Alien Anunnaki – Can We Handle Alien Evidence?

George Noory
Fri, Apr 12, 2013
Subject: 200,000 Yr Old Ancient Anunnaki Cities Found

DNA Proof of 6" Tall Extraterrestrial: 2013

RJ, The DNA evidence is in on the 6 inch mummified body found in Chile. It's NOT human, the doctor says. Nobody mentions the possibility of mutation. A similar but larger body was found in a Mexican cave a long time ago and the examining doctors jumped on the idea that it was just a mutation or a child suffering from Hydrocephaly (makes the head appear overly large). Of course, that could have been a cover story. The fact remains that an extreme mutation might appear nonhuman even at the level of DNA. Indeed, some evolutionists postulate that in rare cases completely new Species appeared practically overnight due to sudden drastic mutations. Severe Sun spot activity has been well-documented to produce noticeable mutations in a total generation of entire villages. If the change is advantageous for survival, it sticks, but usually, it isn't. Nevertheless, this new DNA evidence is compelling and does point towards ETs. Here's the link to a short video:

RJ, this is the most interesting UFO & ghost story I've ever seen.
The Stan Romanek Story “Messages” a Full UFO Contact Documentary
Wow! What an incredible story! Stan meticulously documented his families ongoing abduction and contact experiences over the …
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