Planet X Silence – Earth Now Reeling To & Fro

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John DiNardo
Sun, Mar 24, 2013
Subject: Planet X Documentaries

RJ, A serious video by Larry King revealing Nuclear missile shutdowns by UFOs is an indicator that government disclosure really is imminent. The bad news is Obama is likely to take credit, even though it would more than likely happen without him. Another fake notch in his belt.

UFOs Shoots Missile Down With Laser Posted By: TwinFlame Tue, 19-Mar-2013

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Mon, 11 Mar 2013

RJ, White Cigar Shaped UFO Follows The NASA Space Station, March 2013, Caught On Live Cam.

Date of sighting: March 2013Location of sighting: Earths Orbit at International Space StationThis time a cigar was caught by a …

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John DiNardo…
Earth Booms Forewarn of Mega-Quake (CA, SC, MO, etc.)

Thanks to Linda S. for sending this link.

YHVH =>IncomingDwarfStar =>HyperSun =>Quakes,Volruptions,Storms =>GlobalTyranny

The New York Times Reports that this incoming dwarf star is about to be discovered.

John DiNardo…
Part 1) Planet X ~~O~~ TV Documentaries

This rogue "PLANET X," (so named by NASA, and so named by astronomers for the past century), is actually being reeled in by our Sun's gravitational pull. The Weather Channel and the H2 History Channel are telling us that such a rogue planet, when close enough, will jolt Earth out of its orbit by the great gravitational force field between the two bodies, exerted over their mutual separation of millions of miles.
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A major news magazine, U.S. News & World Report, describes NASA's discovery of this rogue planet, which NASA calls "PLANET X," and which NASA believes to be a dwarf star, conservatively estimated to be as massive as a thousand Earths. If publicity were to persist, it would trouble the mass psyche, thus undermining the ruling elite's World financial/power structure. Therefore, the ruling elite have long since ordered that "PLANET X" be a forbidden subject within its sanitizing, propagandizing news media — forbidden until now, three full decades after its discovery. You see, they can no longer conceal today's painful reality, that Earth is reeling from a steady barrage of geological and meteorological body blows. Therfore, the H2 History Channel and the Weather Channel, to their credit, are breaking it to us, gently, in the context of "It Might Exist – It Could Happen." What the public has not been told, however, is that the decade-long litany of global geological and meteorological calamities is caused by PlanetX-provoked solar excitations. To minimize mass death and suffering, the peoples of the World must be alerted, so that they can protect themselves and their families, because disasters will worsen as Planet X nears its gravitational loop-around rendezvous with our Sun. Merely telling the public, "It Might Happen," will not motivate people to prepare. Actually, they will stubbornly deny the eventuality of any terrifying peril which is defined to them as being improbable, because man wants to believe what he likes, and reject what he dislikes. Either we present the factual evidence that gravity is inexorably pulling this dwarf star toward our Sun, or else the public will remain in peril.
John DiNardo

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  1. Serra Scannell June 10, 2013 at 10:41 PM

    Great Article! You hit the nail on the head. People need to wake up and see through the main media’s attempt to tell us the truth about Planet X being in our solar system and that this is the cause of our season’s being out of order, chaotic weather, sink holes, train derailments, buildings collapsing and exploding, massive fish, bird and wild life death, weird cloud formations due to the earth’s wobble, loud unexplained booms and sounds the earth is making, increasing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the list goes on and on! The object that is in our solar system (that can be seen by the naked eye now… just point your camera toward the sun and a base ball sized object can be seen at the 11 o’clock position. That is of course if the jets were not running chemical trails that day (man made clouds) to try and cover the 2nd sun!

  2. Abigail Buddicom July 4, 2013 at 1:13 PM

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