Dinar RV Urgency – RV in the Year of the Dragon

Fri, Feb 8, 2013
Subject: Urgent Iraqi Dinar RV Message


Hebrews 11:1

Dear RJ, on Wednesday I got a phone call to inform me to get my bags ready to travel and participate in the RV CashIn this week.

We are waiting for the final word from ' the Admiral about details details on this RV. All I know is that me and a few friends are are keeping our phones nearby as we await this final RV word.

In order to keep the peace some RV CashIn Appointments are already in place. We expect to participate with our RV friends for the first RV CashIn go around. KC

RJ, Galactic Federation says we'll have a new financial system over the next three months. A new country will lead, not the USA. Major news coverage coming soon.

Global reset/RV happens maybe this week. Supposedly, began Saturday, bank pings needed 48 hrs to validate, results OK, and awaiting Obama announcement.

Iraq Budget supposedly passed but nobody seems sure if an IQD rate was part of it. Talabani is still alive, getting healthier, and may return home to Iraq soon.

TerryK says an RV holdup was that a receiver of a Prosperity Package died. Situation resolved. IQD Rate will be no greater than $2, followed by a managed float. Not bad.

China wants the RV done in the year of the Dragon, ending this Saturday, and is already exchanging IQD for gold, before the demise of the dollar! Not coincidentally, insiders are selling much of their stock, just like they usually do before a crash.

Obamacare forces implants on us in March. They can break, dislodge, block arteries, leak poison and kill people. Sun spots can set them off. Easy Depopulation 101.

Obamacare requires nutrition labeling in supermarkets, a huge cost to retailers which will be passed on to consumers. Expect food prices to rise. Expect ALL prices to rise to help every business support Obamacare. All Cabal Tax 'till we drop policy.

O'Grady interprets Akashic records: Pluto is in Capricorn. Last happened in 1776. Evil is destroyed by 2017. New currency and economic system are coming. Thoughts are materializing faster. Unresolved issues crop up during the great spiritual cleansing.

DHS refuses to explain its massive purchases of ammo. Not surprising!

Stem cells now 3D printable. Will allow growing of organs to replace damaged ones.

The good people of Mexico are rising up with militias to defeat drug lords and crooked government. More power to them! They don't need no stinkin' badges, or cabal!

Obama is supposedly sending over 3000 cyber warriors to attack online opposition. Plausible, since that's what any good elitist would do with advanced technology.

RJ, on Drake's 6 FEB 2013, Wednesday, radio program, he said he and Global Voice agreed to cut transmission to once per week, preferably Sunday. Reason is we're so close to the end game, in the final stretch, and those in the know (I call them "Freedomizers" and they include anyone who is making this happen) aren't permitted to spill any beans. The hatches are battened down tight, as they should be for such a massive, critical operation.

Drake said outright that Poof is a whack job. Not sure if that means he's just silly, as Drake said before, or that he's not to be trusted. Maybe both. Leaves much room for interpretation. Probably safest NOT to put much faith in Poof's notices.

Drake said the Bush family tried to leave the country but the passports were taken and they were refused exit. Ben Fulford agrees that the Rockefellers left and bought an island in Figi but Fulford has still been cutoff from some sources for some reasons Drake wouldn't specify besides that Fulford sometimes names names.

Drake said we should see things happen this month, but, if we don't by the end of February, be ready for anything and definitely work with your Militia. (Anyone who's able should already be working with a well organized, legal militia.)

Drake reiterated that the RV will happen but is very unlikely to go before the big change over (global reset, arrests, Media notices, release of collateral accounts, etc.). That makes sense since we wouldn't want cabal to get their hands on any profit from it.

Some IQD sources are saying we'll RV before Sunday because that is the first of the next Chinese year, the year of the Snake.

2-7-2013 Intel Guru SteveI I do not rely on the news any longer, but wait until we can talk to sources in Iraq and let them explain the actual events. So until then, I elect to keep an open mind and stay positive. It very well could be a bit longer, but not much. Remember they only had enough money for this past payroll and no longer have the funds to pay anything. Iraq has come to a halt regarding money, and money is everything over there. As soon as we hear, we will provide and share what we are being told.

2-7-2013 Newshound Guru Doc All the hype around the imminent RV continues as hype. Many have tied it to budget passage and we concede it with HCL, Chapter 7, etc are precursors. The issue is some are reporting emphatically the budget will be passed on Thursday. While we wish this were true we awoke to the following release "Baghdad lifted Presidency of the Council of Representatives, on Thursday, the Council meeting of 11 to Saturday, with parliamentary source that the meeting witnessed the vote on the amendment of the law guards nightclubs and postpone the vote and read the seven draft laws, including the federal budget." This is at least the second or third delay on the budget vote. We continue to council to…let these things happen as they do. Iraq is notorious for delays and no one knows the exact date it will occur. We report, you decide.

