Dinar RV Watch – UST Absorbs the Federal Reserve

Trevor Loudon & Okie Oil Man
Mon, Mar 18, 2013
Subject: Okie Oil Man Condolences

RJ, Significant IQD Snippets:
From Dinar Gurus: Read more: http://www.dinarguru.com/#ixzz2Nv4FFq62


IMF Marxists Tax and Seize Personal Funds in Cyprus – A Trust can save your money… ph 801-205-7070
Crickets Ensue http://www.trevorloudon.com/2013/03/imf-marxists-tax-and-seize-personal-funds-in-cyprus-crickets-ensue/

We are waiting for the commodities backed currency. Getting the F&P backed by the commodities has been a partial struggle.

Our payout is tied to the IQD rv. It will show up on Forex without fanfare. There will be an announcement about the US Treasury Dollar. All banks are ready and staffed. Advised that the IQD will be 4.40 tied to the British pound. Currently banks are showing 1.15 USD to the Dinar.

US Dollar Refunding Project Funds are on American soil, Michael Cottrell. Over 12 trillion dollars have been transferred from England banks to an American bank to back the new currency from the UST. Fed is done and absorbed into UST.

China and Britain have settled their liens against the USA. We wait for the Iraqi rv and then will get paid.

Here's a summary of Harv's other post with pertinent items:

1) Derivatives are now being taken care of.

2) March 19th last day for Al Hodges to file an appeal with the Supreme Court.

3) Sees next week momentous politically and religiously with O going to Israel beginning March 20th to the 22nd. Which gate will he enter Jerusalem, Christian, Muslim or Jewish? Israel calling it COVENANT OF NATIONS. (me: his speech will be not in a govt building, but an international-like venue in Israel.) He will be there 6 days before Passover. O will be first President to receive a medal from Israel. There will be an ice sculptor to mark the occasion.O says he wants to see the entire area for peace and safety. That would include Iraq.

4) Dinar topics: WF once said IQD was worthless 6 months ago, now saying it will be a real currency. 2 weeks ago since 1991, the IQD was pinging on Forex from the CBI. WF has been ramping up for IQD exchange. WF and JP Morgan have IQD on screens at 1.15 per Dinar.
He has been advised that on the Govt side, Iraq has been unofficially accepted into the WTO and released from Chapter 7.
Iraq has settled its debts and obligations with Kuwait. Iraq is set to be the new Dubai, world center for trade for all nations. With all this, Iraq needs a revalued currency. Iraq is a sovereign country.

5) Funds from WGS have been flowing to the nations around the world.

6) WE DO NOT NEED TO WAIT for the USA to clean up its mess regarding Basel III.

7) The new UST Note (Dollars) cleans up the mess congress, wall street and the fed reserve has created and robbed the American people of 120 trillion dollars since 1913. It gets cleaned up with the new UST Dollar and the Iraqi RV.

8) We are moving on and if someone like congress or others think they can stop it, the world as we know it will leave them behind. 196 countries are tired of it and have gone to the World Court/International Court has ruled and handed down the ultimatum to the USA, join or be left behind.

9) The Dinar Tax Structure has been settled when the RV takes place.

10) Everything is set for this to happen.

11) We get paid within 2 to 3 days of the RV happening.

IMF Marxists Tax and Seize Personal Funds in Cyprus – Crickets Ensue
Submitted by Terresa
Monroe-Hamiltonon March
17, 2013 – 9:27 am EST4
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*By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton*
[image: euburning]

Very few things give me nightmares… Yesterday’s eventin Cyprus was one of them and the media is conspicuously silent. What do you get when you combine worldwide Marxist elitists, bankers and the media? A worldwide depression and a new dark age. The IMF (in case you are wondering who they are ) is using Greece as a proving ground for the rest of us. It is a fascist Petri dish. They just implemented an across the board tax on all bank accounts over a holiday with no warning and no recourse.
9.9% if you have over 100,000 Euros in the bank, 6.75% is you have less than that. This is money being seized by the IMF, the European Union and the government of Greece to attempt to cover some of their debt. It is theft and it could have been a lot worse. The IMF had proposed a 40% haircut on all accounts
. This is how it went down

Banks first cooperated with the EU by sealing off the amount of the proposed levy—a 6.75 percent tax on deposits under €100,000 and 9.9 percent on those above —making it impossible for depositors to access their full amount. The only means bank customers have left is the ability to draw from the rest of their funds via ATM machines this weekend. Many depositors made their way to the machines on Saturday to drain their accounts. But the few banks that opened on Saturdays did so only briefly, and no international transfers will be able to go through until Tuesday, with Monday being the holiday. Cyprus’ Parliament is expected to meet Sunday to pass the required legislation., or after the deed was done. The deal also needs the approval of several eurozone parliaments; at the time of writing it was unclear how fast they can act and what will happen to bank deposits in the meantime.

What’s happening in Cyprus should send a chill over the entire world.

Politicians working with complicit big banks need no rule of law; no parliament debates to close in on the bank accounts of average people.

