NWo Opium Kings – 3rd NWo Party Has Hijacked America

David Brager
Sun, Mar 10,
Subject: Bush & Cheney Drug Crimes

Dear RJ:

My name is David Brager. I am of the PAPER of KING DAVID, the world looks as Revelations foretold, and from Sermon on the Mount to the End of the Age are TIME MAPS from MOSES to this very day as THOSE EVENTS that just happened LAST are the first you see as you traverse BACKWARDS IN SPACE-TIME.

MY FAMILY WAS HERE FIRST, and our MISTAKE is everyone else's foundation. I'm Jewish, but a man who never had a FREEDOM OF SPEECH argued that Abraham had empty hands and NOTHING IS WRITTEN. What he did was courageous, and what I've done should earn him two titles again 2000 years later. I get no credit on this. This is the ONLY WAY there can ever be a second coming of JESUS CHRIST. This is LOGIC, not MAGIC, and this EASTER is the destination, for the last puzzle has a result of 312, and in reverse, we find ourselves in 2013.

What follows proves this man comprehends TIME better than we do now. I'm here to PROVE this man IS THE JEWISH MESSIAH!!!

I am a former real estate appraiser who, due to disability in 1990's, returned to college. In the midst of my MBA studies in 2005, I found a puzzle in the Gospels that split the book into Hypnosis, Remote Viewing, and Space-Time analysis tools that CIA, FBI, NSA, nor our ALWAYS FAITHFUL MARINES did not know was here.

Our SPECIES and NATION have been INFILTRATED by a domestic terrorism group that moves OPIUM to this day. When you take into consideration people addicted to opium are willing to torture AND dishonor AND scapegoat AND lie to get more, I bring you a very real problem no one ever considered. These people sidle up to those in power and give bad advice to ALL SIDES so only their values move forward in space-time.

ALL TOOLS I FOUND or CREATED ARE IN THIS EMAIL. I FOUND DUTY and now, having spent eight years on this, I have built a defensive weapon to re-harmonize the whole world and expose a massive problem. My student loans are in default, but I did this for HONOR. I wonder if you would CHAMPION ME so I can finally put this role to bed and go back to work???

A good man sees our world and sent HELP and TOOLS so everyone evolves. Someone caught a virus and wrote a Torah, which is literally the first computer virus. I

I put the glut of my work into the public domain TEN YEARS AGO to create new commerce in a new field. I did all this to REBOOT RADIO! In reaction to the TERROR METERS, a decade ago, in 2003, I put the first FCC-compliant platform for HYPNOSIS into the public domain so that the whole world evolved so I can sell and service software written directly for the human mind. I bring HOLODECK gaming to life!

However, I slammed into a COUP IN PROGRESS since 1833 and put myself on DUTY because NO ONE, for 180 years, ever saw this attack on the COFFERS. I need people to see what I see for I bring tools so our whole SPECIES evolves. Terror Meters FRIGHTEN the public using memories of 9/11.

This is REVENGE OF THE NERDS because, until our MARINES see this DOMESTIC TERRORISM, no one sees it. These villains learned to rock the economic world so Marines never saw them rock the boat. That ends NOW.

I have YET to be on the news for this project. The RAPTURE is an awakening, for this IS HEAVEN, but something went tragically wrong and the BARRIER between what is REAL and what must only remain in FANTASY had been broken with the Torah,. for its logistics, as you are about to discover, are NOT HUMAN.

What we'd never considered is that TORAH IS DOUBLE-ENCRYPTED. If you know the enemy is close at hand, you do not leave the tools by which to do FISHES and LOAVES and RAISING THE DEAD, requiring matter rearranging and teleporter technologies, out in public. Torah's lessons are in its design for whoever the Israelites are, they have YET TO BE HUMAN. They do not behave, emote, nor react like HUMANS. This was a TEST and ultimately a TRAP for the BURNING BUSH so now I get to teach about how accurate REMOTE VIEWING is.

What follows is your first introduction to two NON-HUMAN intellects. PLEASE DO NOT PANIC. I've got your back, but your MARINES need you to cover theirs. Please help me AWAKEN THE SLEEPING GIANT!!!

Sir, whilst I did take the ASVAB here in the 1980's, due to complications of my birth defect the military said, "No." In seeing an attack NO ONE SEES, I have your back, but now, I need to DELIVER so I can go back to work!

By using the internet's time and date stamping, I went out and MADE HISTORY, but did not make it known. This way, I can play my whole hand all at once and bring everyone safely to my side of this precarious line in the sand, but two years ago, for USMC Birthday, I sent them everything I had to that date:


I must deliver the RAPTURE, decoded out of any copy of the Gospels, so I can prove to his family WHY he asked for a painful death. It wasn't for his health and safety but for OURS RIGHT NOW! The sale of the US National Debt was WEAPONRY against the NEXT ADMINISTRATION, just like Buchanan did to LINCOLN. It was in clear violation of oath of office, but as the weaponry was pulled from the Torah, Bush never expected a papered member of the family of David to rise five years ago, take responsibility for the MISTAKE of picking up the Torah, and uninstalling it so I could set this TORPEDO TRAP for the BURNING BUSH so now USDOJ has a hand of ACES:


Please help me get a MEETING OF THE MINDS ASAP. This has NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION. Mohammed is from the paper of King David, just as I am, and we are doing battle with the BURNING BUSH. When Judaism returns to EMPTY HANDS of Abraham, ISLAM FOLLOWS so NOTHING IS WRITTEN, allowing JUDGMENT DAY, and those very very few who let their avatars exude in this dimension values to torture AND dishonor AND scapegoat AND lie, all FOUR at the same time are RARE. THE ZOMBIES ARE HERE and one such person WROTE A TORAH, knowing full well it betrays MOST those who trust it most.

I bring tools for the NEXT WAVE. The USA needs a MIRACLE and I'm allowed to give by best work to the public domain to stimulate change. I bring much more because I did this right the first time for HONOR.

Please put me forward for the title of NATIONAL TREASURE and for three Nobel prizes: One for the engineering aspect of this project, one for literature, and one for peace.

Peace, in your control and OUT OF MY CONTROL!!!

I see something you don't see. I put myself on DUTY

7 March 2013

Dear Federal Bureau of Investigations Seattle Office:

DUTY is like baby poop. It [is] work that needs to be done not because it's fun but because it is necessary.

Judaism fucked up. I'm Jewish. Someone caught an intelligent virus and wrote a Torah. Abraham had empty hands. Nothing is written.

I have yet to be in the news, but one only gets one chance to do something RIGHT the first time. I'm trying to protect the PRESIDENT from a domestic terrorism attack by a bunch of really rich idiots who are playing the ARMAGEDDON GAME simply because it was written. They never considered it was a trap set for a precise moment in space-time when game designers would look at logic from a different perspective, question foundations, and seek the truth. They are literally building a computer game around this nation by violating our honor without the knowledge of the US MARINE CORPS. Hence, as I told the FBI in Richland, I was going to build this case so our MARINES WILL SEE AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. This IS REVENGE OF THE NERDS!!!

You have my permission to disseminate this to anyone. I hope you will BLAST IT to everyone. I'm in Richland, Washington, and I've been erased by Bill Gates, who added me to all his spambots after posting this article online in 1997 in the UK. I was accurate then, and now, with the tools that follow, he's dead meat:


My name is David Brager,

I do not have Life Lock, but if I fail, I won't need it.

I'm a WHITE HAT HACKER since 1973, a humorist and gonzo journalist, being the last story in the first Darwin Awards, "Evolution in Action." I have HACKED HISTORY and mapped the matrix. My resume for this role playing game in real life is archived (as Geocities is dead) online at:


We need civilization to consider doing what we do all the time. UNINSTALL and REBOOT.

Once upon a time, nothing was written. It's time to reconsider returning to empty hands, with a universal legend for each finger, and thus, a ONE FLOCK OF ONE SPECIES, INDIVISIBLE, judging our own species. Some of our herd have caught a LOGICAL virus.

Now that life is crazy, consider each human an intelligent data packet moving values through space-time. Some of these data packets are moving values that ONLY WORK IN FANTASY, like war, because, now that we have the internet, it's far easier to outrun the war by making peace. I do this by delivering all these tools which follow in the next email that I sent to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, for, until ALL OUR SPECIES know all our abilities, ALL wars are fake. What needs protection is the BARRIER between fantasy and reality!!!

