Dinar RV $3.42 – April 1st Who Would Defy UST Sec?

Poof & Iraq Lady in the Know
Sun, Mar 24, 2013
Subject: Dinar RV Rate $3.42 on April 1st

Queen Elizabeth Advised To Abdicate The Throne
Sun, 24 Mar 2013
Queen Elizabeth Being Advised To Abdicate The Throne
The Rumor Mill News Reading Room Queen Elizabeth Being Advised To Abdicate The Throne Posted By: Jordon [Send …
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RJ, Wife in the Know post emailed to Dinar Recaps Monday night
03/25/20130 Comments

Hello Everybody:
I have stayed silent to allow for this to play out, but now I am very excited after what I was just told.
The timing for the release of the "new" rate of the Iraqi dinar has been agreed upon. The rate of 3.42 is to appear on April 1st! (No fools day joke either friends) this information has just been acquired by people who deal directly with payment distribution for contracted services.
This is the department that my husband works for and he has been telling me that as soon as payment schedules are released, Iraq will then revalue their currency!
I have complete faith that this is finally the end of this long endeavor for the Iraqi people.
Start smiling : )
Wife in the Know

from Dinares Gurus:
email statement from bluwolf: To all my friends on the Island of Paradise, OUR LUCKY 7 STARTS AS OF TODAY, BE ON THE HIGHEST OF ALERTS, follow the count down. YA ES ESE TIEMPO [ ITS ABOUT THAT TIME ]. BENDICIONES BLU…

RJ, here's Poof's latest entry:
Greetings and Salutations;

Most of what I have to say, is in the song (Led Zeppelin's "The Battle of Evermore").. It really is the end and activity has already begun. Some must have lost their minds to defy the treasury sec, as if they had a choice. The trick is the only choice they had was a new cell to sit in, when they were caught with their pants down around their ankles. The old grey mare ain’t what she used to be, fellas. That greed will get you every time. It’s a vice that will no longer be permitted.

There are a bunch of folks sitting at home with ankle bracelets as the finality arrives. The rest will be hustled off to undisclosed locations at the final moment. Don’t be shocked when the announcements begin, truth can be a real humdinger, and some won’t even believe the evidence when it’s put at the end of their noses.

This will be the real ‘shock and awe’.

The ripping down of the ‘Lie’ curtain is happening folks, for the whole world. Not a hole left to hide in. The C is in the atmosphere now and that’s why there’s all this insanity is happening. The pope got it and signed off straight away.
Love and Kisses,


RJ, here's the very latest in hopeful RV news:

From Dinar Guru:
3-23-2013 Intel Guru Eagle1 I have a list of 2 dozen currencies in baskets of currencies that are restructuring. In first basket of currency not all currencies are revalueing, some are devaluing. … I don't know which ones will revalue. I know the Chinese Yuan will revalue as per an agreement in just the last couple weeks. The Dong will revalue between May 1 and June 1…with THE REVALUING OF THE DINAR IN THE NEXT FEW HOURS OR DAYS…

From Dinares Gurus 23 MAR 2013:
Terryk -… I'm remoteHearing marshals are out delivering we are to see this on foes tomorrow night. AGAIN Forex So wanted to share that with u…

From Dinar Recaps:
CarrolBeams Emailed to Recaps Sat. PM
03/23/201319 Comments

[CarrolBeams] hi..thought you all might want to see what another friend of mine wrote:>>written by Cxxxxx Sxxxxx:

The FED is NOW FINISHED….it has simply not been revealed to us. It is now being run by the Dragons in their gameplan to restore financial balance with countries and banks now becoming compliant with Basel 3 stipulations. We are now moving away from the Fiat paper money system to currencies now moving to be backed by resources which makes sense.

No more just printing money.

This will allow all of us more buying power. There is nothing to worry about with this new system as you will not lose what you have in your accounts/savings/pensions although expect some major turbulence in the stock markets very very soon… (we are already seeing this in Asia). We will be seeing the removal of INCOME TAX which is an illegal tax used in its current capacity.

