Tim Turner Double Agent – One People’s Trust Disclosure

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Heather Tucci-Jarraf & Max Igan
Sat, Feb 16, 2013
Subject: One People's Public Trust

US Government Pledges Citizen Assets And Labor For Additional Spending Video

Fri, Dec 21, 2012


I don't know if you've been following Heather of OPPT – http://oppt-in.com/ She was a lawyer, was in the system ­ I love how this transcript reads from a recent discussion.

"Heather: So that was what we did. We went in and BIS is the principal agent for all the principals of the slavery systems. A slavery system is one where they have a legal system and it has to provide remedy. When it does not provide the remedy that is preserved, then all of a sudden the system is unlawful and it is illegal. It's a slavery system. That's all that there was done. There were a lot of groups that were planning on making a revenue stream out of this process, trying to make a lot of money and teach you people how to do it. Yet we find, we know from experience, that that's a portal for the Powers That Were to come in and stop things, exert a new influence and any force or coercion, or threat of force and coercion. Not only that, you sometimes will get people with, who start with very good intentions, but when money is involved, try to make a revenue stream. Well, you see it in the attorney field. They're there for the billing hours. They're not there, for the most part, to help and assist people. Otherwise they would look at who they're actually licensed to, which would be the

Heather: So in order to prevent that misuse, abuse, or manipulation, there's another nexus point. The nexus point is Source. I call it Source, some people call it God, Allah, Yahweh, doesn't matter, but essentially that's prime, that zero point. Now you are created by Source and there's nothing in between. You own your own body, your own mind and any creation you do there from. So, we didn't go in to basically foreclose on everyone. All we did was establish for everyone's benefit "Hey, we BE." And we registered that. They would have to rebut that and say that they own you, they created you, or they otherwise somehow control you. Now, they are not going to show that. They're not going to show the agreement, the treaties, the acts that had been done behind closed doors, because they'd admit the slavery system right there. So the foreclosure was a benefit of everyone Being, and registering their BE'ing, because it just collapsed that whole system.

"Heather: Yeah, that's exactly what's going on. The UCC is the supreme law of the planet. They say it's in the constitution, but that's just to keep you in a distraction. Constitution is just a contract that you guys aren't signatories to it. None of us are, except for those that signed on the dotted line. What they did was, they uniformed everything in order to make it very precise, an effective transfer tracking mechanism for the Powers That Were and their quote, un-quote "holdings". Which include birth certificates, which include land titles, and they're all illegally begotten. So nothing can be born of a fraud, so the UCC is a nexus point where everything is put under it. The Federal Reserve is put under it, all the central banks are put under it, the BIS was put under it, all of the quote, un-quote "countries", all of the nations, states, cities, everything was put under it, and they tried to hide that fact. When you walk in and say "The UCC", you'll hear judges play off a script that they've been given saying "UCC doesn't apply". Yet, when you go into a criminal court for instance, on the top of a complaint, a charge, a criminal charge, it'll say "Uniform Criminal Court Docket", a UCC docket."

"Heather: Yeah, the system, the energy has been cut off of the system. Energy in every form of representation. Meaning, all of the paper that they had, it's allĀŠ they can't use it. The gold that they had, that's all been essentially reclaimed and rescued and cached away so it could have a chance to recalibrate itself for this upcoming moment. All of the energy that you see is just the energy that was in the tube, so to speak, when the OPPT cut everything off. So they're running on the last bit of energy that was in their engine already.

Max Igan's OPPT Roundtable Transcription

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