Dinar RV Winners – Global Currency ReSet Moments Away

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Eagle 1 & Bluwolf & Poofness
Wed, Feb 27, 2013
Subject: RV Winners & Losers

Little info from Eagle 1

Good Morning, Family!
You've all heard Frank and I discuss the Global Currency Reset (GCR) from time to time. We've been fortunate enough to have some interesting inside contacts within the IMF who've provided us with some intel as they have been freed up to release it.

This information has not yet made the financial news, but here is a heads up for all of you on the group of currencies in the first "basket of currencies" out of the 168 scheduled for revaluation or devaluation. I'd strongly suggest that you study these currencies, know what their current value is, find out what the nation's asset base is, and make your own determination as to the feasibility of investing in them.

Time is of the essence in this — obviously! Two of the currencies listed are two we've talked about and are very familiar with — the IQD and the VND. What is interesting about this list is that these two currencies are obviously revaluing either at the same time, or within days of each other. The IQD's revaluation is literally "moments away", if I can put it like that, and the Dong will follow almost immediately thereafter.

Following is the list as it was provided to me:
Jordanian Dinar, Somali Shilling, Seychelles Rupee, Sao Tomean Dodras (whatever that is), Tunisian Dollar, Syrian Pound, Tanzanian Shilling, Malaysian Ringg, UAE Dirham, Peruvian Nuevo, Philippine Peso, Qatari Rial, Namibian Dollar, Euro, Nigerian Naira, Omani Rial, Chinese Yuan, Kazakhstani Tenge, Lebanese Pound, Vietnamese Dong, Iraqi Dinar, Colombian Peso, Bolivian Bolivano, and the Venezuelan Bolivar.

The Venezuelan Bolivar devalued this past week by something on the order of 50% against the USD. The Euro is slated for devaluation and elimination several weeks or months from now, and it will be replaced by the new German Mark (the Mark II), which will be the new currency of the European Union.

You'll notice that the USD is not among this list. The USD is going to lose value, but from all I've seen and heard, its value will drop and then gain in stages in relationship to other currencies.
One currency not on this list that I was advised was going to devalue this week is the New Zealand Dollar. I'm not sure if that was an error or not, or if it is supposed to be in the next basket, but keep an eye on the NZD.

Blessings on you.

Monday Afternoon Bluwolf post emailed to Dinar Recaps

While we wait to exhale, we see some speak of budgets and relate it to the international release. Some relate it to the current U.S. sequester. Some are seeing looking on Tuesday. Some speak of announcements from certain heads of state or of economical bank organization heads.

But seriously all is silent and this is the way it will maintain itself until the banks and brokers receive their emails with the GO.

Thou I must assure you that we are on a minute to minute alert no one can ascertain or interrelate anything with what is to be the international release of all currencies (198), but rest assure that the rates shall be fabulous and that you shall all receive your instructions for your exchange on time.

Be bless all and Happy RV. Bluwolf
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Poof for Sunday

Greetings and Salutations;

It took the women to bring all to it's fruition to kick this world into it's future. Enough hunger, poverty, wars, and political non speak. The first light is shining thru the crack of the vault door. There's a whole lot more than money on the other side of it. Preparation for your arrival is what took sooooo long.

Freedom in its' ultimate sense was always the goal all for humanity as a whole. It always was possible but some intestinal fortitude was required. The Alpha/omega point in human history has arrived and we'll live thru it….Scarcely believing what we see with our own eyes.

We quickly arrive in the world of Knowing and leave 'Beliefs' behind. Turn your back on the past and entertain it no longer. The history books will be re-written for the children and some adults to get the real history of he US.

The silence is from the collective breathe being held across the planet…will they do it now? This time? Waiting to exhale, from the massive 'in breath'. Really, Now? YES, Now. Peace out

Consultations until my door bell rings. Then I shut up like it went thru a black hole.lolol Greetings and Salutations, Poofness

Original Page: http://www.dinarrecaps.com/1/post/2013/02/poof-for-sunday18.html


As a sales rep for the American Relief Mint, which is not a publicly traded company, I can share with you some inside information that may be of value to you. A short while ago we had an order for $1,000,000 of silver. The money was deposited into our account and we immediately called the supplier to place the order on the world market. They hesitated to place the order because they were not absolutely sure they could fill it. The order was placed and we received the silver but the silver market is a limited market with limited raw resources.

The US Mint is not longer taking orders because they cannot get their hands on the silver fast enough to keep up with demand. We feel fortunate to be able to still fill orders. We foresee that Silver will greatly accelerate in value in the very near future. This will cause a huge demand from the public. Scarcity creates demand. So if you are thinking about buying silver I recommend you do it sooner than later.

On a world economic side note there are 2 foreign currencies involving a lot of speculation that they will be re-valued. The Iraqi Dinar and the Vietnamese Dong. If by some miracle they were to indeed be re-valued there are just over 1 million people who have purchased these currencies which when cashed out would total over several Billion US dollars . Most will immediately convert their newly acquired US funds into Gold and or Silver. If this actually happens, there will not be enough to fill 1/3 of the orders and once again Silver and gold will immediately sky rocket in value. So if you have either of these notes, I recommend you get 100% out of debt, then purchase hard goods such as food, land, Precious metals at pawn stores etc. because the 30 non-US mints like the one I represent will not be able to fill your orders.

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    It is truly amazing that one goes about looking for current information and finds an article that dictates we are moments away.. 3 years ago. Things that make you go .. ‘hmmmm’ .. yeah um. ok.

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