There is a good chance of back payments of this tax back to the people using their SS no's with a re-calculated rate. After the GLOBAL ECONOMIC RECOVERY PLAN (important) is announced by CL(IMF)/Lew or Obama we will hear about certain NESARA features being released as some forms of Debt forgiveness will be announced.
Read More Link on Right
We will also have the release of the new UNITED STATES TREASURY NOTE that I believe has potentially already been shown to the sheeple in one of their favourite mind numbing shows NCIS.

As I’ve said before this is a new finanical system and will be rolled out WORLDWIDE so you can imagine how big this Project has been. I work with people who manage billion dollar projects and I can tell you NO BIG PROJECT ever finished bang on time…there are always slight delays and tweaks that need to be applied. They cannot unveil whats happened until everything is ready to go and the old system swaps over and transitions to the new one.

It can be tough to be awakened to this info at times when you see so much unnecessary poverty and you KNOW what is around the corner but the rewards will be worth it for all. There are 194 currencies ready to revaluate and as ive said before the two best from an investment perspective is the IQD Iraqi dinar and the Vietnamese dong VND. Do not expect there to be much fanfare on mainstream TV when the CE (currency exchange) happens as they have kept this from the people for good reason. If everyone knew what the people who were awake to this change knew then everyone would have bought currency.

Remember what ive said before about the USA owning approx 3.7 trillion IQD in their reserves? Now why would they need that worthless currency just sitting in their reserves? hmmmm Bush always said the Iraq war would 'pay for itself'. Guess he got something right but the cabal boys wont be able to enjoy the spoils of a cash in during the CE as they will need to prove where they got their IQD….People say 'nah, its too good to be true…' and doubt any information that is not presented by their accustomed information ports. Too good to be true i say? Well what about Kuwait after Saddam invaded and their currency was worthless?

They RV the Kuwait dinar back up to $3.60 USD. It is now approx $4 USD yet Iraq's is .00005 or something worthless. Why when Iraq is richer, bigger and has crude oil easily accessable for drilling whereas most oil found nowadays requires for expensive off-shore drilling is the IQD so worthless? Well now they are getting ready to RV with their application to enter the WTO and have the Chapter 7 sanctions lifted by Kuwait and Ban Ki Moon at the UN. So the world waits for 9 million new rich people, for the global settlemets, the colateral accounts, the St Germain trust and grants, the Wanta Regan funds, the announcements and the arrests which will SHOCK THE WORLD so get ready to WAKE UP

[CarrolBeams] anyway…that'is it

(RJ, Sounds like Drake, may be just one person's opinion rather than Intel, and seems too good to be true, but I pray it is!)


Please remember, I am only the messager and this may not even apply if the expected announcement occurs regarding the return to the original constitution and the precious metals backed currency. However, if the posting of the RV of the Dinar should happen before this occurance then the following could have an effect and so I send this on for your kowledge in the event it is needed. Wow one slip and it could cost you big time




We just learned that when you go in for the CURRENCY EXCHANGE, you must tell the banker (and ANYONE else who may happen to speak to you when you get there) that you are "here to EXCHANGE SOME CURRENCY."

You will be REQUIRED to fill out a Form FINCEN 104.

You will also be presented with ANOTHER FORM which uses the word "INVESTMENT" instead of CURRENCY EXCHANGE. If you sign this second form, you will be attesting to the fact that you are cashing in your investment as opposed to making a CURRENCY EXCHANGE.

An "INVESTMENT" of this type MAY BE taxed as much as 36%.


If the bank insists that I sign the "investment" document, I will politely but resolutely insist that they provide me with a written statement that they are refusing to allow me to EXCHANGE an internationally tradable CURRENCY.

"This is my opinion only and shall not in any way be construed as legal or financial advice. You must pay all taxes that are legally required. If you have questions or concerns, please consult with your legal or financial professional."

RJ, 24 March 2013 Drake Sunday show recap (by me):
(a side note: 25 March begins the new year in many ancient religions. In Astrotheology the Vernal Equinox = rebirth & new beginnings. I'm betting there's a connection of that date to the IQD RV and ending cabal control.)

