Top 3 WW3 Leaders – Obama, Kerry & the Pope Leading NWo Charge

Dave Cleveland
Fri, Apr 12, 2013
Subject: War Coalition Built by Sec Kerry


Sarah Palin Points Out Obama as Illegal Alien

Senate overcomes filibuster, clearing the way for debate on gun bill
Washington (CNN) — The U.S. Senate voted on Thursday to overcome a Republican-led filibuster against tougher gun laws, clearing the way for a major congressional debate on a package of proposals sought by President Barack Obama in the aftermath of the Connecticut school massacre.

Senators who split with their party on guns
Sixteen Republicans split with their party leaders and voted Thursday to end the GOP filibuster of gun control legislation and begin what will be a contentious Senate debate on the issue.
The final vote was 68-31.

Why isn’t former astronaut Mark Kelly in jail for gun crimes?
In March, he attempted to purchase a firearm in Arizona with a Texas-issued ID. He was denied. Thirteen days later he came back into the same Tucson, Arizona store with an Arizona ID to purchase a pair of weapons.

Colt Moves Its AR-15 Plant To Texas Over Gun Control Laws
Magpul left Colorado over new gun control laws and Beretta followed suit when Maryland went down the same anti-2nd Amendment path.
Now Colt Competition, which makes AR-15 style rifles, is leaving Connecticut. It’s heading to Texas, which is one of America’s most business-friendly and gun-friendly states.

South Korea holds its breath as Psy prepares to release new single
While Kim Jong-un keeps the world guessing if he will make good on threats to start the third world war, millions of South Koreans are agonising over a more pressing question: will Psy's next single be another global hit, or a mega-flop?

Atty Martin Rothschild Pleads Guilty To Child Porn Charge

Pope Francis is linked to Exocet Missile Acquisition
During September and October of 1981, Pope Francis, as then-priest Jorge Mario Bergoglio, applied through his friend Roberto Calvi, a high official in the Vatican Bank, for the funds that allowed the Argentine Junta to buy "at least twenty" of the Exocet missiles at a cost of over $200 million, according to the British source.

Imported Rice May Have Dangerously High Lead Levels
New Jersey researchers say they have discovered potentially dangerous levels of lead in white rice imported to the United States from across the globe.

Hong Kong ‘living cubicles’ that look just like Borg cubes

Three of seven Fukushima tanks leaking radioactive water
The tanks were built to store contaminated water.

‘US does not want a war – they want regime change in North Korea’
Obama administration has adopted a policy of provocation and escalation when it comes to North Korea

US posing nuclear threats to China, Russia: US analyst
What I would like to point out actually is that there has been a concerted effort in the Western press including the
New York Times today to falsify the warning coming from China about the danger of war in Asia,”
I don’t think there is any danger of a nuclear war sparked by North Korea’s nuclear attack. I think there’s a great danger of a nuclear war sparked between the United States and China and the United States and Russia over … Korea in Asia.”

AR Exxon Oil Spill Even Worse Than Thought

Warming Idiots Panic At Increasing Global Cooling

Climate Change Now Included In US Curriculum

Cyprus Economy To Shrink 12.5% Despite EU Bailout

Greek Unemployment Tops 27%

Giant sinkhole swallows three buildings in central Russia (VIDEO)

People forget
People forget Just 5 years ago was the biggest bank cash in American history .

20,000 U.S. M-16s stolen from unguarded warehouse in Kuwait
Kuwait has reported the theft of a massive amount of U.S. weapons.

'Kerry in Mideast for Iran war coalition'
The anti-Iran axis would include Israel, Turkey, Jordan and the Persian Gulf states, the official said

Nearly half of US drone strikes in Pakistan not against al-Qaeda

Man Who Cuts Himself With Saws at Home Depot
NBC4 News – Art Hurtado, Pasadena Fire captain and paramedic, helped save the life of a man at Home Depot after the victim apparently tried to cut his arms off using handsaws found at the home improvement store.

Research links eating cooked black beans to lowered risks of cancer
(NaturalNews) Research has shown that consuming cooked black beans leads to lowered risk and incidence of breast, colon, liver, lung, and prostate cancers.

Supreme Court to decide if human genes can be patented
RT – The US Supreme Court is about to hear arguments in a case challenging patents on breast and ovarian cancer genes. If the court upholds the company’s right to patent human genes, the course of US medical research could forever be altered.

Who Gave North Korea Nukes In The First Place?
The U.S. government and the CIA.

Congressman Grayson Asks for an Investigation into Federal Reserve’s FOMC leak
Washington’s Blog | Is the Fed Handing Out Valuable Tips to Insiders?

Bitcoin Instantly Plunges 35% As Exchange Reopens
Business Insider | Mt. Gox, the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange, reopened at 10 PM ET Thursday following a 12-hour trading halt.

Fukushima Falling Apart … Because Plant Operator Has No Incentive to Spend Money to Fix It
Washington’s Blog | Mainstream Media Awakens to the fact that Fukushima Is Still a Total Mess.

Environmentalists Call For Banning Water
In a nod to a 10 year old Penn and Teller Skit, Infowars reporter Lee Ann McAdoo asks Austin residents if they would like to ban water.

Carmen Reinhart: “No Doubt. Our Pensions Are Screwed.”
Zero Hedge | “The crisis isn’t over yet,” warns Carmen Reinhart, “not in the US and not in Europe.”

Top bitcoin exchange freezes, arbitrarily shuts down, proving you will not be able to get out of bitcoin when you want to
It is now abundantly obvious that bitcoin has become an insidious “trap” that’s taking money from suckers who are deluded into believing the “bitcoin cult.”

Highway patrol gave feds Missouri weapon permits data
Columbia Daily Tribune | The Missouri State Highway Patrol has twice turned over the entire list of Missouri concealed weapon permit holders to federal authorities.
Attention Carry Concealed Licensees,
Ham Radio Operators, and Precious Metals Owners: Registration is Confiscation
Report: Israel rejects Kerry’s overtures on peace talks
Israel has shot down Secretary of State John Kerry’s blueprint for restarting peace talks with the Palestinians

Kerry’s quest: Who really wants peace? | JPost | Israel News.

Obama’s Budget Includes Funding for U.N. Agency That Recognized ‘Palestine’ .

Treason Alert: Dems Try to Move Gun Bill Forward Without Allowing Senators to Read It
Like the disastrous and unconstitutional Obamacare bill rammed down the throats of the American people, the unconstitutional S. 49 gun bill aimed at the heart of the Second Amendment passed cloture earlier today in the Senate with 68 votes despite the fact senators have not had a chance to read it.
Defying Congress, Obama Sends U.S. Taxes to Russian State Arms Firm

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