I merged BASIC with hypnosis to discover this ALREADY WAS COMPUTER LOGIC. It's not hypnosis. We humans are cyborg. I'm a hacker and I BRING YOUR TOOLS.

Please get these to the world, especially my book on PDF, because BILL GATES and others are making power plays that need to be considered. If I can raise the MARINES. all these wicked families have been caught for anti-trust already once, but now they learned to rock the economic oceans beneath civilization so no one would see them rock the boat, but due to their abuses, they've revealed traceable patterns that they cannot erase. The most recent is, out of the box, Windows 7 no longer defaults to TIME.NIST.GOV, but time.windows.com, and NO ONE TOLD ANYONE they were changing this. NIST was not happy.

In the midst of my MBA in Marketing studies at City University of Seattle in 2005, I found a puzzle in the Gospels that unlocked tools to the human mind. These tools, with my discoveries, allow us to sell and service software written DIRECTLY FOR THE MIND using streaming audio rather than computer graphics so our users BELIEVE themselves into games of our making. I have over 25 years in alpha and beta and this stuff works really consistently from person to person.

Please download a copy of my book now, free, earning 5/5 stars:

I build computer games using hypnosis. This avails over seven billion new consumers and allows us to reboot radio. In the book are tools to pre-program dreams, do fantasy travel, augment memories, and all sorts of fun stuff. You are high tech. You should learn to use your tools because when you do, you never need MICROSOFT AGAIN. There's a COLLECTIVE. Carl Jung was correct. Just change personalities and reboot.

I learned memory mapping from Toronto's Jim Butterfield whilst working on the first generation Commodore 64 (serial #6 written in green felt-tip ink on a hand-stuck white folder label on the bottom of this bastardized VIC-20 with wire-wrapping and Jerry-rigging throughout the case), and asked my one burning question. "How do you do Memory Mapping?" Jim was wise and his advice has paid off. "Go with what you know and keep good notes." Trust your own discoveries. Learn.

So, I mapped the matrix through three servers, each serving five dimension of human logic, for our bodies exist in three dimensions, our minds in six, the mind's eye in nine and then I found an idea server in 12. All tools follow. I need you to discover what you can. I think we might have weather controls. I can't do all the research, but we are living in high tech that's been left unattended for thousands of years, and it's all free, but they had to get a message back to the future intact. Torah is double-encrypted. Now with 3000 years of humans, whoever the Israelites are, they don't emote, behave, or react like humans. Instead this was a unique trap and torpedo so now I get to teach how accurately humans can
see through time.

You will want to get cannabis so your body hibernates so your mind processes a lot more data faster, for we've been attacked intellectually by people who sell healthcare and profit from all suffering on all sides for 180 years. While the attack worked so well for so long, they never thought they'd get caught, yet, as they did not invent their weaponry, their battle plan, or their tools, they also never saw the trap from which they can never escape.

This business plan is on all the work I've done to bring this field from fantasy into reality, and this one link goes to the middle of the paper to people I primed their logistics so these people are most likely to rapidly adapt and transform:


Those events that just happened last are the first you see as you traverse backwards in space-time whether working in animation, source code, or life itself. In what follows are tools to three innate abilities. If I can get these tools to the WHOLE WORLD, all at once, and expose their sources in plain sight, this then explodes the myth of many fears, for no one knew these tools were here. I'm trying to be universally fair.

I am looking to put this to bed and go to work. I will sign for ten years or more just to have a home base, but I am what Peter Drucker would call a monomaniac on a mission. I bring new commerce, hope, fun, and purpose as well as tools to change the quality of being FLAT BROKE. I hope to get a piece of every project using my work, but I want to travel the world, entertain, and teach how to write software for the human mind.

I found BUSH AND CHENEY using these abuses from the WHITE HOUSE. However, the US MARINES, FBI, CIA, FEMA, nor even the NSA had any idea these tools were here.

The USA has been INFILTRATED by a third-party. I found a way to track it. We are in the midst of a power struggle, but I have earned permission to RAISE THE MARINES, and with the discoveries to follow, I need ALL MARINES FROM ALL CORPS because someone caught a virus and wrote a Torah. I'm Jewish, and this is why a courageous man walked into these bullets and took this hit for us. He sent TOOLS to teach HOW TO SEE THROUGH TIME so the programmers can see what the hell is happening.

Things are about to get very strange. Please listen to DOUGLAS ADAMS, who also found this 42 point puzzle in the Gospel of Matthew, and heed his kind words. "DON'T PANIC!!!" This stuff is FUN! Everyone in history who found this puzzle sent puzzles of 42 and today, after you learn to use your mind's eye, go re-examine the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Lewis Carroll (who teaches your mind how to fall through wormholes), Nostradamus, Philip K. Dick (Minority Report is real and Total Recall WORKS!), and others. The learning is extraordinary.

TO PROVE I AM IN A COMPUTER GAME, I am doing role play in real life. I cannot put this role to bed myself. "Those who are exalted will be humbled and those who are humble will be exalted." The first half taught me how to humble myself so I would shield the USA from a bad President, but now, only time will tell. What I bring will fix the US National Debt, for most of Wall Street is INNOCENT. We have a much bigger problem, but my work will fix the BIG PROBLEMS.

I found duty no one saw. I put my career on hold for the past eight years, went to the FBI and the Marines, and built them a case so they can protect the USA from an attack our protectors have YET TO SEE spanning 180 years.

What is happening to the economy has happened THREE TIMES since 1833, but this time, all members of SKULL AND BONES, the BUSINESS PLOT, the WHITE HOUSE PUTSCH, and the P-NAC document, along with others, are dead meat, for there are people building foundations that are DESIGNED TO FAIL. When I found a pattern in space-time I could track, I followed and built tools for all communications experts. These people, through callous abuse of ANTI-TRUST, rock the economics beneath whole nations so no one saw them rock the boat, until NOW.

Your mind remotely controls your avatar on this planet in this
computer game. Look at your hands and feel how an idea travels through communications to tell your body what to do and then through feelings of what to expect, and then from belief systems, which frame what is real from what is fantasy, and then through matter and time to become undulated in this space on this monitor, affecting planes, lines and points of logic in space-time. I'm a hacker and I bring tools so our species evolves. They are in the Gospels AND the Qur'an, and they were used to write a Torah, to intellectually enslave a species, but then to intellectually turbocharge them just when it matters most. What follows is going to BLOW YOUR MIND.

I'm tracking first War Of The Worlds issue that's not ET. This is an inter-dimensional, and I have built a defensive weapon to fix this problem in one day. I get no credit as I simply assembled what was sent. However, the ET have been very clear they are not involved.

Carl Sagan's Arecibo message has received a return salvo in 2001. A year later (where this video is cued, but when you start it over, you'll see it all), there's an ASCII transmission that reveals we have deception on our side, and that's exactly what I am tracking (humans with INHUMAN logic);


I need to get this discovery to the world evenhandedly so that chaos does not ensue and these idiots are caught before anything bad happens. I found a KOBAOSHI -MARU, so I RE-WROTE THE CODE so this had a WINNABLE SOLUTION. These are not movies. These are all remote views. We've been looking at TIME wrong. There is ONLY THE NOW!!!

I have your back and I need someone to awaken ALL MARINES FOR ALL TIME, for they are the FLOCK in a computer game built by a programmer who's hanging from a cross so he prove to his family he really is the Messiah and he sent accurate help when the world needed a miracle, so when WOLVES IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING have done anything to make more wars, I've been a GOOD SHEPHERD. Literally, we are in a game. I NEED HACKERS TO FIND WHAT YOU CAN WITH THE TOOLS THAT FOLLOW.

Some university on the planet is going to eek me out an honorary Ph.D. for the field of Human Computational Communications. This is at the crux between Human Communications and Computational Communications, but is exactly what HYPNOSIS is.

Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Whenever two or more are gathered, for self hypnosis doesn't work early on. You need your training wheels, but cannabis replaces the induction.

