Dinar RV Days – Significant RV Events In April

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Drake – Poof – Frank26
Tue, April 9, 2013
Subject: Dinar RV April Surprises

Frank26/Delta CC Recording and Notes by Sequoia Emailed to Recaps
184 Minutes long (Delta comes in at about minute 89)
(760)569 7699 Pin 156996#

Frankie – We’re Right There! (not complete, just what I had time for, please feel free to add)

I’ll give you a skeletal structure…
I’m looking for 2 ‘K’s. first is Kerry to return. Maliki and Kerry have made deals. Maliki to stay in power. I’m looking for Kerry to come back…announced.
#2 is Kuwait to come after Kerry to bring Ch7 to Iraq.

Both these require the rate. The budget was in the Gazette, but they destroyed the Gazette bldg so they can’t release the rate.

The IMF sent the instructions on how to implement the rate. Maliki took it straight through to the Cabinet, bypassing Parliament. Even though the instructions have not been in the Gazette, Maliki approved the instructions.

Two days later they announced on Iraqi TV they were going to raise the currency.
Write these dates down: 10th, 11th, 13th, 20th

All of this was on Iraqya TV the last few days.
The internet has exploded with these ideas we have presented for 5 days.

They are going to distribute the smart cards on the 10th.

These cards are 2nd generation and called ‘K’ cards, the first generation, smart cards were limited to use inside Iraq. The first generation was limited on purpose. The second gen will do more than 70 different things. They will be able to be used OUTSIDE OF IRAQ.

The UST and Iraq are launching the 2nd phase of SOFA, allow Iraq to enter second international phase. This is with the IMF, article IV triggered this all off. No other forum has talked about Article IV on the entire internet.

The UN operational exchange rates with be published on the 13th, effective on the 15th.

On the 13th there will be elections for specific officials in Iraq. Only limited people will be able to vote on the 13…officials, military etc., (not general public). On the 20th the citizens of Iraq will have a chance to vote except for 2 provinces until May 20th, then you will see the final tally after May 20th. On May 22nd the DFI becomes due.
These elections will set Maliki up for next year.

Don’t believe what you read about the Kurds, the Kurds are spoiled beyond belief and they deserve that as they are advanced.

The elections may lead to the things to actually allow a democracy.

Iceman is the first Delta from 2 or 3 years ago, he worked in Green Zone, security, big guy. Iceman will escort me for at least a month. Iceman (Rick Walker)gets a call from Lady in Green Zone who translates, she’s always saying how the Govt doesn’t like us (Iraq), now she is saying you were right, they’re telling us on the TV that they are gonna change the rate of the currency.

She calls again and says she was shown by her cousin that works at the bank the lower denoms. She couldn’t take pics but cousin laid them out. Coins were 2 toned, gold and silver, saw a quarter note, half note a one a five, a ten, a 25, 50 and 100. Didn’t see a 200.

US and Iran want Maliki back. He can change from butterfly to a worm but if it had been anyone other than Maliki in office there would have been more delays.

Delta: I know a lot of you have waited all these years but we gonna have a good laugh and some day a book will be written. This invest about to come to fruition.
Budget looks strange and fishy because it didn’t take normal process. goverment works with Provinces to gather all the numbers, then submitted to COM and Maliki, then sent to Parliament, discussed then ratified.

Then ratified to President. He has 15 days to ratify, then goes to Ministry of Justice in charge of official printing in Gazette, the official newspaper for laws in Iraq. Laws are not effective until printed in Gazette.

President ratified budget and sent it to Gazette but this is the weirdest budget, they can’t find the budget in the Gazette. The MOJ was attacked cause they knew it would affect the process of the budget, it's because of conflict with Shia and Sunni’s. They confirmed Gazette bldg was attacked but that budget was already printed, but where is it?

Frank said the budget was published and I challenge all of you to find it, you won't, so we believe the instructions are hidden. When Shabibi was in charge said no new law needed for budget only instructions on the currencies and posted in the Gazette about the currencies to co-exist for a while.

The COM approved four days ago the instructions and was on TV. The instructions are part of the 2013 budget. The bidget has things in it…has the new rate is in the budget. Malki is taking advantage of the situation. Technically Maliki waiting till last minute before elections to show it.

