from the Civil War. The great injustices that were committed, the issues of slavery, equality, material parity—all those things are crashing head-on, still unresolved, into the End Times.

To the extent that we can love others—ALL others—as ourselves, seeing the true soul within them, and within us, too——we calm all those fears and hurts in those around us. Their souls are still "stuck" in North versus South, black versus white, and so on. When you begin to perceive what they are really struggling with, it enables you to react better and respond with more love. These souls were traumatized by a great conflict. Most of them lost "pieces" of themselves that in one way or another, they search for or try to heal.

This journey is, in the end, all about "closure"—-collecting the parts of yourself that have been lost or given away over eons of time—-bringing it all back together and being at peace with the TOTAL experience.

Sometimes that can happen as quickly as the thought that yes, that is what you desire—-poof! You are whole again and ready to go on……other times, as in my own case, the trauma is too deep, too repeated, and when you try to heal by yourself, you can't do it. You need the help of the soul that has that "missing piece" of you. So, you have to call out for that soul and you to meet and do what you have to do, communicate what you need to communicate, in order for you to finally "rest in peace".

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