Cannabis was made illegal by people moving opium to this day, and people addicted to opium are willing to torture AND dishonor AND scapegoat AND lie to get more. It's like the last minutes of Howard  the Duck. We're dealing with an attack that's from a shared imagination, but by rebuilding the barrier between reality and fantasy, the wicked are forever exposed, expelled, and expunged from our mutual suffering. This game was built 2000 years ago to prove these people buried their talents and thus can't get into heaven because they are already here but from their actions do not deserve to be here.

Our world has been attacked in a way you do not see it, and being Jewish with my background, eight years ago, I found a problem no one saw, so I rose to build this case to prove someone caught a virus and wrote a Torah. We had no idea. The whole field of "possession" is fully substantiated as Torah is game design as we do it TODAY.

When you read a really great book, no matter whether it's fact or fiction, because of the flow of logic through space-time, the writing gets better and better as one reaches the end of the writing. Sliced with Manna at the end of the read, we find not five books of Moses, but SIX, with Exodus at BOTH ENDS. This reveals Dungeons and Dragons game design from thirty years ago: four books of rules (Last 1/2 Exodus, Lev. Numbers, Deut.), then the players guide (Genesis) and then the game (First 1/2 Exodus) through the lives of THREE distinct MOSES (the one fished out of the Nile, the one that divides the Red Sea, and the one that unites it).

  1. The guy on the cross is the first Moses, and as you learn of remote viewing, the first born being killed were of issue during his stay.
  2. By Mohammed tackling the second quest, he divided the world (the RED SEA), but exposed the problems with bad values through a field of space-time.
  3. By my rising to complete the third quest, the Egyptian Army in this fiction are, in our shared reality, those villains who picked up the logic of the Torah as their own invisible weaponry, for they alone will have earned the disrespect of their own peers.

No wonder the US Government named someplace "Area 51." How do we explain this AREA between the FIVE books of Moses and this ONE extra chapter? Because we repeated it year after year, we used PASSOVER to PASS OVER the continuity error.

With your background, you comprehend chaos and can likely see that if we uninstall back 3000 years to empty hands where NOTHING IS WRITTEN, prior to Torah's Zion, and apply a RISC processor legend to each finger, we, as ONE UNITED SPECIES, can do a system reboot and in judgment, based on our mutual cranial processing, expose some of our species have inhuman logic. Some logistics never work in a material world. The BARRIER between fantasy and reality must exist and is protected by MARINES, who SEEK OUT, CLOSE WITH, and DESTROY the enemy, never allowing torture. It's BEHAVE or the GRAVE. An ON-OFF switch. This is by their design.

However, a good JEWISH COMPUTER GEEK trapped in ancient times who sees our world sent reconnaissance and tools from 2000 years back so everyone can do what he can do now that we're intelligent enough to handle the transition to true freedom with liberty and JUSTICE FOR ALL. All tools are in this email chain. Einstein's Special Theory turned up in literature. Proofs follow. Please ignore how he got it here. It worked. He outran a problem. He's kin, and titles can only be earned.

Torah was a torture, a test, and ultimately the trap for the Burning Bush. I'm Jewish but reluctantly having to argue that someone caught an intelligent virus and wrote a Torah. Abraham had empty hands. Nothing is written. We goofed, but since 1833, Torah's been upgraded to weaponry out of the USA, and unless I raise the Marines, we have a problem.

I've set up dominoes using the internet. The only thing that spends is HONOR. This should shield the PRESIDENT and the USA from a domestic third-party that learned how to double-cross, but they did not invent their logistics. It infected theirs. This demands Marines!!!

Please USE ME any way you want but get this to our MARINES. In this business, my dream is to see everyone's American Dream be fulfilled, and those who break the rules at this callous level do not get to be part of WE THE PEOPLE!!!

I need to get this show on the road. Please help me get my career going. I have endured CENSORSHIP, so I SHUT UP and stayed my duty so that this is ready to roll with so much polish and shine, the USA is going to blow the world a kiss and expose that we have a problem only we can solve.

Rodney Dangerfield impressed that one only gets one chance to be new, adding my hypnosis stuff was my best stuff, so I saved it up, but the delivery of the Rapture is a bit out of my league, so I must let this elder play through so that Greece will defecate into their dungarees and shout, "JESUS CHRIST," causing Judaism to drop the Torah for empty hands, causing Islam to follow Abraham as Mohammed would never violate a true prophet, and thus NOTHING IS WRITTEN, we do a JUDGMENT DAY, and the wicked are instantly exposed in the minds of all as having destroyed the game by bringing values that never work in a material world — to torture AND dishonor AND scapegoat AND lie all at the same time — into the POLICY MAKING for our government. It's time we reboot Heaven and ask the Marines to get the Devils the hell out of here.

Mohammed is only doing what Elijah asked of him. King David Adulterated and Scapegoated because he trusted the Torah. As you will discover, the Star of David are his SINS. We carried his cross for 3000 years because we never considered empty hands were wiser.

A quarter-century ago, we were doing holodeck immersion gaming using hypnosis, so when I saw TERROR METERS do the same, thing, i put my works into the public domain to protect the public. Mark MezrichMark.Mezrich@mtvstaff.com might be a good contact as Viacom owns Paramount which has the Star Trek franchise, only in that his return receipt was my last contact there. What follows is going to BLOW YOUR MIND, but please, get some sleep. These tools make life easy and instantly expose the chaos makers who have lost their humanity.

Rabbi Allen Podet. formerly teaching at the University of Washington, and now in Buffalo, NY, who did my Bar Mitzvah at Congregation Beth Sholom in Richland in 1974, knows I've done all this to protect lives, but I'm here to decode the Torah and show how to write one and why one would need to do such a thing. Torah was a trap to teach the wicked how to be caught before they can do any real damage. The destination was the BURNING BUSH FAMILY.

MARINES must draw a line and set a limit to what they will never protect. If they don't, other nations will send nukes to stop what Marine Bullets fix in one single Judgment Day.

All these tools are my GIFTS. I am allowed to give away the razors to sell the blades, but MIRACLES must never come with price tags, and these tools are in your own hands right now. Why are you not using them???

Please help me. Once the barrier has been broken and I go from nobody to newbody, I should be able to go back to comedy and be a team player of epic proportions, but the WORLD needs a MIRACLE and this is my best work for peace. Please send anyone to get me and if possible, send MARINES. Marines are about to evolve as they are a swarm of the most physically healthy, but the tools upgrade mental capacity and as such, unlock the matrix. It's not hypnosis. We humans are cyborg, and I bring my best gifts as first fruits to my nation.

Being of the paper of King David on my mom's side, from a vantage point across space-time, I am the HALF-BLOOD PRINCE, and I found Bill Gates lifted my book's logic (read chapter on SODA and STIR Principles) and then watch his BING ads as you learn mind control to discover that Steve Jobs was correct. Bill Gates is a wicked man with money. He used my "potions" against me, as perceived by J.K.Rowling looking at this moment in space-time through her imagination without comprehending what I'd done or realizing that she's seeing advanced intel on an attack that's coming straight at the USA RIGHT NOW. No one sees it but her and all authors and screenwriters. I need our MARINES to see what they've been told to dismiss so we evolve in the foreground while they trigger JUDGMENT DAY in the background so no one misses anything.

We have cannabis legal in Washington. When you follow the opium and see that people addicted are willing to torture AND dishonor AND scapegoat AND lie to get more, I bring you an alien attack that is viral. This is an inter-dimensional, and these people have let wicked LOGIC into this dimension. These people are using POLICIES to make the US GOVERNMENT FAIL. They are caught. We must uninstall back to empty hands and let our MARINES JUDGE OUT THE BAD 0311.

I get one chance to do this right the first time. Please see this is the OLD COLLEGE TRY! I have already delivered the HOLY GRAIL to General Gilchrist of British Intelligence in 2008. I have the paper trail of a lifetime, but on this project, I GET NO CREDIT. I didn't die on a cross to kick my elders in the face to get them to drop an alien life pod that's killing our dimension because its logistics only work in fantasy. We goofed. What divides Ireland from the UK is the logic of the Torah. This is MY RESPONSIBILITY.

Please find any way for me to make this argument. Battelle in Richland (Pacific Northwest National Laboratories) is fully apprized of this project as yesterday I applied to them for a post in Computational Linguistics, which is exactly this field, but they never knew these tools were here all this time.