Drake & Larouche group have resolved some issues. Web site to appear.
Criminal cabal activities will come to a halt. They have no defense.
Neil Keenan's lawsuit will play a big part. Result = cabal bank failure.
Our present administration believes it is sufficiently insulated. (NOT!)
Obama really was planning to raid our 401K plans/retirement accounts!
Since we haven't been disarmed sufficiently yet, he changed his mind.
Cabal decided to test bank account theft in a smaller way, in Cyprus.
If that works, they expand stealing ops. We follow.
Cyprus needs to copy Iceland. Greece should have, but is now enslaved. Each country has the option to submit to financial slavery, etc. or not. US banks invest in derivatives using deposits without client consent. Bankers who won't stop commingling funds will be dealt with. Central banks are likely to order banks to call all loans = $ disaster NESARA is real. We aren't supposed to know about it or understand it. China is mad at cabal bankers and can't be fooled anymore. On 5 April, DoD puts out pink slips. The cabal is being cornered. Take money out of the banks before it's too late. (this differs from the Carol Beams message of 23 MAR 13, where Carol says don't worry about your money in the banks.) We're supposed to have a smooth transition but may not. (See Cyprus.)

Guest: the Rocket. He has his own radio show & agrees with Drake.
Rocket is afraid we'll just have another Operation Paperclip with Nazi types continuing to work behind the scenes even after a global reset. He votes for no CIA.
Drake: it won't happen. There will be a big sweep and adjudication.
Rocket is afraid crimes that are "legal" like torture by CIA, won't or can't be adjudicated.
Drake: they will be anyway and there are some cabalists with mitigating circumstances.
(I presume, under common law versus whatever law now allows such dastardly deeds)
Rocket: youth are demoralized, dumbed down and can't think critically.
Drake: we've let it happen. Now it's time to fix it & take out cabal trash.
Rocket: some kids are unteachable. Most are liberal lefties that admire Hilary Clinton.
Few are even able to grasp Drake's message.
Drake: some of this is due to kids having nothing they are interested in to study. The current cabal run educational system has ensured this state of affairs. Fluoride in water is part of the dumbing down. The poisoning will be outlawed. We first need to unplug from the cabal system to improve things. It's a reformation and a revolution, not an either or, but both. Education will promote talents and inclinations while students learn to make a living. Tu Pak had a good message. The system is broken but fixable. Kids could come out of High School with Associate degrees. Video games can be educational (my dream). This is all part of the global reset. Rocket: video games are probably MK-Ultra coded. (very likely!). Drake: change currency from a debt instrument to an asset-backed one. Ratio is 10% or less of bad guys. (it took only 2% to convert Germany to Nazism. 10% is five times that. The ratio is worse than it sounds.) Many are trying to escape. When the police status quo changes to protect and serve, cabal are done. We'll have a conglomeration of military engaged in peaceful humanitarian acts. Most members of groups like the Freemasons don't know what's really going on. When they find out, many get out. The Masons are losing members now. Religious militancy doesn't fit with love and kindness. Loss of sovereignty is promoted by false gods. We've been lied to for centuries. Principles that promote the good of all are part of a true faith.

Q&A session:
Drastic Earth changes are being mitigated by vast forces beyond us.
Fear porn is to instigate mass wild reactions so cabal can declare martial law.
Nightmares are part of fear porn projection technology.
Only cabal should be really afraid now. Right now, NO bank is safe. Beware. Cyprus is just a preliminary test.  Crest symbols, like dragons & swastikas, have been stolen and misused. Monsanto will be stopped. Bill Gates too. No stone will be left unturned. Physical problems will be dealt with in 4D, some automatically, naturally. Tolec has been silent. Drake will check it out.

Drake is well vetted & that's why he's allowed to out intel w/o much detail. For those who can't join a militia, an alternative is in the works. Those who ridicule Drake's message will be eating crow. Extraordinary change is coming. It's unstoppable.

For the full recorded show go to: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/universalvoice

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  1. TomM says:

    The situation in Iraq is not rosy, and the information from varies web sites indicates that Iraq is near a civil crises, and the damage done by the US military has directly killed 1 million Iraqi citizens and displaced 5 times that amount along with sever pollution by the use of depleted uranium ordinance. Given this situation, I don’y believe that the dinar will be revalued any time in the near future. The most important action is to get Iraq stabilized and to clean up the pollution so that these people are not living in fear of disease especially to their unborn children.

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