JP54 & D2 Lifting – Will You Follow Refinery Procedures?

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Robert Hender ' R J '
Mon, Feb 18, 2013
Subject: JP54, D2, D6, Mazut Oil Seller

*JP54 & D2 Lifting *
*How Much Do You Need a Month? *

*My Oil Seller friends have buyers who are lifting every week. Because
of Non-Disclosure docs in place I can't tell you who these buyers are. We
do have industry, airlines, re-sellers and nations who buy JP54 and D2
from my oil friends. Email me and I will help hook you up

One of my Oil Seller friends has been selling to the same 20 buyers or
so for decades. I asked him in November if I could bring new oil buyers to
him and he said, sure. Now we have new buyers who want 2mil or 5mil or 10mil
barrels of JP54 a month. Forming new Oil Seller and OIl Buyer friendships
isn't always easy. Buyer mandates or brokers have been reluctant to share
the names of their end buyers. My seller friends are careful not to
disclose the refinery sources that we have been working with for years.

I have seen oil miracles occur. Significant, new oil doors have opened
up to my Oil Seller friends. My Oil Seller friends are now on the Top of the
Hill of the oil business, world wide. I'm doing my best to share with you solid
intel about my Oil Seller friends, while honoring my non – disclosure

What is dumb is that there are so many ' Fake Oil Brokers, ' out there
today. Recently, my OIl Seller friend issued an FCO to 1 specific Buyer and the
Broker took the FCO and signed it himself, passed it on to another broker and
that broker passed it on to even another broker and finally the FCO got in to
the hands of some other Buyer, who got angry because the FCO didn't conform
to this Buyer's needs. What a mess…

I'm very good as a Radio Host and as a Website Blogger, but I am an Oil
Business Rookie. I have asked Ryan Hender and Dixie Sampson to assist me
to help you complete your procedure documents and then provide you with
JP54, D2, M100, Mazut or D6 fuel. Both Ryan and Dixie have solid oil

Our oil refinery has dictated to us procedures that every Buyer must
follow. Ryan Hender needs you to complete our Broker Forms or Buyer Forms and
then follow these procedures. We will take the time to verify whether a
broker or buyer is legitimate. Email me and we can get started…

There are at least 17 steps to these procedures, that you must

  1. Complete our Broker forms/Buyer forms
  2. On Buyer letterhead, provide us with Company Profile
  3. On Buyer letterhead, provide us with LOI or ICPO for each oil product you need
  4. What is the price target for the oil you need? platt – 5?
  5. What quantity per month do you need, of each fuel?
  6. What is the destination of the oil?
  7. What is your contact information? phone email skype
  8. Can you say circumvent? We don't want to circumvent any broker…who are the brokers involved? *
  9. Do you prefer a CIF or FOB process in this transaction?
  10. We will not provide Proof of Product until we verify your Proof of Funds

We are happy to provide JP54, D2, M100, D6 or Mazut to you, if you are
willing to follow these procedures. We have had several requests for BLCO, but in
Nigeria there is a lot of dishonesty. In Nigeria, it's difficult to know who you
can or can't trust.

Contact me and we can get your oil ball rolling…

Robert A Hender Jr has shared a video with you on YouTube:

Oil Seller 2012 – JP54 or D2 Proof of Product
YouTube Preview Image

As a Radio Host I have met and interviewed all sorts of people. In the Oil Business I have worked with a Mandate for the Seller of D2 or D6 or JP54 or even Bonny Light oil. For years I have brought people together, folks who are involved in similar interests, but who have not met yet. It's been rewarding as I have introduced some people who meet for the first time, but they have always known one another. This Seller connection of mine is now the Allocation Holder. By August of next year he will be the Title Holder to these oil products. I have sat with my Mandate friend as he has offered their oil products at $25 below platt. A MT799 would work just fine or a MT760 or even a BCL would be enough to secure a Partial Pop. You can reach me directly at I love to arrange Win Win arrangements.

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