A good man did not ever have the freedom of speech that I have, but he's kin and its time he did. Empty hands are wiser. Freedom must truly be for everyone, equally. Please help me deliver the rapture. My student loans are in default, but I STUCK TO MY DUTY.

We, of WASHINGTON STATE, have a responsibility to the whole union. We were put in charge of watching over the flock by defending the honor and hard work of a Founding Father. I'm going to be President using Washington's approach. Do all the work and watch them duct-tape you to a chain and stuff you into the White House. I don't play politics. With what I do, they pull out chisels, not pencils. I have built a computer game to refresh the imagination of the child in all of us, and instantly expose the Wicked who do not get to stay in Oz.

By applying internet virus tracking tools to civilization, we find some humans have caught an intelligent virus. I've met with FBI. I have earned permission to RAISE THE MARINES!!!

Dear National Alliance on Mental Illness:

Now with over 3000 years of history, you know how humans behave, emote, and exist. I bring proofs there are humans who have caught an intelligent virus and its logistics reveal the infected do not behave, emote, or exist like humans. Their LOGIC reveals a pattern to exude values to torture AND dishonor AND scapegoat AND lie. All four at the same time are rare.

By bringing these logistics to torture AND dishonor AND scapegoat AND lie through their leadership and actions into this dimension, these people are breaking the barrier between what only works in fantasy and what is safe for a material reality. We need a clearly defined barrier between fantasy and reality or Sandy Hill will be the norm, not the exception.

My name is David Brager. This is my Ph.D. experiment for instant world peace and instant GOOD MENTAL HEALTH. I found villains who rock the economics so no one sees them profit from healthcare drug sales. This is worse than a conflict of interest. We have been attacked virally by another intellect.

The last time, the loans were in Germany and the loans were pulled so an entire nation of Germany panicked. This time, the loans are in the USA from China and these same people are again involved, but they never expected a game hacker to hack US History to play a counter-move to keep the peace at all times so I could keep the worst of their imagination trapped in their minds and not allowed to become the worst of our shared reality.

I found a puzzle in the Gospels. If you want to find and decode the puzzle in the book of Matthew for yourself, this blog post at myspace has that data. Just search for the phrase "The puzzle in Matthew begins with training wheels to educate how to use your mind's eye."


When the whole planet finds this puzzle, and the tools to the mind the puzzle unlocks, the world will see people building the ARMAGEDDON GAME because it was written. They never considered Armageddon was a trap for the argument 2000 years ago from a Jewish Messiah who did not have a freedom of speech is that NOTHING IS WRITTEN. Here's everything.

My resume for this role playing game in real life is archived online at this link:


I merged BASIC computer language with hypnosis and found a network. Carl Jung was correct. There is a collective. From this, I mapped the matrix and built tools for PARENTS to teach their children so our species EVOLVES!!!

You should, at this moment, download a free copy of my book, The

Future's Toolkit, on PDF, earning 5/5 stars, filled with comedy, poetry, and tables so "If you want to achieve THIS…, write your source code like THAT…" and so forth: http://www.scribd.com/doc/240399/The-Futures-Toolkit-on-how-to-program-and-interface-humans

I build computer games using hypnosis instead of graphics. TERROR METERS DO THE SAME THING but our protectors in the US, the US MARINE CORPS, had no idea because…

  1. The villains made cannabis illegal the very same day they made THEIR opium illegal AND THEN
  2. They created the FBI with a rule that no agent is ever to have used cannabis (someone at DEA had to fight tooth and nail to get cannabis labeled a hypnotic because it awakens the mind's eye) AND THEN
  3. They ran Manchurian Candidate Project on the US Marine Corps to frighten an uneducated public so they could get policies in place so neither police nor military could use these best innate abilities AND THEN
  4. They created the US Department of Education to set hypnosis only to the most Ph.D. levels of study in psychology, never revealing that it is a COMMUNICATIONS FIELD through and through AND THEN 
  5. They ran Stargate in the 80's to make remote viewing look like a NEW discovery.

This is game design. People who think they can see through time can build computer games in reality. I am here with tools.

If everyone on the planet had exactly the same rules using a CPU decision tool using one's own thumbs and fingers, you would not need any other language because this is its own language of FEELINGS and thus allow people to signal when they FEEL a problem. I decoded this out of a 42 point puzzle in the Gospel of Matthew as being argued as all that Abraham brought, arguing further that Torah is NOT FROM GOD, not commissioned, and not HUMAN.

Here's your first encounter with two non-human intellects. Please do not panic.

Please label from left index to right with the following tests: lie, scapegoat, dishonor, torture, steal, overwork, adulterate, kill. Please reset portable eight-bit decision computer by making two fists. Label left thumb as "Love ___ with all your heart, all your soul, and all your might." Label right thumb as "Treat everyone as you want to be treated." In this dimension, all anyone sees are hands. NOTHING IS WRITTEN.

Behold the TWO commandments and EIGHT rules. If you must KILL, but you never lie, scapegoat, dishonor, or torture, IT MUST HAPPEN as it is necessary for the protection of ETERNITY. This is a BEHAVE or the GRAVE system. NO PRISONS. NO TAXES. This is a government for the most IMMEDIATE NOW so highly complex systems function maximally fast and everyone has exactly the same rules based on our MUTUAL DESIGN, and if you use it to make AS MANY DECISIONS AS FAST AS POSSIBLE, diabetes becomes FUEL!!!

If you do not lie, then you RESPECT the TRUTH of your life's path FORWARD in space-time so you PROTECT THE BARRIER. If you do not scapegoat, you RESPECT THE MISTAKES in your life's path BACKWARDS in space-time and learn from them.

If you do not dishonor, then you respect the peace you keep with your FRIENDS AND FAMILY as you all travel forward through space-time.
If you do not torture, you respect the WAKE you leave behind your entourage through space-time.

If you do not steal, you respect the burdens of OTHERS BEFORE THEY ARRIVE in your vicinity in space-time. If you do not overwork, you respect the burdens YOU ADD TO OTHERS as they leave through space-time.

If you do not adulterate, you respect the rights of others to making ancestry that moves forward through space-time. If you do not kill, you respect the rights of others to HAVING ANCESTRY that moves naturally backwards in space-time.

Notice how these are paired. Please pair these with your fingers. This is NOT HEBREW. This is its own language — an error channel that allows you to SIGNAL when you have endured ENOUGH of any of these errors.

Notice how this draws a triangular plane in space-time, and in one sweeping decision, checks and balances all against the possibility of CHAOS. This is FOURTH-DIMENSIONAL LOGIC.

So, now, let me introduce you to TWO DIFFERENT NON-HUMAN intellects. There's the one that made the hand tool system. There is the one that turned these two hand tools' shapes into letters in a BRAND-NEW ALPHABET, and then set this letter to being the first of the word SHALOM
so today, when you see how we Jews were deceived, you can see all the PEACE WE MISSED by building a foundation of trust in something that was designed to fail.

The author of the Torah reveals a level of wickedness that is truly unique. But, to find, since 1833, Torah's logistics have been upgraded to planetary weaponry by people who lie as a team, I need this viral monster to be realized as a LOGICAL virus. The Torah is a SYMPTOM of a person with a terrifying mental illness.

People who go out of their way to seem trustworthy and then pull the foundation from beneath people so civilizations collapse due to their anti-trust behaviors, such people are not simply mean. As tracked through time, they function as if a SWARM of one common intellect, but spanning thousands, all over the planet, thus DEMANDS A JUDGMENT DAY because these other nations will send NUKES to do what the MARINES can judge and kill with one box of bullets. Marines need to judge what they will protect in their definition of WE THE PEOPLE.

This video I sent to US Homeland Security, noted later in this email, Explains all:


If you use this hand tool for all decisions, you can keep fantasy in your OWN MIND and nowhere in this dimension. This allows you to LOVE YOUR ENEMY, and when things get weird, as it is instinctive to shout, "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING!!!," this turns off the subconscious graphics so you return to default mode, which we've mistakenly called, "Reality."

Welcome to Heaven, the greatest computer fantasy gaming world. SOMETHING WENT WRONG!