2-7-2013 Intel Guru TerryK Article: "Parliamentary Blocs Leaders Hold An Emergency Meeting This Afternoon To Resolve The Issue Of The Budget On February 7, 2013 in political BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq" THAT'S FOR THE PAPERS. I'M BEING TOLD IT WAS PASSED YESTERDAY BEHIND DOORS.

2-7-2013 Intel Guru SteveI [I REALLY HOPE THIS IS THE FINAL DAYS OR WEEKS.] I really believe it is. Finally the end is here. [do you mind saying the rate again?] Initially it as $3.46, then I adjusted to $3.45, and now made my final adjustment to $3.41.

2-7-2013 Intel Guru TerryK the imf's christine lagarde and ust jack lew of the ust are about to make some type of an announcement concerning the iqd and other world currencies. Watch new channels…ESPECIALLY fox news. Look for this from 5 to 7 pm est today. at 4 pm est Jack lew will make an announcement from the ust. Chances are Christine Legarde from the imf will make some announcement tomorow. Today Jack will talk about the new usd currency and we strongly believe about the iqd.

2-7-2013 Newshound Guru Phoenix3333 Iraq Budget No Later Than Monday, February 10th: Speaker all blocs to resolve issues related to the budget and to hold further meetings to exit form a final budget bill for a vote at a meeting next Monday at the latest.

2-7-2013 Newshound Guru Tlar Article: "Specialize: No change in central bank policy!" Turki is following in Shabibi's footsteps and IMO may actually be looking to Shabibi for advise.

2-7-2013 Newshound Guru Med Article: "Iraq: Iran pledges support for al-Maliki to 50 thousand troops of the Qods Force for the suppression of the revolution and the work of chaos" This is posted in the Voice of Iraq…it is the most reliable source of info there is… THERE IS AN ARTICLE POSTED THAT 141 [MP’s] ARE MISSING FROM TODAYS SESSION. YOU KNOW WHEN TALIBANI WAS PREZ FIRST TERM HE TOLD THEM DONT COME TO WORK, DONT GET PAID. THIS PLACE IS SO SCREWED UP IN 3 MONTHS THEY HAVE TURNED BACK THE CLOCK 7 YRS…

2-7-2013 Newshound Guru Kaperoni All I know is that Iraq needs to meet the Standby Agreement which clearly said they need to "improve the functioning of the exchange regime." At this point, Iraq has no exchange regime so they better get going. What the rate will be, is unknown but they have stated free float.

2-7-2013 Newshound Guru 8Ball [If the budget passes does it go straight into affect?] Budget like any law must be passed through the cabinet and then signed bythe President and then it isplaced in the Gazette.

2-7-2013 Intel Guru SteveI Ray and I have finally heard back from our contacts and the budget vote is still on for Thursday. I am aware of the few articles that say it is going to happen, and a few that say it will not. So, unless our sources tell us differently, the vote will be finished tomorrow [Thursday]. We tried to get the timing of things after the vote has been completed, but they are not sure. After talking to our sources, they are getting very concerned because Iraq is out of money to operate the country, therefore this passing of the budget is huge…

2-7-2013 Intel Guru Wife in the Know I also have been told that once the Budget passes the revaluing of their currency will follow. Yes, this could take a day or so to happen or they may just implement it immediately, either way, with a passed Budget it will show. No fan fare, just "POW" the new exchange rate against the US Dollar will appear. There will be no "LOP" as some still seem to believe, no "FLOAT" or ridiculous low rate as others keep suggesting. We will get the 3.42 rate I have been speaking of and this will slowly rise over the natural course of time. Be joyous my friends the wait is over. [post 2 of 2]

2-7-2013 Intel Guru Wife in the Know I have just been blessed with the good fortune of receiving more privileged information regarding our investment. As many of you know the Iraqi 2013 Budget is scheduled to be officially voted on tomorrow (2/7/2013). I have been told that all parties involved are satisfied and pleased with the terms and are planning on moving ahead with this endeavor. Yes, they are keeping their word this time and approving the Budget. Once complete, announcements pertaining to the Hydro Carbon Law, Chapter 7 and the removal of UN Sanctions will soon follow. Now are you ready to get EXCITED!! [post 1 of 2….stay tuned]

2-7-2013 Intel Guru TerryK [did you get any thing definite on whether it will be a free or managed float?] MANAGED IS WHAT I WAS TOLD, 2% DAILY. [is it looking like Thursday night/Friday am or possible afternoon?] THATS WHAT IM BEING TOLD. TOMORROW [THURSDAY] MAYBE THE WONDERFUL NIGHT.


Thursday Night Bluwolf post emailed to Recaps
You know how many of you have stared at a grass seed just waiting for it to open up, just waiting to be the first in seeing it happen. Now we all know that would be a great task not impossible but not probable.

Well then guess what, have you all looked at yourselves lately for you are all doing that exact thing, your lives and time has stopped just looking at that seed. People please do not waste your time doing that for when the time comes it will just flow into play very silently and graciously without a given notice.