As Shabibi said we will need security, we need coordination b/w CBI and GOI and the best timing for RV is right before the elections so citizens remember Maliki.
Although the elections for PM will be next year, his affiliates are this year and people will remember him next year that he did an excellent job.

The 3rd and 4th issue are with the smart cards. They are called 'Key' cards. 2nd generation to be introduced on Wed. What's the difference? They have more features. 70 diff features with the card. Anyone with a card can go to bank after the 10th and request a key card.

There will be sophisticated finger print and eye laser scanning at the banks. Even the US doesn’t have this. The card could never be used outside the country if the currency wasn't international and they were under Article IV or VIII and currency was tradeable.

The distribution of money from budget to begin next week, the cards this week.

This week should be the week we see the change of the Iraqi Dinar! The currency has to go international. This week should be very, very hot and it's possible that in the next 72 hours the new rate should appear.

The longer they take to change the value, the longer it will take to go international.

As soon as CBI announces it the rate will show throughout the USA. We will all be surprised about the rate!

Once the Iraqis’ understand all the functions of the IQD they will be so excited, even better than Rowandan currency.

Poof For Sunday April 7 2013 Emailed To Recaps

Greetings and Salutations;

So, like the beatles said, 'christ you know it ain't easy, you know how hard it can be', and that one said he'd be back 'soon', 2,000 years ago! Every week since the late 90's I've been talking about the things to come and the events that would shape them.

It takes fire to make a phoenix egg break open so, this past week, the furnace was turned up and the eggs began to crack open. Some contractors in Iraq had their smart card loaded, one's they could use internationally, too. That should tell you 'something' is locked in place.

The folks in the rafters also put the rvs into the system and let them process thru it. That started the final countdown so you could start exchanging your currencies. It also began the final move to the new metal backed banking system. Let the good times roll.

Read More Link On Right
This is no secret, Canada has the machinery that controls the western banking system, it's been that way for years, from the arctic to the antarctic. Should have remembered from junior high, I know it was boring, who cares? Well, it means something now, as all this stuff comes to a head.

When is always the question, the answer is, it's all relative. Jamaicans are fond of saying, 'soon come', which you learn means, when it's 'time', like 'shaman time' amongst the native people. A clock watcher would find themselves very frustrated.

As a farmer looks into the sky and feels the wind, he gets a reading on the weather. Even the moon phases tells him much about 'when' to plant, he using farmer time.

City folk check their televisions and sometimes that's iffy on accuracy. A watched pot never boils, is what the old folks say. But, there are measurements one can use internally to have a 'feel' for 'when'.

The Now is a broad range, as I learned, thru the years. The actual 'moment' is pinpointed somewhere in the now. Did I make That clear enough?

Bankers are not patriotic. Their game is money, they don't care about politics unless it results in more money for them. Wall St is killing it right now, so much for the political rhetoric you hear on Rupert Murdoch's franchise in NY, fox news. Shades of '1984', 'big brother loves you', 'war is peace'..etc.

You are entering the 'time' when you'll enter 'non time', it'll take some getting used to. Babies use it all the time, until we teach them to pay attention to the ticking on the wall. Your dog or cat doesn't have a wrist watch but something tells them to go stand by their bowls.

Not compare anyone with an animal but, it's 'time' to stay close to your bowls. As you consume, you needn't worry about a bigger dog cleaning out your bowl, they'll find a cattle prod tapping that backside.

Yipe, yipe. You're getting a 5 star trust for the programs, work from a position of safety. The folks in the rafters had to work thru government politics to get things right for all, and you wanted to know what took them so long. Watched DC lately? The good news is, the long and winding road is at it's end point. Consultations until the door bell rings. Good luck and let the good time roll. POOF