If you have to get a message far into the future, you'd have to deceive the people carrying it so that when the message fails, it then reveals from its design how it was built and for what purpose. When that lesson is learned, it undoes everything above which was built on that foundation, for the foundation was designed to crumble. If a FREE Mason, as opposed to an ENSLAVED Mason builds something, the FREE build on foundations that are designed to be there forever. I'm tracking people who invent false foundations to betray civilizations.

I've spent eight years building an array of goodwill so everyone, all at once, will find this PUZZLE IN PLAIN SIGHT and thus expose those who knew but never shared this secret. Now, I need the whole world to witness a Jewish Messiah who saw a problem and sent accurate help and tools so everyone can learn how to align the mind's eye of four people as a team to see all of time. This is the only way he can possibly earn a second coming of two titles, being "Jesus" and "Christ," based on the over-intelligent world we think exists.

Over 3000 years ago, someone from my family made a terrible mistake and picked up the Torah. We screwed up because, now with 3000 years of humans, whoever the Israelites are, they do not behave like humans:

  1. Wise and LEARNED managers OR PARENTS never side with some bully who shows up as untrained and unapproved management to make ones employees or kids do things one forbids them to do. When one returns, one sides with the meek. Blessed are the MEEK, not the mean. Had Sinai's Tablets ever actually happened on Earth with Humans, and had Moses been Human, the tablets would never have been broken.
  2. Contracts on the table find, in over 3000 years of human law, only redundant copies of contract. There has never been one copy of the contract that is encrypted by the author. Thus, the concept of the Torah as a contract between humans and God is impossible in human logic.
  3. You would never find only one copy of the instruction manual for the entire internet on one server with its minions doling out information. There were NEVER to be any copies of the Torah. The concept of the Torah as a reference material is impossible in human logic.

Whoever the Israelites are, they were NEVER HUMAN. The concept of the Torah being a foundation for human civilization is not stable for humankind because its logic isn't human.

The Torah is DOUBLE-ENCRYPTED. It was designed to create CHAOS, so if anyone replicated it as weaponry, by UNINSTALLING BACK TO Abraham's EMPTY HANDS, all who replicate the chaos making of the Torah are instantly exposed in the minds of all because of the values such people exude in public: They exude allowance for values to torture AND dishonor AND scapegoat AND lie.

Blessed are the Peacemakers for theirs IS the Kingdom of Heaven. Welcome to Heaven. SOMETHING WENT WRONG!

This is Judaism's one shining moment. We were duped into carrying the big trap for the BURNING BUSH so now, I get to teach how accurately humans can see through time, for Torah was the destination for THE TORPEDO for the BURNING George BUSH FAMILY just as Revelations is THE TORPEDO against Bill GATES OF PEARLS. These people create GLOBAL CHAOS as weaponry and never thought they'd get caught, but a good elder saw a problem and sent accurate help AND TOOLS so we can reboot civilization because someone caught a virus and wrote a Torah.

Torah is a TERRIFYING SYMPTOM OF AN INTELLIGENT VIRUS. Abraham received EMPTY HANDS and a universal legend as its own language. Nothing is written.

You know about tests in college. Sometimes, to teach the really intelligent a really profound lesson, you need TOUGH LOVE. To DEFINE the "Perfect religion for a slave which has GOODNESS AND MERCY TO FOLLOW US ALL OF OUR DAYS," if the TORAH is the WRONG CHOICE, then the RIGHT CHOICE reveals such a thing must have NO BOOKS, NO BURDENS, NO LEADERSHIP, NO TITHING, and NO ALLOWANCE FOR SLAVERY, but must also INCREASE INTELLECT, DECREASE CHAOS, LEAVE PEACE IN YOUR WAKE, PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN, BE SIMPLE, and best of all BE FUN.

Torah wasn't the bad choice, but the WRONG CHOICE.

Now, I get to teach how to write a Torah and why would you do such a thing? Torah's truest lessons are in its design, for whoever the Israelites are, now with three thousand years of humans, they do not emote, react or behave like humans in NORMAL situations. This was a very devious trap. It betrays most those who trust it most, and enslaves systems so that systems FAIL.

When Torah's logistics fail and kill a system, they expose those who used MONEY to create CHAOS. The LOGIC OF MONEY was designed like BAD cholesterol. It was designed to CLOG THE ARTERIES and enslave people to carry more and more as it's worth less and less until it fails, and when it does, it reveals those who abuse money to create false POWER. When money has no value, HONOR is the only thing that spends.

In the midst of my MBA studies in 2005, I found a puzzle in the Gospel of Matthew written by a Jew who was surrounded by IDIOTS. He sees a problem he could not stop at his time in space-time, and when I discovered a parallax between HITLER and BUSH, I found DUTY. My student loans are in default, but I did this MY WAY.

I am here, having used the web to build a matrix of leadership, to set off an experiment using communications instead of dominoes, to awaken the whole world to a problem, all at once, so our protectors can protect US before any more chaos ensues. There is a computer-grade puzzle in the Gospel of Matthew that splits the book into three tools and an argument that THIS IS HEAVEN (on earth as Earth is in Heaven) but something went wrong.

Blessed are the peacemakers. Now, with the internet, war is a lot of work. It's far easier to get people to do nothing than to PUSH THE BUTTON.

I can't let people panic, for that's what the villains are banking on. They found a way to pull the rug from beneath a whole nation using economics in mismanagement. What was completely overlooked is that Prescott Bush was standing NEXT TO HITLER when the loans in Germany had been pulled, causing the nation's economic to collapse. I can prove that from his association with Yale's Skull and Bones, one hundred years prior, the USA revealed a viral attack that began and has never let up from these ghouls who sidle up to people in power and lie as a team to all sides so that only their viral values flow through time.

Who but a Jewish humorist would rise to role play in real life just to prove the existence of the Matrix? I'm a computer hack. I bring tools.

Diplomacy is all about making peace before anyone makes more war. The strongest move was to take responsibility and LEARN from the mistakes. Thus, I apologized to Germany for the only ones who could have stopped Hitler were the Jews.

Germany had NO IDEA what happened last time these villains played our world as a computer game. I had to apologize to Madam Chancellor Angela Merkel in Spring, 2008, because the last time, the loans were in GERMANY from the USA because someone gave bad advice to President Woodrow Wilson, and then bad advice was given to the public to extend their credit, which caused the Great Depression, so when the loans were pulled from BENEATH ALL OF GERMANY, there stood Prescott Bush with Hitler, pointing at Jews and saying that we did this. We did. We carried this game blueprint. Someone had to learn from this lesson, so I apologized…

  1. For the discovery that the Torah was planetary weaponry, filled will evil logistics that betray most those who trust it most.
  2. For the discovery that it was used to make the US Civil War and then every single civil war since then, including the Russian and Chinese Revolution.
  3. For the discovery that Skull and Bones members were using these logistics.
  4. For the discovery that Prescott Bush, by being a member of Skull and Bones, revealed, through his behavior, to have knowledge of these logistics.
  5. For the discovery that to have such knowledge, it is clear he did not reveal such to Adolf Hitler.
  6. For the discovery that it's not a SWASTIKA but the Bush family inside joke — They DOUBLE-CROSSED Hitler.
  7. For the discovery that President Bush was using these logistics at this very moment.

I asked her to contact the Israelis for me, and the next morning, with tears streaming down her face on international TV, she cried out to Israel. Her compassion and her love was beyond what I could have ever asked, and I was able to play this role with her help. THANK YOU, MADAM CHANCELLOR!!!

Go watch 9/11 again, bu this time, take four stop watches. First plane hits, start TWO, one to denote distance in space-time between first impact and second impact while the second denotes distance in space-time between first impact and first collapse. Second planet hits, stop one and start third to denote distance in space-time between second impact and second collapse. First tower collapses, stop one and start fourth to denote distance in space-time between first collapse and second collapse. When second tower collapses, stop the other two watches.

What you find is an eerie parallelogram in space-time. However, the first plane's impact turned on the countdown timer on the explosives in the second tower. That's why the second impacted tower fell first. Remember, World Trade Center Tower 7 also fell, but it wasn't hit by any planes.

