Dinar RV Surprises – Vatican Bank Closing Down

Sun, Mar 10, 2013
Subject: Dinar RV Surprises




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Mar 8 9:07 PM Subject: latest intel > >> > >> 1. Christine Lagarde in
last 2 days was in **D**ublin **I**reland, made a speech now on
**IMF**website – then to
**J**ordan to make a speech then off to another county to make a speech then off to make a last speech in **E**urope all rv related – picked up an authenticated doc concerning the closing down of the **V**atican bank – when the doc was picked up, the old **UST** was shut down due to its involvement with the **V**atican bank and other central banks. It has left our country in the position where we only have 2 more days of money left to run our country.

  1. This** assumes it’s due to bringing in the new currency.
  2. Interpol seized all of the assets at the bank, including gold, silver, currency as well as the **V**atican archives – things they have been sitting on for centuries. Interpol did go in to seize the bank.
  3. The queen cancelled her trip to the **V**atican –she was to be there this week.
  4. Hearing the rv will be between now and **S**unday – solid. Instructions for private exchange can come at any moment.
  5. Stewart states the threat of martial law is being used as a threat to keep the supporting cast in check.
  6. Our “friends” are wearing new “jewelry” & are at the campground.
  7. We are expecting the evidence to begin coming out this weekend and next week in the form of educational documentaries, interviews and “Breaking News!” flashes. *

RJ, Drake Sunday Update 10 March 2013.:

Bloomberg is a "buttwipe" due to his mendacity. He also decides how big a coke you can buy (to demonstrate his level of control) in (Nanny) NYC.

Wait until close to April 15th to pay taxes, which are a form of theft.

Tax cuts mean cutting the % increase, not the basis, which keeps growing. Government financial cuts include much less help for the people, like tuitions and care for disabled veterans. That's a breach of contract and deserves a class action law suit. Debt Solution: diminish by at least 2% politician salary & benefits, cut foreign aid (worse than welfare), and dip into CAFR accounts. Demand repaying of what government stole from Social Security.

"Continuity of government" means keep stealing (or keep milking the cash cow).

COMEX is dirty. A fraud case is in progress. Gold prices have been artificially and illegally manipulated for years.

Canadians charged by an International Common Law Court have gone into hiding. The Canadian Mounted Police now have warrants for the arrest of these criminals. (We'll see if the Mounties live up to their reputation of being trustworthy and always getting their man! I'm counting on them proving to be at least as good at heart as Dudley Doright!).

Grass and cows are dying from air pollution, ground toxins and waters from fracking. If frackers used sea water it would cost too much so they steal our drinking water instead and poison it. Fracking also causes earth collapses. Near the shore, it causes salt water incursion.

The US plans to be the world's largest oil producer which will mean more pollution. Liquid natural gas is a much better alternative and more portable. It shouldn't be burned off of wells. The US is sitting on the biggest oil deposits in the world and yet we're shipping it overseas before sharing it at home to lower our gas prices and boost our economy. Compensation should be demanded for allowing the Keystone Pipeline to run on US lands.

We've already exceeded the statistics (levels of unemployment, etc). of the Great Depression.

The NEXT Pope is about to be adjudicated!
All religions need to do some house cleaning. The word "religion" isn't even in any holy books because its a manmade construct. A truly holy writing existed long, long ago but was purged from the planet.

Neil Keenan is nearly ready to take major action filing his lawsuit. Release of collateral accounts is imminent (Drake said many times before that the IQD RV follows that release!).

Refrain from traveling. It may be difficult to get back home when borders and some services are closed for about two weeks after the Plan takes off. The Plan is working and on schedule. It's close to culminating. The scenario is still that the good guys win. When you see mainstream media reporting that things are changing, you'll have verification. The Plan calls for a relatively smooth transition.

Stock and bond markets are overvalued and extremely risky right now. Silver is actually more rare than gold and when that is realized the price goes up.

Georgia Guidestones anniversay is 22 MAR 2013 (about the same date as the Vernal Equinox and the planned Keshe meeting for peace). This may or may not mean anything because timelines are less readable the further out. Ttwo weeks is too far ahead for any accuracy.

Foreign troop ramp up in the US & DHS readying to attack us is fear porn.

The Queen will put her crown down and walk away from London.

Chemtrails can cause static electricity and move the jet stream when influenced by scalar/HAARP technology. Weather wars are the result.

Mexico and Canada will be cleaned of corruption by peoples' militias.

Reptilian hybrids in government will be dealt with. Their technical ability to hide will soon fail and you'll be able to see their true hybrid form.

The 4 & 5D transition(s?) will happen quickly, beginning in a year or so and the changes will be obvious. We'll be prepared with a little help from our alien friends. Those who don't want to ascend will be transported to a nice 3D world, just before the rest of us ascend.

Anonymous could clean cabal hard drives and reroute all their deliveries. That would help a lot!

Obama has asked to work with the good guys, specifically Neil Keenan. (This is BIG news! On several past shows, Drake hinted at Obama maybe beginning to be OK, or as an "iffy" player, but this is the first time I've heard Drake mention Obama wants to join up.) Obama is not stupid, sees the handwriting on the wall, and apparently wants to play on the winning team (maybe as a double/triple agent?). Drake advised to proceed with extreme caution. He doesn't trust Obama who has been playing both sides of the fence with neither side liking it. There are some things Obama could do to prove his intentions are good. We have yet to see any such evidence (if indeed it is even forthcoming. Obama needs to clean up his dictator act first!). If Obama did get involved on the right side, that still wouldn't totally absolve him of some of his crimes.

The show went into overtime via phone and dropped off of Universal Voice online radio network. Recorded versions probably contain the full shows at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/universalvoice

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