The Daily Mail

*Cash machines EMPTIED across Cyprus and 60,000 British savers face losing MILLIONS after £8.7bn EU bailout imposes tax of up to 10% on all bank accounts*

– Lines formed at ATMs as people scrambled to pull their money out
– Word spread that rescue package included a one-off levy on deposits
– Restrictions stopping people emptying accounts or moving money abroad
– Up to 3,000 British service personnel are based on the bankrupt island
– President Nicos Anastasiades agreed to raid with European finance chiefs
– Said country in ‘state of emergency’ and not acting would be ‘catastrophic’
– But expats accused the island of ‘plain theft’ as violent protests sparked
– Britons have about £1.7b of deposits on island and could lose up to £170m
– Parliamentary official: Vote scheduled for today pushed back to tomorrow
– G. Osborne: This is what happens if you don’t show you can pay your way

Never let an emergency go to waste, eh? Cyprus’ President claims he had no choice.
I don’t believe him. He made a deal with the devil, saved himself and gave up his own people. Very reminiscent of Nazi
It’s fascist deja vu all over again. By the way, they did this before it was approved of by the legislature. Think it can’t happen in America? One day you could wake up and be staring down the same seizures and soon. And Martial law and jackbooted thugs will not be far behind, trust me.

Over a number of years, the Marxist elitists in Europe and the United States(make no mistake,
and the head of the IMF are BFFs) have put in place draconian financial policies, regulations and bailouts that have cost Trillions – in fact, more money than actually exists on the planet by no small measure. This is not money out of thin air, these are taxes. Taxes taken while promising growth and recovery that has never materialized, never will materialize and was never meant to materialize. This is a step in a global reset of all markets and a planetary redistribution of wealth that would have made Marx blush and stammer. Remember, the US is a huge contributor to the IMF. You don’t actually think that Obama didn’t know about this and had input, right?

What happened yesterday in Cyprus was a test for the rest of us. What’s more, what was implemented will not solve the problem. What it will do is perhaps start worldwide bank runs and create chaos and riots, a la Cloward and Piven . The global Socialists are making their move and beginning to bring an iron fist down on individuals, their freedoms and their money. This has the potential to make the crash of 2008 look like Spring break. The Marxists are not limiting themselves to bank accounts; they are now going after retirement accounts, gold and whatever else they can grab as the whole scam starts to implode. The run on the Cypriotic banks and ATMsyesterday was just a taste of what is heading our way. The Deutsche Bank global head of FX strategy, Bilal Hafeez, was correct – only Jesus can save the EU now. However, I think He is more likely to speed their demise with all the money changing in His temple occurring and all.

*Wynn ph 801-205-7070*

*"I prefer liberty with danger to peace with slavery!"*
*If** a Copyrighted Spendthrift trust has an account in a failed bank that trust is covered to $250,000 and each beneficiary of the trust as well…that means if there are 10 the coverage’s is $25 million! Confirmed with Wells Fargo Bank.*

"*In times of change, the LEARNERS will***
* inherit the earth…while the 'learned'*
* will find themselves beautifully equipped to **live in a world that no longer exists"*
*– Eric Butterworth*

*"The secret to* * success is to own nothing, but control everything."
– John D. Rocke**feller. *

*What do you NOT wish to lose to anyone, EVER?*


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5 Responses to “Dinar RV Watch – UST Absorbs the Federal Reserve”

  1. Ajeocci says:

    I just read here that the bank screens show the RV of the IQD at $1.15, possibly going to $4.40. I find this incredibly hard to believe, as the purchase price of Dinars is still $980.00/million. Who’s bullshitting us on this? Those who post this nonsense must be dealers promoting the sale of their supply of Dinars. I think an alternative source of “news” is necessary when the major media tells us nothing but lies, but when these alternative sources make this stuff up just to fill space and hold our attention, it’s unconscienable. We really need the truth. Where can we find it?

    • RJ says:

      Well Ajeocci,  the ‘ lamestream press, ‘ is not covering these issues.  The same people who own the banks also own and run newspapers, radio stations, tv stations and they’ve got CIA puppets as anchors.  

      I write some of my articles at this site.  

      I share intel from many sources, and you can make up your own mind, on this website.  

      Even Alex Jones has people who are attacking me.  Alex Jones is a CIA plant who is trying to instigate another Civil War in America.  

      I hate all of the gloom and doom nonsense.  There are many things that are wrong in our country.  There are people, behind the scenes, who are working for a better future for you and me.  It seems to me that at some point along the way we get to choose which side of the fence we are on.  

      Well, I don’t know everything.  

      I have no guns.  

      At least we can freely speak and share intel here, in America.  The truth can be a dangerous thing.  Faith can be a dangerous thing.  It’s not easy to separate the truth from falsehoods some times.  

      I will keep watching and posting.  I will also continue to pray and listen…  

      Thanks for sharing…   RJ

  2. Tom M says:

    Please get real. There is no way that the FEDS a.k.a. our foreign masters are going to give up control of the US government. They want to keep us buried in debt.
    Most of what you have presented in the past has been bogus at best.
    I certainly wish what you said was true but reality kicks in and we both know that will not happen.

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