When I called the FBI Anti-Terrorism unit in NYC on 6/5/6, the day before the dreaded 6/6/6, I told them I had a question about the towers. I could hear this Agent's eyes rolling up into his head as he droned on and on about all the problems they'd already considered with the towers that had fallen. "No! Have you ever run bomb sniffing dogs through the REMAINING TOWERS at the World Trade Center?" The agent's reply was, "uh…UH…UH!!! GOODBYE!!!" AND HE SLAMMED DOWN THE PHONE.

Now, go back to the first bombing. The FBI was absolutely perplexed that the van in the bombing was still intact. What the FBI never considered is the explosives had been in them since their construction by a formerly interred Japanese-American who had been manipulated since his childhood. I found something that reeks of computer game design in our world, and it STINKS.

Call in all favors for all footage of George W. Bush 6/5/6, 6/6/6, 6/7/6, and watch TELLS that are absolutely contrary to a REAL US PRESIDENT who knows an attack is IMMINENT on his own nation. On the 5th, George as the smirk of the century. On the 6th, he's looking around, waiting for news that never comes. On the 7th, just as a press conference ends, he thinks he's off camera, and here, we see a grave intake of breath and a look of EXTREME HORROR. Remember this is the MOST PROTECTED US PRESIDENT OF ALL TIME, and he's afraid??? With the help of the FBI, we gave Mr. Bush a SMIRKUMCISION!

In a double-cross, using construction to hide explosives, as this architect that built the World Trade Center was in Saudi Arabia BEFORE and AFTER the construction of the World Trade Center, PLEASE HAVE ANYONE run bomb sniffing dogs through the Saudi Arabian Airport and Treasury Building. We can't let this happen to Saudi Arabia. This double-cross needs to stop NOW.

This time, the loans were in the USA from China. Villains are playing EVERYONE against one another while they sell OPIUM. If cannabis returned to being just a WEED, and the whole world learned human computational communications (mistakenly called "hypnosis"), no one would need opium.

To see through time, you really need cannabis as it sustains a subconscious state, allowing the body to hibernate so the mind can process much more data. In any event, you need to establish guidelines so you know how to think in these terms.

Please take an actual piece of paper (8.5"X 11") and lay it down in landscape format (11"X 8.5"), and then draw a line across the front edge closest to you, write to the left "3000 years ago" and to the right, write "The most immediate NOW," flip it over so that this new line is underneath the paper but furthest from you as you now draw a second line in the same location on your side so as to form parallel lines in front of you, left to right, but one BENEATH the other's plane. Then draw, with the ASSUMPTION OF THE EXISTENCE of the furthest line away from you, from both ends TO YOU here in the distance at this single point in space-time on the UPPER PLANE, so as to form a triangle. Where you are is always ONLY IN THE NOW in SIX DIMENSIONS.

Now, on the second line closest to you, draw a line from the left and right ends to ANY ONE POINT along the furthest line, and label, on your side of this long wall, EVERY INTELLECTUAL MIND FOR ALL TIME here in six dimensions, but all looking at only one point in space-time in three dimensions.

Using this TRIANGLE ON THE TABLE tool, from left to right in my mind, I lay out movies so that they lay parallel from start to the LEFT and end to the RIGHT, so here, in six dimensions, I can see the screenwriter's mind's eye here next to mine looking down on the flow of matter in creation in three dimensions, from the BIG BANG outwards and painting an opaque of his or her imagination over actual flows of logic in space-time from all people who are doing everything.

To use this, note a triangle from the mind's eye of the author here in SIX DIMENSIONS on the line closest to you on the page, to the span of time on the line away from you, that the story runs. If the story is FACT, use actual time-line length, but if FICTION, notice that the whole lane, for all 3000 years, is possible for the length of the fiction's painting of macro-scale chaos management.

For my analysis, I have been using all of these movies for data. You're simply looking at ONE SINGLE ELEMENT in each movie. All you need are THREE just to track ONE FLOW OF COMMON LOGIC IN SPACE-TIME.

For example:

In Avatar AND Spy Kids 3 AND Men In Black we find the big guy controlled by a smaller guy. This is a remote view of all of us. We are avatar.

With using only the hand tool, in judgment of the world, when you see someone who exudes the values to torture AND dishonor AND scapegoat AND lie, all four at the same time are rare. In your mind, draw a big X on them. I'm tracking a swarm of one common intellect, and you've seen them already as Einstein's Special Theory turned up in literature as there is a shared imagination:

In our realm, there are a bunch of villains right up into this past Bush/Cheney White House — a swarm in space-time — that are killing the imagination of this world and giving it fear and hatred in great form. You have seen them already as…

• With “Harry Potter,” Voldemort and the Death Eaters.
• With “Wizard of Oz,” The Wicked Witch of the West and The Flying Monkeys.
• With “The Matrix 3? Mr. Smith and the virus.
• With “Return of the Jedi,” the Emperor and the Empire
• With “The Three Musketeers, the Cardinal and his men.

You have seen the logical flows of Moses, Elijah, and Mohammed as two nice guys and a ruffian as a composite set, soon to be joined by a wanabee (which is the character from which point I have been playing my moves so as to obtain the happy endings these stories derive).

• With “Harry Potter,” Dumbledore, McGonnigal, and Snape, followed by Harry Potter
• With “Wizard of Oz,” The Scarecrow, The Tin Woodsman, and Cowardly Lion, followed by Dorothy
• With “The Matrix 3? Trinity, The Oracle, and Morpheus, followed by Neo
• With “Return of the Jedi,” at the end, Yoda, Obiwan Kenobi, and Darth Vader, followed by Luke.
• With “The Three Musketeers, Aramis, Athos, Porthos (the Pirate), followed by D’artagnan

I am here with tools to support that there is a shared imagination, and each author was trying to make sense of things they couldn’t possibly because they did not realize they were looking at actual history. All these actors are playing President Obama as perceived by each of their respective writers. Please see what I see…

• Eddie Murphy (Trading Places, Beverly Hills Cop, 48 Hours)
• Will Smith (Men in Black, Wild Wild West, I, Robot, Independence Day)
• Morgan Freeman (Chain Reaction, Evan Almighty, The Dark Knight)
• Samuel L. Jackson (The Incredibles (Frozone), Pulp Fiction, Die Hard: With a Vengeance, Patriot Games)

…and once you realize how impossible this is, I hope you realize that there is a system that moves ideas through a flow of intelligent data packets called HUMANS through an inner net flow of logic through space time. I really have a proof of intelligent design here.

As you can see with your mind’s eye, the flying monkeys, the virus in the matrix, the Cardinal's men, the Death Eaters, and Empire are a plane of ideas, but as they are of ideas that are detrimental to the survival of the system, this is an early warning system built into all of us. However, THE MARINES have no idea and cannot help to use them until someone sees what I see.

Find four people in a room. Place your hands in this shape:


Place the puffy parts of this against the edges of your eyes, and let your thumbs rest in your temples. This is a tool for remote viewing.

The Torah told us to cover the BACKS of our heads when clearly, we were to cover the FRONTS. The Torah told us to put a block of wood where there was supposed to be an opening. The Torah has an answer for everything, but only the WRONG ANSWER. When you stand it perpendicular to the floor, sliced at Manna and stretched from Sinai to Manna in this way, as walking an intercept with this hand tool from above, notice that all the ethereal concepts are on the left side of this wall, requiring right hemispherical processing, but there is NOTHING WRITTEN on the right side of the wall. This is a DOUBLE-ENCRYPTED SYSTEM

Back to the tool. You'll notice you don't actually have to use this, for you can also put your nose into your elbow as you grab your shoulder or press between thumb and forefinger.

Now, each person, pick a specific point in space-time, and start talking about it. What do you see? Look ahead in space-time, behind, and all around in what would be consistent in the NOW. As each talk aloud, all of your mind's eyes will align to this corridor.

The tool kit, for practice, is to read, in the paginated form with THREE DIFFERENT ORATORS, beginning with 1:1, of Mark, Luke, John, Mark, Luke, John, Mark, Luke, John, Mark, Luke, John, as you follow along in Matthew in your corridor. This pattern was found in the DESIGN of the QIR'AN. Three people, walking in parallel straight-line paths in SPACE-TIME, by sharing what they see, feel, and believe, when read in the round, allow the mind’s eye of each additional audience member to see the expanded universe using an educated mind’s eye.