Drake Update – April 7, 2013

RJ, Here's my notes of Drake's 7 APR 13 Sunday Update (with comment): DHS says they will confiscate anything they want from our bank accounts That's theft, just like in Cyprus, but here. Cabal mean to fully enslave us. DHS, under cabal, decided we have no rights. They're also censoring sites. Cabal want us to riot so they can declare marshall law & take more rights. Cyprus government is no longer using Cyprus banks, = bankster takeover. Greek islands are being sold dirt cheap to banksters. Govts. are complicit. The situation is at critical mass. Cabal can't get enough money. No limits. Rockefellers absconded with funds, took them to Fiji, then hit up Cyprus. Euro will collapse in 2 to 3 months. Four more countries will be like Cyprus. Cabal's leverage is financial and they encouraged debt overextension. The Federal Reserve note will soon be defunct. Many banks are over leveraged due to fractional banking. They lend out way more money than they have on hand (= bank runs fail). (Basel III requires full backing of deposits plus precious metals on hand.) (Central Banks didn't return Dragon Family gold or pay for its use.) Central Banks are about to be told to pay up. If they don't = no Charter. Soon banks may be locked up and ATMs shut down for about 2 weeks. Banks tied to Central Banks can't be trusted. Independents are risky too. Get (lots of) cash out now. Convert some $ to precious metals. Bernanke's $700 billion of certificates were fraudulent = Cabal lost cash. Cabal will be pursued into oblivion. Many will be executed. No more consummate thieving from us (or other abuse of us). Cabal may try turning off power & basic services before being taken out. Jesuits are an army. The church's greatest enemy is a Trojan Horse. They need to eliminate the abuse scandals via a massive cleanup within. The new Pope stated nobody inside will be allowed to misbehave. Guilty parties must confess, will be adjudicated and excommunicated. Cardinals are charged to execute his orders. Defrockings will ensue. Cabal desperation is heightened because they read the writing on the wall. They will be prosecuted and persecuted. North Korea is a distraction from the financial actions taking place. They aren't stupid enough to destroy themselves by nuking anybody else. Blackwater costs lots of cash per man. Cabal hasn't got as much now. Our military has incentive to help free us, to get their good reputation back. Drake was bitten and infected by a bug in Vietnam, probably a mosquito. It gave him Japanese viral encephalitis and he was in a coma for 2 weeks. (He's a tough cookie & prooves what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.) If you're not ready with extra necessities and a weapon, get that way! (Forewarned is forearmed, IF you take heed.) You may need a weapon

Q&A session:
Christine LaGarde stopped money laundering in/via the IMF. She's proposing a gas tax, a resurrected carbon tax. This is Cabalish. Cleaning up the air is important, we're losing oxygen. Plant trees. Cruises are having too many problems. Don't trust them right now. Tolec says UFOs can be seen, partly decloaked, at sunrise and sunset. ETs quit having face-to-face meetings with us. Disclosure coming soon. Corrupt Hollywood perpetuates the idea of ETs being evil. In reality, the majority are good and want to help free us. A few bad aliens & hybrids are left but can't escape. We're quarantined. Carol Beams seems to have no validity regarding the currency RVs. China is a friend.

New pope isn't subordinate to the black pope this time, due to restructuring.
A skeletized interim US government will operate for about 120 days. We have an ascendance order, can't skip levels, but can go through fast. Computers that are plugged in can be accessed/hacked and controlled. Smart meters can be interfered with. Options: Cover with foil & ground it. Degauss it. Show the ruling against smart meters to a judge. Drake still plans on giving us 72 hours notice of major action. We have too many military commanders and not enough indians. We will be paring down, like shrinking base & post sizes, but will retain most jobs. Lawsuits for collateral accounts say to pay overdue gold now + 4%/yr past due. Cabal will be toast. They are fried (they just act like they can't fail). Cabal is stealing from retirement, social security, and medicare funds. Neil Keenan's lawsuit will shut down the Central Banks in ~2-6 weeks. Delores Cannon is a hypnotist (& gets channelled messages via subjects.) She says there will be 2 Earths and on one, much death & destruction. Drake says follow people who know, like Tolec (& him) versus imaginings. (Drake has warned not to trust channeling. Archons, etc. can hijack it.) Alex Jones doesn't mention NESARA. He may have been told not to. Drake has been threatened many times not to mention NESARA. Drake will soon divulge info on a scalar tool for fixing/correcting food. We'll have a US treasury note as our own currency, instead of the world's. Bollingers' book on the Bible is what you want for accurate translations. UN foreign troops invasion would justify declaring the US a free-fire zone. Cabal wants to create fear and convince us we're already overwhelmed. Drake's "boots on the ground" say foreign troop invasion rumors are false. Organic (carbon-based & can be alive) Robotoids aren't real (maybe/yet). Jhaines6.wordpress.com is a great source of info.

Hold onto Dinar until banksters are rooted out. Don't trust any banks now. Drake hopes to have a peaceful transition, but in case it's not, be prepared. Get full show audio recordings at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/universalvoice

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