Top 2 Dope Not a Pope Crimes – Jesuit Priest Bergoglio Arrest Warrant
Fri, Mar 15, 2013
Subject: Pedophile Pope Francis Warrant for Arrest

International Arrest Warrant Pope Frances 1st For Crimes Against Humanity and Child Trafficking

International Arrest Warrant : Pope Frances 1st : Jorge Mario Bergiglio : Issued 15th March 2013 : For Crimes Against Humanity and Child Trafficking : Apppeal to Italians and Argentinians : You are empowerd to apprehend the New Pontiff : Warrant Documents Attached

Breaking News: International Arrest Warrant issued against Pope Francis I, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, for Crimes against Humanity …

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International Arrest Warrant issued against

Pope Francis I, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, for

Crimes against Humanity and Child Trafficking

Italians and others are empowered to apprehend the new Pontiff ~ Brussels:
The same Common Law Court that tried and sentenced his predecessor and other church and state officials has today issued an Arrest Warrant against the first Jesuit Pope in history, Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

A signed and sealed copy of the Warrant is attached, and the text follows.

The Argentinian prelate assumed criminal liability and became subject to immediate arrest by occupying the Papal seat in the wake of the conviction of the Vatican as a criminal organization on February 25, 2013.

Bergoglio’s role in the death of Argentinian citizens during that country’s "Dirty War" and in the trafficking of the children of political prisoners also compelled the International Common Law Court of Justice to issue the Warrant today, which is one year in duration.

Italian and Argentinian citizens, and any man or woman, are authorized by the Warrant to be involved in Bergoglio’s public detaining.

"The Pope is the head of a predatory power that is waging an undeclared, centuries-old war against the entire non-Catholic world" commented ITCCS Field Secretary Kevin Annett today in Vancouver, where he delivered a copy of the Arrest Warrant to the Catholic Archdiocese office.

"Since we and our children are being assaulted by a corporation that is a law unto itself, we have the right to defend ourselves and detain or stop altogether those responsible, as in any war".

A Public Proclamation is being read out in twenty eight countries this week by ITCCS members, publicly banning those church and state officials who cannot be immediately arrested under these Warrants.

Citizens are encouraged to download and use the attached Warrant.

Issued by ITCCS Central Office
15 March, 2013

~ Brussels

Vatican Rejects Argentine Accusations Against

Pope Francis I

Source: Reader Supported News

By Daniel J. Wakin, Alan Cowell, Gaia Pianigiani, The New York Times 15 March 13

For the first time since the election of Pope Francis two days ago, the Vatican on Friday formally defended him from accusations that, decades ago, in the so-called Dirty War in his home country of Argentina, he knew about serious human rights abuses but failed to do enough to halt them.

The Rev. Federico Lombardi, the Vatican spokesman, said there had "never been a credible accusation against him" relating to the period in the 1970s when he was the superior of the Jesuit order in Argentina.

Indeed, "there have been many declarations of how much he did for many people to protect them from the military dictatorship," Father Lombardi said in a statement at a news conference.

"The accusations belong to the use of a historical-social analysis of facts for many years by the anticlerical left to attack the church and must be rejected decisively."

Pope Francis, the former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, was elected by fellow cardinals on Wednesday and much of his behavior since then has seemed to indicate a shift of tone at the Vatican to a more humble and frugal approach.

When he addressed cardinals on Friday, for instance, he spoke frequently without notes, addressing them as "Brother Cardinals" rather than as the more usual "Lord Cardinals" and the Vatican press office highlighted other shows of modesty and lack of formality since his election.

But the question of his past has never been far below the surface, rekindling accusations relating to a conflict in which as many as 30,000 people were disappeared, tortured or killed by the dictatorship.

At the news conference on Friday, Father Lombardi repeated assertions by a prominent human rights campaigner that there had been "no compromise by Cardinal Bergoglio with the dictatorship."

The debate has simmered in Argentina, with journalists there publishing articles and books that appear to contradict Cardinal Bergoglio’s account of his actions. These accounts draw not only on documents from the period, but also on statements by priests and lay workers who clashed with Cardinal Bergoglio.

After the church had denied for years any involvement with the dictatorship, he testified in 2010 that he had met secretly with Gen. Jorge Videla, the former head of the military junta, and Adm. Emilio Massera, the commander of the navy, to ask for the release of two kidnapped priests. The following year, prosecutors called him to the witness stand to testify on the military junta’s systematic kidnapping of children, a subject he was also accused of knowing about but failing to prevent.

In a long interview published by an Argentine newspaper in 2010, Francis – then still a cardinal – said that he had helped hide people being sought for arrest or disappearance by the military because of their political views, had helped others leave Argentina and had lobbied the country’s military rulers directly for the release and protection of others.

The renewed discussion of the case intruded into a day when Francis earlier offered warm praise on Friday to his predecessor, Benedict XVI, saying that his nearly eight years as leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics had "lit a flame in the depths of our hearts."

Speaking to the church’s cardinals, he urged them to persevere and find ways to spread word of their faith around the world.

"Let us not give in to pessimism, to that bitterness that the devil offers us every day," he said. But he offered no direct allusion to the myriad challenges facing the Vatican from a series of sexual abuse, financial and other scandals that swamped much of Benedict’s papacy.

According to the officials, Francis frequently extemporizes, making it more difficult for the papal press office to deliver texts of addresses like Friday’s.

"That’s the cost of having such spontaneity," said Rev. Thomas Rosica, a Vatican spokesman.

But there was one clearly unchoreographed moment. Francis, 76, stumbled briefly as he greeted the dean of the College of Cardinals, Angelo Sodano, but swiftly recovered.

The pope also sent a message on Friday to Rome’s chief rabbi, saying he wished to pursue closer ties between Catholics and Jews.

"I hope very much to be able to contribute to the progress in relations between Jews and Catholics" since the Second Vatican Council in the early 1960s, the pope said in a message to the rabbi, Riccardo di Segni.

Francis is the first non-European pope for over 1,200 years and the first from the Americas. In a further display of his embrace of the poor, Vatican officials said on Friday that Francis had urged bishops and the faithful in Argentina not to spend money on a long journey to attend his formal inauguration next Tuesday but to make a donation to the poor.

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