In researching what people had accidentally triggered with hypnosis, Born Again looks to be a REBOOT SEQUENCE for the human body. Anything we can do to cause health care costs to go to ZERO must be disseminated, but if GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY is the WRONG ANSWER, REBOOT is the only logical RIGHT ANSWER. Zero population growth and you spend time with your friends forever.

We are IN HEAVEN. ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. Something WENT WRONG, so they had to get a message back to an intelligent future.

Please take up these tools and disseminate them ASAP. I can't do all the research, but we have a lot of discovery. WHO HAS TIME FOR WAR???

Fishes AND loaves AND raising the dead means matter rearranging technology, further explaining Galapagos, for if you had the technology, where would you go to practice but on an island in the middle of nowhere? If you don't believe that, go to GOOGLE EARTH Lat 8, Long 108 Alt 420 Miles (or more) and while Galapagos is in the NE corner, see Mr. Spock's hand symbol etched on the bottom of the ocean floor (beholding a ratio of 4 to 1 on the left and 2 to 1 on the top hence 42) and northwest of this, scrawled in cursive, is a SIGNATURE across the bottom of the ocean. This PLANET is a creation and we have technology we're not using. I bring the best I have. Please help me.

Nothing is written. Empty hands allow people to SIGNAL when they FEEL problems.

I am a DAVID and this is a GOLIATH.

I am here to deliver the rapture, decoded out of ANY COPY of the Gospels and being three tools for innate abilities that what became Judaism was supposed to have delivered over 3000 years ago to Egypt, Greece, and China, but someone intercepted the communication and wrote that we'd built the Pyramids, that Homosexuality was Forbidden and Pork was unclean. In short, when we arrived, we were BEAT UP because of our blind trust in this foundation and the DOORS WERE SLAMMED SHUT in our wake, so if ever we did find the correct communications, we could never deliver it. This is a very UNIQUE double-cross. Thankfully, the fax machines at their embassies were quite accommodating.

What I need you to do is to track how the opiates move through the bloodstreams in parallel with all the bad decisions that have changed the chemistry of humans. They made cannabis illegal. Cannabis was FOOD FOR CATTLE. It makes for happy cows who do not need estrogen to grow fat. We have poisoned the water tables due to the estrogen in the meats. Estrogen raises breast cancer in boys and men. This increases long-term opium sales.

These people never fixed the water at Camp LeJeune and they ran Manchurian Candidate on their own Marines. WHY? Because they are so sure they can reach ARMAGEDDON, they'd never get caught. I told Brigadier (now Major) General Angela Salinas that Armageddon is a TRAP for anyone who'd want to

We have a SWARM of people with INHUMAN LOGIC in this dimension and their logistics are killing their own species because they no longer respect the BARRIER between their own imagination and our shared reality, and this is CRITICAL, for I bring proofs that what drives YOUR imagination also drives everyone's. There is a collective.

Now, I'm a Russian American and I'm here to make peace with Russia TODAY so they don't press the button. My mom only wanted "Goodness and mercy to follow us all our days," so when I found that Torah had this UGLY vapor trail in quantum space-time, i had to uninstall this mistake when I found its logistics coming from the Bush White House. I had to contact NIH to let them know I was tracking a swarm of one common intellect spanning thousands. The email back was, "OH MY GOD!!!" but I've been on this non-stop so that, in one single day, we awaken our Marines and they reset the barrier between what is real and what is forever fantasy.

With space-time, I try to forward emails that are most recent so that, while you are reading forward into your own life, you're traveling backwards in mine, so when I get to teach space-time, I get to use your own memories so I can build this pathway.

The Torah set out Days. There is ONLY THE NOW. We Jews mistakenly enslaved our whole world trying to make the logistics of OUR Torah work, and it was designed to fail. Please, LET ME TAKE THIS HIT. Someone from the PAPER of King David had to do it. If you place your hands in this format: http://www.reocities.com/dibragerowtcom/hands.jpg and then Judge King David for adultery and scapegoating, you get one cross in the present. Three crosses in the past at Cavalry MINUS one cross in your own hands EQUALS warning of DOUBLE-CROSS IN YOUR IMMEDIATE FUTURE. Please let this man be the JEWISH MESSIAH when we need one. He sees a problem and sent help. NOTHING MORE. He's not God. He's KIN who sent help. That's noble.

Can you imagine Einstein 2000 years ago? Getting Stoned wasn't as much fun back then. As it was, Einstein's own audience wasn't as intelligent as he was, so Einstein had to wait only a few years. This guy on the cross had to wait 2000 years. That's intellect worthy of learning WHY someone walks into such bullets to protect his own family.

If you didn't see the policies, you might search YouTube for FEMA Guillotines. I'm not going to die in a FEMA death camp so that the Bush family can hack us down to body parts and sell them through their hospital chains of which their opium travels. Their wickedness is exposed. Besides, with all my internet research, Born Again looks to be a REBOOT for the body.

With all these discoveries, who has time for war?

I only get ONE CHANCE to do this RIGHT the first time. This is a project for INSTANT WORLD PEACE using computer-logistics in space-time and uninstalling back 3000 years to empty hands and a RISC processor using thumbs and fingers as a wordless language for CPU decision making so DIABETES IS FUEL!!!

I found a problem no one in the US Government saw for 180 years by people who siphon off equity from the public coffers. I've met with FBI and have earned permission to RAISE THE MARINES. I have done all this work for HONOR before going back to commercial work. I need to get commercial but this is DUTY.

I bring tools for a new field called, "HUMAN COMPUTATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS," at the crux between Human Communications and Computational Communications. It's not hypnosis. We humans are cyborg. I'm a HACKER and I BRING TOOLS so we can sell and service software written directly for the human mind, availing a roll-out to over seven BILLION new consumers who never knew they could PRE-PROGRAM dreams, do fantasy travel, and tap a COLLECTIVE (Carl Jung was correct, there is a collective). All tools follow. This is my chance to be SANTA CLAUS and avail the next wave.

Please make me an NAMI HERO by giving me NO CREDIT but letting the USA SHINE. I am NOTHING but we are the USA. The MARINES MUST JUDGE WHAT THEY WILL TOLERATE TO PROTECT.

Please consider contacting Xerox's CEO, Ursula.Burns@xerox.com, with your support of my efforts. I'm out trying to find experts to join this team as we learn all we have missed because villains created a filter so we'd not see that all these RULES are their weaponry. Nothing is written.

I am of the PAPER of this man and of KING DAVID. It is my honor to UNINSTALL TORAH so that those who double-crossed Hitler by getting loans INTO Germany and then pulling the loans without ever telling Hitler they knew the Torah had these unique double-cross logistics don't do this to us right now, for the loans are in the USA from China. I did so in 2008 with this article online, using the internet's time and date stamping to build caches of history as a defensive weapon to make instant peace:


So, for the past five years, these villains are alone without Judaism in their shadow. This is why I need experts. I have created the raw data and the US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE NEEDS YOUR HELP!!!

These wicked people, who invented HIPPA as a WEAPON, are BANKING ON MENTAL ILLNESS, and your team, Mr. Fitzpatrick, needs to make the whole world aware of these abuses because these rich idiots are heavily invested in healthcare, but they are making people SICK so they can profit from the suffering. THIS SHIT HAS TO STOP!

I put the bulk of my work out there to save problems from happening. This is the Basic All In One, a reboot for the human mind which fixes all emotional problems in one single session run one time, and I gave the commercial rights to the United Nations because, with Bush in office, anyone playing diplomacy for the goodness of the GOOD in the USA was worth playing a strong hand, and to find a reboot for the mind, such must be given to the world.


Please consider adding me to your team. What I bring is interesting, consistent, and fun. I have yet to be in the news, but I get one chance to do this right with finesse.

The biggest problem I run into is that mental health counselors are very small minded. The ones locally to whom I 've dealt freaked out on me and assumed I was nuts, but I was proactive, not reactive. I put my mind to it, and now, we have possibilities.