Now there are things that give us hints that something is happening, in Iraq's case its budget and the chapt. 7 closing; in the banks case, the set up of all place holders, there one on one meetings, there doubling up on extra currency exchangers, all the memos receive indicating to all brokers to be on alert to close up shop. But with all this good news of the highest alertness there isn't a person on the planet that really knows to the when all these place holders will all change to the rates behind each currency.

So people please relax and let it flow into place there is no reason to stare at the seed for this blessing is sceduled to come clean strictly in Gods time and not before then. All global resets, all PP packages, in fact all settlements of a financial phase will flourish at the same time.

Now is that time, be forever blessed… Bluwolf

I4U Members Chat, Thoughts and Rumors Thursday Night
[FLPatriot59] rotormech35 OK—-FOUND THIS AT GET—SO ITS EVERYWHERE NOW—- 2-7-13 Hello All. I just heard The Budget was passed in Iraq!! Got a text from a source. THIS does not come from some Iraq article, this comes from a source that watches IRAQ TV!!! I'm sure more will come out about this later

[FLPatriot59] For what it's worth…

[buckeyefan] FLPatriot59 Do you think that is true with all the other stuff today. Pulling an all nighter to get it done, 141 members didn't show up, voting on saturday/monday.

[FLPatriot59] buckeyefan I'm telling you – my contact told me yesterday it's a done deal, budget or no budget.

[FLPatriot59] They're working on the tier payouts.

[bryan1972] FLPatriot59 I am praying it is so…. and that you have a good contact

[FLPatriot59] bryan1972 Well I trust him and have known him for a long time.

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The below posts were in our 6pm email

MIG Member Chat Thursday Afternoon
2:42 PM [mehere] [Digs] BAGHDAD – Iraq's cabinet approved a $115 billion budget for 2013 on Tuesday, an 18-percent increase on this year's spending programme, a government spokesman said

2:47 PM [sisterbreen] jacque47 that art says budget for 2013 on tuesday?

2:47 PM [jacque47] yes it does

2:47 PM [sisterbreen] approved

2:48 PM [sisterbreen] jacque47 hmmm

2:51 PM [jacque47] sisterbreen TY

2:54 PM [jacque47] OK—-FOUND THIS AT GET—SO ITS EVERYWHERE NOW—- 2-7-13 Bookings: Hello All. I just heard The Budget was passed in Iraq!! Got a text from a source. THIS does not come from some Iraq article, this comes from a source that watches IRAQ TV!!! I'm sure more will come out about this later today!!

2:56 PM [rustyc] jacque47 well at least we know that if this rv,ce,ec does happen we will know quickly

2:56 PM [RV today] not to be a downer, but the articals say that the cabinet passed the budget now the parliment must pass it as wel
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IQD Rumors, Thoughts and Opinions Thursday Afternoon
(Referring to Mystery Lady's post yesterday: )

SteveI: She sure knows something. Keep looking forward. Blessings, Steve

Jeffusa,: : I'm ready… the fact that SteveI already told us this makes me very excited. We could be hours away from the budget passing… then it's only a matter of time…

SteveI: Jeff FYI, I do not rely on the news any longer, but wait until we can talk to sources in Iraq and let them explain the actual events. So until then, I elect to keep an open mind and stay positive. It very well could be a bit longer, but not much.

Remember they only had enough money for this past payroll and no longer have the funds to pay anything. Iraq has come to a halt regarding money, and money is everything over there.

As soon as we hear, we will provide and share what we are being tol Blessings,Steve


[sananddan24] Jester is the 48 hrs about over?

[Jester] About Iraq's budget, well i saw someone said it was and then it was postponed then it was…

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Short MIG Chat & New Rumor
2:35 PM [dice3344] rustyc ..i hope your right. everyone calls this an investment which means it might not happen

1:10 PM [bookings] Hello All. I just heard The Budget was passed in Iraq!!

1:11 PM [pencer] bookings cool

1:11 PM [bookings] So I guess we wait and see if this has anything to do with the RV. SURE HOPING SO!!1

1:12 PM [bookings] Jane Jane day or night is not over yet my dear !!!

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Short MarkZ and I4U Chat Thurs.AM
[MarkZ] Banking contacts are all still very positive and so is pentagon contacts but UST contacts are MIA. This will be a sleepless, nervous day for most I think. Just remember though, this is not an "IF" but a "WHEN". It WILL happen.

[MarkZ] settlements only is their concern right now. RV is important but pales in comparision to settlements and a global reset.

[MarkZ] keiji tomorrow based on bank intel.

[WWP] MarkZ how's the progress on the PPs

[keiji] MarkZ ty

[MarkZ] WWP Being told they are rolling today but I haven't seen any yet.

[WWP] MarkZ thanks sir.

[MarkZ] WWP I am waiting to see the whites of their eyes……. 🙂

[prosperous1] MarkZ good morning – what is your opinion about where we are today.

[MarkZ] Just remember, stop putting a drop dead date on this, it will happen soon and when it is safe to happen, There are some tremendously sharp people working on this with great character, and they will get it to us.

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