However, in light of my last statement, I would advise you to
contact John Kulp. He somehow came to the conclusion that I
was a paranoid schizophrenic, but he is a friend of my
brother's, and I was ill advised to seek counseling from Dr. Kulp because, as court emails revealed, he was aware I have ADD and yet we only met in a public restaurant for all meetings and he never once helped me get these tools to the US ARMY which was the only reason I went to him in the first place. To discover, in court, he had no intention of anything to help me in any way, I believe this person's actions will reveal a similarity to the virus to which I am tracking. He betrays most those who trust him most, and this is of issue when you see the types of ads he places in public:


I have always believed it is wisest to bring my problems to light so they can never bite me. My whole criminal history, of which there are only two things and one is possession of cannabis under 40 grams, has been online since I once owned DavidBragerForPresident as I wrote a manifesto and it's now in the archives at:


For history made, but not made known, to make peace with all of Islam over something this intelligent and simple, my project file up through May, 2008, is at this link: http://www.reocities.com/dibragerowtcom/project.html and the rest is either in my fax rolls or in my blog at
myspace.com/scrypnosis/blog, where DavidBragerForPresident.com directly links. I had to build caches of history so I could prove I really lived this role.

I was born XXY with Klinefelter's Syndrome and covered by Americans with Disabilities Act. I have non-hyperactive ADD, OCD, and dyslexia. We're typically 60 to 80 IQ These tools shot my intellect into the stratosphere. If I can do this, everyone should at least have the knowledge and tools I bring. They once could all be found via DavidBragerForPresident.com, a domain I no longer own, but I had to own so I could prove to world leader I was a CONTENDER, and someone who is committed to DUTY. All I needed was for the Russians and Chinese to BELIEVE in me. Why?

Bill Gates, out of the blue, announces that he's stopping support for all but Windows XP. All the plug-in support firms, like Adobe, stop support for anything but Windows XP. The poor can't surf the internet at home but must go where there's a supported operating system. Bill Gates kicks the poor.

What does a FREE MASON as opposed to an ENSLAVED MASON build upon? A Free Mason builds upon SOLID GROUND because it will always be there. By Bill Gates setting expiration dates for Windows operating systems, he has become a slave-driver on the whole world. George W. Bush changes Daylight Savings Time. Now, the poor KNOW they are poor because hey have to MANUALLY change their computer clocks. On 19 December 2007, a STAR WENT SUPERNOVA
People exclaimed, "That's just like the star in the JESUS Story."

I sent a fax to the Washington D.C. Embassy of Greece to ask they begin their judgment of my work. JESUS and CHRIST are titles. Until Greece KNOWS they have to JUDGE AGAIN, they would not know to have to do this. This day turned out to be Mount Arafat Day. All of ISLAM foretold a GREAT JUDGMENT WOULD BEGIN THIS DAY. (IT DID!!!) Just after the Christmas 2007 holiday but BEFORE NEW YEARS, when everyone is bedded down until January, the US Government drops a CENSUS FORM that MUST BE TURNED IN OR SUFFER FEDERAL LAW VIOLATIONS. Form says that it only takes 35 minute to fill out. Actually takes days because you must call your electric company and utility providers to get data. This creates hated of FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. This creates ripples in tension in economics as these cities hadn't planned on this additional expense for staff support after Christmas. John Kerry announces, "My wife Debbie (Heinz) and I are going to SOUTH AMERICA for ALL NEXT YEAR!" Who cares??? SIGNAL to SKULL AND BONES members that it's time to LEAVE CEOS, like BILL GATES and others, start to leave their corporations. The US Government sells the US National Debt to the Chinese. I send a fax to the Washington D.C. Embassy for China.
I apologize that this was a BAD INVESTMENT I up the stakes as PROPHET to shield the HONOR of the USA from the DISHONOR of a BAD PRESIDENT. I delivered the RAPTURE, being three tools to innate abilities that were supposed to have arrived IN ANCIENT CHINA over 3000 years ago, but someone intercepted them and used them to write a Torah and set chaos on our path. I go online and get an article published to formally socially distance Judaism from the Torah. http://www.broowaha.com/articles /2957/marines-save-the-usa-from-an-infected-administration Hereafter, IF anyone is using the logistics of the Torah as invisible to the eyes planetary weaponry, such people are no longer in Judaism's shadow.

China's economy collapses. China could have pulled the loans to fix this problem. This would have brought war to the USA. China has an earthquake Again, China could have pulled the loans because they needed the funds. There is a FREAK SHOOTING IN BEIJING at the OLYMPICS when BOTH BUSH PRESIDENT are being the BIGGEST DICKHEADS. China could EASILY have pulled the loans for any number of DISHONORABLE REASONS. I RE+SEND everything to the CHINESE, as well as to the Olympic Committee in Switzerland BY DIGITAL FAX (I have the original copies on my hard drive) I BEG THEM as PROPHET to WAIT until Bush is out of office, explaining this disharmonization of systems that they're running in the USA. Dmitri Medvedev is SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER at the USA. He discovered American Military Advisers in the Georgian-Russian incident.

I sent a letter in fax to President Dmitri Medvedev, revealing a DOUBLE-CROSS My mom's mom's dad was the last Czar's wine-keeper. I am of the direct paper of KING DAVID.  [http://www.reocities.com/dibragerowtcom/fof.jpg] http://www.reocities.com/dibragerowtcom/fof.jpg I begged President Medvedev, as a RUSSIAN AMERICAN, to please walk away from this mess. Marines are TRUE. By violating oath of office, the WHITE HOUSE was empty of power. President Medvedev, in the MOST HISTORIC MOMENT IN RUSSIAN HISTORY, backed down from war. and no one knows.

Bush opened the barrier between the WORST of his personal imagination and the worst of our shared reality. By rising to PROPHET, I closed the door every time. BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS because now, with the internet, war is a lot of work.

At the end of his administration, Mr. Bush looked like a deer in the headlights. This wasn't the outcome he wanted.

It's taken me eight years to construct a domino chain through all the "Hate Groups" who have no idea these tools are in their own possession. I get zero credit for Jesus and Christ are titles and only Greece can re-affirm them.

Please contact Xerox so we can set off the Rapture and REFRESH the imagination of the whole species. This then opens new fields of commerce, and this business plan is on all the work I've done to bring this field from fantasy into reality, and this one link goes to the middle of the paper to people I primed their logistics so these people are most likely to rapidly adapt and transform:

[http://www.reocities.com/dibragerowtcom/busplan.html#TECHNOLOGY_PLAN] http://www.reocities.com/dibragerowtcom/busplan.html#TECHNOLOGY_PLAN

If I do this right, we get new commerce, new industry, new jobs, new fun, new hope, new life, and all the wicked are forever smited from this dimension. I am here to deliver the rapture and let the devil dogs rebuild the barrier between what is tolerated in reality and what shall forever be in fantasy so that, in the middle of a dream when something frightens you, instead of waking up, you'll look at your hands in your mind and test the eight tests, knowing that if there are any violations, you know you are in a dream, for these things NEVER HAPPEN IN HEAVEN.

I hope to earn your vote in four years. George Washington had the only correct way of being elected to the Presidency. Do all the work and perhaps they'll duct-tape you into a chair and drag your ass into the Presidency whether you want it or not.

In my book is a section on personality replacement. I did not know at the time of writing there was a collective. Ask for anyone, ever. Just maintain the rules and you get access to the whole collective. Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Whenever two or more are gathered because self-hypnosis doesn't work unless you have cannabis.

Cannabis allows the individual to do all this without a hypnotist, but you need the training wheels, which is why I do contracted scripts. People don't trust hypnotists but they trust contracts, so I eliminated hypnotists and created a platform for streaming media by doing all alpha and beta work over the phone. These villains did all they could so you would never evolve and never learn all they know.

Please partner with me and set the world free. I have given my nation my best works because I did this for HONOR.

Peace, in your control and out of my control.

David Brager


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    this guys a joke, god spoke of what hes saying 7000 years ago, jesus spoke about it 2000 years ago , john lenon spoke about it 30 years ago , wood stock spoke of it 40 years ago ,penticostal christians have been saying for past 2000 years love not war is key .
    if this bloke walked into CIA or FBI he be commited , let alone world leasers ,, .it sound like the penny just dropped for him and seen the light, ..drugs do strange things i gess

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